22 390
Gloom - 2 months ago
FaceCheeks 4ever 🙌
KatiePlayz -Roblox
KatiePlayz -Roblox - 22 hours ago
💁‍♀️ 🙌
The Gaming Sisters - Roblox
Madison Wise AKA Horse Lover
RIP Face Cheeks😭😭😭
Missy May
Missy May - 8 days ago
Karelyn Ojeda
Karelyn Ojeda - 9 days ago
Kassie you have to spend time with your pets in order for them not to stack you
xox.melting_tears - Hour ago
Terry: IS IT A PUPPY!?
Kassi: no.
*_omfg I'm dying_*
lps cheerio
lps cheerio - 16 hours ago
Well alot bigger dogs usually pass away at a younger age than smaller dogs
Skunk Playzzz
Skunk Playzzz - 17 hours ago
do u even like cats🐱🐈
The Kewl Ones Gacha
The Kewl Ones Gacha - 19 hours ago
Me Victoria Gloom you sure I’m your little sister 😊
Whatever Whatever
Whatever Whatever - 21 hour ago
I once had a bitlife life, where I got cancer at three years and finally cured it at fourteen.
Michele Cullimore
Michele Cullimore - Day ago
Alyshea Raine
Alyshea Raine - Day ago
You had Scar and Simba
Josephine Maduscha
Josephine Maduscha - Day ago
2:40 every Winston Overwatch fan be like…
Lucy Trout
Lucy Trout - Day ago
“Never watered my pets” 😂
Jack Woods
Jack Woods - Day ago
Should’ve called the gorilla Buff Cheeks 😂😂
Marea Annileiler
Marea Annileiler - Day ago
is anyone gonna tell her how to pronounce coyote?
Sally Seaman
Sally Seaman - Day ago
1 like = 1 heart for FaceCheeks
FaceCheeks 4ever
Amy Bigelow
Amy Bigelow - Day ago
You said Coralene it's Coraline
Dani can gacha too UwU
The most cats ive had in bit life is 22 ( i only remember cuz i named dem after candies)
One of my cats i spelled wrong then i guess got upset idk and killed my 3 yr old cat ._. I named him toblerone
Kevin Ezzell
Kevin Ezzell - 2 days ago
Am i the only one who think Gloom looks like Zendaya from Shake it up? lol
Aneeqa Reid
Aneeqa Reid - 2 days ago
I thought I was lucky when my grandma gave my brothers and I candy
#koroks4life - 2 days ago
did anyone notice how she kept pronouncing coyote like (ki - yote) instead of (ki - yo - tee) *facepalm*
Celia Balbale
Celia Balbale - 2 days ago
The bigger the dog the sooner his/she dies.
Ciara Comalander
Ciara Comalander - 2 days ago
One human year is seven dog years your mountain dog was 42
Zena Rose
Zena Rose - 2 days ago
WW Gill
WW Gill - 3 days ago
my name is Winston!
Madelynn Rivas
Madelynn Rivas - 3 days ago
5:18 ...... Click on it
tori K
tori K - 3 days ago
My name is victoria
RyhnGaming - 3 days ago
I hade an upper respiratory infection just like 2nd chicken
Isabella Provencio
Isabella Provencio - 3 days ago
It triggers me on how you’re pronouncing it coyote instead of coyotee
Cathie - 3 days ago
you have to pay real money for pets now, unless you got the animal shelter and adopt
Layla YouTube
Layla YouTube - 3 days ago
You have the same birthday as my Bitlife. 😂
STHP YT - 4 days ago
Damm cancer right away
Riah Gable
Riah Gable - 4 days ago
Abigail White
Abigail White - 4 days ago
Their was a dog named Abigail and my name is Abigail
John Roehl
John Roehl - 4 days ago
In bitlife my dog killed my cat Cleopatra...I should’ve not have trusted a wild dog near my cat 🐈 😖😭
The Gaming Sisters - Roblox
This is soooooo funny 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂
Vampire Çìél Phāñtømhívê
18:00 Do I spy a Highschool Musical reference?
Brianna's World
Brianna's World - 5 days ago
25:50 "he never fed or WATERED my animals"😂😂😂😂
iLiKeChEeSe ItSgRaTe
iLiKeChEeSe ItSgRaTe - 5 days ago
I made a bitlife and was diagnosed with eyeball cancer at age one but lived to the ripe old age of 16
Away - 5 days ago
i got cancer (in game) at the age of 2 and died at 5
Sophia Crook
Sophia Crook - 5 days ago
thats how u say COYOTE
Sophia Crook
Sophia Crook - 5 days ago
no cassie its like ki o tea
amellia vis
amellia vis - 6 days ago
she said coyote wrong lol
The wolf Pack
The wolf Pack - 6 days ago
0:18 im new and i cant stop replaying it
Amberleah Hughes
Amberleah Hughes - 6 days ago
Huge,... Thick too
Kennedy Vickrey
Kennedy Vickrey - 6 days ago
xXJenna GachaXx
xXJenna GachaXx - 6 days ago
It's pronounced coyot-EE
retarded 10 year old
retarded 10 year old - 6 days ago
2:05 my name is Sadie!!
Gloria Deleon
Gloria Deleon - 6 days ago
thats not how you spell qwaint
Jace First
Jace First - 6 days ago
ℍ𝕠𝕨𝕟𝕚 𝕘𝕖𝕥𝕚𝕟 𝕥𝕙𝕚𝕤 𝕜𝕪 𝕟𝕒𝕞𝕖 𝕛𝕒𝕔𝕖 𝕗𝕚𝕣𝕤𝕥
Zoe Fencker
Zoe Fencker - 7 days ago
BitLife and she Got bitten by her Dog and died😆😆😂😂
Midnight WolfLover
Midnight WolfLover - 7 days ago
RIP Face Cheecks
Addy K
Addy K - 7 days ago
In bitlife, I was diagnosed with cancer of the heart at 10
Richard Carrigan
Richard Carrigan - 7 days ago
RIP face cheeks we love you
Paige Olowinski
Paige Olowinski - 7 days ago
Im and aries in real life. i was born on march 22nd
Harry Bradbrook
Harry Bradbrook - 7 days ago
Little Mae
Little Mae - 7 days ago
Kassie: I like dogs the size of a horse
Me: I have a horse the size of a dog
Edit: and his name is Sonny too!
Nicole Ng
Nicole Ng - 7 days ago
8:57 SUE HIM
lemonadie - 8 days ago
To sad I’m a animal lover so me gave thumbs down
Hi It’s me
Hi It’s me - 8 days ago
12:51 I luv u too 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

Lol that’s my name
Chloe Smith
Chloe Smith - 8 days ago
Next time look at the craziness if it's not that crazy then keep it if it's really crazy then it will attack you 👏👏☠️☠️
IlovePenguins 163
IlovePenguins 163 - 8 days ago
I had a boy and girl I named them: Goku and Bulma.
Irene Sung
Irene Sung - 8 days ago
Girl I got 15 year old Parents in bitlife
Melisa 07
Melisa 07 - 8 days ago
Anyone got sad when Chicken little ate Adorable Mutt? Only me? Okay
Sadie’s Perfect life
Sadie’s Perfect life - 8 days ago
my name is Sadie and your my idol i cant belive that this is happaning
Marion Francis
Marion Francis - 8 days ago
I see stuff from overwatch! Edit:from not for
Jasia-san6937 - 8 days ago
Coyote it's coyotE sorry I love you and I'm a big gan but I live in Arizona and coyotEs live here and that's one thing we are known for besides a hole in the ground
Terran Matthews
Terran Matthews - 8 days ago
My dogs name is duke but he’s small
Minireena - 9 days ago
*Face cheeks*
LPS_sugar crystal
LPS_sugar crystal - 9 days ago
Coyote (Kai-oat-t)
You missed the. T :)
Karelyn Ojeda
Karelyn Ojeda - 9 days ago
If you propose to your boyfriend on BitLife he will love you full way
Nick sylvest
Nick sylvest - 9 days ago
In bit life I have a cat named cassie
Wolf flower
Wolf flower - 9 days ago
That third baby is an Aries ♈?
*I am an aries*
Chili_Höpe_ Squirrel
Chili_Höpe_ Squirrel - 9 days ago
Big dogs like Burmese mountain dogs don’t ever really live long lives
Chicken King
Chicken King - 9 days ago
26:35 was so heartbreaking
Chicken King
Chicken King - 9 days ago
R I P facecheeks
JazzTakes All
JazzTakes All - 10 days ago
You have the same Pop Socket as me!
Kayla coyote
Kayla coyote - 10 days ago
Imagine you're in your house and you see a lady walking a Jaguar down the street. You pass out and call the police... it just made me laugh so much how you took your exotic animals on walks hehehe
Eleanor Finch
Eleanor Finch - 10 days ago
I love how you call him "face cheese"
Delilah Plays Gacha
Delilah Plays Gacha - 10 days ago
Alice Harris Has The Same Birthday As Me 🙀
Michelle Kennedy
Michelle Kennedy - 10 days ago
Payaso means clown in spanish 😂😂😂
jennifer singh
jennifer singh - 10 days ago
Gloom u made me wanna down load the game and I have it now
Devon Gentry
Devon Gentry - 10 days ago
When she typed kitty it reminded me of when someone in my class when we were doing food chains one of his animals in his chain was "big kitty"
Krafty Kayla's Korner
Krafty Kayla's Korner - 11 days ago
FINDING WITH AMAIA - 11 days ago
Payaso is clown in spansh
Beata Haar
Beata Haar - 11 days ago
If you married phil churchill and ur name was still winston. Future prime minister
jady ortiz
jady ortiz - 11 days ago
Ortiz is my last name
Eleanor Sissons
Eleanor Sissons - 11 days ago
Your ausome
Casey Lynn
Casey Lynn - 11 days ago
Happy belated birthday Winston. Lol
Ella Clay
Ella Clay - 11 days ago
Do one where EVERY TIME YOU AGE BUY A LOTTER TICKET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Olivia-rose Leggett
Olivia-rose Leggett - 11 days ago
I have bit life and I had 3 kids and a adopted son
Taryn Young
Taryn Young - 11 days ago
my cousin has sickle cell disease
Bowie Bunny
Bowie Bunny - 11 days ago
7:53 who else saw *he got eaten by a big cat*
Jenna Lambert
Jenna Lambert - 12 days ago
One time my mom was 32 or something and my dad was 82
itsKallum VlogzYT
itsKallum VlogzYT - 12 days ago
Don’t come near me or my sister ever again or I’ll slap your elbow
sebastian sanchez
sebastian sanchez - 12 days ago
Umm wut is that music lol
Lil Potato
Lil Potato - 12 days ago
pls do moreee animal BitLifesssss
i_like_turtles - 12 days ago
Galaxy Star Girl
Galaxy Star Girl - 12 days ago
I watched this on June 4th 2019!
Justicegirl Madkiller
Justicegirl Madkiller - 13 days ago
This title is AMAZING 😂
Sophia Defilippis
Sophia Defilippis - 13 days ago
Can we get a RIP in the chat for Face Cheeks
Mari Kuate
Mari Kuate - 13 days ago
3:38 🤣
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