link being inappropriate for 10 minutes straight

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youresoloud - 8 months ago
remind me not to do a video with 54 clips next time, god that's a lot of timestamps.....
Famous People With Ocd – 0:00
Will It Candy Taste Test – 0:08
Destroying The Pillow Suit – 0:22
Trying These 5 Tactile Illusions – 0:26
What Are Our Top 10 Most Influential TV Shows (Ear Biscuits) – 0:33
Dreidel Song Remix With Miranda Sings 0:48
Putting Weird Things In A Turkey – 1:13
Mythical Beast Mating Calls – 1:17
Makeup Contouring Challenge – 1:32
Craziest Things Ever Stolen – 1:35
Cracking A Secret Coconut Message – 1:49
Which Gift Is More Ridiculously Expensive – 1:58
Most Crazy Celebrity Baby Names – 2:15
Pop Rocks And Soda Experiment – 2:19
Drinking A Gross Vegan Meat Smoothie – 2:27
Foot Personality Test – 2:42
How We Fall Asleep – 2:47
Will It Dumpling – 3:01
What’s In My Shoe – 3:08
What’s Licking Us – 3:15
Rhett Doesn’t Wash His Ears – 3:22
The 4 Day Underwear Technique – 3:42
Favorite Bad Movies – 3:51
Celebrity Cocktails Taste Test – 4:04
Craziest Livestream Fails – 4:07
Blind Pickle Taste Test – 4:13
Win A Rhett & Link Kiss – 4:42
Dreidel Song Remix With Miranda Sings 4:50
Most Bizarre Supervillains – 5:05
Weirdest Toilet Facts – 5:16
Unboxing Top Toys Of 2018 – 5:26
Is Everything Better With Ranch – 5:33
Oldest Animals In The World – 5:43
Playing With A Chinchilla – 5:57
Leftover Valentines Candy Food Hacks – 6:06
Beyond Meat Fast Food Taste Test - 6:15
Extreme Would You Rather Challenge – 6:20
Covering Weird Things In Chocolate – 6:29
Guess That Candle Scent Challenge – 6:44
Musical Instrument Or Fart Sound Game – 6:49
Nasty Food Jenga – 7:13
Chase Cries Like A Baby – 7:16
Calorie Countdown Challenge – 7:24
Chip Dust Taste Test – 7:32
Dreidel Song Remix With Miranda Sings – 8:09
Middle Seat Experiment – 8:39
Giant Human Chocolate Fountain – 8:47
Snack Jack Black – 8:51
Vegemite Taste Test – 9:02
Weird Popcorn Topping Taste Test – 9:03
Pulled Port Popsicles – 9:05
Dreidel Song Remix With Miranda Sings – 9:18
Glitter Beards For Everyone – 9:31
5 Bras You Won’t Believe Exist – 9:47
Helen Hunsicker
Helen Hunsicker - 28 days ago
youresoloud you are doing god’s work 😂
Bland - 2 months ago
Thank you so much
Bob - 3 months ago
Daniella Muhumuza
Daniella Muhumuza - 3 months ago
thank you but, i have a tip :) maybe you can put the name of the video in the video clip? like in a small text at the top or something. i'm asking for too much. i'm sorry, ;( thank you btw ily
minni3mous3 - 3 months ago
youresoloud eww lol yall nasty
Tiernan Coyle
Tiernan Coyle - 22 hours ago
Anybody realized it has 69k likes? 😂
The Undead Alpha
The Undead Alpha - Day ago
Link is inappropriate accidentally, but it's goddamn direct. Rhett ks inappropriate on purpose, but it's much more thought out
_ jast00n
_ jast00n - 2 days ago
This is literally me with my classmate.
Gale Kiwi
Gale Kiwi - 2 days ago
He is boyle from brooklyn nine nine
rideinrideout - 2 days ago
Someone animate these videos please
NananaBoi YT
NananaBoi YT - 2 days ago
oh god
Døg Łover
Døg Łover - 2 days ago
“Sugar time with your meat stick”
Rhett: *contemplates life decisions*
Explorer Chan
Explorer Chan - 3 days ago
to be continued
Edgelord942 - 3 days ago
At least Rhett is somewhat discreet about it, Link just could make a dick joke and not give a single shit
Siesie Haycraft
Siesie Haycraft - 4 days ago
The funniest moments are when Link cracks himself up and Rhett is just looking at him, like wtf?
Cephalon_Enki - 5 days ago
these vids are only ten minutes for revenue. otherwise, they would be longer. weirdchamp
Disco Creeeps
Disco Creeeps - 5 days ago
Link is beautiful.
the grape
the grape - 5 days ago
69 like on the video
Sam Clark
Sam Clark - 5 days ago
I laughed so hard at Link putting the candle in his mouth I think I pulled a muscle in my back!
Kathi - 5 days ago
Clevvver gurrrrl
Burrito Boi
Burrito Boi - 6 days ago
*mY aNuS IS tIGhT*
Hannah McLendon
Hannah McLendon - 6 days ago
7:40 kills me every. time.
Aetherial02 - 6 days ago
8:48 wha...what the fu-
8:52 -ck did I just witness? 🐨
Ajthelizard - 6 days ago
Links like a child
GlitchKing - 6 days ago
I am IMMEDIATELY drawn to the pole
vhic dela cruz
vhic dela cruz - 7 days ago
Me: HA!

katie saunders
katie saunders - 7 days ago
The candle, why did he put the candle in him mouth? 😂😂
Dallas's Gaming Channel
Me at 4:15: Link no
Enrico - 8 days ago
Who is the girl with the overly done lipstick?
Bonnie Dubz
Bonnie Dubz - 5 days ago
Hawnty 24
Hawnty 24 - 8 days ago
The amount of times the Mythical crew started laughing
Olivia Reyes
Olivia Reyes - 8 days ago
“Im IMmedIAtELY draWn to tHe poLE” i cackled
Moon Feather
Moon Feather - 8 days ago
Rhett and Link are two sides of my personality lmao.
Ssj10ethan - 8 days ago
Felicity Smoak as a man lmao edit I don’t think anyone is going to get my “Arrow reference.”
starjen222 - 10 days ago
I’ll never be able to unhear 5:16
Kainan Thornton
Kainan Thornton - 10 days ago
Three quarters of this is Rhett and the crew manipulating Link's words to sound like they're not appropriate. I got your back Link 😂
Shrek Ogreton
Shrek Ogreton - 11 days ago
eJACULATED into the air bruh
Dyandra Clevia
Dyandra Clevia - 12 days ago
1:39 that wheeze doe
Natali3 - 12 days ago
The sign said “a crunch on your top of your fweee haw” it should have said the not your😂
Kenneth Willis
Kenneth Willis - 13 days ago
3:55 lol Stevie and Rhett both disappointed
aixeia - 13 days ago
I don't know how many times I've watched this. I think I watch it at least once a day. And it never fails to make me laugh damn
AndyJC - 14 days ago
“Do you want crabs?”
I was keeping it together and then link bestowed me with that beautiful sentence
Sydney Templeton
Sydney Templeton - 14 days ago
omg i finally read the question for the 'clever girl' part and realized he was doing Jurassic Park im so dead i rly never understood why he was being so creepy lmaoo
hannah - 14 days ago
Blitzie - 14 days ago
Alternate title: People questioning Links sexuality in 10 minutes or less
Lady of Darkness
Lady of Darkness - 15 days ago
I love that most of them are accidents
John Eric Vessenmeyer
John Eric Vessenmeyer - 15 days ago
I was kinda down and came across this video. Thank you. Made my night!
Twilightwolf - 15 days ago
Suga time with yo meet stik
Lilly Hawkins
Lilly Hawkins - 15 days ago
Lilly Hawkins
Lilly Hawkins - 15 days ago
Cow - 15 days ago
psycrophagist731 - 16 days ago
nobody -
17:53 - EH HAU HAU
LtFlames - 16 days ago
what the fuck
Anna Rebstock
Anna Rebstock - 16 days ago
stevie struggling to explain what t bagging means to link its so hilarious
Pidgin - 17 days ago
6:11 this is the best part of the whole video
Liz Cuccia
Liz Cuccia - 17 days ago
Link really doesn't know how to think before he speaks huh
Kitty - 17 days ago
9:36 he got his fancy pantys!!
Super Smash Pixels
Super Smash Pixels - 17 days ago
Miranda is so annoying.
Chris Roman
Chris Roman - 17 days ago
I'm dying at the part with the dickle :))))
I haven't laughed that hard in a long time thank you
Reece Yee
Reece Yee - 18 days ago

Link: *edraculated*
Drop Prop
Drop Prop - 19 days ago
0:08 me in the bathroom
*Space Rays*
*Space Rays* - 19 days ago
6:57 He just stopped and thought of what the hell did he just say
p h i l
p h i l - 21 day ago
Link: *accidentally says something inappropriate*
Rhett: ...
Both: *awkward laugh*
Bonny Brownridge
Bonny Brownridge - 21 day ago
Alternative title: Rhett being disappointed in link for 10 minutes
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