Gears 5 Official Story Trailer - Gamescom 2019

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CHRIZZY . - 2 months ago
Not really traditionally carried out like it used to in the olp but st trailers. Low ki not feel'n it but the visuals sre stunning.
ChickenPanda129 - 3 months ago
So glad I didn't watch any trailers, watch any theories about the ending, or read any articles. Just told about it by a friend. So I was pleasantly surprised to see the return of Clayton and Paduk
kevin talmadge
kevin talmadge - 3 months ago
What is that song?
Matt Delatorre
Matt Delatorre - 3 months ago
1:42 if you beat the game ya know that’s one sad part😢
Mehdi RMY
Mehdi RMY - 3 months ago
Bryan Estrada
Bryan Estrada - 3 months ago
Already finished the campaign
Dethgears - 3 months ago
the rift worm
Kip Krueger
Kip Krueger - 3 months ago
I still think the Gears 1 trailer with Mad World is the best game trailer ever
Springer TenThirtySeven
Springer TenThirtySeven - 2 months ago
It was the best GOW ever
MultiSuper GamerPerson
MultiSuper GamerPerson - 3 months ago
Kip Krueger No doubt
samir khan
samir khan - 3 months ago
This game is a MASTERPIECE A MUST FOR XBOX OWNERS it should be played in 4k 60fps
Velocity Rapture
Velocity Rapture - 3 months ago
Holy crap are those flying red glowy things supposed to be like the Kryll?
HF HI - 3 months ago
Dre Hammon
Dre Hammon - 3 months ago
Song name?
blinkingred - 3 months ago
I miss the meloncholy trailers for gears
Sean Locker
Sean Locker - 3 months ago
Love NIN
edgar ochoa
edgar ochoa - 3 months ago
LETS GO!!!!!! Hyped since 2006 13 years strong 💪 💪💪 Shout out NIN 👍👍
CalmingNight - 3 months ago
Reminds me of Halo. Created so many that it's boring and stale. To me, gears should have stopped at 3
SpookyBoo - 3 months ago
Very nice choice of music for the trailer.
Christoph Kobs
Christoph Kobs - 3 months ago
cant wait to see kait becoming the next locust queen
kev ghost
kev ghost - 3 months ago
The song Nine Inch Nails Head Like A Hole
Sammed Pandharkar
Sammed Pandharkar - 3 months ago
The song is inspired by Miley Cyrus' Black Mirror Ashley O song I see
Sammed Pandharkar
Sammed Pandharkar - 3 months ago
@Tristan Raine LOL... Thanks! Didn't know that. And funny thing on that video there are comments on Ashley-O
Tristan Raine
Tristan Raine - 3 months ago
It was created by Nine Inch Nails first in 1989. Song is called Head Like A Hole
Hollow 777
Hollow 777 - 3 months ago
Sammed Pandharkar thats a red flag
Sammed Pandharkar
Sammed Pandharkar - 3 months ago
00:48 is it only me or the girl looks very similar to the Diablo 3 girl??
IORI TwT - 3 months ago
Epic !!!!!!!!
Kanaletto - 3 months ago
Glad to see Clayton is back!
ma nox
ma nox - 3 months ago
Goooooil 👌🎉🙌🏻
ryan wilson
ryan wilson - 3 months ago
Borderlands 3 and Gears 5 in the same month damn i only got $100
Mor2come21 - 3 months ago
Gears 5 easily!!
Glenn Johnson
Glenn Johnson - 3 months ago
whats the song
Connor Collins-Cavanaugh
Connor Collins-Cavanaugh - 3 months ago
What is the name of the trailer soundtrack
Christian Rodriguez
Christian Rodriguez - 3 months ago
Nine inch nails - head like a hole
oscar padilla
oscar padilla - 3 months ago
Can’t wait!
Harm Arends
Harm Arends - 3 months ago
1:09 hammer of dawn?
Wisser Gutierrez
Wisser Gutierrez - 3 months ago
Hunter - 3 months ago
Finished gears 4 two days ago and pre downloaded gears 5 😀
Michael Huk
Michael Huk - 3 months ago
I like the ways that changed the games name just to 'gears' kuz that's what everyone called it
Hugh Gedney
Hugh Gedney - 3 months ago
Death to the Swarm!! But the Swarm I admit are cool through.
kwofie Andoh
kwofie Andoh - 3 months ago
Cole train wooo
Thedarknate08 - 3 months ago
Oh great GOW is becoming the call of duty of Xbox!
A PFP That is Changed Based on Personal Preference
Nah, it's more like Xbox is trying to make its big-name franchises like Gears and Halo like the Super Mario and Zelda of Xbox and giving each franchise incremental advancements to story and gameplay. That and it's not a yearly release like COD
KrushKingdom - 3 months ago
Not what I'd expect from an Ashley-O game.
Tristan Raine
Tristan Raine - 3 months ago
The song was orignally created by the band Nine Inch Nails, song is called Head Like A Hole. Go figure.
Alexander Shirmohammadi
Alexander Shirmohammadi - 3 months ago
manetane47 - 3 months ago
Well..that was an epic trailer
Ülrick Bell
Ülrick Bell - 3 months ago
Online multiplayer is going to be full of rage & anger lol
Juan Salinas
Juan Salinas - 3 months ago
Theme song name Please?
Xavier Jacob
Xavier Jacob - 3 months ago
They have yet to introduce the fourth Carmine and no Gary doesn’t count as one of the four Carmine Brothers. Clayton Carmine and a fourth one are still alive
Kenner1986 - 3 months ago
Haha goodbye Playstation. Beat in hardware and in games now hahahahaha
Ricardo Remz
Ricardo Remz - 3 months ago
Lkkkkk sofra
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