MUST TRY Singapore NOODLES! TRADITIONAL Noodle Tour of Singapore

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Brandy Wasay
Brandy Wasay - 2 days ago
8:55 I prefer my pepper BLACK.
Once you go black, you'll never go back.
Tädu - 2 days ago
14:48 what about the duck that walked up to a lemonade stand?
Plank - 4 days ago
Yeah in Singapore we have the good stuff
Happy Michie Worriah
Happy Michie Worriah - 5 days ago
Want to see your Singapore videosss
Happy Michie Worriah
Happy Michie Worriah - 5 days ago
Yes sungei and United sq has
Happy Michie Worriah
Happy Michie Worriah - 5 days ago
Tiong bahru colddd
Kylie Jinie King
Kylie Jinie King - 6 days ago
5:45 "That is a surprisingly accurate outline of my body, I can see my big boobs right there" HAHAHAHA
Gian Carlo Ledesma
Gian Carlo Ledesma - 10 days ago
"Little tiddies"
Terri Ellis
Terri Ellis - 12 days ago
Noodle Down. The little known sequel to Black Hawk Down.
LouLou - 12 days ago
Such a classy guy!😄
LouLou - 12 days ago
Men have chesticles.😂😉
WiredSolaris - 14 days ago
Always chuckle when Mikey says anudder. ;P
NAYOWMI - 17 days ago
im wondering if Mikey’s poop is like a noodle..
ray tang
ray tang - 18 days ago
Why u say mingo , it’s mango , please stop that
keiko jade tandean
keiko jade tandean - 18 days ago
If u eat mee pok in Jakarta, the noodles r gonna come in like 3 minutes
We y’all games
We y’all games - 19 days ago
“I can see my big boobs there.” 5:50 lol this guy is too funny for me! 😂 😂
Classy Gaming Collective
Classy Gaming Collective - 19 days ago
;D No normal person can have a food day like you Mike. Hamburger day? Ok, I eat 1 hamburger and I'm full for the day. 3 bowls of noodles before the lunch rush? Inhuman.
nouveaux - 19 days ago
Did he just have three bowls of noodles for breakfast? He's Chinese... but he's also American definitely...
Max Rodriguez
Max Rodriguez - 19 days ago
I wanna know ur workout regimen Mike
Ayla Stinks
Ayla Stinks - 19 days ago
Why am I watching this after dinner ;-;
Ruby Box
Ruby Box - 20 days ago
Love watching your videos specially you had listings the address of all places that you went. Superb! 👍
ykjg gyu
ykjg gyu - 20 days ago
i live in singapore and still jealous cuz i live at the side where food is garbage
Brooklyn Shae
Brooklyn Shae - 21 day ago
No one:
Absolutely no one:
Mike: little teddies😱
Captions: little titties😱
Me: *attacked*
Tsering Dickyi
Tsering Dickyi - 21 day ago
I tried Laksa , when I was there in April, was good, thank you for your recommendation...
Michael Castro
Michael Castro - 22 days ago
RIP Little duck
James Finch
James Finch - 24 days ago
I always laugh when he says noodles😂
GeeGirl - 25 days ago
13:36 “It’s Food-King Good!” 😄
Najwa Khairunisa
Najwa Khairunisa - 25 days ago
De polku kereku pete
Zhenyu He
Zhenyu He - 25 days ago
Shud have done a collab with NOC foodking HAHA.
Staar - 25 days ago
11:27 fan guy moment
Staar - 25 days ago
Welcome to SG!
ShakeyMakeup - 26 days ago
looking at other cultures cuisines just makes me realize how restrictive & modest American cuisine is. This is so interesting!
Rayya Tegar Amisani
Rayya Tegar Amisani - 26 days ago
“But the presence of pork in this bowl is everywhere”
I think I wouldn’t eat that😂
Ramahl Ah Chee
Ramahl Ah Chee - 26 days ago
You have this and i have my 2 minute noodles
Tyler Rahm
Tyler Rahm - 27 days ago
At 11:26 they guy thinks he just saw Jackie Chan
joetheperformer - 27 days ago
Dude, there has to be some repercussions to what you're doing. There is so much good here that it violates Newton's Third Law.
Ek'Aay Cloudyoni
Ek'Aay Cloudyoni - 27 days ago
Hmm beat Gordon Ramsay 🤨🤔 i must try them noodles
Ek'Aay Cloudyoni
Ek'Aay Cloudyoni - 27 days ago
11:12 🤨🤔 So am i the only who heard lil titties 😂🤣😂 The captions don't lie I'm glad the captions are on my side
MilkByCow - 27 days ago
I’ve never heard of short noodle laksa eaten with a spoon. Seems almost sacrilegious.
But then again, this coming from a guy who found out in his 30’s that laksa is supposed to be spicy and contains rice noodles. Turns out when grandma made it for me and my cousins as children, she tailored mine to my taste.
Samreen Khimani
Samreen Khimani - 27 days ago
I wonder if he ever gets diarrhea omg
rhonda90402 - 27 days ago
You are killing me! This makes me so hungry!
Pablo Gutierrez
Pablo Gutierrez - 28 days ago
Omfg more noodles😂
Delaney Johnson
Delaney Johnson - 28 days ago
you have my dream job. getting paid for flying around everywhere and eating the food they have.
baron Samedi
baron Samedi - 29 days ago
Had captions on and at 11:11 I was like what? No he didn't say that... YouTube has captions are getting out of hand.
Ek'Aay Cloudyoni
Ek'Aay Cloudyoni - 27 days ago
The captions don't lie😂🤣😂
Ennaoj Dapmo
Ennaoj Dapmo - 29 days ago
12:54 am. Nyawaaaaaa gigutom ko amaaaaaaa! 🤦‍♀️😭
SwaggKid DJ
SwaggKid DJ - 29 days ago
11:12little titties
Jonas Rio Mariano
Jonas Rio Mariano - Month ago
You are going comedic mike and i love it 😍
LaLa Lafirias WORLD VLOG
I'm going to try some for sure.. I'll record it too!
Kyash - Month ago
Ahh man. Your food reviews are truly the best, I always get hungry watching these.
Sawyer Chatham
Sawyer Chatham - Month ago
Anyone else hear him say little titties at 11:13
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