Marvel Studios' Avengers: Endgame - Official Trailer

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Jeffrey De vis
Jeffrey De vis - 29 minutes ago
O you tink i dont have see the bunny
MH - CR7
MH - CR7 - 30 minutes ago
And the Oscar go to joker 🃏
Ryan Stone
Ryan Stone - 42 minutes ago
"...small chance..." *shows Scott*
MazterMind - 46 minutes ago
Tony: We’ll lose...
Steve: Then we will do that together too...
Steve: AVENGERS!!! Assemble...
_ZeHiR QLF - Hour ago
Gage Farmer
Gage Farmer - Hour ago
Rocket was the only guardian of the galaxy left
Earth depends on the Avengers to bring to back the people that Thanos killed
caljka 2005
caljka 2005 - Hour ago
Thanos: why you bully me
Yasir Hassan
Yasir Hassan - Hour ago
I wanted thanos to win because in every single movie evil loses
Chellani Gaming
Chellani Gaming - Hour ago
Who's come here after watching the movie ♥
Thanos - Hour ago
Best movie ever
Endershockwave 39
Endershockwave 39 - Hour ago
Oh my god this movie was the best thing the universe had to offer
SWAT 1611
SWAT 1611 - Hour ago
Endgame made more in 3 days than the highest grossing DC movie made in its entire run.
Nimferius - Hour ago
DC in 2007: These guys will achieve nothing
Marvel in 2012: Hold my beer
Dc in 2019: 0_0
Mr. PHEONIX - 2 hours ago
Still gave me chills after watching endgame
key legend
key legend - 2 hours ago
Thanos filps coins.
Lands on head!
Oh hell noo!!!
نصر عبداللطيف
There might be spoilers, in this movie.
Resad Aliyev
Resad Aliyev - 2 hours ago
My favourıte movie😥😢finished
Paras Mittal
Paras Mittal - 2 hours ago
Man,pls bring Wolverine back
Crystalz Mysticz
Crystalz Mysticz - 2 hours ago
Let’s all not forget the fact that star lord is the reason endgame happened
Aditya Sawant
Aditya Sawant - 3 hours ago
Still it gets me goosebumps 😅😅
tinashe fireyi
tinashe fireyi - 3 hours ago
This movie is basically a earth version of a bible story if you have read the bible you will know all these movies try to tell the bible story in their own way
Lakshan Fernando
Lakshan Fernando - 3 hours ago
friendly reminder!!
Lakshan Fernando
Lakshan Fernando - 3 hours ago
What we can do to bring IRON MAN back
NessPlayer - 3 hours ago
Panda Schemes
Panda Schemes - 3 hours ago
king 925
king 925 - 4 hours ago
how many day is preimer avengers ??
adarsh kharat
adarsh kharat - 4 hours ago
Who is here in this month
Anh Nguyễn Ngọc Trâm
Tôi coi cái này rồi nè hay lắm
ryne diepee
ryne diepee - 4 hours ago
You love Iron man
👇 much.
Kyle Monteron
Kyle Monteron - 4 hours ago
Avengers movies always has to kill of someone in order to call themselves “AVENGERS”
Avengers : Agent Phil Coulson
Avengers AoU : Quicksilver
Avengers IW : Gamora then the half of population
Avengers EG: Natasha Romannoff
Without these people they wouldnt be the AVENGERS.
Katherine Gaming
Katherine Gaming - 4 hours ago
0:37 Clint is wearing an ankle bracelet
Stogie2112 - 2 hours ago
Katherine Gaming .....He was still under house arrest. He couldn’t leave his property.
Subsribe To Pewdiepie
Subsribe To Pewdiepie - 5 hours ago
Me:*after watching endgame*
Also me:i finally got it!!
Red=iron man(i love you 3000)
Left Butt Check
Left Butt Check - 5 hours ago
This is how many people want Black widow back
Magdalena Crmarić
Magdalena Crmarić - 5 hours ago
I watched the movie, let it destroy me and this trailer still gives me chills.
Pixel Craft
Pixel Craft - 6 hours ago
Dont watch endgame it has spoilers in endgame
Harris Balan
Harris Balan - 6 hours ago
satyam patel
satyam patel - 6 hours ago
I really a big fan of avangersseries. Rd Jr is awasome.
Just A Random Guy
Just A Random Guy - 6 hours ago
I think they kinda botched Thor's redemption arc because they're too busy with Tony and Steve...
Noodle Bagz3k
Noodle Bagz3k - 6 hours ago
Titanic: If we don’t make another movie endgame will be to powerful to stop. Avatar: It already is.
Vipul Awtani
Vipul Awtani - 7 hours ago
Black widow and Tony stark die in this movie.. Really sad
CaptureMovie - 7 hours ago
0:00 ●━━━━━━━━━━━ 2:01
play it over here It just cost 1 like
Sanjay Chauhan
Sanjay Chauhan - 7 hours ago
Thor: Bring me thanos!
T'Chala: Bring this man a Thanos
GODSPEED - 8 hours ago
Thor: Whatever it takes to lose pounds
bocah tua
bocah tua - 8 hours ago
Dead Pool ...where are you ...? Are you watching this movie ?
faizan haider Official
faizan haider Official - 8 hours ago
Maiga Rini
Maiga Rini - 9 hours ago
Thanos dead
Devadas K G
Devadas K G - 9 hours ago
Who want iron man
Kuala_Kool _Guy
Kuala_Kool _Guy - 9 hours ago
Some People Enjoy Infinity War than Endgame...

But Not us

Not us
Estonian Bastard
Estonian Bastard - 9 hours ago
why they didn't put whatever it takes music
HurtTuberGamer - 10 hours ago
Loki: Hey brother.
Thor: Loki!?You're alive:-D
Loki: Yes brother and I have an Army,let's kill This TITAN,are you ready?
Thor: I am brother!
l bloggs
l bloggs - 10 hours ago
love it
Shlok Kaushik
Shlok Kaushik - 10 hours ago
Thor- you can't lift my hammer
Captain America- hold my beer
Thor- drinks the beer
marvel joseph
marvel joseph - 10 hours ago
Thanos: The Hardest Choice Requires The Strongest Will.
Black Widow: Sacrificed Herself.
Iron Man: SNAP 😭

*We* *Love* *You* *3000*
Niki B
Niki B - 11 hours ago
Doctor Strange vs Bran. Just sayin'..
Claudia Macias
Claudia Macias - 11 hours ago
Goes to watch movie...
Random theater kid: Hey, it's the purple guy from fortnite!!
Me: This generation is hopeless
Claudia Macias
Claudia Macias - 11 hours ago
Tynoe Laura Saizi
Tynoe Laura Saizi - 12 hours ago
This is the worst movie 3ver
Prema Latha
Prema Latha - 12 hours ago
1:50 goosebumps time
Prema Latha
Prema Latha - 12 hours ago
1:39 super soundeffect
Sangeeta Thorat
Sangeeta Thorat - 13 hours ago
How's the ticket
''house full''
Chris Schaefer
Chris Schaefer - 14 hours ago
Can we all agree that the beginning scene with Hawkeye was the saddest and yet scariest thing out of all of it
Chris Schaefer
Chris Schaefer - 14 hours ago
Matthew Shumaker
Matthew Shumaker - 14 hours ago
Black widows peanut butter sandwich gets more screen time then Captain Marvel
Quincy Redman
Quincy Redman - 14 hours ago
What ever it Takes
gretel velazquez
gretel velazquez - 14 hours ago
avatar: highest grossing film

endgame: *hold my beer*

thor: *drinks the beer*
Kishan Das
Kishan Das - 14 hours ago
Even after watching this movie... This trailer gives me a goosebumps...
DueX - 15 hours ago
"Whatever it takes"....

Whatever it takes to say "NOOBMASTER69"
BigGucciSosa 97
BigGucciSosa 97 - 15 hours ago
in so much pain bro.
Tony Partida
Tony Partida - 15 hours ago
whatever it takes
Happy Person
Happy Person - 15 hours ago

Always the best part
Pointlessness - 15 hours ago
Some like this comment

but not us

not us
HeroDude 801
HeroDude 801 - 15 hours ago
anyone still getting chills even though u've watched the movie already?
Ryan Cochbain
Ryan Cochbain - 16 hours ago
Whatever it takes
Whatever it takes
Whatever it takes
Likorise - 16 hours ago
Avatar: highest grossing movie ever
Endgame: I’m about to end this mans whole career
Invisiblue3 Gamer
Invisiblue3 Gamer - 16 hours ago
1:35 deleted scenes
Likorise - 16 hours ago
The shrek 4 trailer looks good
Korg - 16 hours ago
Thanos: With all of the infinity stones on the Infinity Gauntlet, I can wipe out half of the universe.
Black Widow: I have a gun! :D
Savanah Cook
Savanah Cook - 16 hours ago
They seem to be saying 'whatever it takes' alo
Magnific3ntZ - 16 hours ago
We should all thank Starload for another movie
Sceptixs Prime
Sceptixs Prime - 16 hours ago
I get goosebumps every time man...
Muhammad Ali
Muhammad Ali - 17 hours ago
I'll be honest, this is the best trailer score, EVER. PERIOD.
Ivin3690 - 17 hours ago
At the end of Infinity War, the movie asks a question: *What now?*
Indeed, what happens now?
Infinity War end credits scene provides the answer: Fury puts a call out to Captain Marvel. She would go after Thanos and reverse the Snap
Endgame proceeds to forget all about the question and the answer and just has Antman do all the Snap reversal. Either the Russos forgot why they introduced Captain Marvel in the first place, or they wanted to avoid showing her too much cuz of the fan hate. Either way, the result was a poor piece of writing.
Ivin3690 - 17 hours ago
+Ryder Barton No, my expectations are in line with the MCU's writing standards. They have consistently used end credits scenes to connect the movies, except for some reason they decided to forget all about Captain Marvel being the salvation from the Snap. They deviated from the pattern that they established, I'm just making the observation.
Ryder Barton
Ryder Barton - 17 hours ago
Ivin3690 you been watch movies too long and your expectations went too high.
Greo's Journey
Greo's Journey - 17 hours ago
You could not love with the conclusion.
Where did that bring you...
Back to this trailer.
To feel so desperately that you were right, yet to fail all the same.
You all dreaded it, even ran from it.
Destiny still arrived..😭😤
Markanday Tiwari Tiwari
Markanday Tiwari Tiwari - 17 hours ago
I want Tony stark back
Feb Pradifta
Feb Pradifta - 17 hours ago
"But not us"
Annabele Guevarra
Annabele Guevarra - 17 hours ago
"Whatever it takes."
Look at my profile picture -
R.I.P Iron Man
Smash Hit Network Kapamilya
Avengers: Endgame
Disney/DreamWorks A Comcast Company/Marvel Studios
Shady Return
Shady Return - 18 hours ago
Unpopular Opinion:
Infinity War was leagues better than Endgame
Stogie2112 - 18 hours ago
Infinity War was a better film. With the exception of Banner/Hulk's impotence problems (which I thought was dumb), I thought it was a flawless film.
oddking1 - 18 hours ago
Did anyone watch the trailers before going to watch the movie the same day you went to see it? 😭
MonkeyGaming - 18 hours ago
Infinity War - Mr. Stark, I don't feel so good...

Endgame - Mr. Stark: I don't feel so good...
Rehan Syed
Rehan Syed - 19 hours ago
I want to watch it 1000 times
Jasmine Cha
Jasmine Cha - 19 hours ago
Hey Stan, just wanted to say...
We love you 3 thousand💗😢
RIP Stan Lee
Puto el Que lo lea
Puto el Que lo lea - 20 hours ago
you could not live with the end,where do that bring you

back to the trailer
Pokèmon Gaming227
Pokèmon Gaming227 - 20 hours ago
BAMA-302 - 20 hours ago
You’re still watching the trailers even tho you’ve seen the movie
SilentDeathTACO Taco
SilentDeathTACO Taco - 20 hours ago
1:12 bananas
Retro Chameleon
Retro Chameleon - 20 hours ago
Even though I’ve watched the movie this trailer still gives me the chills
wasif abbasi
wasif abbasi - 20 hours ago
Who is here after watching avengers endgame?
Nur Agung Dinarto
Nur Agung Dinarto - 21 hour ago
Love it
JARIEL MEDINA - 21 hour ago
In this trailer we got 1 second of Bruce Banner
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