Joe Rogan Experience #1352 - Sean Carroll

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Dana Meise
Dana Meise - 12 hours ago
Yeah what Sean said. I can’t even figure out my remote for my tv
Michael Kelly
Michael Kelly - 18 hours ago
I've started following Sean, best explanation so far (good interview joe)
Vlad - 18 hours ago
Sean says that we are unable to influence reality. Sad..
Nestor Marrero
Nestor Marrero - 18 hours ago
Oww. My brain
Wandering Jedi
Wandering Jedi - Day ago
isnt it just the concept of equal and opposite reactions but we can ony see the one. like stopping momentum and the objects in the car hitting the windhield?
Wandering Jedi
Wandering Jedi - Day ago
you see the car stopping but not the momentum moving the flying objects in the car
Comet Killer
Comet Killer - Day ago
Jake Polly
Jake Polly - Day ago
This guy’s voice is very similar to King Friday
Kevin Wood
Kevin Wood - Day ago
What if we are the copy and the "other" universe is the main one?
Brandon Lee
Brandon Lee - 3 days ago
Just when I was finding a solid self esteem, and now I'm hit with this quantum being thing and there's another me out there doing the ass backwards. Ugh. 😂 I tried.
Roman plays.
Roman plays. - 3 days ago
Of all the many Worlds, I end up in the Universe where Sean Carroll gets 90 minutes on JRE, and Alex Jones gets three or four hours. Jeez Louise; How do you build one of those Quantum Russian Roulette thingies? :)
BlackElephantProject - 4 days ago
I swear psychedelics remove the filter from my brain that stops me from experiencing these other versions of myself. In the past she. I used to take big doses I would experience these other versions of myself in the first person alllllll at the same time. I’ve had hallucinations and I’ve had that and THAT was just as real as you sitting reading this on your phone right now. I was having 1,000,000 different conversations and playing 1,000,000 different licks on my guitar all at the same exact time and I couldn’t tell which one was real. It was incredible. This sounds exactly like what they are describing in the many worlds theory.
Theninjagecko - 4 days ago
Always love the comments on a podcast like this, it really shows the meat head calibre of his audience.
llamawizard - 5 days ago
no fucking way is many world theory reality. I think Sean is missing something deeply hidden.
Beav - 5 days ago
This is the type of podcast that forces you to go to Walmart after watching it just so you can feel mentally superior to the idiots surrounding you.
Salvador Perez
Salvador Perez - 5 days ago
What if the answer for dark gravity isn't underground but our in space where light or heavy radiation effect the measurements
Doug Kiphut
Doug Kiphut - 5 days ago
I paused, shook my head, and went "burbedee-burbadee-bur?" like twenty times. Good shit though, thanks Joe!
eric thefathead
eric thefathead - 6 days ago
breaking news....Schrodinger's cat was killed by Hawking radiation. RIP
Jay Sone
Jay Sone - 6 days ago
Joe "separate the wheat from the chaff" Rogan
Robert Spieler
Robert Spieler - 6 days ago
1:05:10 = mic drop
ayporos - 6 days ago
15:50 let me quickly expand on this whole up/down left/right thing:
the electron, just like the earth, doesn't just spin 'up/down' or 'left/right'. What you're doing by forcing it through an electric field is 'round' the movement to the nearest point on your 2 point axis (up/down or left/right). The earth, as some of you might know, spins on more than 1 axis. It spins 'around' but it is also slanted and spinning like a 'falling over' top (which is why we have seasons).
The 'unpredictability' aspect of measuring the electron's spin is thus easily explained by it spinning on 2 (or more! probably more..) axis.
So basically quantum mechanics doesn't mean the world isn't 'predictable' or 'deterministic' (in the sense that 'everything that's going to happen has already been determined) it just means that (right now) we do not have the measuring capability to fully measure the state of small particles/waves. And assuming that photons/electrons are in fact the smallest 'measuring units' we can employ it might be that we never will.
Reason being is that the act of measuring requires putting a force onto the thing you measure (i.e. the electron) thus changing it's state.
We know the multiple rotations of the earth because it is big enough so that we can observe all of its rotations without altering any of them. Not significantly anyway.. a couple of beams of light aren't going to drastically alter it's spins.. with an electron or photon however that simply isn't (currently) possible because an electron or photon is the smallest measurable thing we can 'see' and thus the act of measuring it involves hitting it with a force that is equal to or greater than the thing itself. (Imagine trying to bounce a planet the size of earth off of the earth in order to see it's rotation(s)... surely you understand that such an act would drastically impact the earth and whatever rotation(s) it had prior to being hit!)
Granted this is an explanation that fits nicely if you consider it a particle and not a wave.
The reality of it being a wave doesn't really matter tbh, it can be both in different planes of existence/dimensions and depending on the plane/dimension you look at it from that decides whether you observe a particle or a wave. And the crux is that we don't really currently have a choice in the matter. we're limited to what planes/dimensions we can interact with the universe with.
Imagine trying to capture the essence of a spinning ball by drawing a still image of it onto a flat piece of paper.. you're then limited to 2 dimensions where in reality it exists in 4.
Serious Karaoke
Serious Karaoke - 7 days ago
This isn't hard to understand at all. What is really hard to get is what the hell is on Sean's t-shirt?
John Shepard
John Shepard - 4 days ago
Ellipses - 7 days ago
In an alternate universe, he had a glass of water
MrWil20n - 7 days ago
So this maybe a dumb question but im just a simple construction worker. In this video they go over the multiple world theory. My question is would that be perceivable if we could perceive 4th dimensionally?
James Evans
James Evans - 7 days ago
I love that physics is becoming more popular. Go Joe! Only thing I would say about this is that instead of debunking 'woo woo' as Sean suggests, I think he is guilty of popularising it to a degree. Although I do love the idea of many worlds/a multiverse, I'm not sure if it would stand up to thorough scrutiny.
Sean Kostelnik
Sean Kostelnik - 8 days ago
I'd like to see Thomas Campbell on JRE!!
Jonathan McGuire
Jonathan McGuire - 8 days ago
So my friend who failed algebra when we were young can understand quantum mechanics, lol. Nice thought but doubtful.
Johnathan Hardy
Johnathan Hardy - 8 days ago
When do they talk about Eric Weinstein calling Carroll's wife bitchy?
Kris Fairbanks
Kris Fairbanks - 8 days ago
Malicious_Syns - 8 days ago
interesting the reference to the earth, now on the horizontal gravity field would indicate that the electron doesnt spin perfectly like a top that it actually spins with a wobble perhaps up to 90 or even great perhpaps 180 degrees and depending on where that wobble is at that current time could very well have an opposite outcome. Thoughts ?
Gor Ter-Mkrtchyan
Gor Ter-Mkrtchyan - 8 days ago
Can you have tucker carlson on
Matthew Krepps
Matthew Krepps - 9 days ago
Nice work guys, ans thanks.
Brandon Blackfrye
Brandon Blackfrye - 9 days ago
Joe has 5,900,000 subscribers to his channel that can have amazing guest on that you can always learn something from.
Man who plays New Video games for people has over 1,000,000,000
Scott Matthew
Scott Matthew - 9 days ago
if you can't test for the existence for other worlds, then in what sense do they exist? Not any sense that makes any sense.
Andrew Boria
Andrew Boria - 10 days ago
After watching this I feel like I learned so much, but also absolutely nothing at the same time.
Daddy and Bella
Daddy and Bella - 11 days ago
Just began to watch.... does Joe bring up DMT?
adankseason ADS
adankseason ADS - 11 days ago
I love when you have my favorite physicists on Joe! Thank you for all you do. The show is amazing!
Dusty Parker
Dusty Parker - 11 days ago
Holy hell, if you take away from or make THIS life less good, be gone. You are the shittiest link...GOOD BYYYEEEE! 😁🖕
Chino Moreno
Chino Moreno - 11 days ago
We’re in a simulation, where the only thing real is information. There is no distance, everything is located in the same spot. The interaction between our knowledge with quantum states, shows this to be an interactive reality, consistent with a large video game like simulation
Sue Maleski
Sue Maleski - 11 days ago
Cancer treatment cure? why isnt this on the national news instead of a phone call Trump made.. ?
Sue Maleski
Sue Maleski - 11 days ago
I feel like many of the answers are within the study of energy and vibrations.. like this cure for cancer, shattering cancer cells with electrical signals.. why is this not much bigger news that EVERYONE Knows about?
Turley16 - 12 days ago
50:35. Can you start a sentence in a more Christopher Walken-like fashion? :D
Plippy :p
Plippy :p - 12 days ago
i like this guy. he makes physics sounds like mr Rogers from the neighborhood
Nobody Unknown
Nobody Unknown - 12 days ago
I'm an idiot, but that bit at 15:30 doesn't that prove that hard determinism is not true then? You have nuts like Sam Harris who argue otherwise but here's a physicist that is telling you that things are not 100% predictable
Arties Nose
Arties Nose - 12 days ago
Put Joey Diaz on with this guy bahahaha
T Mac
T Mac - 13 days ago
This could have been a silent film that was translated using Portuguese sign language and I would have understood just as much.
Me tu dum to git kwantim fiziks.
krish - 13 days ago
How to get high without weed.
Rowan Wolf
Rowan Wolf - 13 days ago
wheres the part where he's talking about not letting his students be ideologues?
Gemini Jake
Gemini Jake - 13 days ago
33:45 ...all 32,645 of my friends are digital representations of human beings.
Otto Frank
Otto Frank - 14 days ago
Make sure to subscribe Sean Caroll’s MINDSCAPE PODCAST !!!
Avol80 - 14 days ago
"Why don't you explain this to me like I'm 5" - Michael Scott
you don't know me
you don't know me - 14 days ago
i've seen 3 podcasts with Sean Carroll. Joe was asking about quark-gluon plasma in each of them.
xRadiantMindx - 14 days ago
Get DEAN RADIN on the show!!
Oscar Bamaca
Oscar Bamaca - 15 days ago
Yea idk,
Sounds like
A bunch
Of bull 🤷🏽‍♂️
dimension of all
dimension of all - 15 days ago
I love this guy. Physics is totally fascinating. So glad I decided to listen to this one.
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Juanito G
Juanito G - 15 days ago
Eurgh i hate the many worlds
What a wasteful universe where EVERYTIME a wavefunction collapses a new universe is created :/
TheCascade14 - 15 days ago
Joe Dispenza? Also big on the quantum.
M K - 15 days ago
Excellent. Thanks!
Greg Gaynor
Greg Gaynor - 15 days ago
This guy is really smart, he should write a book!
supralex1 - 16 days ago
Carroll has gone insane
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