Golden Buzzer! Detroit Youth Choir Can't Hold Back The Tears - America's Got Talent 2019

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Lucas - 10 hours ago
4:48 momentos q nunca acontecem
mas quando acontecem são belos
Jamie Salko
Jamie Salko - 12 hours ago
Terry is amazing thanks for making me cry 😍
Haseeba Syed
Haseeba Syed - 12 hours ago
Oh my God I live so close to detroit!
BrxM&Fiery FN
BrxM&Fiery FN - 23 hours ago
I’m crying
Scott Bozman
Scott Bozman - Day ago
One like =1kid
Kam Man
Kam Man - Day ago
Man, that was disappointing.
Javss 19
Javss 19 - Day ago
4:01 “And I need u dururudurururu
And I miss u”
Are u?
Emily Graham
Emily Graham - 2 days ago
0:39 and im already crying
Megan\molly Myers
Megan\molly Myers - 2 days ago
I almost crying we will pray for you
PORBI MARENTEN - 2 days ago
Pleas song?
TheChosen - 3 days ago
Somebody who is saved can still backslide, if he/she is careless, and goes back to his/her sins and remain in them. That's the reason the Bible said in 1John 5:18 that,'We know that whosoever is born of God sinneth not; but he that is begotten of God keepeth himself, and that wicked one toucheth him not'. And in 1Peter 1:15 - 'Because it is written, Be ye holy; for I am holy.
Therefore, you have to ask God in prayer continuously to sanctify your heart, as in 1Thessalonians 4:3 'For this is the will of God, even your sanctification, that ye should abstain from fornication':
Nicholas Cerrone
Nicholas Cerrone - 3 days ago
Ok then 6:18
Luisa Schröder
Luisa Schröder - 4 days ago
Ok but the last guy killed that so much
Steffen Zimmer
Steffen Zimmer - 4 days ago
MG Vargas
MG Vargas - 4 days ago
Black people aren't bad people infact they are very talented in music, sports, dancing, and rappers
H0ming B1rd
H0ming B1rd - 5 days ago
3:13 is where they start singing.
7:24 Terry gives speech.
8:35 Golden Buzzer.
Alana Beache
Alana Beache - 5 days ago
I love u guys I was crying during the video it was so good 😊 omg I wish I was there
Arched Kraken
Arched Kraken - 5 days ago
William Cummings
William Cummings - 5 days ago
Bro, I cried. Black people aren't pervs or massive drug dealers. That's what most whites think. So you guys need to treat blacks some respect.
Aleksei Gabunshin
Aleksei Gabunshin - 6 days ago
I love Terry!!! Crews, God bless you! Thank you so much for all. Love you, biggest angel!
Darren Diaz
Darren Diaz - 6 days ago
am not crying.
Al Sez
Al Sez - 6 days ago
Everyone deserves to have equal rights
Like these people, who work hard just to reach their dreams
Never remove Terry Crews pls
DreadPirateRoberts - 7 days ago
God Terry Crews gets my heart
Omar_The_Seeker - 7 days ago
A deep love that can be seen in eyes ❤️👧🏾
Carley Britt
Carley Britt - 7 days ago
That one boy went 👁 👁
Cherry Pun
Cherry Pun - 7 days ago
kid at 8:26
Shirlaiah Jackson
Shirlaiah Jackson - 7 days ago
H how many people think Terry crews looks weird in pink
Gta Rp
Gta Rp - 8 days ago
Ehh y’all Terry’s God
Angel Santana
Angel Santana - 9 days ago
Khawar Abbasi
Khawar Abbasi - 9 days ago
Best one ❤❤😓😓😓
Senic Gaming
Senic Gaming - 9 days ago
Yo your not cool if you didn't cry
chonito chola
chonito chola - 9 days ago
No m canso de verlo es lo maximo
Kimjin Said
Kimjin Said - 10 days ago
Mo Ädäm
Mo Ädäm - 10 days ago
6.5k dislike 🙄 whyyy?
Shebi Afrikan
Shebi Afrikan - 10 days ago
Urgggg! Ndlovu Youth Choir is the one that supposed to get golden buzzer NOT this boring group
Yeet King
Yeet King - 11 days ago
The first rapping choir there the best
Benbouzid Mohamed
Benbouzid Mohamed - 12 days ago
They should've sang a Eminem song instead
Hunter Wallace
Hunter Wallace - 12 days ago
Very average
NikeGamingYt - 12 days ago
U see that boi staring at the judges bruh he high
AnnaBanana 55
AnnaBanana 55 - 12 days ago
The kids eyes at 8:27, I thought they were gonna bug out of his head 🤣
AZHAN Ali - 13 days ago
Black is the new white🤭
salman_yous0f Ameera30072
at 5:09 like they give me like a Kardashians type of attitude
Paula Garay
Paula Garay - 14 days ago
8:28 la cara del niño jajaja
Paula Garay
Paula Garay - 14 days ago
3:14 de nada
Барсбек Каган
Вот так Великая Америка творит чудеса
Kishena Queen
Kishena Queen - 16 days ago
Jeremy Chua
Jeremy Chua - 16 days ago
Respect to Terry C.
Oreo Abhirama
Oreo Abhirama - 17 days ago
Damn thats really good
CaptinCupcake - 17 days ago
Not being racist but, i have white friend with a very weird name James Black, while the choir director name’s Anthony White, like, whoat?????
Call me Emily KIM
Call me Emily KIM - 17 days ago
This is what a choir is all about. Love this so much and kudos to Terry
Azam Sikuy
Azam Sikuy - 18 days ago
what song??
رياض الحزين
رياض الحزين - 18 days ago
كم لطيفين
ashlyn bolen
ashlyn bolen - 18 days ago
ngl i cried
Hannah Roest
Hannah Roest - 19 days ago
I’ve watched this like 10 times and I am still crying
Hussein Luay
Hussein Luay - 19 days ago
Please name the song
Dini Pachuau
Dini Pachuau - 19 days ago
Why v.unbeatable are 4 i cannot stop crying
Edisson Abel Contreras Sarmiento
In any other season they would've won but unfortunately the amazing Kody Lee was in the same season, you can't top that!
Prasad p
Prasad p - 20 days ago
7:26 this is where, them ninjas cutting onions made everyone cry... 😭😭
moonlightahapotlightah - 20 days ago
Dude at 6:21 looking real scared lmao
Qari umar Saeedkk
Qari umar Saeedkk - 21 day ago
That goggley eyed boy was freakin me out in all ways and I had to pretend he wasnt there
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