Everything Wrong With Bee Movie In 15 Minutes Or Less

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mandy mudfart
mandy mudfart - 6 hours ago
sam the cat
sam the cat - 10 hours ago
Again, my amigo...too far *gets flip-flop*
Pace Broz YT
Pace Broz YT - 12 hours ago
It's blank
Luke Jones
Luke Jones - 15 hours ago
Carter Hughes
Carter Hughes - Day ago
How to make a cameo in Bee Movie: literally put the word “bee” in front of the famous person’s name.
Zachary LaDue
Zachary LaDue - Day ago
Sins: (goes over 140)
Me: Not bad kid,
Fat Panda
Fat Panda - Day ago
No,this movie is a masterpiece it should have no sins
Zachary LaDue
Zachary LaDue - Day ago
Being that this is the worst movie to ever exist, I want it sinned for everything.
sanoban - 2 days ago
It might be my favorite video from you. I laughed so much. This movie is absolutely terrible
Arjan Verhesen
Arjan Verhesen - 2 days ago
Am I the only one who absolutely hates Jerry Seinfeld?
GayBae - 2 days ago
Absolutely nothing
Aden Lopez
Aden Lopez - 3 days ago
There is no such thing as a sin for this perfect movie
Sub-Zero Speaks
Sub-Zero Speaks - 3 days ago
9:49 Tommy Vercetti in the court room.
XGacha SunsetX
XGacha SunsetX - 3 days ago
Like, seriously. Think about it.
Having a happy healthy relationship with your girlfriend/boyfriend, then a talking bee comes along and steals your partner and sues humans with their help
Man This Sucks
Man This Sucks - 2 days ago
XGacha SunsetX it happens too damn often
Orrin Metz
Orrin Metz - 4 days ago
No mention of how that make mosquito is talking about drinking blood, when males drink nectar.
Quick Album Reviews
Quick Album Reviews - 4 days ago
Someone had to greenlight this movie
The Snid
The Snid - 4 days ago
Ya like jazz?
JackMMN. A OwOlord
JackMMN. A OwOlord - 4 days ago
I swear to god this sin counter has to be below 0.
Avery Hermann
Avery Hermann - 4 days ago
If you pause at 00:0609 you can see how sexy the scene is
JinglesTheClown - 4 days ago
I am mad that one sin isn’t ‘This movie exists.’
B-FliP - 4 days ago
The amount of slightly altered character doubles in this movie should add another 50 points, it's too obvious and triggers recognition to the point of confusion.. The girl's like she's on strong meds, the boyfriend is a copy of Joe from Family Guy.. Most of the movie is a string of Seinfeld jokes that seem to mistake its target demography for a stand-up audience.. Good thing there's moving images and bright colors..
Godlygalligan - 5 days ago
LK Draws
LK Draws - 5 days ago
*Its blank*
sup hi hello
sup hi hello - 5 days ago
*Ya like jazz?~*
Rigel Greenwood
Rigel Greenwood - 5 days ago
The Bee movie is the best movie I have ever seen, it's better than every other movie
Lily Canadian
Lily Canadian - 5 days ago
im still convinced this movie is a fever dream that someone recorded
Katie Lamborghini
Katie Lamborghini - 5 days ago
Cinema Sins forgets that their video is actually sixteen minutes instead of fifteen, PLUS ONE SIN! :DING:
wiltedcherrytree - 5 days ago
a few words to say why i despise this movie

school-wide emails
of the entire f*cking script
James the Watcher
James the Watcher - 5 days ago
I was obsessed with this film as a kid. Wanted to even kinda wanna bee a bee... Hahah.... But.. Jeezis... This movies weird now looking back
DA FOIL - 5 days ago
Jesus dude , just squeezing content out of nowhere
Jumpy Pancake312
Jumpy Pancake312 - 6 days ago
Ya like Jazz
t2hk - 6 days ago
How the hell did this movie get almost the same amount of sins as Mortal Engines? Mortal Engines was a masterpiece.
DragonPl4yz - 6 days ago
This whole video is simple

Ya like jazzzz........
+90000000000000000 sins
Parker Sandahl
Parker Sandahl - 6 days ago
5:04 this part made me laugh
Dragon In a forest
Dragon In a forest - 6 days ago
BrewingBoy55 - 6 days ago
Clearly CinemaSins doesn’t like jazz.
White Shadow
White Shadow - 6 days ago
*there is nothing wrong with the bee movie you uncultured swine*
GabeN Fanboy
GabeN Fanboy - 6 days ago
Anyone Else typing "bee movie" and expecting some Minecraft stuff?
Baby Monkey's Channel
Baby Monkey's Channel - 7 days ago
The bee movie and no ya like jazz
Cody Looker Edwards
Cody Looker Edwards - 7 days ago
Everything wrong with the bee movie? EVERYTHING is wrong with the bee movie
Alexis Leininger
Alexis Leininger - 7 days ago
Within a minute we have 10 sins
Creeper Kid
Creeper Kid - 7 days ago
...but everytime they say “bee”, 10 sins are added
Everything was wrong about the bee movie. Everything.
Edit: Why is berry bee bensons eyes blue?
Soultail McCloud
Soultail McCloud - 8 days ago
This movie is just a wrong version of Hollow Knight. These bees should not be advanced enough to have coffee, yet not the simple knowledge that bestiality is bad.
Soultail McCloud
Soultail McCloud - 8 days ago
Person: "are you her little... bed-bug" Pale Knight: "and now you have a needle in your eye."
Lil_Anthony999 l
Lil_Anthony999 l - 8 days ago
Wait is the voice actor for Ken Joe from family guy?!?!?!?!?!?!
passionfruitsprite - 9 days ago
I was laughing the whole time but the WASP joke at the end with that specific song had me fucking dead.
Sci Chomatic
Sci Chomatic - 9 days ago
Why do u always have to dub garbage music at the end? I'm adding a 100 sins for this. Ding x100
A.phychosocial Maggot
A.phychosocial Maggot - 9 days ago
I wanna make a kids film but i wanna sneak in some slipknot or korn
Mohini Stalker
Mohini Stalker - 9 days ago
This is sad, I just realized Barry is Jerry Seinfeld.
THE BOY - 9 days ago
When I saw this video I started to just repeat the word "oh no oh no"
Luka Stojanovic
Luka Stojanovic - 9 days ago
What abouth butterfly's ?
And colibries
And mosquitos
And ants
And pollenwasps
And beeflies
And moths
And 2000 more species that are polinators
DJ Peely
DJ Peely - 9 days ago
Movie sin 1000
ShroudedWolf51 - 9 days ago
Jerry Seinfeld had credibility? Huh. TIL.
randomguyidk - 10 days ago
0:26 Pause and look in the mirror.
Zachery Derp
Zachery Derp - 10 days ago
you missed about 164176716248162471767418656173561273568465845626524365262369265216352 sins cause this movie exists
Amy Fain
Amy Fain - 10 days ago
Wait,bejesus is a bee god!
Wild Greninja
Wild Greninja - 10 days ago
Acie Moody
Acie Moody - 10 days ago
3:52 😂😂😂😂
Zeriix - 10 days ago
The caffeine in coffee is made to kill bugs his size.
Marvelfan 123
Marvelfan 123 - 10 days ago
This is 16 mins I want a veterans discount
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