Beauty Battle ft. My Favorite Makeup Artists

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Just Julia
Just Julia - 5 hours ago
In my opinion jake won
RandomBMOs - 4 days ago
Yoooo jake goes to my school
•• - 9 days ago
0:00 Hi Sisters3x
سلاف و نيڤين
سلاف و نيڤين - 12 days ago
You are like a girl you have to be a boy 🙄😒
R J L - 12 days ago
James says Yeaahh
Also Jake: YeAAh
dora Stevens
dora Stevens - 16 days ago
Gacha Briyahliyah Twins
Gacha Briyahliyah Twins - 18 days ago
is anyone else the people who skip because your unpatient or is it just me
Melissa coviello
Melissa coviello - 21 day ago
I like the pink side better (I’m partial to one color or neutral) no shade at her whatsoever. But I don’t like the heart on the nose. The rest is actually a look I’d be more comfortable wearing although I never do glam at all I’m a wife and mother of 4. Lol
Raquel - 25 days ago
Raquel you are amazing!!!!! Keep killing it.
HollyPlayzRoblox - 26 days ago
I think we found james Charles brother
DeeRay YT
DeeRay YT - 29 days ago
I know Jakes Cousin SHES FROM MY SCHOOL SKSKSKSK her names Aubrey and she’s my friend🤪😂😇🤣🥺😭
Destiny Suess
Destiny Suess - Month ago
Hi I just subscribe to you are my favorite YouTube or ever and whenever I get older I hope I can also put on make up as good as you❤️❤️❤️❤️
Bogdan Savic
Bogdan Savic - Month ago
mamu ti jebem
Abram Blakey
Abram Blakey - Month ago
My cousins follow you on Instagram! (I can't, I don't have a phone) Norah B :(
Rofl xd
Rofl xd - Month ago
Riquelle looks so annoyed honestly „man get me outta here“ lmao
Miss Interpret
Miss Interpret - Month ago
OMG Jakes ears, anybody else noticed how red they were getting as the video progressed .....nerves maybe 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️
Anna Henderson
Anna Henderson - Month ago
both were really pretty
thamer akram2
thamer akram2 - Month ago
Brandi Field
Brandi Field - Month ago
I Love you J ch
Goldeee - Month ago
hi iam jahmiah i love ur videos and i beat my meat to you
lionfishit65 - Month ago
kill me
lionfishit65 - Month ago
11555 omg
Feebo - Month ago
both r so talented sis
dj kalino
dj kalino - Month ago
R U GUYS GUAY wow if u are then wow like if u think they are guay
Helen Ponce
Helen Ponce - 2 months ago
M4Aragon30 - 2 months ago
Bronson spaw
Bronson spaw - 2 months ago
Lisa É o amor da minha vida todinha
Fuckkkk you
Flynn Flynn
Flynn Flynn - 2 months ago
How many innocent boys did you rape because you are a "celebrity"?
Stefanos Blachos
Stefanos Blachos - 2 months ago
εισαι σοβαρος?
Eileen Too
Eileen Too - 2 months ago
Omg the girl I just puke and fainted
Christine Evans
Christine Evans - 2 months ago
Omg I'm..
Dabl Dzi
Dabl Dzi - 2 months ago
Dreams💭 - 2 months ago
Wtf im two years older than that boy. He looks 20 asf
Payton Bachtold
Payton Bachtold - 2 months ago
Kill your self James
Sarah Stellmach
Sarah Stellmach - 2 months ago
JAKE IS 15?!?!
MrBubblezz - 2 months ago
Are we just going to ignore how many times he changed the title of this video
Mia Bautista
Mia Bautista - 2 months ago
Sis u slay
Ritianne Attard
Ritianne Attard - 2 months ago
h๏shi - 3 months ago
I just fell in love with Jake???? He's hilarious with his "I'm two years old" 😂😂
Caitlin Brown
Caitlin Brown - 3 months ago
these kids are so damn talented and determined. they're only 15 and 17 and already starting to make it big in the beauty industry. watching this video has kind of confirmed my aspiration for wanting to start making videos or posting my makeup looks. i liked when they asked him questions because a lot of them were things that I wouldn't have even thought to ask. thank you for being so inspiring!
Lily Muhm
Lily Muhm - 3 months ago
*JefferyStar has left the chat*
Zoruna - 3 months ago
What is the song in the reveal?
Abigail Hackney
Abigail Hackney - 3 months ago
i love sports and makeup
Taylor Haddow
Taylor Haddow - 3 months ago
You make your face a new face!!!!???!!
Alyssa Neil
Alyssa Neil - 3 months ago
I looked on Sister Apparel and the hoodie that James is wearing is not in Sister Apparel
Melisa Cornejo
Melisa Cornejo - 3 months ago
that freeze moment make me laugh so hard 17:22
Alana Madril
Alana Madril - 3 months ago
I liked recells
Andrea Camila Gutierrez Gutierrez
Emily Sweeney
Emily Sweeney - 3 months ago
Jake is sooooo much like James it’s crazy 😝
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