Was Windows Vista THAT bad?

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Sparky - Hour ago
I have two experiences using Vista.
First was on my desktop Pc at the time, which I tried to "upgrade" (or is that downgrade) from XP to Vista Home Premium.... it installed fine, but as soon as the Vista version of the nvidia graphic card installed, the system locked up and refuse to work at all, even after rebooting, as soon as the nvidia driver loaded the system locked up every time without fail. So back to XP.
Second was a laptop bought for a local club that came with Vista Basic. The secretary was hating uinsg it and it's buggy and slow interface, so much so that she ultimately asked me if it was possible to get XP installed, which I was able to get done and it made her experience with that computer so much better.
DylValentine - 2 hours ago
You should do a video on the longhorn beta os
Gordon Ou
Gordon Ou - 4 hours ago
Windows Mojave??? They predicted the future
chaksander - 7 hours ago
You had me until you said that GFWL was ok. It was not ok.
William Michael
William Michael - 8 hours ago
Now you should do a video for Windows Me
DSVerified - 11 hours ago
Windows Mojave - MacOS Mojave? Did Apple just steal the name for their latest OS?
Emanuele Della Mea
Emanuele Della Mea - 11 hours ago
still using it in 2019... cheers from Italy Linus!
Scott Davis
Scott Davis - 12 hours ago
(More Like Windows XD)
Corristo89 - 12 hours ago
I remember downloading a Vista .iso from "somewhere", installing it, being really enticed by the newer, more modern, and far more stylish UI, and... being unable to use my USB wifi card, my printer, my sound card, my graphics card and probably ten other things. Performance wasn't really an issue, since I had a pretty good PC back then, but the drivers were just terrible. And if you used the 64-bit version? Good fucking luck, because driver support was even worse. I got a few things working by using Windows XP 64-bit drivers, but the experience was far from perfect.

I didn't use Vista that long. I gave it a few days, pulled my hair out trying to get it to work, and finally just re-installed XP again. It was a massive step backwards in terms of UI, but what's the point of a slick UI when 50% of your hardware doesn't work? It's like a really nice paintjob on a car: Looks nice, but won't do shit if the car has problems.
Eric Ramos
Eric Ramos - 12 hours ago
I used Windows Vista Home Basic for 2 years. Didn't face any problem at all. Then I moved to Windows 7.
Matthew Russell
Matthew Russell - 13 hours ago
That was the best intro ever.
Richard Harris
Richard Harris - 19 hours ago
I miss Windows 7 ,what an amazing OS, but after service packs Vista wasnt that bad really, I never had serious problems with Vista after the updates.
Memory Drive
Memory Drive - 22 hours ago
Can you give me the installation of Windows Vista. Please
Gati Akbar Wibisono
Windows mojave, how about macOS mojave
Nazantia - Day ago
Never be an early adopter of new Windows. Use the old until the new has a service pack or two under its belt and you will never go wrong.
Peppermint - Day ago
Very bad file explorer in Windows 10 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UnzvdIPvYAk
Wariobros194 - Day ago
Windows Vista launched in 2006, not 2007
classic gamer
classic gamer - Day ago
VISTA is fine
relaxxxrrr - Day ago
Windows 10 is making every other OS look better and better.
It has that effect.
Aidan Land BcB
Aidan Land BcB - 2 days ago
The last line at the start ruined it but it was expected
skeetso09 - 2 days ago
*watches video*
video: bloody slow bloated mess....
*looks at 8 year old pc*
me: h m
Jules van Laar
Jules van Laar - 2 days ago
I've had 95, ME, Vista, 7 and 10 PCs. But I've never had a PC with 98, 2000, XP or 8.
Peter Sørensen
Peter Sørensen - 3 days ago
Vista wasn't that bad. I ran Vista from when it got released until Win 7 finally launched.
Didn't like the "Made for Vista" logo though... Hardware needs to be modern and good enough to run any new os. The same goes for Windows 10. You can't and shouldn't expect that your ancient piece of shit might work on a new OS. With that said, my first gen i7 sandbox PC can easily run Win 10!
ME wasn't that bad either. It depends on what you expect from an OS. Both were great transitioning OS'es, Vista a lot more than ME though... But if you like me, enjoy new stuff and know how to use it and what to expect, then it wasn't that bad at all.
Problem with UAC in general is that people hate dialogs until those exact dialogs could have saved their asses. Example: "Are you sure you want to *something*", common answer: "Yes!!! Why do you think I clicked..." FFS!!! Well, when it doesn't ask and something goes wrong because you fucked up, the common answer is suddenly, "Why didn't you ask before doing *something*? FFS!!!" It's just impossible to make people happy.
I never hated UAC, and app developers were just as much to blame back then. If it ask for administrative permision that allows it to change your system, wouldn't you like to be noticed?
Unless you're trying to run or install something that changes the system, you wouldn't have the UAC issue. Do it right and everything worked fine!
I enjoyed my time in Vista!
Alessandro Tagliafierro
- Was Windows Vista that bad?
- Well, yes but actually no
Michael Brown
Michael Brown - 4 days ago
Yo man it aint no windows 98se!
Daniel Pindell
Daniel Pindell - 4 days ago
I remember being excited to upgrade my PC to Vista and once I installed the OS, I was wowed at the new looks. Then I realized that it ran much slower then XP and I hated it lol.
Minecraft Redstoneguy
Minecraft Redstoneguy - 4 days ago
Windows Vista is not so bad
Berry Halle
Berry Halle - 4 days ago
Yeah, the main and effective reason was because the policy of Bill Gates was: "I will always choose a lazy person to do a difficult job, because they will find an easy way to do it." Vista and Windows 8 was in the same group of lazy programmers ...????
Alejandro Ludovici
Alejandro Ludovici - 4 days ago
nothing like windows ME, vista was just a baby compared jajajaja
Anon Mason
Anon Mason - 5 days ago
Mojave experiment made it worse for Microsoft. People doubled down on their hate for it after that.
bobsobol - 6 days ago
I loved Vista, and Windows 7 wasn't Windows 7 at all, but Window Vista SP3. The worst thing about Vista, by that point, was the reputation it had acquired, and I kept arguing that XP, at release was pretty bad compared to Windows 2000 with up-to-date service packs, and XP SP2 actually got *worse*!!! So, yea, I resented having to re-buy Windows Vista to get SP3. You look at the differences between Vista SP2 and Windows 7, and they're considerably less than between XP SP2 and SP3. The rebrand was exactly that. It was a necessary marketing gimmick.

However, I still feel a little fleeced by it. I adopted Vista early, loved UAC, loved the fact that *lazy* users got annoyed by all the UAC dialogues when they were doing ridiculously insecure things with their computer, because it made them reconsider their behaviour. I'd been using Commodos' equivalent for XP for a while, and because I was used to needing to sudo, doas, or some graphical equivalent on POSIX OS for years, and hated the fact that *every* XP app seemed to need you to be logged in as a local admin with full rights **and** internet access... (something you should never give a user app, let alone a full-screen entertainment app, such as video games, which were the worst offenders) It made users *complain* to software vendors for doing this to them. (which they should have been doing for years) Vista was incredibly stable, for me, and perhaps because I'd already been used to isolating apps in safe non-root environments, with only the access they *really* needed, rather than what they *wanted* me to give them. UAC didn't bother me, and I wasn't beyond changing the XML trust file / resource in a PE executable to make it play nice with UAC etc.

It utilised my x64 processor and more than 3.5Gig of RAM as it should, and which **no** version of Windows XP would do. (there was an x64 version of XP, but it sucked ass **hard**, and didn't run either x86 or x64 apps well, leading most people to stick to the x86 version and burn the last half gig of a 4 gig system, or fight with PAE extensions which didn't work well)

I also used it for reverse software engineering with Olly Debug, and would actually correct things in XP binaries which were **not** open-source and just written **wrong** to begin with. So many developers seemed to be ignoring Microsofts' style guidelines because XP had just been the only thing worth testing your software on for so long, and if it worked; Who cares if you're breaking the rules, right? Again, we had Power Users back in Windows 2000 to get around needing low-level access to DVD burners and promiscuous networking and DMA access for accelerated graphics and such... But, no; They insisted you be a local admin or they wouldn't run. There was **no need** for that behaviour, and the fact that that culture existed was only the slightest bit Microsofts' fault, and **none** of Windows Vistas' fault for doing it *correctly*. It's indignation at these poorly written programs was entirely righteous, and justified.

I *did* get rid of the widget bar, and replace it with Konfabulator, (later Yahoo! widgets) which also worked just fine on XP, and whose widgets were easily portable from Mac Dashboard ones. Incidentally, side-bar widgets from Vista could still be installed as desktop widgets in Windows 7, for a while. I did disable the pre-caching, because it was *too* heavy, and *did* lead to me not having enough free memory at times, and that was tuned down in Windows 7 so that the disabling wasn't necessary, but I still tend to disable on Windows 10 when it *still* annoys me. But it's optional, right? If you don't like it, turn it off. I also turn of the "tiling" when you bump windows to a side of the screen, which Vista introduced, and lives on in Windows 10. I still turn back **on** the underlines on hotkeys for menu items. User preference for, the, win!
THO games
THO games - 6 days ago
Nice segway into the sponsor message there…
John Derry
John Derry - 6 days ago
Jason Edwards
Jason Edwards - 8 days ago
I think Windows Vista is a released beta version of Windows 7.
Tank R.
Tank R. - 9 days ago
Yes. Yes it was. Vista was 7: R&D Edition. They released a buggy OS and collected reports to fix the next release. I will give that towards EoL they fixed a number of issues, and aero is pretty neat(seriously, if you havent tried it, hit win+tab, youre welcome). But yes, Vista was as bad as we all remember. Period. End of story.

Side rant: Why the fuck is there 4 links that all go to the exact same power settings?!?!?!
ZephrOli - 9 days ago
Windows Vista on an Inspiron is great, Windows Vista is literally my favourite OS
Subwoofers Bassin
Subwoofers Bassin - 9 days ago
When shit hits the fan
Edward Aquilina
Edward Aquilina - 9 days ago
The video is excellent, the studio lighting is better :)
News Now News News
News Now News News - 9 days ago
Linus blames everyone but Microsoft :\
Matthew Lea
Matthew Lea - 9 days ago
Operating Systems now tend to be more functional. They tend not to go with visual appeal anymore.
Kresimir Ivkovic
Kresimir Ivkovic - 9 days ago
You are happy like a child. Please install Linux and your happies never ending. In next video please.
Psyonnix - 9 days ago
Vista was and is the best.
Ian Walker
Ian Walker - 10 days ago
Longhorn was intended to be a "semantically pivotable OS and GUI", backed onto a kind of SQL server... as a means of anticipating high volumes of data and better ways of not just organising that data, but utilising it in a kind of super AI ML DL way. Think fuzzy pivotable venn diagrams. MS failed because they TOOK the original idea and ran with it, without really 'grokking' the original intent. And thus couldn't implement a vision that was not really theirs in the first place. Paradise Lost... All because they did not want to acknowledge or pay the person with the vision(s) in the first place. Heck, they would rather pay cheap assed hackers a billion in cash for implementing tiny parts of the vision in a game... And rely on the MIISC (military industrial intelligence surveillance complex) to fill in the creativity gaps. Stolen fruit tastes sweet, but you just don't get the secret sauce no matter how hard you try... Stupid way to do business, but that is the 'freedom' we have these days, 'eh? Stupidity and greed leading us to an apocalypse via the 'free market' of 'liberal ideas' backed by 'religious freedoms'. Way to go 'market reformists'! Too many dollars, and not enough cents...
Ian Walker
Ian Walker - 10 days ago
and if you want an os that simply screams inside say virtualbox, try nt4 workstation, in 4k no less, using tiny amounts of resources (less than linux) - great for task based work using old style apps - which just poop all over the modern variants (mostly)!
Ian Walker
Ian Walker - 10 days ago
I liked vista, still do, and have often wondered why it was killed off. my echo chamber answered that it was maybe too secure for some types who like to peep and pry, for fun and profit, under the guise of national security...
Israel Lai
Israel Lai - 10 days ago
Windows Mojave 🤔
Israel Lai
Israel Lai - 10 days ago
Even now, Vista is still my favourite OS aesthetically speaking...
Hiba Zreik
Hiba Zreik - 10 days ago
Vista worked perfectly on my laptop.
TheYoungSeth - 10 days ago
If you don't talk about vista bluescreening because of solitaire I hate you
iRoXaR - 10 days ago
Windows Vista.. I always loved it because of its name!
Peter Brown
Peter Brown - 10 days ago
Windows Vista and Windows 2000 were a very good OS Systems I don't know why they were scaped I love Windows 2000 it was very fast and secured.
Styx Zero
Styx Zero - 11 days ago
Tbh I regret ever changing from XP ---> Vista. Such a downgrade imo. I loved XP.
OffOnOne - 11 days ago
windows: Mojave
apple: hmmm... can we borrow that idea thanks?
Siddif - 11 days ago
OffOnOne to be fair MS looked at Apples “aqua” interface and renamed it “aero” for vista
Neolid - 11 days ago
I never had an issue with Windows Vista.Was it heavy on the CPU and GPU? Yes. But it was a step forward and not always the industry is ready for change at the time a new product hits the market. Oh and best thing Vista gave us, awesome music. Check it out.
Solid Oki
Solid Oki - 12 days ago
I loved windows vista i never had any problems with it as long as i kept up maintenance
your normal everyday gamer
Solid Oki me too
アルフィー - 12 days ago
Tl; dr: ye.
Twig - 12 days ago
When speaking of being bloated, windows 8 and 10 are far worse on that. Coming with non-removable software many people dont want or need.
The jiro Network
The jiro Network - 11 days ago
YUUP. I really miss Pre-Windows 8 era bundled apps, or lack thereof. They only really came with what you needed to manage your PC and to get started. No candy crush saga or anything like that.
Mechapaia Shilla
Mechapaia Shilla - 12 days ago
Windows Vista is yo
Adriano Figueira
Adriano Figueira - 13 days ago
I've had tons of blue screens with that thing. Driver issues were a nightmare.
Caio Vinícius Reis de Carvalho
trying vista on my blade v6
Jan Sten Adámek
Jan Sten Adámek - 14 days ago
The problem with Vista was not just with drivers, even Microsoft's own software was full of weird behaviour. I remember having no problems copying files from my Linux machine to two different Vista computers while they were unable to access each others shares (they saw them but were unable to open them). Until it started working about a month later. I never found out why. I had similar issues with network printers, one of these computers could access it only on every second boot. Again, very weird with no explanation but at least it was consistent that it was every second boot. And such surprises were common with Vista.
Rare Noggin Stuff
Rare Noggin Stuff - 15 days ago
Windows Vista wasn't bad at all. I've always loved vista. Windows Me isn't terrible either. Windows 8 is another story though...
ferret - 14 days ago
aka Windows 8DS haha
200K - 15 days ago
yes... yes it is
IT Semih
IT Semih - 15 days ago
I like windows vista. It works well on my 2005 windows xp laptop and im still using it
Алекса Лаззар
Márcio Gomes
Márcio Gomes - 15 days ago
Please make a video about UI. comparing Windows 7 x Windows 7 x IOs
Furzzy the Fox
Furzzy the Fox - 15 days ago
windows vista, more like

Windows CEMeNT
Poralisium1337 - 16 days ago
Skeomorphism was the best in win vista
ProductBasement - 17 days ago
I miss gadgets
Nathan Hardy
Nathan Hardy - 17 days ago
What is that monitor behind Linus at 0:59??
soap mat
soap mat - 17 days ago
Vista was good but its heavy . The average hardware for that time cannot catch up .
Jerrin Francis
Jerrin Francis - 17 days ago
Unfortunately Windows 10 updates feels like vista, buggy and there is no service packs
Jerrin Francis
Jerrin Francis - 15 days ago
+Dion Perera How did you come at that conclusion?
Dion Perera
Dion Perera - 17 days ago
if its buggy, you need a new computer
Niels Vantilburg
Niels Vantilburg - 17 days ago
To be honest if you pc can barely run a os, you should get a different one.
Matt Merrill
Matt Merrill - 18 days ago
Vista was horrible. Only thing that was good from it was the desktop gadgets
akirasattari - 18 days ago
I think Windows vista is a solid os made my Microsoft 😉
Edin Omeragic
Edin Omeragic - 18 days ago
I had vista on laptop for about 10 years and it was really stable OS, never had to reinstall or fix anything.
Fade In
Fade In - 11 days ago
I've found that it works pretty well with laptops. My old laptop used to run Vista. It came with it.
Spλ - 19 days ago
It was shit
D B - 19 days ago
Thanks for the great MS Vista look back. It's funny how I got to see tech move from a landline 56k modem to cable modems. I remember using Windows 3.1 when we all used MS Dos. Windows 10 has come a long way. I just love it.
billy ruiz
billy ruiz - 19 days ago
welcome im linus an idiot who tests old software on new hardware and claims it to not be a biased review ....no linus! win vista sucks i had 2 laptops and if u wnt ill send u one to prove just how bad the fking experience was u troll
Ducknoodle - 20 days ago
The first Vista machine I worked on was so bugged by the UAC issue that none of the online solutions worked for it, I couldn't even reset it. I think that is the only PC I have ever given up on and said to take it back for a refund. (it was the same year they stopped shipping the OS disks)
Elijah Ford
Elijah Ford - 20 days ago
Windows 7! Windows 7!
uruk - 20 days ago
*OS idea club*

No one:

Windows developers: "An OS what makes your computer slower."
uruk - 20 days ago
C u
C u - 20 days ago
I liked Vista had way over the specs it needed
Jake Paul Sucks
Jake Paul Sucks - 20 days ago
I remember back 2007 when had Windows Vista my gaming PC, it was crashing while I playing online games.
Charlie Blankenship
Charlie Blankenship - 21 day ago
Watching this on vista
Black Foxy
Black Foxy - 21 day ago
i love vista more than dat shitty windows me
WindowsChannelMorezky 29635 IND & ENG
Yep , So Windows Vista Is S#!t
error404uzb - 21 day ago
Nice software is Zver DVD i like very nice support for application very nice to game olsu
Miguel Frontado R
Miguel Frontado R - 22 days ago
Vista breaks when you play solitaire. It can't even do solitaire well
Tyson Edwards
Tyson Edwards - 23 days ago
That's quite the wobbly monitor you got there
NoahBones 12
NoahBones 12 - 23 days ago
I would take vista any day over Windows 8
AeroRed YT
AeroRed YT - 23 days ago
Lol, if you ask me, Windows 7 is just a copy of Windows Vista but with bug fixes and a new desktop.
HVideos - 24 days ago
Windows Vista was terrible but it lead the way for Windows 7 which is one of the best Windows created
Joshua Xue
Joshua Xue - 25 days ago
Im watching this on windows vista...

1 Like= 1 prayer
Tuna The Pro
Tuna The Pro - 25 days ago
Maybe Vista needs more RAM to be installed like
8 GB
Charles Aiden De Leon
Charles Aiden De Leon - 25 days ago
i like the intro
Bill Johnson
Bill Johnson - 26 days ago
Only racists don’t like windows vista
Adryzz - 26 days ago
I had a very good gpu and vista runs today (with that hw) very smoothly and i think that oem pc werent enough powerful to load vista.
If you think on netbooks with win10 they runs smoothly because there isnt Windows Aero.
MKN-002 Punk
MKN-002 Punk - 25 days ago
Adryzz *eBay has joined the chat*
Flipyap Crysis
Flipyap Crysis - 26 days ago
"Worst Windows launch ever." Hmmmm, I'm pretty sure Windows 10 is a contender....
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