Baby Jesus (DaBaby) -UP THE STREET (Official Video)

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Shawn Williams
Shawn Williams - 7 hours ago
First time seeing this DaBaby funny as fuck.
Erica Coleman
Erica Coleman - 12 hours ago
5:57 haha
Flaykes Gawd Music
Flaykes Gawd Music - Day ago Life of a G
lalenafungulamaat - Day ago
Im in fucking love with you! Ima get rich af and come and marry ya ass i promise! On Oakland Cali 😍🤗
Kevin Keen
Kevin Keen - Day ago
None you can rap so I ain't got be much better
freddy carter
freddy carter - 2 days ago
Jailine Laboy
Jailine Laboy - 2 days ago
Happy to be from Charlotte
NIWEEZ From the 973
NIWEEZ From the 973 - 2 days ago
T bo 😂 check in
Nene K.
Nene K. - 2 days ago
get the fuck on
Zelin Niles
Zelin Niles - 2 days ago
Yo this is basically Friday the movie you only understand if you watched it
Realizmz R
Realizmz R - 3 days ago
and am i trippin? beef wit da migos? or am i readin it wrong?
Realizmz R
Realizmz R - 3 days ago
lolz, old man had phone upside down talkin.
Ace Scafe
Ace Scafe - 3 days ago
These niggaz out there be gettin punked for their money and be acting like they killer's these so called rappers maaaan. 💨💨
Ace Scafe
Ace Scafe - 3 days ago
Deebo comin....Who??? Deboooooo they said Teeboo tho 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣
Ace Scafe
Ace Scafe - 3 days ago
Dats baby Jesus in them dread locks this shit hella funny I'm trippin on this one .....😃😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅
Fabian_the_god 0
Fabian_the_god 0 - 3 days ago
Is it Tuesday or Friday 😂😂😂
austin lindley
austin lindley - 3 days ago
Copy rights
DN OUX - 3 days ago
Its alright
Chris P
Chris P - 5 days ago
No offense he is a little fat in this vid
Mike Penton
Mike Penton - 5 days ago
Dababy the only rapper with a stewie chainnnnnn lol
OFGJ forever
OFGJ forever - 6 days ago
the only people that remembers friday know this shit dawg
Leah Simonetti
Leah Simonetti - 6 days ago
Man ... Let's jump him !!! Hahahaha
YRK ZAY & P - 6 days ago
Subscribe and show some love🔥🔥🔥
lilbrat313 Honey!!
lilbrat313 Honey!! - 7 days ago
He so fucking goofy
Lemylie Sozah Model
Lemylie Sozah Model - 7 days ago
D. Grey, MBA
D. Grey, MBA - 7 days ago
I must be old cause I don’t get this.
CAT ASTROPHIC - 7 days ago
Jeffrey Jewell
Jeffrey Jewell - 8 days ago
Dis is comedy unless you actually live this struggle.
AyeTheKing - 8 days ago
Got friday
AyeTheKing - 8 days ago
This video funny
Tequanato Lajierno
Tequanato Lajierno - 8 days ago
Up the street ON FT. HISHTO
Nickelbran - 8 days ago
He lifting like 60 pounds
Nickelbran - 8 days ago
Sneaky Luis
Sneaky Luis - 8 days ago
DaBaby look like franklin from gta 5 no cap
Tyrin Scott
Tyrin Scott - 9 days ago
Yo I fucks witcho videos hard fam 💯keep doing yo thing
Ellidiok Latin
Ellidiok Latin - 9 days ago
Dababy should be on the next Friday
Eli Harris
Eli Harris - 9 days ago
This fire to be his first song
willmesha harvey
willmesha harvey - 10 days ago
"Yes sir mr. T-bo"😭😭😭
skymba - 10 days ago
Youtube making me watch ads before during and after videos now smh
Ray Clack
Ray Clack - 10 days ago
How u gonna have commercials in the middle of the video YouTube is garbage now
Derrick Baldwin
Derrick Baldwin - 10 days ago
U lucky u only had 1
FUSION tv kids 100
FUSION tv kids 100 - 10 days ago
Who still watching this 2019 October
Kashcam Solomon
Kashcam Solomon - 3 days ago
FinnesseYaClout - 3 days ago
me bubba
ThatOne GuyTM
ThatOne GuyTM - 3 days ago
NLG Choppa
NLG Choppa - 6 days ago
FUSION tv kids 100
FUSION tv kids 100 - 9 days ago
What up
Daphne Butler
Daphne Butler - 11 days ago
Dababy lit as I don’t no want
Ronald Kent
Ronald Kent - 12 days ago
Look how they fighting 😆 😆 😆
maddskillz4568521 - 12 days ago
Old school airs on lol da baby do his numbers
Arin Lewis
Arin Lewis - 12 days ago
Unc be having me rolling 🤣🤣🤣
Nevaeh Williams
Nevaeh Williams - 13 days ago
Spent Brass
Spent Brass - 13 days ago
Who's he talking about? Who lives up the street?
General Don
General Don - 13 days ago
What if Da Baby really grew dreads aint recognize em at first lol
Patrick Simon
Patrick Simon - 13 days ago
👶🤞💪🦵🦶👼☝️🤙🖖🤘👊👏👍✌🖕🤦‍♂️👋🔌🍨😁😅🍦😬😨🥶🥵😱🤪😳🤬😈👿👹👺😎🏚yall niggaz check in twice aweek
James williams
James williams - 14 days ago
ethan ford
ethan ford - 14 days ago
Damn y'all O'Neal up in the vid dancing I hear ya
couerking2010 - 14 days ago
Dababy dance like Kevin Hart
Cocoa Renay
Cocoa Renay - 15 days ago
All these rappers talk about is Guns, money , Pussy , Bitches, Killing each other, and every word they say addressing themselves as Niggaz " I'm like give me a damn break 🙄 .
Adam Noyb
Adam Noyb - 8 days ago
Why u he simp?
Christohpher Coleman
Christohpher Coleman - 15 days ago
I know right he’s hating on his own self
Christohpher Coleman
Christohpher Coleman - 15 days ago
Are you fake bitch
Bella Belle
Bella Belle - 15 days ago
Baby is hilarious
carl hite
carl hite - 16 days ago
Why he throw up 52 Dem 53
24 hourninja
24 hourninja - 16 days ago
just like Friday but I like it
siyanda njabs
siyanda njabs - 16 days ago
Are we literally just gonna ignore the fact that this nigga got some nice ass dance moves?! 👌🏾😉💃🏽💯 🔊
King Lambert612
King Lambert612 - 16 days ago
😂😂😂😂😂🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 this video is so underrated great song at that
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