Do You Really Need a Heavy Duty Truck to Tow 9,000 lbs? Ford F-150 vs F-250 MPG Review

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Superdutychase - Hour ago
How about comparing an f150 with the 3.5 EcoBoost vs an f250 with the gas V8.... That's more apples to apples
Ryan Vlk
Ryan Vlk - 3 days ago
I'd like to see you put a Edge tuner on that F-150, and see what it really can do!
Troy Paradiso
Troy Paradiso - 4 days ago
You always want to buy EXACTLY what you need. Do you do that with anything else? I only need a wheelbarrow to tend my garden but I'll buy this dump truck instead. I only need a 30.06 for deer hunting but I'll get this 50 cal sniper rifle... need to make sure I have more than I need right? Do your research, stop being a lemming.
magnus pym
magnus pym - 5 days ago
try itat 65mph. a more conservative/reasonable towing speed.
parker hubert
parker hubert - 12 days ago
F-250 feels like you're in know..."trucky truck". *dead* that part made me laugh lol.
Bob Collinge
Bob Collinge - 17 days ago
I have a F350. I'd say if you are towing a horsetrailer or rv trailer I'd for a 3/4 or 1 ton just for stopping power, weight etc. Imo
Richard Mccain
Richard Mccain - 19 days ago
You feel the trailer more in the F150 because the tire pressure is lower than the F250. 35psi vs 65psi make a big difference in, side motion.
scooter13 - 22 days ago
gas vehicles are no match when it comes to real towing long distances up hills down hills wet condition would also play a big part in the truck sizes too, but for your average person a 150 is a very good choice and can do a lot
Talonpilot - 22 days ago
To save you the hassle of these two youhoos rambling on.....
250 Diesel, 8.9 mpg
150 Gas, 8.4 mpg
ItsCreated - 22 days ago
The one important factor you missed... the price of the fuel. When it comes down to MPG what ur really talking about is price per mile. The cost of Diesel vs 89oct is a big difference in price per mile
SureTexan - 24 days ago
Love the intro song
creepycharly - 25 days ago
Wish they would tow an HDPP in some of these comparos...
John Mills
John Mills - 25 days ago
They can't get one, most all are special order. They don't want to be correct, they just want views.
acdii - 25 days ago
HDPP towing did you delete your comment because you found out how wrong you actually are? I got a notice you replied to me, but I can't find it. Go crawl under your back end and read the maximum weight it can handle, then come back and tell all of us just how much more your precious HDPP can tow over a Max Tow Equipped F-150. Towing is limited to the LEAST rated item, and that is the receiver. Yes I AM an expert in this stuff, been hauling loads since 1988 OTR, so I know the rules and regulations quite well. I also understand the physics involved with hauling long heavy loads, so please don't try to be something your not when it comes to this.
Big Truck Little RV
Big Truck Little RV - 26 days ago
This is Bull Shit. TFL should be in jail promoting overloading a F150 4X4 CC 7,050lb. GVWR truck.
Buzz Pedrotti
Buzz Pedrotti - 26 days ago
Don't you need to put in a fuel cosumption adjustment for the intermittent DEF clean out burn which may or may not occur during a short row?
Grande Verga
Grande Verga - 27 days ago
Kent is experienced with inserting the Shank. never just the tip 1:14

Do you have the shank? I have the Shank
Pull it out just a little more. Oh, did I get too far? No you're fine.
Wiggle in a little further. There we go, we're good.
American Logistician
American Logistician - 28 days ago
How is he calculating mpg? I wanna compare calculator vs what my f-150 computer says.
Kamper Ken
Kamper Ken - 29 days ago
The f150 had a 3.31 gear ratio? Who would use that to tow heavy with? They make a 3.55 and a 3.73 set of gears, the 3.31’s are for grocery getters... My 2015 2.7 had 3.55 and I wanted deeper gears than that.
Big Truck Little RV
Big Truck Little RV - 25 days ago
No HD payload without 3.73 gears also. Puts this 9,000lb. trailer over the trucks GVWR.
P C - Month ago
I have a 2018 Ford F-150 with the Coyote engine, I tow a 25 foot Airstream and get 12.4 mpg but I'm running long tube headers with stock exhaust and hotter coils with copper plugs. When I'm not towing I I can get 25.3 mpg if I keep my lead foot under control.
Gordon McElvany
Gordon McElvany - Month ago
My old 2006 Dodge Ram 1500 pulls 7,800 lbs at highway speeds three times a week and averages 10.8 mpg. And I thought that was bad. Anyone that spends 60 grand on a pickup has way too much money to spend.
robt555 - Month ago
Great test... I just hope when I go out and buy that F-150 Ford paid you guys to love and I'm pulling my trailer......
1) I never have to go up a hill,
2) have to emergency break,
3) have to change lanes
4) encounter strip crosswind,
5) have to go down through the mountains for an extended distance.
Alexsever11 - Month ago
It’s not a 9000 lbp trailer. It’s maximum of 7500 lbp. 2 tanks of water is just near by 4500 lbp
PA SGT - Month ago
Why do the lights blink? Is it because of refresh rate?
Times Up
Times Up - 26 days ago
Motorcitymadman - Month ago
great video thanks. I wish they had a solid front axle option for the F150.
sgt rock
sgt rock - Month ago
is this about weight or a ford commercial
Yuri Orloff
Yuri Orloff - Month ago
Yes, bigger trucks provide a more stable platform and superior handling under load.
steve pak
steve pak - Month ago
Andre is the best !!!
Doggy Ravager
Doggy Ravager - Month ago
ed j
ed j - Month ago
I'd rather have f250 with a gas engine... Unless I HAD to have a diesel
jgvtxman - Month ago
Not a fair comparison. Useless. Not the first time either. Wrongly equipped for comparison.
Kentucky Faithful
Kentucky Faithful - Month ago
Why didn't you use the max tow F-150 with 3.5L V6.
Matt Albers
Matt Albers - Month ago
Is there an HD fullsize SUV coming out any time soon??? The old Excursions are getting tired and the suspension in the halfton burban/expedition makes me uncomfortable with a toy hauler/travel trailer.
I tow at 60 mph max.
Funny i have never had but one camera to back up to my camper and never needed anymore than that. What is the purpose of 15 cameras in a vehicle?
I would never tow anything at maximum capacity. That mean that you have zero payload in the truck. For example the Toyota Tundra I want have a towing cap of 10K pounds and a payload of 1500. If i put my 1200 pound atv in the back of the truck my towing cap is almost zero.
Times Up
Times Up - 26 days ago
Yea, these fools don't get it and still promote the masses to overload there vehicles. FUBAR
Bub Dog's What do you think?
A Throop
A Throop - Month ago
Dang I came for the Ecoboost vs the powerstroke.
Smart Ass
Smart Ass - Month ago
There are a few things you need to think about. First is tung weight on a bumper pull trailer. Tung weight will lift the front end reducing front traction and steering ability. The next thing is not if it will pull that weight, but how well it will stop all that weight. If your towing 9K with a 3K truck and you need to stop in a hurry, what do you think is going to happen? That's right, it's gonna push you. Stopping ability and safety is more important then pulling power. You can take your time getting up to speed, however stopping distance is almost always limited.
You need to review stopping ability with towing the max amount per the trucks maximum towing ratings.
Kenneth Jinkins
Kenneth Jinkins - Month ago
Am I the only one who wants payload to increase
Philliplewistonkx - Month ago
these guys literally never compare even trucks or practical differences.
Times Up
Times Up - 26 days ago
They suck
Jeffrey - Month ago
Wish you would tow a travel trailer that has much more frontal area. Rv'ers that tow travel trailer are always fighting trailer sway. Plus there is more weight on the hitch.
Thinking you guys need a travel trailer toy hauler that you can still use water ballast to get the heavier weigh when needed.
The frontal area of the trailers you guys use have a much smaller area than a travel trailer.
After watching this I think I can tow a 9,000lb travel trailer with the F-150 when I know I really can't.
See if you can get in tight with an RV dealer instead of the horse trailer dealer.
3rail mike
3rail mike - Month ago
I notice one factor that’s never mentioned in all these tow tests and tow comparisons is the driver. I think the driver is the most important factor when towing these type of loads with any 1/2, 3/4, or 1 ton pickup. The trucks capabilities become irrelevant if the driver is inexperienced or doesn’t have any common sense. All in all, I think the drivers abilities or experience and knowledge are an important factor.
Rebel Yell
Rebel Yell - Month ago
That's crazy bad MGP from the Diesel … I don't get it? I tow my 34' boat (12000 dry + whatever gas is left in 240 gallon tank) ~1080 miles twice a month and get over 14 mpg all the time with a 2001 7.3 F250 4x4 had a 1999 F250 10cyl that got at best 6.3 mpg towing the same route and boat...
Scott M
Scott M - Month ago
Thought you said both where gasers?
ggg's fan
ggg's fan - Month ago
Lots of heavy duty trucks just cuz they like'em ..they don't tow.
snackman - Month ago
Nice video comparing each.
brian clay
brian clay - Month ago
Such a useless comparison... I am the LAST one to recommend a diesel to 99% of people BUT I didnt see any hills, real hills. Makes a HUGE difference. Basicly this video shows us how much squat you get with that trailer, how to adjust the mirrors and how tall the seats are. The question you asked in the title was NOT answered, even remotely
Jason Rios
Jason Rios - Month ago
Raptor or f250?
deepwoods_dave - Month ago
I have a 2000 F250 Super duty with 7.3 diesel and 6 speed manual tranny. Towed a 4,000 lb loaded 18ft travel trailer across the country. Mileage with trailer was 11mpg, without 18mpg. Definitely knew trailer was back there. All those people who say "I don't even know my trailer is back there" are full of sh*t. I would never pull the max rating of any truck, 3/4's tops. Max towing ratings are way, way over rated. You are putting way to much strain on whole truck, engine, tranny, breaks, frame, etc. Try making an emergency stop with pulling max ratings, even with trailer brakes.
Leighton Samms
Leighton Samms - Month ago
Lonnie Freeman, I could not find your name here, but,
Dihn Dover
Dihn Dover - Month ago
Dino Gutierrez
Dino Gutierrez - Month ago
Well, I used my 2008 F150 Lariat to tow my 12000-pound travel trailer from Dickinson, TX to Liberty Hill, TX. Granted I took the flattest route northward. I got the same performance on my test run from Dickinson to Corpus Christi before this. Granted, I upgrade the rear suspension with airbags, got rid of the old bumper. It did help level out the rear end, my gas mileage was comparable to my test run. Oil change nothing out of the ordinary. Right now I take care of her, drop her oil on schedule and only general maintenance, brake all the other thing. The only unsuspected surprise was the exhaust manifold or in old school days, the header gasket was bad on the passenger side. Took this opportunity to install a performance header and dual exhaust, of course for you leftist Marxist, I kept choked with the catalytic converter. She's still purring, only thing is she almost at 140K miles and I was looking at diesel for longevity. Is diesel worth the expense for that reason?
Kevin - Month ago
This is just silly and you boys should know better. A hd truck is set up to work and two day in and day out wheels tires mugs brakes suspension cooling etc. slight duty truck is just that. Think of a 1/2 ton as an expedition with a bed. I have owned and towed with both of these trucks. And there's no comparison what so ever. If you tow even a moderate amount get a heavy duty. Buy your wife a half ton.
Roger VanErem
Roger VanErem - Month ago
Not a good comparison. Should been both gas or both diesels.
Michael DeVito
Michael DeVito - Month ago
Thx guys, just the info I needed. Cheers.
Paul Jarnot
Paul Jarnot - Month ago
F150 is rated at 13200# combined weight, at 6000# of the truck it leaves you 7200# for the trailer, much more then that and you are being an idiot.
wildwolf1486 - Month ago
8.9 MPG with an F-250 pulling a 9,000 pound horse trailer??? I'll stick to my 2014 GMC Sierra 2500hd, 4wd, 6.6 Duramax, 6 speed auto Allison - 11 MPG pulling 11,000 lbs fifth wheel.
Steven Manson
Steven Manson - Month ago
The power to weight ratio still favors the diesel. Is it worth the extra cost? Depends. Do you tow for a living? Then in the long run probably. Do you weekend warrior tow once a month for 3 months? Then no. Both rigs are far too $$$ anyways for my tastes. Perfectly happy in my 01 F150 5.4. Its paid for
Andrew Allen
Andrew Allen - Month ago
F150= shitty mpg daily& and really shitty mpg pulling anything.
Diesel= 19mpg city and and 19mpg towing 10k.
Spend the money and get a diesel
Gene McCabe
Gene McCabe - Month ago
I tow a toy hauler a LOT in the summer between May and Aug, but the rest of the year not at all and my F150 w/3.5L is my daily driver. I also had a F350 with 7.3L. I can tell you from an OVERALL ownership experience, I much prefer the ease of maintenance and lower cost of operation in my F150 than I did in the F350 much more than I miss the slight improvement in towing performance the F350 would have given me.
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