MUST TRY Singapore NOODLES! TRADITIONAL Noodle Tour of Singapore

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Lucy Honeychurch
Lucy Honeychurch - 21 hour ago
Non Entree Desserts Cafe has closed down in October.
Alan - 6 days ago
So many thick noodles. How can you eat so much?
KiNG jAWBo - 6 days ago
Decapitation is a crime sir!
Ng Cheu Yee
Ng Cheu Yee - 6 days ago
Amazing Mike.. 3 bowls.. Its yummy I bet... Enjoy Mike
Maheswar Bicol
Maheswar Bicol - 12 days ago
11:11 little tiddies
Willie Wang
Willie Wang - 12 days ago
three bowls of noodles for breakfast lol
Michael Shih
Michael Shih - 15 days ago
Ordinary food becomes delicacies in your videos. I like your enthusiasm.
A T - 17 days ago
I am so glad Mike can handle all these carb, and I am so glad that I am not tempted at all by these beautiful noodle dishes, since I have been on keto diet to prevent myself from becoming diabetic.
Ghori M.
Ghori M. - 17 days ago
11:12 "little tities"
Keira Chou
Keira Chou - 22 days ago
Mee *pork*
Re Winford
Re Winford - 22 days ago
How do you have so much room in your belly!?
kt032 - 24 days ago
did you eat all this food in ONE DAY?
FrancescaNorbert - 25 days ago
You should really try Laksa Sarawak (East Malaysia). Sworn by Anthony Bourdain as the best laksa in the world (Choon Hui Kopitiam). Besides that you should also try Kolok Mee, which is one of the best Sarawakian dishes. Come to Kuching, Sarawak (Malaysia) and have a feast!
James Vetter
James Vetter - Month ago
Stop the music!
clo hussle
clo hussle - Month ago
Taco wed for me
Steve Alonso
Steve Alonso - Month ago
The cooks did great WOK!!!
pinkpetter - Month ago
The next time you come back to SG, try the satay beehoon at 85 Market
Delilah Liu
Delilah Liu - Month ago
i swear i heard "little titties!"
Helena Lu
Helena Lu - 2 months ago
Get yourself someone that looks at you the same way Mike looks at soft boiled eggs
CmDrRaBb - 2 months ago
non entree desserts ceasing operations on oct 20th mike!
Luis Manzo
Luis Manzo - 2 months ago
Wait what.. did he say little titties??😂😂
Giovanni junior
Giovanni junior - 2 months ago
9:44 Am I the only one who saw the pigeon under his armpit 😅👀!?
Erik Norlander
Erik Norlander - 2 months ago
Brings me right back to the Canteen in Lakeside. Those were the days.
Leon Tai
Leon Tai - 2 months ago
Love your videos, Mike. But I must point out I've noticed you say tinder instead of tender, and now you're shouting excitedly "little titties" 🤣🤣 I died
Tze Chuen Lim
Tze Chuen Lim - 2 months ago
Come visit Malaysia where these food originated from.
CocoLoops - 2 months ago
I heard "Little Titties" 😂😂😂
Xkkj Gaming
Xkkj Gaming - 2 months ago
When mike says wanton I thought he meant one ton
Am I the only one that thinks it this way
DullPerfectforbes -Youtube roblox gaming channel.
Wantan is also indonesia dish and MUST TRY IT THE PORK IS LIKE HELL ( Wantan = dumpling )
Sergio Carrillo
Sergio Carrillo - 2 months ago
All the noodles look good and delicious
Pally B
Pally B - 2 months ago
Cant believe never ran into you in Singapore!! would have taken you for more delicious food!!!!
Alpha Frdz
Alpha Frdz - 2 months ago
Pls colab with night owl cinematics next time ur in singapore
MONKEY-BUTT - 2 months ago
Really...they forgot your order and you got an extra bowl as a result...damn I'm jealous!
Dana Mayberry
Dana Mayberry - 2 months ago
Best food videos! Thank you!
Vaibhav Chauhan
Vaibhav Chauhan - 2 months ago
11:10 - little titties!
denise fletcher
denise fletcher - 2 months ago
The way Mike says "Sungei" Road 😝😍
Charmaine Teo
Charmaine Teo - 3 months ago
Dude... how did you, 3 bowls of noodles at 10am?! 😱
Melissa R
Melissa R - 3 months ago
Hi Mike! I am really enjoying watching your videos. I love a man who can just EAT ANYTHING🙂🙂🙂
Duy Tran
Duy Tran - 3 months ago
What the song at the beginning
VioletUnicorn 918
VioletUnicorn 918 - 3 months ago
NxstyFurqxn - 3 months ago
11:13 he literally said „little tittys“ listen close 😂
Mike Maha-Su
Mike Maha-Su - 3 months ago
Yes . I hate food and noodle that they added too much sugar on them. Sugar is good for dessert not food for my taste.
Cinthia 9
Cinthia 9 - 3 months ago
I L-O-V-E noodles!
Haley Rigas
Haley Rigas - 3 months ago
Go to 9:41 and you’ll see a pigeon casually walking by in the background between his side and his elbow lol 😂
Around The House
Around The House - 3 months ago
Hey Mike , love your videos! So I'm about to head to Singapore for a business trip and was wondering do any of these stalls take credit cards and/or provide receipts? I know I'm asking a somewhat silly question! Maybe I'll provide a video review of the places you ate at as well. Again, love the videos and keep them coming!
boobookittifukk - 3 months ago
Why am I watching this instead of having dinner? I know this is just going to make me hangry. Damn Mike and his addictive videos.
Kyaw Tube
Kyaw Tube - 3 months ago
11:12 --- Sounded like Mikey said "Little Titties" -- I thought this was rated G, lol
Karina Wulan
Karina Wulan - 3 months ago
Best laksa I’ve ever had in Singapore was at Takashimaya food court 🤤
Brandy Wasay
Brandy Wasay - 3 months ago
8:55 I prefer my pepper BLACK.
Once you go black, you'll never go back.
Tädu - 4 months ago
14:48 what about the duck that walked up to a lemonade stand?
Plank - 4 months ago
Yeah in Singapore we have the good stuff
Happy Michie Worriah
Happy Michie Worriah - 4 months ago
Want to see your Singapore videosss
Happy Michie Worriah
Happy Michie Worriah - 4 months ago
Yes sungei and United sq has
Happy Michie Worriah
Happy Michie Worriah - 4 months ago
Tiong bahru colddd
Chaeyoung챙챙 - 4 months ago
5:45 "That is a surprisingly accurate outline of my body, I can see my big boobs right there" HAHAHAHA
Gian Carlo Ledesma
Gian Carlo Ledesma - 4 months ago
"Little tiddies"
Terri Ellis
Terri Ellis - 4 months ago
Noodle Down. The little known sequel to Black Hawk Down.
LouLou - 4 months ago
Such a classy guy!😄
LouLou - 4 months ago
Men have chesticles.😂😉
WiredSolaris - 4 months ago
Always chuckle when Mikey says anudder. ;P
NAYOWMI - 4 months ago
im wondering if Mikey’s poop is like a noodle..
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