Drake's Grammys Speech Gets Cut Off, Childish Gambino Cleans Up + More Winners

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Peter Adelfio
Peter Adelfio - 21 день назад
Mac shoulda won. What a fucken joke.
Sad Channing
Sad Channing - 26 дней назад
Cardi B overrated period!
Steelo - Месяц назад
Give cole a fucken Grammy
Corey Pieper
Corey Pieper - Месяц назад
fire shit
Parker Jones Live
Parker Jones Live - Месяц назад
Best part of breakfast club is Angela Yee and DJ Envy.
Freddie B
Freddie B - Месяц назад
Doesn't really matter to me, they be taking too be long on stage, don't really say anything worth inspiring. All they do is act a fool on stage. Who wants a 4 hr Grammy?!?
Mecca Aaron
Mecca Aaron - Месяц назад
That Dave Chappelle skit .....WRAP IT UP!!
Cons Mercado
Cons Mercado - Месяц назад
Wow i guess not wearin deodorant paid off for childish gambino hehe
Raheem McLean
Raheem McLean - Месяц назад
Should've went to protoje his album was great
Gang Projects
Gang Projects - Месяц назад
Cardi is like a boondocks character come to life bruh lmao feel bad for Nipsey, Travis, Mac and Pusha for being actual artists that have been honing their craft for years and decades only to lose to Riley Freeman lmao oh well
K A Armstead
K A Armstead - Месяц назад
2:43 The face when your mom says you can finally get to have ice cream
Ambitious Jemz Astrology
Ambitious Jemz Astrology - Месяц назад
They definitely won't be giving Drake another grammy lol.
Marlon Morris
Marlon Morris - Месяц назад
how about we as the people ,have and award show for the people by the people, YouTube is boss right now why not have a YouTube award show ,most artist blow up there anyway ,stop bitching about tradition start a new one.
Angel Quiroz
Angel Quiroz - Месяц назад
The Grammys need to do better
Jacoby Criswell
Jacoby Criswell - Месяц назад
I can see the act right in he's eyes 😂🤣
jharris187 - Месяц назад
What's the difference between record of the year and song of the year?
King Malik
King Malik - Месяц назад
I think scorpion or astroworld should have won album of the year. Scorpion for me
Lord Borus
Lord Borus - Месяц назад
I don't/can't look at Michelle Obama the same...I just keep seeing her hugged up on W.
Qing Millz
Qing Millz - Месяц назад
oso M
oso M - Месяц назад
Cardi B is a joke
ImeLeb - Месяц назад
faithfullness in his eyes.. charlamagne a mess! ajajjaja
Twan G DuBose
Twan G DuBose - Месяц назад
Plenty rappers haven't even been nominated for a Grammy and went platinum twice with one album and then did it again with follow up. We don't need the Grammy's, the Grammy's need us.
Juan Mateo
Juan Mateo - Месяц назад
when will the cardi b dick riding stop on this show....
Vertex Murcury
Vertex Murcury - Месяц назад
The Marleys are trash. All they do is remix Dennis Brown's songs. Just let the legend rest in peace!
SuperStel - Месяц назад
Proteje should have won best reggae album.
Krystal Danielle TV
Krystal Danielle TV - Месяц назад
He did that for Young Money
Todd Milhouse
Todd Milhouse - Месяц назад
Damn i actually agree with drake holy crap lol
blewprent - Месяц назад
The level of dick riding on Cardi B is nauseating at this point...........
Lonnie Dawkins Jr.
Lonnie Dawkins Jr. - Месяц назад
I was ready to annoit him the goat after a few more years but then the beef happened. Idc about his personal life or the fact that he lost the beef. That black face picture is damning. Tbh I think rap is a well paid minstrel show for Mr. Graham
aditya m.b
aditya m.b - Месяц назад
The grammys are a fuckin joke. They have no respect. They dont even mention the passing of Chris Cornell, someone who's had a bigger impact on this world than this shitty award show will ever have. Just giving him an award out of pity doesn't cut it, at least give him the respect he deserves.
crash Park
crash Park - Месяц назад
WoooooooW, They cut Drake off, SMH!!!
Beefy Mcwhatnow
Beefy Mcwhatnow - Месяц назад
Pharrell best producer????????? Murda beats killed it 2018
Rob Edeza
Rob Edeza - Месяц назад
than why yall going idgi why u talk about it
YoungMigo - Месяц назад
Drakes speech at 2:53.
Thank you.
Andy A-K
Andy A-K - Месяц назад
Dude said the obvious, this Grammys shit is so overrated. Man, screw this shit.
miguel martinez
miguel martinez - Месяц назад
Cardi b is annoying af...not siding with nikki either but damn how is this broad anything without writers and the catchy beats she gets. Js
Smitty Sacks
Smitty Sacks - Месяц назад
Childish Gambino should not have cleaned up!!! Unless Atlanta was nominated
TheFactsAccordingToGabbie1791 - Месяц назад
People please stay woke here.....it easy for drake to say......after he done already won and gladly accpet a couple of them and been gain the title as an grammy award winner. A mofo who want it and feel like they deserve it don't want to hear or feeling that shit. Even tho he kinda telling the truth. Personally ll awards shows done lost it touch and not worth watching going on 12 years now. It goes right along with today's artist music and lack of originality.😉
striveforgreatness 62017
striveforgreatness 62017 - Месяц назад
Cardi winning best rap album was amazing to me. She is the first woman to win this award. I love when people make history cause that can never be taken away. Now she may not be everyone’s fave to win this category but her album did go platinum (2x I think) and she had 2 number 1 songs from that album she’s also the first female rapper to have 2 number 1 hits and each song on her album is certified gold. I don’t think she is the best artist in that category but I give credit when it’s due. The numbers don’t lie and I think she did work hard on her album and it shows cause it was pretty good, so all in all I can’t be mad at her winning best rap album cause it did very well on the charts and it sold worldwide.
Instink876VEVO - Месяц назад
The Grammys is idol worship.
Latrina Benson
Latrina Benson - Месяц назад
Yes indeed!!! Cardi B😀👍🏾💙
rman - Месяц назад
Record and song of the year went to childish but no one would have even listen to that song if not for the video.
LIVETODEATH 860 - Месяц назад
Aint that childish gambino shit stolen tho ?....this nigga winning hella grammies off of bitten material....
Hug Savage
Hug Savage - Месяц назад
Obama wife is useless and not powerful
The Bougie Wine Chick
The Bougie Wine Chick - Месяц назад
A lot of Ppl's speeches got cut off
Kelvin williams
Kelvin williams - Месяц назад
Later that yr offset cheated on cardi B again. And had a baby with his mistress.
KeyOgramz Lable and Company
KeyOgramz Lable and Company - Месяц назад
Dang ..wow lookie lookie ..smhn
JU3is Cartor
JU3is Cartor - Месяц назад
Cardi's fucking retarded
Saynt Sesshomaru
Saynt Sesshomaru - Месяц назад
Gods plan?!
Saynt Sesshomaru
Saynt Sesshomaru - Месяц назад
Boo'd up?!
Pentagon Mykz
Pentagon Mykz - Месяц назад
Lady Gaga is witch and Drake c'mon if you won you wouldn't be talking like dat
Gina Jackßon
Gina Jackßon - Месяц назад
Of course they cut off Drake but not before he got some of message across! Bravo for Drake. They say the Grammys about the people votes and sells of albumns for there favorite artists thats a lie. Prays
Top Flight Security Of The World Craig
Top Flight Security Of The World Craig - Месяц назад
Travis should have def won that award! That's some straight bs!..but then again, I didn't watch it no way lol
Progress24/7 - Месяц назад
Grammys or any award show is all a distraction and part of programming...just like myspace, facebook, AMERICAN IDOL etc....they are all based on JUDGING OTHERS...the world has truly changed because of these things, but not many are able to see the bigger picture....divide and conquer, and breaking the social structure...things changed when I realized that Hollywood and TV channels are all owned by the same people and kept in the family/friendships...
Cant Stop Music
Cant Stop Music - Месяц назад
Check out Mail Mann video "Go" https://youtu.be/wDMGRENN3A0
C E.
C E. - Месяц назад
Is this America really a rap song ?
The Golden One
The Golden One - Месяц назад
Cardi uses the n word too much
Latisha Troutman
Latisha Troutman - Месяц назад
It's a competition against each other, black people, black people,is it because I'm black 🤔🤔🤔
King Juanisha
King Juanisha - Месяц назад
If cardi won album of the year. Rap is dead.. No shade to her but her album was a 5/6..so everybody else had to be 4/3 for her to win
kamel coles
kamel coles - Месяц назад
White people hate the Grammys now because they give black people high end awards
KING M - Месяц назад
Damn Drake that’s some real shit✊🏿 I wish he would do more interviews.
the last
the last - Месяц назад
Winning a Grammy now is like scratching a lottery ticket and winning a free ticket #SumBullshit
terryethanaaron - Месяц назад
Charlemagne you should not put your mouth into things that you know nothing about how you gonna say the Marley Should have Gotten it Ziggy Marley You don't even know the rest of the artes Shaggy and sting Wins because they deserve it
Jauntae Smith
Jauntae Smith - Месяц назад
Charlemagne always talking bout some damn anxiety 🙄😂
I got jams
I got jams - Месяц назад
Yes they did cut him off, BUT he wasnt the only one. I watched the whole award show & many winners were getting cut off cuz their speeches were too long. & if you listen when drake says "youre already winning" he took a pause and people applauded so I feel like they thought he was done with his speech which is why they cut him off.
life thing or happing now.
life thing or happing now. - Месяц назад
Mac Mark Miller is a raper
Jo Per
Jo Per - Месяц назад
Cardi B didn't deserve it. Clearly Travis did.
Jonathan Sims
Jonathan Sims - Месяц назад
Drake’s last Grammy
Kenneth Bass
Kenneth Bass - Месяц назад
Whaaaaat a Obama showed up? Remember when people was saying the obamas would really put in work once they out the White House because they can’t do anything in there
MOI Ses - Месяц назад
MOI Ses - Месяц назад
More like a powerful who's-man.
Ruben Casanova
Ruben Casanova - Месяц назад
Nobody’s perfect. Offset has more temptation then most. Perspective is everything.
Jen Jen
Jen Jen - Месяц назад
Thx Drake✊🏿
Tee NickelPlated357
Tee NickelPlated357 - Месяц назад
I know Tammy and the rest of those Fox clowns or hating like a MF! -->( 😡🤡 )
Paul Wall
Paul Wall - Месяц назад
Nipsey should've won...
Francisco Williams
Francisco Williams - Месяц назад
Women are like little children with pussies
Danielle Ray
Danielle Ray - Месяц назад
Big props to Childish Gambino!!! Amazing accomplishment! And I'm also enjoying all this Nipsey Hussle love! I remember back in 2007 in high school when no one on the east coast knew who he was lol. Great to see his work celebrated like this!
jaxxcapone - Месяц назад
And to think I got hella lap dances from a Grammy winner lmfao
themadfanatic - Месяц назад
Not all grammy voters are "culturly clueless".... How bout instead of complaining, become a voting member of the recording academy... thats why I did
Adair Cruz
Adair Cruz - Месяц назад
Infrared was better than gods plan. But the God's plan video got you emotional and for that i give it up to drake
Tavi - Месяц назад
I knew they cut him off they mad because an award doesn’t validate who you are!
BigBossMan257 - Месяц назад
They didn’t mention how it was a tie for best rap performance between Kendrick and Anderson. Paak
Jae Mery
Jae Mery - Месяц назад
Drake talking about you don't need an award while winning an award. If he truly believed that then he would have left it there on the stage... Garth Brooks did it.
Jae Mery
Jae Mery - Месяц назад
+Ms. Shaddye I felt my University has already gotten too much of my money and I refused to give them anymore. Long as I had the credits I was fine.
Ms. Shaddye
Ms. Shaddye - Месяц назад
That's like saying I should have left my cap and gown at home because I don't need it to graduate
Lisa Love
Lisa Love - Месяц назад
Cardi so cute
Terrence Cordell
Terrence Cordell - Месяц назад
I would’ve sworn Charlemagne was a “Shaba Ranks” “Mr lova, lova!” Guy! 🤣🖤👍🏻🛎‼️
Shaun M
Shaun M - Месяц назад
Michelle Obama couldn't speak in the BEGINNING because people went nuts..not at the end. They treated drake like a real light skinned dude and cut him off..geezzz..
United Greatness
United Greatness - Месяц назад
They trolling the culture acting like Cardi B has the best Rap Album of 2018. This is really ridiculous. All the dope rap artists we have.......smh
United Greatness
United Greatness - Месяц назад
Best Rap Album, Really??? We let anything happen in this culture. Congrats to her but this is inaccurate. Grammys are canceled frfr
YourLocalSpaceSurfer - Месяц назад
Soulja Boy is the one who convinced Drake to make that speech.
Lawn Harris
Lawn Harris - Месяц назад
OMG..So now Drakes getting advice from SB 😨
Brandon B.
Brandon B. - Месяц назад
Nipsey should have won something. Victory Lap was too fire, smh.
ShellzFilms LLC.
ShellzFilms LLC. - Месяц назад
The grammys are trash... the nominees panel needed more people.. It was some albums and songs that should've been put on that list. And some people won grammy just because they are popular
Unknown XIIl
Unknown XIIl - Месяц назад
BIG PUSSI Charlamagne, reggae music existed long before the Marley's! Where did u think Bob Marley learned it from???....Reggae music is the fire and rebellious behavior of the slaves/ heroes
hunnid dub hunnid stack
hunnid dub hunnid stack - Месяц назад
Buddy in his buddy them got to the top in about to jump off the roof
Anozivaishe Jani
Anozivaishe Jani - Месяц назад
Card's album can't be better than scorpion.You the ones talking of the difference between trap and rap.Its the best trap album.
Dirg Ramsey
Dirg Ramsey - Месяц назад
After he’s won multiple awards he claims the awards don’t matter. Kind of makes him sound like a hypocrite.
JoeTheStreetz - Месяц назад
Cardi is trash...popularity contest
20 dollars
20 dollars - Месяц назад
KITTEN MAYZ - Месяц назад
We knew Grammys was full of shit when Adele won over Beyoncé lemonade that not only was a album but a damn movement. 🤦🏽‍♀️
Tommy Mastin
Tommy Mastin - Месяц назад
he could do wat u did and rape and drug her
Eddie Garcia
Eddie Garcia - Месяц назад
He had a ghostwriter
Eddie Garcia
Eddie Garcia - Месяц назад
ROCKET ROCKERS - Месяц назад
And ghost son
dwhitak279 Mario
dwhitak279 Mario - Месяц назад
They thought Drake was finished with his speech, but he said, "But," after they cued the music. It wasn't to cut him off.
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