March Milkness Taste Test: Final Four

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Good Mythical Morning
Good Mythical Morning - 3 months ago
We know which cereal's the best, but what about the best cereal MILK?
Nick Leef
Nick Leef - 2 months ago
Skittle Milk
Cesar Urbina
Cesar Urbina - 3 months ago
Fruit loops is the best cereal and has the best cereal milk. Cinnamon toast crunch shouldn't have won. period.
Mv G
Mv G - 3 months ago
Skittle milk
Aracely Palacios
Aracely Palacios - 3 months ago
Do fruits madness next time
Lyla Rufeh
Lyla Rufeh - 3 months ago
Nicole Marie
Nicole Marie - 17 hours ago
If you guys can get Misha Collins on GMM I will love you forever
Princess Peasant
Princess Peasant - 20 hours ago
Still salty that mini wheats got to the finals of sugary region.
Emily Goodwin -OneCatMind-
Okay if yall had chosen Cinnamon life rather than just the normal stuff, it would have gone all the way. Cinnamon life is the essence of good cereal.
Lil Shrekey
Lil Shrekey - 3 days ago
My sister prefers the nutty buddy cereal over the O's. She deserves to be crucified
Shadowkitten19 - 4 days ago
If cinnamon toast crunch hadnt won i would have had to fight someone
Erik Hobart
Erik Hobart - 5 days ago
froot loops might be better, but i think oreo o’s would’ve been a better finals
Victoria Santiago
Victoria Santiago - 6 days ago
Mackenzie A
Mackenzie A - 6 days ago
I still think Reeses Puffs should have won chocolate category 🤣
Cinnamon Toast crunch is still my fav though
Bear, Here!
Bear, Here! - 10 days ago
Lmao "it's like... cinnamon... chilaquiles"
Dylan Perez
Dylan Perez - 11 days ago
I'm about to start a civil war in the comments
Lori Roman
Lori Roman - 12 days ago
I’m still in my childhood so Froot Loops can’t take me back to my childhood
odd cat j2
odd cat j2 - 14 days ago
all fruit Loops taste the same
Niquey1315 - 15 days ago
Should someone tell Link that cinnamon life is a thing?
Kam mtl
Kam mtl - 16 days ago
Sugar ray more like S U G A R G A Y
*desert flower88*
*desert flower88* - 19 days ago
There is cinnamon LIFE , just wanted to let you know..
Anna-M Behr
Anna-M Behr - 20 days ago
Life and Reese’s puffs r my finals
Daniel Diaz
Daniel Diaz - 20 days ago
There are only 32 cereals though......
Nadya Safira
Nadya Safira - 20 days ago
Teagan Truttmann
Teagan Truttmann - 21 day ago
Percussion Prince
Percussion Prince - 23 days ago
C'mon Oreo O's.

Gregg K
Gregg K - 24 days ago
Are we talking 2% milk or what? I use skim milk.
Serca - 24 days ago
MY personal final 4 is

Honey Nut Cherrios
Cap'n Crunch Berries (favorite cereal of all time personally)
Cookie Crisps

But that just for me personally
byron7583 - 25 days ago
The fact that Fruit Loops made it to the Finals is ludicrous. Probably the most overrated cereal ever.
Dotty516 - 20 days ago
Can you elaborate on why it's so overrated?
Alexis Young
Alexis Young - 25 days ago
sugar ray??? more like sugar GAY
dylan chan
dylan chan - 26 days ago
Man Milk.

Albinoalligator 17
Albinoalligator 17 - 28 days ago
When they were confirming, I really thought Link was going in for a kiss there 😂
chuckkid3 - Month ago
How in the world did foot loops get so far? Nah
Wool Verigne
Wool Verigne - Month ago
Sugar Ray Leonard totally gets Froot Loops.
Steamtank - Month ago
Never tried a single one of these cereals xD
Wolverine Spirit
Wolverine Spirit - Month ago
Yes Yes Yes
Andrew King
Andrew King - Month ago
I like your jacket Link.
Andrea Zier
Andrea Zier - Month ago
Are you guys sick of cereal
Timothy Walden
Timothy Walden - Month ago
apple jacks is truley the best
Mason Smithee
Mason Smithee - Month ago
Sugar GAY
Willy Bingrove
Willy Bingrove - Month ago
The two highest voted cereals made it to the final. Unsurprising. However, we all know that cinnamon life IS the real WiNnEr!
The Worst
The Worst - Month ago
PSH!!! 😒 Fruit Loops should have had this in the bag...💯✔ Nothing can beat that fruitylicious tasty flavor...🚫 Fruity cereals are King...👑
Freddy king14
Freddy king14 - Month ago
Oreo O’s got cheated
Cyriss Smith
Cyriss Smith - Month ago
It shouldve been Fruity Pebbles, Cocoa Pebbles, CT Crunch (top spot), Life.
Cameron Corliss
Cameron Corliss - Month ago
Cyriss Smith for me would’ve prolly been normal Cheerios prolly tied with life
Jeffrey Peng
Jeffrey Peng - Month ago
How do you guys find so many people for tie breakers?
Amber Januschewski
Amber Januschewski - Month ago
Fruit loops are trash lol
Alex Kinney
Alex Kinney - Month ago
Oreo O’s got robbed. By far better than Froot Loops!
D3 Kinney
D3 Kinney - Month ago
So everyone gonna ignore the fact Link almost got beat up because Sugar Ray thought he called him gay😂😂8:58
Dylan Hunter Chua
Dylan Hunter Chua - 23 days ago
D3 Kinney it almost became a 1 talk show host show
Jay - Month ago
Sugar gay. Lol. 😂
Brian Uglum
Brian Uglum - Month ago
My least favorite cereal won. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAND no Golden Grahams?
america roleplayer
america roleplayer - Month ago
*is allergic to cinnamon*
shaquitha simpson
shaquitha simpson - Month ago
She said 64 cereals when it was only 32 on the wall.
shaquitha simpson
shaquitha simpson - Month ago
@yohan oh ok Thank you💕
yohan - Month ago
shaquitha simpson it was 64 in total but only the best were chosen via a poll online by the fans, thus bringing it down to 32
Victoria Vandygriff
Victoria Vandygriff - Month ago
So if you do read this, we bought a lot of cereal. Thank you lol me and the husband stood in the cereal aisle judging for a good min. Failed to find the Oreos cereal so I’m still salty about how you did those Reese’s puffs loosing to them chocolate cookie circles.
Shelby Lynn
Shelby Lynn - Month ago
What up with them barley putting any milk in the bowl
SpaceNeeder - Month ago
Cinnamon Toast Crunch is nasty.
VivianTriesDoodling - Month ago
At the beginning of this I was like I swear if Cinnamon Toast Crunch wins this I’m gonna rage. Here we are now
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