Marvel Studios' Avengers: Endgame - Official Trailer

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Kushagra Goswami
Kushagra Goswami - 12 hours ago
Who is here after Spiderman is no longer in MCU?
They Say We Won. They Didn't Say What We Lost.😢
*We Love You 3000*
Steve Anderson
Steve Anderson - 13 hours ago
Captain America: I keep letting everybody they should move on. Some do. Bananas 🍌 🍌
Reid Ripley
Reid Ripley - 13 hours ago
I wanted Thanos to win. He's basically right.
Fluffy Power
Fluffy Power - 14 hours ago
Batman died by thanos and then wonder woman snapped her finger. By wearing the glove and then all the dinosaurs came back to life and killed all livings in this earth and ruled the world
Tim Merkley
Tim Merkley - 14 hours ago
Bring back Spider-Man we need him, Whatever it takes.
xULTIMATEx - 14 hours ago
Whatever it took. To win
Vinit Sisle
Vinit Sisle - 15 hours ago
"Avengers Infinity War was the most ambitious crossover in history."
It's not-
Vinit Sisle
Vinit Sisle - 15 hours ago
After July 21st 2019*
Russos' to Cameron:-
"Dread it. Run from it. Destiny still arrives."
Hope we remember.
Vinit Sisle
Vinit Sisle - 15 hours ago
50 years later*
Grandson:- who are the avengers?
Me (with tears):- "sit down kid..."
Joe Tanu
Joe Tanu - 15 hours ago
Can i take the time travel ? To watch this again before know the chill
A Divine Nation
A Divine Nation - 15 hours ago
JAMAICANEGYPTIAN has the best Instagram Page out of all the Entertainers
VarionGames - 15 hours ago
Amelia Ansay
Amelia Ansay - 16 hours ago
Amount of people who are glad they were born in this generation
Nk Yuvarajan
Nk Yuvarajan - 15 hours ago
Jason Lee
Jason Lee - 16 hours ago
And I..........watched..........the greatest movie of all time!
தமிழ் - WarlikeBroadcast
Roses are red
Tony is rich
Captain America said
Son of a b*tch
Duy Hùng Trần
Duy Hùng Trần - 16 hours ago
spiderman, hic.
Iz Just Meh
Iz Just Meh - 17 hours ago
*whatever it takes*
TomaszP9SJZPL - 17 hours ago
Ahmed Laiq
Ahmed Laiq - 18 hours ago
Avengers left me *Amazed*
Avengers:Age of Ultron left me *Pumped*
Avengers:Infinity War left me *Shocked*
Avengers:Endgame made me *Cry* and *Fulfilled*
Lamar Lamar
Lamar Lamar - 18 hours ago
captain America :What ever it takes
My : we need to eat all this food
What ever it takes ☻🙂❤
Trenyce Kok
Trenyce Kok - 18 hours ago
I wish I could restart and watch endgame the 1st time again
000236 000236
000236 000236 - 18 hours ago
*When Spiderman is gone from mcu*
I tell everyone to move on some do.But not us.Even If there Is small chance to bring Spiderman back,we owe it Iron man.We will.
_What ever it takes_ .
_What ever it takes_ .
_What ever it takes_ .
gratedbutter - 18 hours ago
*After Tony Stark Dies*
3 months after endgame release:
I keep telling people to move on. Grow.
*But not us*
Tanishq Meena
Tanishq Meena - 19 hours ago
endgame is not just a movie, its an emotion
Nk Yuvarajan
Nk Yuvarajan - 15 hours ago
nova clash nova saikia
nova clash nova saikia - 20 hours ago
Me 2012 : I wish I had body like Thor
2019 : 😂😂😂🤯
Gabriel Wee
Gabriel Wee - 20 hours ago
Avatar is just a 1 hit show. For those 🤡🤡🤡 who said that there would be a sequel. Ahahaha. I don’t think there would be one.
Raj Mishra
Raj Mishra - 20 hours ago
Some people don't watch the trailer after watching the movie.
Not us.
AlphaGameplay - 20 hours ago
This contains a spoiler!!!!

Why is it that the avengers could have gone back in time and stop thanos from ever snapping the gauntlet???
Stogie2112 - 21 hour ago
One good thing about Sony taking Spiderman back: No more Tony Stark. Peter Parker can now be himself instead of Tony Stark's ward, surrogate son, or possible successor. No more Stark suits for Parker. He can now be SPIDERMAN and not Iron Man, Jr.
Beast Brook
Beast Brook - 21 hour ago
Anyone still watching this ?🙌
President T Nediserp
President T Nediserp - 21 hour ago

Worst Avengers movie EVER!👎🏿
buy ur vbucks kids
buy ur vbucks kids - 21 hour ago
Well last time we will see Spider-Man rip and rip tony I will always be remembered
TenPoundPuppy - 22 hours ago
I’ve watched this movie several times and I still am watching this trailer, best movie off all time
mnish keeci
mnish keeci - 22 hours ago
Its an end of era.people have witnessed live concert of freedie, jackson .we are also lucky to witness this epicness on huge cinema with fans.
Im just glad i watched this on first day.
JJ Singh
JJ Singh - 23 hours ago
King Lazarus
King Lazarus - Day ago
So... you've watched the movie...
Where did that bring you?

Right back to the trailer
Mohamad Yasein
Mohamad Yasein - Day ago
Theunknownuser225 - Day ago
The world may never experience the amount of hype this movie along with Infinity War garnered. It was monumental.
Elias Xeneize
Elias Xeneize - Day ago
Emily Roblox
Emily Roblox - Day ago
I cant forget the hype of iw and eg
Superfood - Day ago
R.I.P Tony Stark, was loved by all, love you 3000.
Richard Fitswell
Richard Fitswell - Day ago
Who's here after hearing that spiderman well no longer be in the MCU universe
AmazinglyCool YoutubeKid
Thanos : I can either kill half the universe, or double the recourses
Thanos :
Thanos : nah, I need to make me some money
Stogie2112 - Day ago
Thanos: OR, I could alter the minds of everyone in the Universe to think better and be more rational about their planets and resources. I have the Mind Stone! I can do this!'s too much fun to slaughter people.
Roberto Martinez
Roberto Martinez - Day ago
And I ..... Am.........Iron Man 🎆
BeThe Beast
BeThe Beast - Day ago
i’m still here in august, i’ll never not be hyped for this movie
shakkar kane
shakkar kane - Day ago
Guys Tony is still alive,
He is going to die in 2024.
Sergio Sanchez
Sergio Sanchez - Day ago
We will get Spider-Man back to the mcu....whatever it takes
Javi Fails
Javi Fails - Day ago
channing bloom
channing bloom - Day ago
I still find it funny that people are still commenting on this trailer even though it’s been months since endgame’s release. It’s the good stuff! 😎
Tasnim Mostafa Nahid
Yeah, now you’re checking out which scenes were fake. 😂
QM 46
QM 46 - Day ago
John wick 3
Avengers End game
_I was born in the right Generation_
• シ Owlgirl シ •
*iron man was old but a goldie
Zero7 Zero7
Zero7 Zero7 - Day ago
hello where is (lucky) party with the suitcase.
Mitch Myer
Mitch Myer - Day ago
Awful movie, hard to watch, seemed like Craptain Marvel was shoehorned into the story, overly dramatic, whoever is responsible for this movie should hang their head in shame for bastardizing a great story.
Mitch Myer
Mitch Myer - 17 hours ago
@Claudia Velasquez nope.
Claudia Velasquez
Claudia Velasquez - Day ago
Ch Kashif
Ch Kashif - Day ago
Lol there are 56K Dc fans watching this trailer 😂 (dislikes) 🤫 😉
Mulberryhawk 268
Mulberryhawk 268 - Day ago
The sandwich was shown more in the trailer than captain marvel
NABE - Day ago
Someone from 2023?
Arpit Shrivastava
Arpit Shrivastava - Day ago
Hey guys if u reading this I have a theory
When cap went back...he was living his life and suddenly another cap comes out of Ice. And wouldnt Steve had children what powers would they posses?
Stogie2112 - Day ago
We can speculate that Rogers went back in time and made sure to stay out of History's way. Peggy would have certainly trusted him enough to go along with his plan. When his original self was discovered in the ice, he would have been at least 100 years old (actual time lived) .
Mohit Sharma
Mohit Sharma - Day ago
It still gives goosebumps and i bet it 'll be same after 20 or 30 years. Bcoz some move on but not us...💓
Being Human
Being Human - Day ago
Best film
cc101iscool1 3
cc101iscool1 3 - Day ago
Whos here after Spider man is out of the mc!?!??😭😭😭
jack thao
jack thao - Day ago
Still getting goosebumps from this trailer
J Iserhoff Studios
J Iserhoff Studios - Day ago
who else JUST noticed the views on this video?
Nvd khan
Nvd khan - Day ago
Can we show some Love n Respect to both Endgame and Avatar?

I love both movies!!!!!
Phonphum Khunnatham
Save spidy😢😢
Victor C.
Victor C. - Day ago
This trailer set up perfect for Tony’s death...
I'm Z_i_e_d
I'm Z_i_e_d - Day ago
Love you all 3000
Prince Hally
Prince Hally - Day ago
Avatar: is the highest grossing film of all time.

Endgame: hold my Thanos⚡⚡⚡
Gentelman Junkie
Gentelman Junkie - Day ago
Between my LCS & other sources it was mostly spoiled for me, but Cap swinging the hammer on Thanos was dope anyways. Worth a 10billion budget just for that.
Peggy Schuyler
Peggy Schuyler - Day ago
Who’s here after the news that Spider-Man will no longer be in the MCU?
Alex Marandi López
Dont be sad couse it ended
Be happy couse it happened
Sandeep Mulchandani
Unfortunately, Spider Man was also in the endgame
Marites Bombeo
Marites Bombeo - Day ago
I Like it😀😀😀😀
The Gaming Gamers
The Gaming Gamers - Day ago
Lol wat this movie is 3 hours long !?!??!?!
Sahil Sawant
Sahil Sawant - Day ago
Dear marvel entertainment ,
I am the big fan of iron man and you showed in endgame that ironman dies. But marvel entertainment I request you that if you get any types of chance to bring Tony Stark back please use that chance and bring the iron man back in mcu because without ironman there is no entertainment in mcu movies so accept my request and bring ironman back
Ironman biggest fan,
Sahil Sawant
Sahil Sawant - Day ago
Star lord
Star lord - Day ago
Goodbye Spider-Man...😢

Make a better movie with Sony...
C Porz
C Porz - Day ago
Star lord I have feeling Tom Holland will refused
Cryptic Spoon
Cryptic Spoon - Day ago
WHY DID TONY HAVE TO DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😭😭😭😭😤😤
lyogital - Day ago
Evacuate the city!
Engage all the defences!
And get this movie an Oscar!
Kmie - 2 days ago
Thanos: i am inevitable
Iron man: and.... im.......iron man
Me: and im k—oof!!
Teacher: stop daydreaming
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