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ZackTTG - Month ago
Trying to stay creative and integrate other things into my basketball videos. Do y'all like games like this? Let me know if y'all have any other games or ideas you want me to try!!
Lugarious Plays
Lugarious Plays - 7 days ago
top of the key and free throw should be easy but with the choices they have it changes the game
Zack ttg is da best youtuber
Your grat
HeavenOnly - Month ago
Throwback Boy Band XD
Colin Leonard
Colin Leonard - Month ago
Play a game called 21 with 2 other people
FPG CLAN - 2 days ago
Can you guys get my videos some views
Ricecandy - 5 days ago
Sean Koenke
Sean Koenke - 8 days ago
Make Mitchell 2hype 2019
GoodHype - 12 days ago
Mopi the trickshot god
ReallyNotMateo - 14 days ago
predicted kawhi on lac
OpAL Soup
OpAL Soup - 13 days ago
ReallyNotMateo same
Ryan Finerghty
Ryan Finerghty - 15 days ago
Kris- today junior
Jaren Ramirez
Jaren Ramirez - 16 days ago
whats the sound effect in the beginning of the video from? it sounds familiar
BIG CHUNGUS - 17 days ago
Y does zac sound so white lol
Yung Sav4g3
Yung Sav4g3 - 18 days ago
Lmao jidel got one hamd and shot is regular shot lmao
MKtraps - 19 days ago
jiedel looks like he has no bunnies
Unknown Eye
Unknown Eye - 19 days ago
I love Mopi shoes
Jesser - 19 days ago
I like when cash and Mitchell are in the videos
Kyree Stevenson
Kyree Stevenson - 20 days ago
Is Mitchell not apart of 2hype anymore
atli Tom
atli Tom - 21 day ago
basketball king of the court but with very slippery ball
Wil Calvo
Wil Calvo - 21 day ago
Doesn’t Mitchell look like a bootleg tjass
Jaxon Lees
Jaxon Lees - 21 day ago
Why is kris so cringe in every intro
Simons Tescfai
Simons Tescfai - 22 days ago
Moposis??? 7:52
Is that a disease????
Ranak’s vlog
Ranak’s vlog - 22 days ago
Where is los and mal
Did they leave 2 hype
Do u love los and mal
Zayne Strother
Zayne Strother - 23 days ago
Do bank next
Raffaele Tesoriero
Raffaele Tesoriero - 23 days ago
Mopi looks like a sock
Aa Ad
Aa Ad - 25 days ago
Y did Mitchell only go once
Vanessa Ng
Vanessa Ng - 25 days ago
I want to watch the skills challenge please
Luke BC17
Luke BC17 - 27 days ago
I love basketball and 2hype🎲🏀
john lewis
john lewis - 27 days ago
you guys should do fear pong but basketball
Jake Plangger
Jake Plangger - 27 days ago
Also how come Mitch only went once?
Jake Plangger
Jake Plangger - 27 days ago
Remember when they said they were doing first,second,and third place
Nicolas Mueller
Nicolas Mueller - 28 days ago
Song at 10:50?
Kenny Gould
Kenny Gould - Month ago
Zak has very creative vids
Comments only
Comments only - Month ago
This is actually hella good make another please
Jennifer Blake
Jennifer Blake - Month ago
D tic tack toe basket ball edition
D_money2257 - Month ago
Lol jesser is bandwagon 😂
Colin Forgach
Colin Forgach - Month ago
You should call the Seat geek court the seat geek center
Wireless Skill
Wireless Skill - Month ago
Bruh Mitchell went once
Cleim 29
Cleim 29 - Month ago
What is their court made out of???
Bryson 1318
Bryson 1318 - Month ago
0:49 it the last lol
RigidXD _
RigidXD _ - Month ago
Why is James shirt so damn big
Morti23 - Month ago
They should change the rules so that if you roll two 6’s you get 12 points, then you get more points the harder the shot is.
(You can do it in part 2)
First Last
First Last - Month ago
Bro kris is such a bandwagon
Rock girl
Rock girl - Month ago
“Imma granny trick shot god” sounded so cringe 11:50
Deep hug
Deep hug - Month ago
james shirt hella weird
Benjamin Phelps
Benjamin Phelps - Month ago
bruh sorta suspect that 4 kept on being rolled
Rock girl
Rock girl - Month ago
Jesse and bandwagon raptors fan
Efrain Prieto
Efrain Prieto - Month ago
Kris said “you ain’t Kawhi babyyy”🤣
Deep hug
Deep hug - Month ago
“Imma granny trick shot god” sounded so cringe 11:50
da goat rodrigo
da goat rodrigo - Month ago
Wat a do babyyyyyyyyyy
Joanna - Month ago
spencer mason
spencer mason - Month ago
Lsk is one of the weakest basketball fan 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ acting like a clipper fan now.... he has lost my respect for him when it comes to the nba
Chase Rackers
Chase Rackers - Month ago
Isaiah Rojas
Isaiah Rojas - Month ago
Liked the vid keep up the good work 💯
Albert Petrella
Albert Petrella - Month ago
when mopi rolled it i'm surprised he had to roll it with such force for the dice to go higher then his head
less kiss
less kiss - Month ago
WWell done babish?ell done babish?
nick rad
nick rad - Month ago
What happened to 2nd and 3rd
Elijah Jukes
Elijah Jukes - Month ago
Zack:"You roll a one, it's a regular right handed shot."
Left Handed people: "Am I a joke to you?"
2kelite _nbw
2kelite _nbw - Month ago
Ttg uploaded
dre suhpreme
dre suhpreme - Month ago
Congrats Zack on making the top 50 on YT. this was creative.
Batman G_A_M_E_S
Batman G_A_M_E_S - Month ago
Who else noticed and why was the background music mis klafia or however u spell it
Rolandr W
Rolandr W - Month ago
If you're reading this please continue to follow your dreams and keep going, pray and try not to give up doesn't matter how hard it gets. 🙋🏾‍♂️🙏🏿🖤
Josh Clyde
Josh Clyde - Month ago
Did Jesser edit this?
Brandyn Voss
Brandyn Voss - Month ago
I saw my boy mopi wearing the pg 2.5 and was like I got to wear those to practice since I already had them.
Captain Gucci Kajita
Captain Gucci Kajita - Month ago
Jesse and bandwagon raptors fan
EvanDaDon - Month ago
“Imma granny trick shot god” sounded so cringe 11:50
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss - Month ago
Video Idea: it would be a dice challenge like this but whatever number you roll is how many shots you can attempt for your turn. So if Jesser rolled a 3 he has 3 attempts to hit
Michael Thomson
Michael Thomson - Month ago
james shirt hella weird
Michael Thomson
Michael Thomson - Month ago
Naree - Month ago
Check out this channel for vlogs, skits, and more! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrcm8XutToNYMjFeUjddWHw
Anna Banana
Anna Banana - Month ago
First you said five points then you did seven points and then you said five points
Xander Brayfield
Xander Brayfield - Month ago
Can someone tell me why Mitchell went like one time and then didn’t go again😂
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman - Month ago
#40 on trending
Lizzy Krall
Lizzy Krall - Month ago
I think you guys are cool I’m a fan of all your videos and I’m also and fan of basketball for 7 years
Jace Oneglia
Jace Oneglia - Month ago
Zack, what are those shoes you are wearing?
NLTennis24 - Month ago
Supreme1k !!
Supreme1k !! - Month ago
Can I get 10 likes it will make my day
Evan Watson
Evan Watson - Month ago
No homo
Evan Watson
Evan Watson - Month ago
What’s up 2hype, I love you guys
Tramaine Terrance
Tramaine Terrance - Month ago
Hello, Humans.
“Men marry women with the hope they will never change. Women marry men with the hope they will change. Invariably they are both disappointed.”– Albert Einstein
orlando capalot
orlando capalot - Month ago
30 on trending 👌
Thomas Armstrong
Thomas Armstrong - Month ago
Danyal Khan
Danyal Khan - Month ago
number 31 TRENDING
dannyy - Month ago
Bitch I’ve at it rattpack if you live it, you die by that shit-get it tatted. You’ll get it if you listen to the music in the background in the beginning
Death Rider Boyz
Death Rider Boyz - Month ago
Yeah, keep em' coming
Realist Pr0blems
Realist Pr0blems - Month ago
Zack you Lenny stuff is kinda mean and not to hate it’s just most people in alabama don’t f there sister
Collin 4
Collin 4 - Month ago
He uploaded
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