Rachel Maddow: Russia Uses Oil And Gas As A Weapon

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Rıfat Hubbezoğlu
Rıfat Hubbezoğlu - 8 days ago
and the us is extorting others' oil using bombs.
Matias Christensen
Matias Christensen - 12 days ago
Norway breaks the thesis.
Marsha Janulis
Marsha Janulis - 15 days ago
no wonder she's a Rhodes scholar
gusooo gbg
gusooo gbg - 15 days ago
Remember when late night talk shows were not just propaganda tools of the leftist-liberal elite? Fortunately more and more people are realizing what is going on, and judging by the desperate attempts by these”powers” to stop the current development of people waking up and exposing their lies it’s pretty obvious that they know very well that this is a war they’re losing. The beast is hurt and fighting for its life, hahaha...
Denyze - 22 days ago
“Fricken weird” is so right Rachel.
It’s hard to believe how corrupt our democracy is.
Chris Frederick
Chris Frederick - Month ago
Worldwide Development Corporation www.wdcpower.com @johnrosebush CEO/Founder of Bridgman, Michigan.
Kenneth Ringelspaugh
Kenneth Ringelspaugh - Month ago
Timothy O'Brien
Timothy O'Brien - Month ago
The origin of this story is British Petroleum in the Middle East after the First World War. There would not be Saudi Arabia otherwise.
Molly Spurgeon
Molly Spurgeon - Month ago
Way to not answer the Michael Jackson question
USArt Art
USArt Art - Month ago
Thank you Rachel & Stephen for this eye opening Russia Putin geopolitics evil goals
Erica Garcia
Erica Garcia - Month ago
She's brilliant!!
Sheila meri
Sheila meri - Month ago
To me it was so unimportant to mention the purchase of Michael Jackson memorabilia as compared to the horrific way that these dictators take over these countries by keeping the revenue of their resources, such as oil in this case, and not sharing it with the rest of their county. I will never understand greed. These people must be so despicably low in education and enlightenment. When will people learn that we are all brothers and sisters and need to help each other on this planet. Greed takes people to a places where they live in their own world and they don't see the hardships around them. They don't want to see it either. They don't want to be bothered. They need to experience some hardship. Maybe then they will have some compassion for others!!
Sheila meri
Sheila meri - Month ago
@Gordon Tinderholt Can you explain that to me? How the Jackson memorabilia is an example of money laundering?
Gordon Tinderholt
Gordon Tinderholt - Month ago
The Jackson memorabilia is an example of money laundering
Michael Dollar
Michael Dollar - Month ago
Great interview! You KNOW that book Blow Out is ripping..I gotta get it.
Stranger Happened
Stranger Happened - Month ago
*Unlike the USA, including under the Saint Obama?* Both Maddow and Colbert are CIA/NSA/MacCarthyite propagandists.
Kyle Walker
Kyle Walker - Month ago
This is one (natural resources depleting a country's health due to poor governance) of the key concepts explained in the book "The Dictator's Handbook". It's an enlightening and sad read. Especially when you get to the woes of foreign aid.
Mike Stevens
Mike Stevens - Month ago
Yeah! Yes ! Frack trumpster!
Flippin' Pages
Flippin' Pages - Month ago
Is this having to do with California getting its electricity cut off? Pigs goats and elephants. PG&E cut off California's electricity after it was sued for faulty management and destroying a town and surrounding area in a massive fire. Were the CEO's on a vacation on Maui saying to Cut off the power to California until we get our Billions back? Just ranting and wondering what the real story is.
Jonathan M
Jonathan M - Month ago
I’m from Oklahoma and what she’s saying is 100% true. I’ve experienced several earthquakes because of fracking. Never knew we had them until around 2010 and it became worse over time.
mattius - Month ago
Arthur Davis
Arthur Davis - Month ago
Zero Integrity journalist turned crazy conspiracy theorist Rachel Maddow...
T Bone
T Bone - Month ago
@Arthur Davis Thank you ..look forward to hearing from you ..... read the whole message... Seriously took me more than 2 hours to type it all out...
Arthur Davis
Arthur Davis - Month ago
@T Bone Sorry. Was busy. Just checked now. Will respond soon.
T Bone
T Bone - Month ago
@Arthur Davis What? No response to the last message I sent you . it took me 2 hours to type all that out to you and it was brilliant.... ohh that's why..I laid out why Trump is a TRAITOR to AMERICA ad why he is a danger to our democracy should be removed IMMEDIATELY.
T Bone
T Bone - Month ago
@Arthur Davis If you think Trump is not a agent of Russia Explain the nomination of Rex Tillerson as Sec of State? He had never even met Tillerson....The CEO of EXON MOBIL.You know who did know Tillerson very well..Putin.... In fact Tillerson was given the "Russian Medal of Friendship" the highest honor that a non citizen can be bestowed. Exon and Putin have entered into a trillion $$$ oil deal that was kiboshed by the sanctions we put on Russia for it's Ukraine invasion and the annexing of Crimea.. Sanctions that TRUMP wanted to unilaterally lift the day he was inaugurated.... when The (Republican) House and (REPUBLICAN) Senate found out he was trying to do this, they voted in VETO-PROOF Numbers to Squash that plan plus NEW and toughened Sanctions to be signed by end of March...Trump Signed the last possible minute and still hasn't implemented them.... Trump's campaign manager Paul Manifort that had been working on mostly Russian campaigns for 30 years but NO American campaigns at all in 30 years ...Manifort was $25 million in debt to Constantine KOLEMNIC a Russian Oligarch with Direct ties to Putin and Russian INTELLIGENCE......By the way... Manifort offered To WORK AS CAMPAIGN Manager FOR FREE.....FOR FREE....then on several occasions MANIFORT met Constantine and gave him private inner-campaign polling DATA,... THAT'S DATA that Campaigns tightly guard and view as "TOP SECRET" and don't usually share with ANYBODY.... The Data was for Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin (DATA reserved for privileged senior campaign eyes only)..... did I mention they met Several times.....Hmmm.... what happened in these 3 states??? ohhh that's right... These are the states that MARGINS were a combined total of 70,000 votes.....The report has now come out in drips & drabs that Russia got into the voting systems in ALL 50 STATES.. but of course they didn't change any votes and didn't affect the outcome.....Bullshit... then why did they do it?? Let me lay some FACTS on you Trump has had 9 meetings with PUTIN face to face the one in Helsinki and 3 phone calls the last one was more than 1.5 hours that is 90 mins....all of them with only a Russian translator but no other American present... RUSSIA is NOT OUR friend and under Putin they have been our SWORN ENEMY, with Putin blaming USA for the fall of the Soviet Union and him VOWING Revenge.... Trump is a WRECKING BALL.... INSTALLED by RUSSIA/PUTIN to destroy America from within ....to Destroy our relations with our Allies, NATO, OUR REPUTATION around the WORLD, OUR TRADING PARTNERS China Mexico,Canada, He blew up the 8 year 20 country Iran Deal that OUR own inspectors and INTERNATIONAL INSPECTORS said IRAN was in FULL COMPLIANCE... DAMAGING our CREDIBILITY on the WORLD STAGE (our word now means NOTHING) and PUTIN LAUGHS... TRUMPANZEES DID THIS.... HE has Rolled back every progress we had made regarding the environment drilling/mining /fracking The banking regulations put in place after the REPUBLICANS crashed the ECONOMY in 2008 LOOTED the TREASURY of $1.5 TRILLION that is $1,500,000,000,000.00 he and the Republicunts gave to their DONORS( Here's your PROOF THE DONALD got $25 mil donated in his 1st 24 hours after announcing his 20/20 bid ) and most was on the credit card except the tax credits the middle-class had been getting like the "Earned Income Tax credit" Child Day care, if you have a home office, Mortgage Interest deduction .. Putin was a MASTER REQUITER for the KGB ... Do you REALLY think Putin did NOT see TRUMP (Mr 5 BANKRUPTCIES in USA and No BANK would LEND HIM ANOTHER NICKEL) RUSSIAN STATE BANK DID LEND HIM $$$.... Of Course Putin saw "The Donald" coming a 1000 miles away???? they have 20 people in TRUMPS IMMEDIATE orbit with 247 contacts with Russian Nationals, Russian Government officials , Russian Oligarchs, or Russian Intelligence Officers....The same oligarchs that attended Trumps "VIP INVITATION ONLY" Inauguration Ball..... Russian OLIGARCHS which have been buying million dollar apartments in TRUMP properties around the world that they don't ever move into it is to get the Dirty money out of Russia.
Arthur Davis
Arthur Davis - Month ago
@T Bone I'm not a Trump or a Fox news supporter. Maddow is just as bad as Fox News, however. She just does it for the other corrupt half of the ruling class - the mainstream democrats. Trump is NOT a enemy Russian agent. That's so stupid. If you want to get rid of Trump nominate Sanders or Warren and help their campaign in 2020. Not a bullshit soft coup.
Brytsk Nguyen
Brytsk Nguyen - Month ago
man this woman is so smart and articulate :")
Siena Lake
Siena Lake - Month ago
In response to 2:20 if you rely on natural resources for your economy, then workers are only in the way of the natural resource. Thus the money only goes to those who can export and create said resources, like gas, since they aren’t seen as standing in the way of production. This will quickly lead to oligopolies and monopolies in a market as well as a large wealth gap and lack of human capital among the people. This can be seen in countries like Venezuela and Nigeria.
Would like to note that Nigeria is attempting to expand its infrastructure and copy Norway’s economic structure but is being stopped by terrorist groups like Boko Haram
ucount Count
ucount Count - Month ago
Is amazing how S. Colbert play along this liar... I used to like this show...
Pat McCann
Pat McCann - Month ago
Rachel is a shining example of the wisdom, honesty and COURAGE that this world needs, especially now.
And Rachel - I ordered your book!!
Christian Haimet
Christian Haimet - Month ago
Very easy to oversimplify this issue but very well put. Well done!
See Nomore
See Nomore - Month ago
...OMG! ...TWINES!!
Koen Dove
Koen Dove - Month ago
Dear Rachel. You have been talking about Russia interfering US elections for more than 2 years. There was an investgation. There was not enough evidence to impeach Trump. You keep on stressing foreign interference in US elections. I am not a fan of Trump, but your focus on this issue pretty much distracts from many other political issues you appearently don' t have the same passionate interest in.
Opioid crisis, student debts, infrastructure, healthcare, ever growing income inequality, decay of US democracy, the power of the military complex and war industries, a highly commercial and establishment favouring mainstreammedia, climate change, decrease of lifetime expectancy, mass shootings, militarization of us police, the surveillance state, US interfering in foreign politics, people living from paycheck to paycheck.
What made you such a salon- liberal I wonder and I think I know the answer.
Koen Dove
Koen Dove - Month ago
Funny: Maddow mentions declining of mortality rate in bad actor Russia. What other country has the same problem? Does cognitive dissonance come with working for mainstreammedia too long?
marte thompson
marte thompson - Month ago
anyone remember South African gold and diamonds? Angola?
Ayush Chaturvedi
Ayush Chaturvedi - Month ago
Saying russia made donald trump win is idiotic
Alejandro Cruz Blanco
Alejandro Cruz Blanco - Month ago
And the US uses economic sanctions and embargos, aircraft carriers, missiles, fighter jets, bombs and marines as weapons.
john e Lawler
john e Lawler - Month ago
i like her
USARMYvietnamVET1969 - Month ago
Rachel I don't know if your a man trying to look like a girl or a woman trying to look like a boy.... what's up with that.. do we have to read the book to find out?
Becka T
Becka T - Month ago
What about the North Sea oil production - Norway, UK...? They also produce oil and doing perfectly well.
roamerw1972 - Month ago
Russia is weak? Ask the Ukrainians. The Ruassian military is just as powerful as the US, they can roll into any country at any time as they please. Oh, did I forget to mention, they got nukes. A lot better nukes than anybody else.... I would not call them weak.....
Solomon Parker
Solomon Parker - Month ago
Ka_Pe_De - Month ago
Rachel Maddow = professional pro-war propagandist
Niles Butler
Niles Butler - Month ago
Wow do I hate Maddow by now.
Still after the russia-phantom she has been beating on for two whole years until Mueller finally said "we cant proove it", she still is making money off of the fear-industry called american media.
Russia is a smear of dirt compared to americas kill-capacities, in economy as well as in war.
Stoking fear of russia or north korea is like the whole nation of great britain being made afraid of a guy named Sandro who runs a failing beach-bar in Malta with his cousin.
Its stupid to anybody who has some real picture of the relationships of power there.
The US has about double the amount of military of the next 9 nations (china and india included) put together!
Russia has an underpaid, failing military of about the tenth of the size and a fifiteth of the money.
Yes, they where able to take over a peninsula smaller than DC and inhabited by 2/3 russian nationals (the Krim for those who didnt get it), but in any sincere confrontation with the US-military would be laughably one-sided.
Its like setting a 120kilo-muscle machine like Mike Tyson amidst a group of toddlers, one of whom is a big bully and can push th other 3-years olds.
And that s why you american Tysons are always told "watch ot that three- and a half-year old, he has a mean kick, you need to be in fear Mike! Wait, give me some fifty billions for new gloves and teeth protectors."
Peter Smafield
Peter Smafield - Month ago
Is it my imagination or does Rachel Maddow resemble British comedian Sue Perkins?
Grant Beerling
Grant Beerling - Month ago
What to do with Oil and Gas finds? Ask Norway, the only country to prosper its people with a Wealth Fund. It can be done, it's about political will and Janteloven.
Wilson Hernández
Wilson Hernández - Month ago
Can anyone ask her how that is any different to what US does? You could change the names of the countries and end up getting the same story.
Diane Paolettti
Diane Paolettti - Month ago
Rachel Maddow for president!
Van Ho
Van Ho - Month ago
Learn from oziies mate we have but we don't exploid uranium!!!
Dribrom Sunrock
Dribrom Sunrock - Month ago
Norway has to be the biggest success story on a country finding oil....
fintan darcy
fintan darcy - Month ago
Greta Thunberg. One may agree with her diagnosis of the science on climate change or not. One may regard her UN critique of economic growth last month as informed or otherwise. But nobody in any position of power will even argue with her ideas. Because Greta is among much else the perfect creation of the ideas age we live in. She has been chosen and elevated precisely because she is impossible to oppose. Or impossible to oppose without being cast out as a monster.The invitation goes like this. Here is our 16-year-old autistic girl. Listen to her as she demands that you destroy the best system of economic growth. Only just behind that is the real challenge. Go on. Oppose her. I dare you. Attack the 16-year-old autistic Swede.’ It is tempting to try to enter into an arms race with the proponents of this very modern form of debate suppression this muffling by victimhood. Over recent months, as Greta has increasingly come to resemble some visitation from the Middle Ages, I have often wondered about putting out an advert for a disabled Danish 14-year-old who loves fossil fuels. In a Scandi child off with Greta would such a candidate win I suspect not, though it remains unclear what the rules are. Liberal propaganda and censorship and along comes Donald Trump. Living under a regime of liberal censorship without been accused.
Rami Emad
Rami Emad - Month ago
I'm a Syrian ... and I confirm this message! ... Russia, Iran and Assad killed us for oil and gas
SdH76zhEU - Month ago
"...By truning the lights on and off in europe." i am in the middle of europe, never expirienced something like that, lights are electric anyway. Might have happend to parts of ukraine, but not whole of europe, and there might be reserves anyway. she really seems to just hate russia, and i dont really like that!
Thomas Panto
Thomas Panto - Month ago
Live FOR LIFE. No ther mammal on earth sacrifices its life for ''money''. because no other mammal on earth trains its offspring to be THAT STUPID.
Thomas Panto
Thomas Panto - Month ago
We helped Russia defeat the government of Afghanistan for the Natural Gas Piplines to To Russia. QWe lied invaded and murdered the Life in Iraq to regain control of the price of OUR OIL in Saudi Arabia by burning the oil fields in Iraq.
Thomas Panto
Thomas Panto - Month ago
What has VALUE? OIL or Life?
Pixel J
Pixel J - Month ago
Seems to me it has less to do with the oil and gas resources a country has and more about the lack of a proper democracy in those countries that leads to corruption and money staying at the top. Norway and Canada are oil rich countries but don't have the same flagrant issues as Russia or Iraq. Norway and Canada have a steady economy and a healthy middle class in large part due to this abundance of oil in particular. The premise of the resource curse is definitely flawed.
Rose Bottom
Rose Bottom - Month ago
I will read this book!
Christina SD
Christina SD - Month ago
Bravo. This is why I refused to drive for 20 years, walking as much as 50-60 miles a week. Thank you, Rachel and Stephen
Bob Koure
Bob Koure - Month ago
I'm halfway through her book. If you've any interest in how the world got to be the way it is, I'd very much recommend it.
Also, Rachel, if you are reading this, how the hell did you manage to fit this in to the rest of your life and has your SO forgiven you yet?
F P - Month ago
LOL Russian uses oil and gas as a weapons AND the USA uses WAR as a weapon to get oil and gas WTF talk sense
Nate M
Nate M - Month ago
The US uses oil as a weapon too. Maddow is not 100% wrong about how Russia wields its international markets and influences, but I think she is off the mark by blaming the fuel rather than the economic system behind. Capitalism has more to do with greed than fossil fuels inherently. Humans do this stuff, the energy does not.
Trumps Militia
Trumps Militia - Month ago
Roger is still claiming "Russia helped Trump win election" Smh Will this insanity ever stop? I guess it will have to in 5 years when Trumps 2 terms are up but how can they keep beating this same delusional drum?
rlloft84 - Month ago
Lol!!! Her ratings are so bad she's now pushing a book of common knowledge. She's no different than the people she writes about. Making money off sheep.
J Brown
J Brown - Month ago
Any mention in Maddow's book of Joe Biden's son's role in a Ukrainian gas company and how he got that job?
Rob P.R. Cap
Rob P.R. Cap - Month ago
Wow, what a distortion. The mere presence of a natural resource does not dictate social discourse. This woman is so bent on projecting a line of though, one might call her a bigot.
Tango SIX
Tango SIX - Month ago
One more American lovely and caring person knows everything on everyone. From east to west..she just knows everything. She's talking about Putin like she lives next to him.
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