Jonas Brothers' Lyric Video for "Greenlight," Written by Able Heart - Songland (Digital Exclusive)

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Deb W
Deb W - 4 hours ago
They ruined Able Heart's song 😝 Greenlight was better when Able Heart sang it.
Nicholas Zapata
Nicholas Zapata - 8 hours ago
This song is lit
UrbanRomance - Day ago
This song is so damn dope. And I love Able Heart! Such a sweet dude. I wish him much success in the future.
Katie Zilich
Katie Zilich - Day ago
Alabama songs
Katie Zilich
Katie Zilich - Day ago
Laura Farrell
Laura Farrell - 2 days ago
brandichutney - 2 days ago
this song is a BOPPPPPPPPPPP
Sonja Floyd
Sonja Floyd - 2 days ago
love this song
Marlina Rendon Deviers
Marlina Rendon Deviers - 2 days ago
Liked it the original way and the origonal dudes voice.
Sandra Friel
Sandra Friel - 2 days ago
Able heart original is Way better, He needs to keep His stuff, Able Heart voice like no other, can't get it out of my Head
F1 Fanatic
F1 Fanatic - 2 days ago
Able needs to do the remixed version..... this song can help them both catapult their careers, Jones reboot check. Able is a beast! Props to Kevin for keeping the couch warm for his brothers ....;-)
URA Badass
URA Badass - 2 days ago
1.1 mil a month later makes this a FLOP! 😢
Heather Hearon
Heather Hearon - 2 days ago
faith21xander - 3 days ago
Shawna Robertson
Shawna Robertson - 3 days ago
I listen to this everyday....Both Versions! Yeah Yeah I really dig the song!!
Meeka - 3 days ago
Love the song and the original 😊Abel I pray you make it success to you and your future🎶
The Resa
The Resa - 3 days ago
Cant get this song out my head
lynn njeri
lynn njeri - 3 days ago
I am obsessed!!!!! The things we do, past midnight, just me and you and it feels right!!!!
Lou Gutti
Lou Gutti - 4 days ago
Can someone who is an actual music-industry subject matter expert explain to me why the radio stations seem to not care about playing this fantastic song on the radio even after it has received more than a million views and was number one on spotify? I've made requests to local stations and all I hear is the same playlist over and over. What ever happened to listening to the listeners? Give the people what they want and give the greenlight to "Greenlight "on the radio.
keli kemp
keli kemp - 4 days ago
Amazing how could you not like that song
Ana Kenzie
Ana Kenzie - 5 days ago
Everyone new green light would win it’s a hit
Reyna Vega
Reyna Vega - 5 days ago
My faveeeeee 💚💚💚💚
YouDontNeedToKnowMyName Ok
Able Heart you must be recognized and you need to do more songs like this because OMG I LOVE IT 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
AnaAmoreJ - 6 days ago
which parts does joe sing? is 0:26 where joe's part starts?
Marcel Hannah
Marcel Hannah - 6 days ago
This Song was fire from the beginning and then the added touches blew it out of this world. I actually had to search for this video to listen to it from beginning to end and I am AMAZED. I can say I will be adding this to my play list immediately. Amazing Group and Amazing Song writer. A true fan...
Chelsea Andrew
Chelsea Andrew - 7 days ago
This show is just Awesome!
Eva Santiago
Eva Santiago - 7 days ago
Who else can’t wait for able to come out with new hits??
sullytube7 - 7 days ago
should have end 208
sullytube7 - 7 days ago
literally the last minute was like lets make this song 3 minutes
sullytube7 - 7 days ago
no passion
sullytube7 - 7 days ago
reminded me of why copy cats suck
sullytube7 - 7 days ago
the last minute was terrible
jacob gill
jacob gill - 8 days ago
i love the song
SHEVINE Fan - 9 days ago
Mind Blowing Cover of Able Heart's Song "GREENLIGHT" Jonas Brothers You Guys Sounded So Good Together
cherie bradow
cherie bradow - 9 days ago
I. Love this song
Brittney Duran
Brittney Duran - 9 days ago
I 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍💕❤️❤️❤️ green light
bradlyn jeremika
bradlyn jeremika - 9 days ago
anyone else think the original was better? with the rap and what not?
Michael Spencer
Michael Spencer - 9 days ago
Should've left Able's lyrics alone, this version is nowhere near as good as the original.
Taya Outar
Taya Outar - 10 days ago
Taylor’s summer playlist video brought me here 😍
Abbie McDougal
Abbie McDougal - 10 days ago
I’m diggin this song! So good!!
Staci - 10 days ago
I like it better with the pink hair guy!
Maxwell Peters
Maxwell Peters - 10 days ago
I don't like it I love it
Love the new song for jonas brothers
Jack F
Jack F - 10 days ago
Ro James released a song called Permission a few years ago...he has almost identical chorus of “greenlight”...little shocked noone has mentioned it?!
Samuel Garcia
Samuel Garcia - 10 days ago
Anyone else heard this more than 20 times?
Kristine young
Kristine young - 10 days ago
They are so talented ❤ them
Felicia Hall
Felicia Hall - 11 days ago
Gojifan 1994
Gojifan 1994 - 11 days ago
I Love It My Girlfriend Loves It My Whole Family Loves It Actually I Bluetooth This To My Camaro I Got For My Birthday
Mighty Leviathan
Mighty Leviathan - 11 days ago
Im so happy that able song got picked when he sings it it sounds so good!
Lucas Parodi
Lucas Parodi - 12 days ago
To be honest, Able Heart sang it better.
Stephenie Francis
Stephenie Francis - 12 days ago
That guy who originally did this song voice is sick.. But i can say jonas brother remade it nice.. But i like the orig guybut again nice job jonas brothers love yall
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