Everything Wrong With Bee Movie In 15 Minutes Or Less

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Hot Dog
Hot Dog - 8 hours ago
You missed one: He used a sharpener to sharpen his stinger but male bees don’t have stingers.
Owen the Mousey
Owen the Mousey - 10 hours ago
what about... when vanessa could tell exactly where it Barry's voice was coming from, and that it was coming from the bee
Y - 14 hours ago
I love this movie and this
lorelei szczesniak
lorelei szczesniak - 16 hours ago
And I have seen bee's fly in the rain
lorelei szczesniak
lorelei szczesniak - 16 hours ago
How about the fact that the boy bee's don't go out of the hive, the girls do. And the males are only used to mate with the queen, then after mateing the boys die.
Sunset Shimmer Gaming
Sunset Shimmer Gaming - 20 hours ago
... what? That was Eddie Murphy in Mulan
Brogan Loper and Nicoli Tanks
Meanwhile, I'm eating a honey bun.
Man My man
Man My man - Day ago
Not one YA LIKE JAZZ?!?!?!?!?
Gabi Mcgill
Gabi Mcgill - Day ago
I literally just got the pomp circumstance pun, after watching this movie a gazillion times lol
Lucas Michaud
Lucas Michaud - Day ago
*"ya like Jazz?"*
Jerry Is dank
Jerry Is dank - Day ago
Wait aren’t they all brothers and sisters
I W I W A D 2 1
I W I W A D 2 1 - Day ago
The fact that he got at least half of the things wrong in this movie is already amazing to me
Kaien Shirayuki
Kaien Shirayuki - Day ago
Im surprised there is not a bonus round for every bee pun in this movie.
andrew the animator
Also pollen retrievers are female
Erik Ramirez
Erik Ramirez - 2 days ago
Squinting Badger
Squinting Badger - 2 days ago
*Nobody liked this*
Zach Schmitt
Zach Schmitt - 2 days ago
This movie is ridiculous!!!! Not in the good way
Hi Hi
Hi Hi - 3 days ago
Eric Cavese
Eric Cavese - 3 days ago
Nothing. Literally nothing.
Andrew Ertle
Andrew Ertle - 3 days ago
Really? No sin off for the sword fight? 😂
Also, the “Welcome to Regal Entertainment” was amazing
Squidward 354
Squidward 354 - 3 days ago
This video should not exist. It’s perfect in every way
BoxheadPlayz - 4 days ago
Sweet home Ala*bee*ma
Amber Bailey
Amber Bailey - 4 days ago
Everything wrong with bill and Ted! 1 and 2!
Mac&Cheesy - 4 days ago
I'm sorry, did you mean everything right with The Bee Movie?
Keith Fletcher
Keith Fletcher - 4 days ago
Bryanna Mitchell
Bryanna Mitchell - 4 days ago
I saw this movie when I was 5...................why did I like it
Olivia Champagne
Olivia Champagne - 4 days ago
If the bee movie were to ever get taken off of Netflix...I think I’ll die
Empowered Wolf
Empowered Wolf - 4 days ago
I just reil9zed that the mosquito is the sound actor for everbody hates chrise
Joe Brian1
Joe Brian1 - 5 days ago
*you just sinned the bible*
Aaron Canese
Aaron Canese - 5 days ago
Aaron Canese
Aaron Canese - 5 days ago
11:40 My college girlfriend in a nutshell.
Robert Flake
Robert Flake - 5 days ago
But this movie is perfect there is no sins
It’s 3 am and I’m watching this. Help me
Qhay May
Qhay May - 6 days ago
Isn’t cinemawins going to copy this again? Is copyright a thing ?
D.J Terry
D.J Terry - 6 days ago
11:42 he said exactly what I was thanking 😂😂😂
Neon The Gamer 101
Neon The Gamer 101 - 6 days ago
2:11 *Mhmmmmmmmmm....*
Life Theorist
Life Theorist - 6 days ago
When I was little I thought this movie was about the power of friendship defeating laws and saving the world. I was wrong.
Eli Suryana
Eli Suryana - 7 days ago
"you can sue a whole industry?!?!"
they tried to sue a whole industry for something that's being extracted in a humane way
and goddammit bees in real life are more than happy to give people honey
TSrikeTWM - 7 days ago
They say even the hairdo was intended. Like all the female bees had "beehives" or something. I don't know if they've also covered this, but one can assume the male bees have a buzzcut(?)
dinoman274 8ß6r
dinoman274 8ß6r - 7 days ago
About 6:35 to 6:50 is beesist
Kent Schneider
Kent Schneider - 7 days ago
10:46 - 10:52 Ken would have been excellent at Cinema Sins
Mim F
Mim F - 7 days ago
For some reason, the other girls at summer camp decided we should watch this movie. I was screaming inside at literally every frame in the movie...also there is no way that a tennis ball hit with the edge of a racket would make it out of the court, especially considering that he probably wasn't trying to hit any harder than any of his other hits, meaning that was actually a weak hit and really should not be able to get out of the court, even less onto the street
DaffyBadLucky - 7 days ago

Hey Eaglet
Hey Eaglet - 8 days ago
**Barry doesnt know what a window is**
**There are windows in the hive**
Trash Queen
Trash Queen - 8 days ago
Everything wrong with this movie:
Incest * cough cough * *Alabama*
Wrong science facts
Bad bee puns
BlanketBus - 8 days ago
I see no sins in this video.
Cooldude Awesome
Cooldude Awesome - 8 days ago
It would of been funny if when the bees were flying the plane that they get sucked into the engines
Cooldude Awesome
Cooldude Awesome - 8 days ago
This movie is so stupid
kirby_ 1
kirby_ 1 - 9 days ago
Everything wrong with the bee movie

1 the bee movie
Liliana Espinoza
Liliana Espinoza - 9 days ago
Did you know!!!

The Bee movie started and the plants died just because Barry didn't want to work a job forever
Rishabh Goswami
Rishabh Goswami - 9 days ago
They could've just killed Barry and destroyed his body. No one would waste their time in finding a dead bee.
Warzone - 9 days ago
i will barry you alive
Kaymcadoo1 - 9 days ago
No , the movie was amazing you absolute degenerate
Kaymcadoo1 - 9 days ago
No , the movie was amazing you absolute degenerate
Hyperspacebug - 9 days ago
Yall like jazz
Woomyand Veemo
Woomyand Veemo - 9 days ago
BananaLease - 9 days ago
Everything wrong with the Bee Movie:
GachaNo-_- - 9 days ago
Da Goat King
Da Goat King - 10 days ago
Also, according to bees, only the females go out of the hive
I'm just Alex
I'm just Alex - 10 days ago
It should be a sin that this movie exists
Phantom Yt
Phantom Yt - 10 days ago
They swim in their own blood
Harry Heaton
Harry Heaton - 10 days ago
Me:come on why do you people hate on bee movie its a good movie!!!
Cinama sins : hahahahahahahhaha!!!!!! Your freaking crazy you dumb ass!!!!
Me:screw you! you jerk!!!
Cinama sins : my next video will be every thing wrong with dumb ass kid the movie.
Marcin Sekunda
Marcin Sekunda - 10 days ago
2:10 ahead of its time
the damn train
the damn train - 10 days ago
And now buddy,you have officially carried it too far
Katie Scholes
Katie Scholes - 11 days ago
It says 15 minutes but its actually 16 minutes. That’s a sin
Chris Sczepanik Jr.
Chris Sczepanik Jr. - 11 days ago
5 years later

A little longer than 15min
name Name
name Name - 11 days ago
Buzz cuts and beehive cuts.
Itzamar Meza
Itzamar Meza - 11 days ago
14:50 Christian Slater that you?
jojo kenzo
jojo kenzo - 11 days ago
"Narreading?" - CinemaSins 2018
Zapa tron
Zapa tron - 11 days ago
1:30 they live in alabeema
Bart Patty
Bart Patty - 12 days ago
You have stepped to far
Madison Simmers
Madison Simmers - 12 days ago
When was Chris Rock in Mulan?...did you just confuse Eddie Murphy with Chris Rock? How dare.
Mekhi Black Loud
Mekhi Black Loud - 6 days ago
Let's not forget in November 2008 Chris Rock going to be back as well as the zebra in Madagascar
Henley Richardson
Henley Richardson - 12 days ago
BAD BAD BAD!!!!!!😈😈😈😡😡😡😡😡😬😬😬😠😠!!!!!
Nerd Neck
Nerd Neck - 13 days ago
Nerd Neck
Nerd Neck - 13 days ago
How dare you insult this hecking masterpiece
Banana Bomb
Banana Bomb - 13 days ago
Every sin: not enough jazz
suffer studios
suffer studios - 13 days ago
I'm pissed!!!
Flips,Tricks,& Fliptricks
7:08 Chris Rock wasn’t in Mulan...Right. Or is he talking about Eddie Murphy
-Txga- -Himikx-
-Txga- -Himikx- - 13 days ago
*the whole movie's a sin.*
Caitlin Sylvester
Caitlin Sylvester - 13 days ago
Oh, so THIS was why Enron tanked and America had that MASSIVE DEPRESSION in 2008.... This fricking movie, right here.
Landon Eli
Landon Eli - 13 days ago
I saw this video and said
The fan of Kirby
The fan of Kirby - 14 days ago
The memes
Emmanuel Siboniyo
Emmanuel Siboniyo - 15 days ago
1:28 Sweet Home Alabeema
Robert_gomez 32
Robert_gomez 32 - 15 days ago
Are there other bugs in your life?
Meepers :D
Meepers :D - 15 days ago
Quinn Higgins
Quinn Higgins - 15 days ago
Why don’t you sin some straight to video movies like barnyard
batman in a bikini
batman in a bikini - 15 days ago
*it was time for earny to commit a hate crime*
Mr.crazy23000 - 15 days ago
It’s the bee movie 100 sins for that
Steryotypical_Brit - 15 days ago
Bees manage to fly at the same speed of a jumbo jet, around 550mph.... *ding*
The Ebony Dragon
The Ebony Dragon - 15 days ago
2:42 you missed the fact there making a reference to suicide
xX Katexzpgacha Xx
xX Katexzpgacha Xx - 15 days ago
You forgot the fact that only female bees sting but you took air the scene when the bee guy sharpened his stinger 😂
Dino Dude
Dino Dude - 16 days ago
Aren’t those are cousins too
Distant Distant
Bexter ollie
Bexter ollie - 16 days ago
You forgot about how her apartment would cost more than google
Dylan Ruth
Dylan Ruth - 16 days ago
Also these bees are very morbid. The bee who lets bees pick there job just casually talks about how bees are dying.
Dylan Ruth
Dylan Ruth - 16 days ago
Wait... so the bees have a so called "air force". Does that mean they have a full organized military. If so then where are they.
I was born ins 2007

Why did life do this to me?
*cough* Movie made in 2007 *cough*
geko ree
geko ree - 16 days ago
There is nothing wrong with this movie
Meinpen - 16 days ago
Ok ok ok
I didn’t see the episode yet but if you don’t take off at least 3 sins when he says „ya like jazz“ I am gonna dislike
Edit: ònó
Wolf Weirdo
Wolf Weirdo - 16 days ago
The Bee movie
Big Dazzer
Big Dazzer - 17 days ago
This video shouldn’t exist
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