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John Krause
John Krause - 19 hours ago
I'm 20
Yolaine Wellings
Yolaine Wellings - Day ago
Wait mr maskito only girl maskitos drink blood EXPOSED
Snackattacker 99
Snackattacker 99 - Day ago
What’s this called
In my dream Wonderland
Which game is this?!
Basti Alfonso
Basti Alfonso - 2 days ago
kristin folk
kristin folk - 4 days ago
It’s a vampire it sounded like. One at the intro
Shanzey Aamir Khan
Shanzey Aamir Khan - 4 days ago
What the heck is that gloom!?😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Dounut gamer
Dounut gamer - 5 days ago
Kassie:if you never like me again hit push notifications 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Bulent Sapolyo
Bulent Sapolyo - 5 days ago
Mirabelle Smith
Mirabelle Smith - 6 days ago
moskeetos are females
Ava S
Ava S - 6 days ago
It should be miss mosquito cause only girl mosquitoes bite
Torra-jean Hummel
Torra-jean Hummel - 6 days ago
Why is it called mr.moskeeto when only females drink blood
skitles_man ROBLOX
skitles_man ROBLOX - 7 days ago
Or is this ps4
skitles_man ROBLOX
skitles_man ROBLOX - 7 days ago
Is his on ps3
Gacha Girllover
Gacha Girllover - 7 days ago
Uhmmm I dont get it that thing is the size of a cumcumber and a cumcumber is biggah then my Finger. How can that thing be on the finger then
Cassius King
Cassius King - 7 days ago
Gloom she can't see without her glasses
llama queen22
llama queen22 - 7 days ago
The worst is geting bit in the ankles by a fly it itches so bad
Harry Cahill
Harry Cahill - 7 days ago
Uh otocorect
Harry Cahill
Harry Cahill - 7 days ago
YeetGirl163 Yeettie Z
YeetGirl163 Yeettie Z - 8 days ago
Miskitos bit me on me arm
Anime Lover4life
Anime Lover4life - 8 days ago
Kinda spooky
How spooky it was
Kye Fosse
Kye Fosse - 8 days ago
It soooo Weird as in Water
Bryan Tan
Bryan Tan - 9 days ago
Missing these gaming vids Gloomy
Nurudeen Olatunji
Nurudeen Olatunji - 9 days ago
Ninja mom
Angelina Hopkins
Angelina Hopkins - 9 days ago
Currently I have 33 mosquito bites 😂😭
ManuZion Lundesgaard
ManuZion Lundesgaard - 9 days ago
Kan gi do mor or die widios
Nadeen Abusubaih
Nadeen Abusubaih - 9 days ago
What is the name of this game ?
Claire Russell
Claire Russell - 10 days ago
Who else thought at the beginning she was gonna play granny
Martine Sansangan
Martine Sansangan - 10 days ago
I somehow can’t find this game on the app store someone please HELP!
Wolf- Queen
Wolf- Queen - 10 days ago
It's cat not chat
Cecilia Edwards
Cecilia Edwards - 10 days ago
Well I love you video I love the world I was it I love you
THE WORLD AGAINST US - 11 days ago
SaLoNi - 11 days ago
I acc enjoyed this😂😂

She did it to herself
Vicka Ramirez
Vicka Ramirez - 11 days ago
When Gloom said “MY GLASS... O. O
I LAUGHED SO MUCH 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Spicybatmanboy Spicybatmanboy
pastel Heart
pastel Heart - 11 days ago
Actually the one that drinks blood is a female mosquito
Jaleevee acevedo
Jaleevee acevedo - 11 days ago
Michelle Trainor
Michelle Trainor - 11 days ago
Lol this ism 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢
INKDEMON 1 - 12 days ago
What's this game???
Aric Schumacher
Aric Schumacher - 12 days ago
But I still love it
Liz Lara
Liz Lara - 12 days ago
Do you know sssniperwolf
SaLoNi - 12 days ago
6:09 I literally own that plate
SaLoNi - 12 days ago
‘The little girl is going to her room and thats where i come in’

Aaliyah Castro Siddall
Aaliyah Castro Siddall - 12 days ago
Gloom’s shirt and the face is me when dad and the mom in the same place
Grimnyr - 14 days ago
At about 8 minutes in you go past the bug zapper, and I hear a zzz zzz sound. (not in my headset) and theres a cicada, flying around the room im in, Idk if you know what a cicada is but before I lived in arizona I didnt know they existed, basically theyre these big flying bugs, like maybe a square inch in size and during they day they just make a lot of noise idk how to describe it really, but anyway i was spooked big time. If you dont know what a cicada is, look it up.
YTNick Legacy
YTNick Legacy - 14 days ago
Bath tub scene: This will be funny
Youtube: Demonitized
Flury floof
Flury floof - 14 days ago
Twilight Nightborrow
Twilight Nightborrow - 14 days ago
This was making me itch this entire video
Coca Cola Mew
Coca Cola Mew - 14 days ago
**Watches in the bathroom**
bat c4t
bat c4t - 15 days ago
I swat at bugs a second then leave
tippy smith
tippy smith - 15 days ago
I have the same sweater
Justina Dovilien
Justina Dovilien - 15 days ago
Wait....male moscitos dont drink blood -3-
hidden_yt hammer
hidden_yt hammer - 15 days ago
my glass----she did that to her self lolol im dead
Mia Flynn
Mia Flynn - 15 days ago
What game is that
Pro Gamer217
Pro Gamer217 - 15 days ago
bibliotecaciorescu - 15 days ago
i got bitten on eye bfore on summer holidy 2019 :'[
Kaylee Boswell
Kaylee Boswell - 16 days ago
You should play granny or the nun
Jo Mo Artsy Moyer
Jo Mo Artsy Moyer - 16 days ago
The trans mosquito with a shower kink 😂😂😂
Tiffany Woodman
Tiffany Woodman - 16 days ago
Cassy I have sooooo meny mosquito bites and I was wondering if you did them all. Did you?
MarissaSZN - 16 days ago
What’s the game called
Alessa roman
Alessa roman - 16 days ago
Im litterly watching this scraching my muscito bites
Robert Labonte
Robert Labonte - 16 days ago
Rachel Williams
Rachel Williams - 17 days ago
What’s this game called
Nicole Gull
Nicole Gull - 17 days ago
Emoji Life
Emoji Life - 17 days ago
That bathroom part made me REALLYYYYYY uncomfortable
Abigail Bailey
Abigail Bailey - 18 days ago
What is the game called
Jerard Ingram
Jerard Ingram - 18 days ago
I loved it I love how you got the person without it noticing you
Arri land
Arri land - 18 days ago
As I was watching this I got bit by a mosquito
Maria de jesus Rochin
Maria de jesus Rochin - 18 days ago
In so o ver about the muscido
Lucky Tutorials
Lucky Tutorials - 18 days ago
I feel bad for the last girl, she done knocked herself out looking for her glasses
Nadia Pierrelouis
Nadia Pierrelouis - 18 days ago
Haha this is funny
smitymail - 19 days ago
Rich Saunders
Rich Saunders - 19 days ago
A soon as this video ended a mosquito came in the living room! 😓😰😱😂
purple lover
purple lover - 19 days ago
Kat Turner
Kat Turner - 19 days ago
What’s the name of the game?
mochi uwu
mochi uwu - 20 days ago
A mosquitos perspective💁🏻‍♀️
Wolf hybrid -_-
Wolf hybrid -_- - 20 days ago
Who can just for the thumbnail
Emma Vingerhoets
Emma Vingerhoets - 20 days ago
what the f is this game
Jayden Miles
Jayden Miles - 20 days ago
All these are all like the worst places to get mosquito bites.
Especially when they turn as large as your palm.
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