A YouTube Star is Born | Lele Pons & Anwar Jibawi

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Lele Pons
Lele Pons - Month ago
Caroline Elizabeth Butler
Lele Pons you’re so pretty and your videos always makes me laugh it’s hilarious
Mike Labonte
Mike Labonte - 7 days ago
Young Lord
Young Lord - 9 days ago
350 pppl
Elenna Valencia
Elenna Valencia - 14 days ago
Lele can you make me a RUvideos star plz😫😫😫🙏🙏🙏
Костя Удача
Костя Удача - 18 days ago
Mutiara Syahrani
Mutiara Syahrani - 4 minutes ago
Is that rudy's hoodie?
TheTillinger123 - 2 hours ago
youtube is really going down lately
myesha wallace
myesha wallace - Day ago
Lelepons is a great good video
mohammed iqbal
mohammed iqbal - Day ago

i wanna be a doc-ter
or my parent last are gonna kill-me
Potatoes are de best Oof
Lol he reacted to his reaction to the reaction he reacted to----
*im confused now*
I'll be forever clueless now
Maribel labindao
Maribel labindao - 2 days ago
This is me reacting to my reaction video and reacting to my video of a cat
MASON JOKES - 4 days ago
You doing the same thing
James Smith
James Smith - 4 days ago
She looks different here!
Caroline Elizabeth Butler
This is hilarious her videos are always funny
Mom Premium
Mom Premium - 6 days ago
Wow !
Mom Premium
Mom Premium - 8 days ago
Hello i like you my supper star .
Itz Burt
Itz Burt - 8 days ago
When did Sid from ice age get a YouTube channel?
Luciana Rebaza rojas
Luciana Rebaza rojas - 9 days ago
Hola Lele me encantan tus videos pero me gustaría que le pusieras subtítulos en español 🤪
Andrew Jx
Andrew Jx - 10 days ago
Lele thank you for the video
Naruto _
Naruto _ - 10 days ago
See you later habibis
Me laughing so hard knowing what that means😂
Donna Brown
Donna Brown - 10 days ago
TheActs Of Crazy
TheActs Of Crazy - 10 days ago
Lets pay attention to how good Anwars acting is❤️
Shreya - 11 days ago
4:17 Can anyone tell me the name of the song?
Style your World !
Style your World ! - 11 days ago
Whats the name of the song at the end pleaseee??
Dean Qiesya
Dean Qiesya - 12 days ago
I saw i think the camera man on the mirror
Leanna Walters
Leanna Walters - 12 days ago
Love you Lele 😍😘😘
RA Cutie
RA Cutie - 12 days ago
Lele pons looks really good without makeup
Aduar Atam
Aduar Atam - 12 days ago
Sasha Krishka
Sasha Krishka - 13 days ago
Bread z
Bread z - 13 days ago
Showoff - _-
Mike W
Mike W - 13 days ago
Lele without makeup is so pretty
Gabriella Rivero
Gabriella Rivero - 14 days ago
Can you do bloopers😙😗😗
Jewellery And Creativity
Jewellery And Creativity - 14 days ago
I am a Indian ..and love ❤ you alot lelepons… 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😍
JSG 242005
JSG 242005 - 14 days ago
You and Hannah Stockings are not fuckin funny you never have been just stop please JUST STOP PLEASE FOR EVERYONES SAKE STOPPPPPPPPPPPPPP🤮🤮🤮🤮😭😭😭
sury revelez-arevalo
sury revelez-arevalo - 14 days ago
Libiyai Torres
Libiyai Torres - 14 days ago
Emma 101
Emma 101 - 14 days ago
I love that movie
Alex -Roblox
Alex -Roblox - 15 days ago
Youtube star
Braelyn Mcdue
Braelyn Mcdue - 15 days ago
Just realized that Lele screen was black when she was checking to views 😂
Tachibana - 10 days ago
Braelyn Mcdue yeah I noticed that
IG Swiggy
IG Swiggy - 15 days ago
See you next time habibis
Hannah . Com show
Hannah . Com show - 15 days ago
How I feel I’m such a little YouTuber
Hawaii is so fun
Hawaii is so fun - 15 days ago
Love you so much!!!! ❤💜❤💜❤💜❤
You are the best I love your video😊😊😊😊
Hawaii is so fun
Hawaii is so fun - 15 days ago
Hi Lele if you see this I will be so happy to day is my birthday🙂🙂
Maria Dirani
Maria Dirani - 15 days ago
Because i am from libanon
Maria Dirani
Maria Dirani - 15 days ago
Say for anwor hi kifac bro
Maria Dirani
Maria Dirani - 15 days ago
John John
John John - 15 days ago
Mumtaj Begam Sulthan Abdul Kader
The reacting video was the most craziest thing
Funny family Kids
Funny family Kids - 16 days ago
Next week:
This is me reacting to me reacting to me reacting to me reacting to me reacting to my cat video😂😂
Lucky mishra
Lucky mishra - 18 days ago
What is the name of the outro song ?
Anonymous - 18 days ago
“Because i wanna be a doctor or my parents will kill me” okay ME
Madina Sarwari
Madina Sarwari - 18 days ago
My parents will kill me if I don,t be a doctor
Deborra Frazier
Deborra Frazier - 18 days ago
Love your videos
Deborra Frazier
Deborra Frazier - 18 days ago
AND I OOOP Sksksksksksksk
Ruben Gibbons
Ruben Gibbons - 19 days ago
From the title and intro scene I thought it was gonna be about him becoming a youtuber because his jokes are cancerous just like every other youtube comedian
Fatima Elmcharfi
Fatima Elmcharfi - 19 days ago
*"See you next time Habibis!"*
Fatima Elmcharfi
Fatima Elmcharfi - 19 days ago
*"because I wanna be a doct-torrr or my parents will kill-meee"*
Chloe H
Chloe H - 19 days ago
I love your chanel and I live is Austastrala
Amir Hussein
Amir Hussein - 19 days ago
She called him Adam
Kawther Alabbasi
Kawther Alabbasi - 19 days ago
3:08 all the Arab make up gurus are SHOOK!!!! 🤣
Adele the onion
Adele the onion - 20 days ago
we stan toby pons
LaTonya Jones
LaTonya Jones - 20 days ago
Dawg 😂😂😂😂
ZJ'S Cutie
ZJ'S Cutie - 20 days ago
Reacting to a reaction
mary - 20 days ago
When you watch the hole ad because she has an amazing voice
malak 102
malak 102 - 21 day ago
انا عربيه ....😊
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