"Whatever Happened to Adventure Land" [NoSleep] (Guest: Stories After Midnight)

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Justsumkid - 5 hours ago
wasn’t Adventure Land from good luck charlie?
MrOwl TB
MrOwl TB - 2 months ago
the air in here was more dank
Eternal Flame
Eternal Flame - 5 months ago
If I hit him in the juggler
Eternal Flame
Eternal Flame - 5 months ago
The music ruined it at the beginning
Stanball29 - 6 months ago
If your watching this in the year 2037

Have you invented the robots that will take over the world??
WaVe Retro
WaVe Retro - 5 months ago
Diontae Daughtry
Diontae Daughtry - 6 months ago
Predators playground
Miah xX
Miah xX - 8 months ago
Are they joking?!? A daycare centre really! After all the deaths there they would make it into a daycare centre...
Yeetus Cleatus
Yeetus Cleatus - 8 months ago
Dank air.
Alexander Leslie
Alexander Leslie - 8 months ago
i really love No sleep stories
Andrew Batts
Andrew Batts - 8 months ago
Leaps and bounds is the place we went to as kids
Emily N.
Emily N. - 9 months ago
That scary moment when your name is Emily .....
The Lettuce Screams
The Lettuce Screams - 9 months ago
At the end I was waiting for him to say 'yet' and got spooked when unit #522 whispered "theres always a reason to be afraid" smh
Dailah Oliver
Dailah Oliver - 9 months ago
“I noped the hell out of there” lmao
Bolverk Holmes
Bolverk Holmes - 9 months ago
Maybe if we spread his name, he will have more viewers then ever had by 2021
Slipzzy - 9 months ago
Uncle im turning 16.
Hamatos - 9 months ago
Was it the wendigo again ??
TheJillybean13 - 9 months ago
Your voice sounds completely different, not in a bad way, but different. Are you doing something new? Jill in Nashville, TN
j borrego
j borrego - 9 months ago
My parents wouldn’t let me go :( my class had field trip there but no cause my parent like there to many germs lol
Gimme Your Bread
Gimme Your Bread - 9 months ago
Soooooo, anybody else scared of slides or indoor playgrounds now?????
Theodora Lindgren
Theodora Lindgren - 9 months ago
What piano song is 0:20?
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Mattgb plays
Mattgb plays - 9 months ago
I like the old “there’s always a reason to be afraid better.”
John Ketring
John Ketring - 9 months ago
What is adventure land
Bryan Vallejo
Bryan Vallejo - 9 months ago
Wish a nigga tried to even go near my siblings. Beat the fuck outta them.
Met3lAngel - 9 months ago
Discovery Zone Yeah Yeah!
kikikungfu kakes
kikikungfu kakes - 10 months ago
Yikes I don't like the odds of this day care. Great job narrating lovey. Thank you!
Shinji C.
Shinji C. - 10 months ago
Most horrible thing for a parent!!!
Promise Marie
Promise Marie - 10 months ago
Is that scorpion 🦂
Drew Gagneaux
Drew Gagneaux - 10 months ago
Sir Archduke Savage the 21st watching in 1766.
Mr BJJ - 10 months ago
I thought it sed adventure TIME smh
『ZA HANDO』 - 10 months ago
A Machamp For A Nidoking?!
Roger Roger
Roger Roger - 9 months ago
Good trade right there. 😂
Hello There
Hello There - 10 months ago
Caitlin Brewer
Caitlin Brewer - 10 months ago
I think this is suppose to be fanfic for IT.
supercoolsilver 127
supercoolsilver 127 - 10 months ago
The last story felt so real
Chilling Tales for Dark Nights
Fantastic as always, Unit! So creepy and realistic, wow! From one creator to another, keep up the amazing work! Life wouldn't be the same without you. I'm so glad you're a part of this community!
Mickey Howard
Mickey Howard - 10 months ago
The story was awesome
Jesse Varela
Jesse Varela - 10 months ago
Is it me or his voice is different ?
a l e x a l e x
a l e x a l e x - 10 months ago
Brenda Lewis
Brenda Lewis - 10 months ago
He will always have a horrible history of adventure land no matter what the area is today. Nothing happen to the daycare yet. But their always a reason to be afraid. 😨
Toonloon8 - 10 months ago
Can people sub to me plz
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