49 killed in terror attack at New Zealand mosques

33 373
7 334
DHANI X - 4 hours ago
Yang indonesia like
Halfazombie - Day ago
Probably left wing
gypsy freak
gypsy freak - 2 days ago
Oh good some good news for once lol
Yo Mum
Yo Mum - Day ago
Please fuck off.
Unicorn Girl
Unicorn Girl - 2 days ago
ABC News ITS PRONOUNCED MU-SLIM!!!! NOT MUZLIM! Get it right!!!! 😠 😠 😠 😠 😠 😠
killz 656
killz 656 - 2 days ago
If a guy that pretends to be muslim it would be all over the news america every where you name it but if its a guy doing it to real muslims its not terrorism
SPD52R - 2 days ago
Kevin Douglas
Kevin Douglas - 4 days ago
🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦Ontario Kingston R.I.P
Gertox XX1
Gertox XX1 - 4 days ago
All of you who support this maniac and he himself are going to hell , believe me , you are going . I will love it ! Burn forever .
Mr. NPC - 5 days ago
good. going to go celebrate and watch the vids again. rats
killz 656
killz 656 - 2 days ago
Ur a terrorist you condoming violence your not any better than that guy that killed inocenys humans
Ian Operty
Ian Operty - 5 days ago
"Subscribe to PewDiePie"
justin miles
justin miles - 5 days ago
It is a psy-opby the deep state government of NZ just to take the guns off the people so they can't defend themselves against the evil that is coming just like Howard did in tassie,it's a false flag. Wake up people and hide your weapons.
mr gwanson
mr gwanson - 5 days ago
hero muslims did this to muslims you expect people to lay down why muslims kill everyone around the world
SPD52R - 2 days ago
+Gertox XX1 And probably 99 percent of that suffering is coming from other muslims.
Gertox XX1
Gertox XX1 - 4 days ago
Was your family killed you fucking dumb Christian racist idiot . 97% of all suffering in world are muslims suffering , fucking Idiot .
Queef Jerky
Queef Jerky - 6 days ago
T series is laughing rn
meatwad74 - 7 days ago
on sites I see people praising this guy. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. But. Where will it end. The Norwegian fellow, this guys hero, killed fellow country men, young boys. Just because they didn’t agree with his point of view. Hunted them like dogs, and like this guy, put several bullets in them over and over. So you start killing immigrants, then your own ‘leftist’ countrymen, then even right wingers who are not extreme enough for you. These sort of maniacs need to identified and jailed
Alema Hssan
Alema Hssan - 8 days ago
What do these people want from Muslims?!
Affan khan
Affan khan - 10 days ago
Islam zinda hota hai har karbala k baad
Dollar Sok
Dollar Sok - 11 days ago
Who have a full video
Please sent me the link
Editor - 7 days ago
Do u want it
J. - 12 days ago
KK Hagerty
KK Hagerty - 8 days ago
J. Bruh
Arif Gashi
Arif Gashi - 11 days ago
I hope gid gives you cancer you sick fuck i bet you live with your parents.
miko miko
miko miko - 12 days ago
Tambahkan saya sebagai teman di YouTube! https://youtu.be/addme/e3PMPgDV9Bvk6FZVGPax1Xx2bnHSlQ.... sooo we think together
Taylor Zimmerman
Taylor Zimmerman - 13 days ago
Islam is a mental illness.
Gertox XX1
Gertox XX1 - 4 days ago
Christianity is fucked up religion , don't worry bro , you are going to jahannam forever you kaffir .
Anonymous Buddy
Anonymous Buddy - 13 days ago
The world seems sketch 👀
Hit God
Hit God - 13 days ago
Someone send me a vid link of the shooting
jordan - 13 days ago
So you and your agents can delete the source, nah bro we examining the funk outa this fake terror.
Hit God
Hit God - 13 days ago
Don’t judge me
Your Teacher
Your Teacher - 13 days ago
Our Mosque have arm Security. Our Imams are arm and we lived in country that allow conceal carry of pistols. No one ever think about attacking us. They outnumber inside and the SWAT team outside.
AL-FURQAN AHMAD - 14 days ago
Look like its end of nz
Mark Stead
Mark Stead - 14 days ago
https://youtu.be/CC5ca6Hsb2Q. hey GLADIO what an insult your footage was to not only buty our country. At least use dummies appropriately, and , how dare you not showcase our beautuil country with beatify done camera and beach scenes like this...
dieter006us - 14 days ago
dieter006us - 14 days ago
Tai WooDz
Tai WooDz - 15 days ago
Kill these fucking bacterias
gumshoesoul - 16 days ago
I believe just a little bit of understanding coupled with basic tolerance, would be advised in all Muslim confrontations. Of course, it is. The very basic Muslim belief is killing those who offend you. We need to embrace this religious practice. Embrace diversity with wonderment.
Daniel Rudd
Daniel Rudd - 18 days ago
Oh my god! I can't believe it was terror attack in New Zealand!😢❤️
gypsy freak
gypsy freak - 13 days ago
+Daniel Ruddno it wasn't it was justice
Daniel Rudd
Daniel Rudd - 16 days ago
Yes it was a terrorist.
Emanuel BRE.
Emanuel BRE. - 16 days ago
Not a terrorist
go commit -DIE-
go commit -DIE- - 19 days ago
Out of all things he could of yelled....he shouted “subscribe to pewdiepie”
What a loser
Monde Mazinyo
Monde Mazinyo - 20 days ago
White supremacist is an act of terrorism and it can't be white supremacist if we are still talking even now about one guy where the fuck are the rest of them let's kill them before they strike again let's do what we do in Arab countries
v vasant
v vasant - 21 day ago
ISIS got excuse for revenge and did it with more brutal bombings.unfortunately innocent victims who died cannot become alive again and wounded have to heal and go on with life in New Zealand and Sri Lanka for no fault of theirs
Frizi - 21 day ago
49 kill strike
özkan özkan
özkan özkan - 22 days ago
Christentum ist TERRORIZM
tylsimys67 - 23 days ago
Fortunately this was just a random and insignificant act of violence by a solitary extremist - the virus will be erased way more effectively.
Zythum Animates
Zythum Animates - 23 days ago
He played fortnite...
Oh Please?
Oh Please? - 24 days ago
Now who is the terrorrist
Oh Please?
Oh Please? - 12 days ago
gypsy freak shut the fuck up you are the terrorist
gypsy freak
gypsy freak - 13 days ago
W F - 24 days ago
Well done
Shebin Shaju
Shebin Shaju - 24 days ago
Terrorist is a chritian he isn't a Christian terrorist beacuse he dint kill for his God, just for the hatred he had,and I m sorry but i support the gunman
Observer down under
Observer down under - 9 days ago
+captanka ciyalka xafada your support even matters , as you say
captanka ciyalka xafada
captanka ciyalka xafada - 16 days ago
Shebin Shaju u support the gunman ok 👌🏾 by the way we don’t support the suicide bombers at sri lankan churches ⛪️
Merci x
Merci x - 22 days ago
rockstar sakib
rockstar sakib - 24 days ago
Ed Bolam
Ed Bolam - 25 days ago
Just giving them their 7 virgins getting it done you go boy u deserve a ticker tape parade😆
Wolfgang - 27 days ago
Deus vult!
YEET842 - 27 days ago
Hiding under a bench, what are u doing?!
And One
And One - 28 days ago
You leftists will face the same fate as muslims will if you don't turn on your brain soon...
HannuKaleviElo - 29 days ago
Money and Muslims are the Evil of the World!!!
Now bring him here to America we need the shooter
Mountains of Gold
Mountains of Gold - 29 days ago
This is not terrorism.
This is the result of forced globalism
European Infidel
European Infidel - Month ago
Cabdiqani Love
Cabdiqani Love - Month ago
Go the hell killer
Cabdiqani Love
Cabdiqani Love - Month ago
Fuck you new zealand
Pit Ambara
Pit Ambara - Month ago
Fake...agenda to take your guns...control your social media and continue the racism narrative ..watch the vid
MCwalk02 - Month ago
As rep omar said "Some people did something"
Just Me
Just Me - Month ago
👍👍train terrorists (which that mosque IS guilty of) expect a reaction. I hope they rethink their plan. I doubt it.. they thrive in chaos.
I don’t blame him one bit and I’m thankful, we have some men out there that aren’t brainwashed.
Just Me
Just Me - Month ago
No wants children to die. Having said that these ones are being raised as weapons. We need to toughen up. They are the ones putting themselves in that position.
Yusuf - Month ago
You need help honestly. Children died in this terrorist attack and you have the fu*king audacity to say that they deserved it. Have some empathy for God's sake. Imagine that was your brother or your father or lets imagine that the woman that was shot outside was your mother.
Two-tone Blue
Two-tone Blue - Month ago
Islam is an anachronistic, regressive, draconian ideology. If you align yourself with it, it's reasonable to expect a certain amount of pushback. Sadly, all Tarrant has done here is create martyrs and engender sympathy for devotees of this doctrine. The escapade has effectively cost him his own life. I imagine he'll be eligible for parole after 27 years or so like Clayton Weatherstone (sp?) Maybe it'll be granted, maybe it won't. But it's certainly cost him his youth. He'll never be free of this. and, of course, with bullets flying there's always the chance bystanders and/or police will come to harm. The whole thing was a circlejerk. The prime minister of the country has been effecting an hijab, for fucksake. A symbol of the Islamic oppression of women, which we're apparently now all okay with. Along with a whole bunch of stupid bitches who, as soon as the first revenge attack hits, will presumably be ripping them off and burning them in Cathedral Square.

Yes, Tarrant acted on principle. The self-indulgent twat. ISIS act on principle. Hamas act on principle. The Knesset acts on principle. The bloody Nazi's acted on principle. So leave us not get too carried away with that concept, either.

Might I add, the reporting around this incident has been, and continues to be, nauseating. No objectivity, no analysis, just a neck-breaking race to the bottom, everyone trying to be more outraged and horrified than the next person. Risible.

The PM and police commissioner have both claimed in interviews this act was unprecedented. It wasn't . There was a similar killing spree in a place called Aramoana about twenty years ago. This was damage control with one eye on the tourist industry, on which NZ is heavily reliant. A recent newspaper article has claimed increased overseas interest in visiting NZ as a direct result of the government's and public's response to this massacre, so... mission accomplished. Pity we don't have the infrastructure to cope with any such influx. That said, I like this government. I support this government. I voted for one of the coalition partners. I like the PM, too. There are just times I wish she was a little less the politician.

So let's just acquire a little perstective on the situation, shall we?

And in case anyone's thinking of accusing me of... 'islamophobia'... don't even get me started on cristianity. In Rakhine, we've got buddhist monks with AK's chasing Rohingya. I suggest the days where claiming some form of religious adherence confers one any kind of ethical high-ground are over. Who says it's a phobia, anyway? Maybe it's just a perfectly natural desire to avoid getting stoned to death. As for Christchurch's bereaved, I have no doubt their loss is palpable. But I can't help wondering... all those ex-muslims, former muslims, murdered for the 'crime' of "apostasy"... did they shed any tears for them?
taga defa
taga defa - Month ago
stupid idiot islam and muslim. all muslim should migrate to syria and let USA forces kill you all.
inceptormince - Month ago
You're being racist,would you like to be a Christian and be sent out of your country to a country where you will get raped and murdered
Jake Dean
Jake Dean - Month ago
Praying is peaceful? Give me a break. In many mosques they preach ideas antithetical to western society. Fuck off with this PC BS.
Tim Veater
Tim Veater - Month ago
Identifying dots and joing them: http://veaterecosan.blogspot.com/2019/03/christchurch-attack-as-we-saw-in.html
Diesel Mechanic
Diesel Mechanic - Month ago
gypsy freak
gypsy freak - Month ago
Lol that’s what you get for killing millions of innocent non Muslims
Dinesh - Month ago
Thank you for world attention for this big crime punish the culprit! What about One millions Kashmiri Pandits, who are exile in their own country India / Pakistan, as they are non Muslim. Since 1989 no Justice for them!
J. - Month ago
Dharmendra Sahu
Dharmendra Sahu - Month ago
Osama bin Laden
shane hamer
shane hamer - Month ago
Only a few more billion to go
inceptormince - Month ago
Would you like the whole population of your religion to be wiped out like you want Muslims to be wiped out?
omkar joshi
omkar joshi - Month ago
I see lots of Muslims commenting here and saying that these attacks prove that Christians are terrorists

My question

How come only after one terrorist attack Christian's became terrorists? Osama was a saint and 9/11 was an Israeli conspiracy...right?... This is what Muslims think....

If 9/11 was an Israeli conspiracy then Christchurch attacks were Saudi Arabian conspiracy done to defame Christianity...
Dave D
Dave D - Month ago
If any non Muslim went to their country they would do the same to us with no consiqunses. So why call this a terrorist attack. Read the karan their profit mohamud rapes a 9 year old and is considered a perfect man.open your eyes they are violent people why do u think their country is a 3rd world they made it that way. Now they come to others all over the world and call us infadles to our face.
Matthew Housham
Matthew Housham - Month ago
Does it kind of feel like the world has moved on from this already?
Just Me
Just Me - Month ago
Matthew Housham I have 😏
Halfazombie - Month ago
Christian death toll up to 200 in Africa carried out but muslim extremists wheres the media coverage for these poor souls humm
BROCK - Month ago
Italian CIA
Italian CIA - Month ago
It should have been more killed you think that they give a crap about you giving them comfort and feeling sorry for them please they don't give a s***. And let me tell you something what about them feeling sorry for us when they killed Christians and rape our women and children. They don't even give a crap about us why the hell should we give a crap about them. They should all be strong up the flagpole and gut like a pig and then bleed to death send them back to hell where they came from.
inceptormince - Month ago
Who killed and forced many natives that were here before the Europeans into Christianity The Christians,not the Muslims Who killed tons of Jewish people in something he started A Christian man namedHitler ,not the Muslims Would.you
nazicops - Month ago
Maybe I missed it. How outraged were Muslims in response to their burning people alive and cutting off their heads.
StraightUp Oldies
StraightUp Oldies - Month ago
Not surprised it happened after all the shit that has happened 9/11 bombings,lee Rigby and white kids getting groomed and Paris attacks it was bound to happen
Alin. C
Alin. C - Month ago
This is not terrorism this is mearly justice.
ema wewa
ema wewa - Month ago
Qur'an with english alphabet, Surah Al-Ikhlas recitation by Saad Alghmdi, Watch here:
Bataafse Republiek
Bataafse Republiek - Month ago
Islam doesn't belong in western societies, this is another example.
In everybody's best interest Islam should be limited to the middle east.
Daniel Norlin
Daniel Norlin - Month ago
Drinking Water
Drinking Water - Month ago
Drinking Water
Drinking Water - Month ago
Drinking Water
Drinking Water - Month ago
Watch it agian
Drinking Water
Drinking Water - Month ago
Child Skites didn’t look like it I just seen him run inside and look down on it I think what u saying is bullshit
Child Skites
Child Skites - Month ago
He unloaded it out of his gun because it jammed. So he quickly loaded another mag instead of fixing the jammed mag which takes time
Drinking Water
Drinking Water - Month ago
watermanglenn1 yeah maybe
watermanglenn1 - Month ago
just another staged event. Phony fake shitshow
B S - Month ago
When you want war you have to expect that the enemy will return fire. Did any of the high muslim clerics or notable people of the muslim community condemn Paris, Bruxelles, New York, Madrid, London or any other attack on inocent people? Remember the Tunisia beach attack? A French priest got his head chopped off in the middle of the church in France, the list is endless. No they didn't condemn anything because they see all non muslims as infidels and therefore a legitimate target.
TecLoaf - Month ago
Correction: Terrorist attack* not terror
the guy
the guy - Month ago
How money christian ppl did u guys kill ?how money?
Its ok don't cry cuz there is a chritian ppl still crying about there kids ..
Feel what we feel 🤣🤣😂😂
Reuben Morgan
Reuben Morgan - Month ago
The most dangous human being in the world is a white male. Facts. Look it up.
Child Skites
Child Skites - Month ago
the person that committed the crime was white duhh.
General Shitposti
General Shitposti - Month ago
Saying "facts" and "look it up" doesn't prove anything. You'd have to prove that.
taiiger'ek - Month ago
And why isis execution are not removed from net, and new zeland is removed in 5 days after it?
Galaxy. Tv
Galaxy. Tv - Month ago
Jewish multiculturalist agenda.
mrbobbilly - Month ago
+watermanglenn1 Youre the type of person who would still call a beheading in person fake. Those videos are real, I've seen them behead the guy uncut. It's very hard to fake a death you idiot.
watermanglenn1 - Month ago
Because it's obviously fake as fuck. Bunch of actors running around in silly costumes pretending to be terrorist with a joke
watermanglenn1 - Month ago
+unknown hero I would actually love to see a real beheading. Instead all I see is a bunch of Mossad / CIA agents, actors dressed up in silly costumes. It's ridiculous to think that anybody could believe this nonsense
unknown hero
unknown hero - Month ago
Uhh both are downloaded by the publics and reposted, you can see a isis beheading if you search it
taiiger'ek - Month ago
Fuck u media, we need more christus attack vs fucking aliens (muslims)
Abu Sufian Abu Sufian
Abu Sufian Abu Sufian - Month ago
Newzeland pm best I love u newzeland
Dan Read
Dan Read - Month ago
"Counter terrorists win"
Dan Read
Dan Read - Month ago
+Blue Star hahahaha
Blue Star
Blue Star - Month ago
Not funny you heartless loser
Ryan Jackson
Ryan Jackson - Month ago
Biggest Black PsyOp in New Zealands history
fuck you motherfuckers
White devils in action against poor defenseless people death to you and your pig family. 🐖🐖🐖🐖
Collective Consciousness
This is what happens when multiculturalism and die-versity go out of control and nobody’s allowed to even discuss the resulting issues.
“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”
taga defa
taga defa - Month ago
Collective Consciousness
Na, death to Israhell.
Georgia Gatto
Georgia Gatto - Month ago
Well wtf do Muslims expect when they started it all now we're gone finish it lol
jason lock
jason lock - Month ago
Does anyone have the link to the live stream
Child Skites
Child Skites - Month ago
yea I do
LegendaryHD - Month ago
you shouldnt watch the full footage if you are not used to watch this kind of things it will leave trauma in your head
Farid Mahdavirad
Farid Mahdavirad - Month ago
fuck Eslam they r like pick fucking ugly ohhh shiiiiit💩💩💩💩💩
taga defa
taga defa - Month ago
islam is gradually banned worldwide. I can see islam will be gone and
labelled as deadly cult religion in the future. I can predict islam
cannot survive into 22nd century as many countries have started to draft
all sort of law to restrict islam:
1. China's Xinjiang re-education camp for muslims (I can say it is an
open prison camp),
2.Trump 's travel ban on muslim majority countries Libya, Iran, Somalia
3. Persecution of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar
Bye -bye islam and it is good and peace for the future generation.
Ragna Holland
Ragna Holland - Month ago
Yes finally revenge fuck the muslims
Kaido Priisalu
Kaido Priisalu - Month ago
It's getting only worser!
Tahsin Gadh
Tahsin Gadh - Month ago
AsiA I.
AsiA I. - Month ago
jewish using media  social media can only  work for so long people dont believe in mainstream garbagE' your future is grim  and soon you will be genocided like cattle led to the slaughterhouse. jews are banned from certain countries people dont judge you on your words of playing victim people judge you for your actions and land theft and expansionism  soon your time will come to face executioN'' i am ultraconservativE rightwinG' we dont like jews we want your blood to be photographed  for many centuries to come after your last generation faces the deatH/ penaltY' historians  will keep journal on what days your final days were and how the sentence was carried out journal documentation and photographs will be shown in public education sector across the globe. kids will learn the genocidE' of muslims and jews.
AsiA I.
AsiA I. - Month ago
new zealand  to get its guns restricted is all planned  we know the elites are choosing to reside in new zealand when ww3 begins.   no place will be safe for elites  you will get  your head shot off clean  while the background of where you live will get massive collateral damage.there is no institution which can stop muslims from getting murdereD' you come to a  non muslim land you deserve what you shall get heading your way.
Scott Wasinski
Scott Wasinski - Month ago
The reason that they "would never show you the video" is because the video itself reveals that the event was not only staged, but full of poor actors. He "shoots his gun at 40 some people in rooms with white walls everywhere and not one single spot of blood on any of the walls or on the white lines in the carpeting and the people that were "shot" drop down to the floor instantly without showing any signs of life. Being a hunter and understanding that the bodies of beasts and the body of people are full of blood under pressure, when ever a body is shot, it becomes like popping a pressurized balloon where the liquid contents splatter everywhere.Then, after an animal is shot, it takes time for them to die and if shot, fight or flight takes over (unless the shot hit the spinal cord or the brain). 100% of the people shot would not just drop to the ground like in the movies. I suspect that in the wake of this event (like all of the media covered "events" in America), there shall be new legislation drafted and passed to restrict firearms ownership in some way. It is sad that most people cannot see past the emotional turmoil that these "stories" cause, and subjectively, critically examine the evidence that is presented to them through the syndicated networks on the tell lie vision.
Scott Wasinski
Scott Wasinski - Month ago
+inceptormince I don't watch movies or the tell lie vision. I'm a hunter. I can tell you that when more than 20 people are shot in one group and they all just fall right down to the ground without moving and the white wall behind them doesn't have a single spot of blood on it, you've been hoodwinked. And look, New Zealand confiscated all semi automatic firearms and is being hailed as an example the USSA should follow. Do you know what propaganda is? Can you use the word "agenda" in a sentence?
inceptormince - Month ago
What type of movies have you been watching,gun shots are not that gory
Scott Wasinski
Scott Wasinski - Month ago
+John Doe This event is a part of a much larger picture being painted on the world stage. There are written agendas by heads of state that clearly outline an end goal of disarming all people and the USSA is the biggest target, because firearm ownership is so highly esteemed. Like I said, you can go ahead and believe whatever the controlled and scripted syndicated lamestream media feeds you, but that's foolish, because they are only propaganda outlets designed to influence the worldviews of the masses with their news "programming" and "stories"
John Doe
John Doe - Month ago
@Scott Wasinski. Although USA gun control laws and/or right to bear firearms under the 2nd amendment etc is big in the USA - firearms and/or the right to carry firearms is not big here in NZ (that's not to say firearms are not used here) - for the life of me, I personally don't see why anyone would need to own a military style firearm or a rapid fire gun (whats the point of that?) - In regards to the footage being censored, Im unsure - if it has, then I would assume its for the right reasons as oppose to the reasons you state - gun ownership is not a big thing here in NZ - maybe it is in the USA but not here.
Scott Wasinski
Scott Wasinski - Month ago
+John Doe if I agreed with you, we'd both be wrong. I have the video and have analyzed it and sared it with others to critically analyze. The reason it's been censored from mainstream internet engines and sites is because the video indicts the gun grabs as being founded upon a very poor film that shows things that are contrary to physics. Also... everyone of these shooting events in the USSA is accompanied by a "shooters manifesto," which conveniently includes philosophical worldviews and thoughts that incorporate a resistance to globalization. The actual EVIDENCE of these events is never disclosed to the public against whom they draft their anti gun legislation. You can be willfully ignorant of the truth if you choose. Personally, I LOVE THE TRUTH AND HATE LIES AND DECEPTION! Therefore, I shall not agree with you at this time. When you agree with the truth, then we shall be in agreement. Critically examine Evidence. If you know how to set your wicked and deceptive heart aside. Because emotions will deceive
turbo turbo
turbo turbo - Month ago
Hatred cycle
HannuKaleviElo - Month ago
My question why the media and world keptsilent what happened in the Philippines???
Halfazombie - 29 days ago
And today 207 Christians slaughtered while celebrating Easter in Sri Lanka
Halfazombie - Month ago
28 killed and over 80 injured bombed while praying In a Catholic church and bombed again when fleeing there was reports of children saying they literally saw people being blown in half, and the attack was carried out by Muslim isis wannabes
Jasper - Month ago
What happened?
Halfazombie - Month ago
Its bought and paid for media coverage
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