Gutfeld: It began with a tweet and ended with a chant

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James Hennighan
James Hennighan - 2 months ago
Don't think Omar did do the right things did she........?
Wasn't there that business of marrying someone who was her brother in order to get him citizenship......?
Or was it the business of marrying the same person she previously divorced in order to get him into the country....?
Then there was that business about moving to London to get married...or divorced....or both....
And there will be documentation on everything to do with immigration with the Immigration Department.......
But it would seem she is allowed to divorce and remarry in furtherance of obtaining immigration and citizenship status for someone because it is ' keeping with her societal cultural and religious positions....'
Not got many many mainstream media types or outlets looking into all that now have we......?
James Hennighan
Yorkshire, England
Huveto Khamo
Huveto Khamo - 2 months ago
Phil Sciangula
Phil Sciangula - 3 months ago
cnn fake and hypocrits who love louis farrakahm anti christian anti american and racist god bless president trump
Paul Gavin
Paul Gavin - 3 months ago
MSNBC.- Mind Stupefying Nonsense Brought to you by Communists
Sharon Watson
Sharon Watson - 3 months ago
Praying for love, happiness, prosperity and positive energy to flood the air waves. That was a beautiful Q baby. Show the baby with the letter Q.
Steve RX4
Steve RX4 - 3 months ago
Trump has brought out the worst of America and put it forward as the face of America. The world is now avoiding contact with the US.
Green Bird
Green Bird - 3 months ago
paul castle
paul castle - 4 months ago
Omar did game and defraud the immigration system , Omar is not even her real name .
paul castle
paul castle - 4 months ago
These people didn't even listen to what Trump said , it is so pathetic but equally dangerous .
Scott Cranidge
Scott Cranidge - 4 months ago
Wasn't that the Q Baby?
Alexandria Ocasional-Cortex
Q Baby!!!!
Sarah Grajales
Sarah Grajales - 4 months ago
Okay I’m getting a We ( I ) love Greg Tee Shirt !
xxxorg - 4 months ago
UHHH, it Beta O'dork! The loser of losers! Melania trump is more man than Beta male O'rourke!
colin-man yeates-clan
colin-man yeates-clan - 4 months ago
Worth re-posting "if it wasn’t for double standards the left would have none"
J R - 4 months ago
All his one-liners need to be compiled into a Netflix special. He’s hilarious!! It’s pure comedy.
Paul Schober
Paul Schober - 4 months ago
13 seconds of CNN without the words "Trump and Russia"? Never thought I'd see the day
PrimalTheEmperor (primal9000)
Trump is the God of Roasting.
Paladin 06
Paladin 06 - 4 months ago
Stan, did you hear anything? No Ollie.
Submersible - 4 months ago
That clip was awkward af
Mohamed Issa
Mohamed Issa - 4 months ago
Has he ever told any of those people u named to back to the countries they came from??? or was it just these women of colour??? Yh thought so...
Cor Pluym
Cor Pluym - 4 months ago
So Fox, show us the beautiful baby then !! You´re television for showing us? otherwise the media start telling us Trump was talking about a Woman en start accusing him of cat calling. STRANGER THINGS HAS HAPPENED.
Sophia Mallory
Sophia Mallory - 4 months ago
Damm Democrats always tryna put lies out there about trump and other things
C Rizzy
C Rizzy - 4 months ago
So many people are obsessed with racism nowadays... It's a bizarre pathological fixation. You can't even listen to NPR for more than 15 minutes without a racism topic coming up.
Ron Fili
Ron Fili - 4 months ago
DAMNIT GREG THE BEST EPISODE BY FAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I got good laughs with this one!
Luis V
Luis V - 4 months ago
This sounds like the Dr. Pepper commercial your are racist I'm a racist would love to be a racist too what the hell is wrong with these people.
cswann8 - 4 months ago
Wow....CNN is really sad. I remember back in the early 2000's CNN was setting the bar. They're a joke now.

CNN: We are the gold standard of news.
Anyone else: I'm not so sure
CNN: You are a racist!!
Sandra A
Sandra A - 4 months ago
Greg, very hilarious
Despiser Despised
Despiser Despised - 4 months ago
0mar lied to immigration. Married her brother. She did not "Pass all the tests" she cheated and lied to pass the tests.
Michael Molash
Michael Molash - 4 months ago
Nice to see Thanos getting work after The Avengers Movies.
Kyles Isler
Kyles Isler - 4 months ago
OMG Trump is just the best LMFAO. I think the people that hate him are just jealous that he has a personality.
Kyles Isler
Kyles Isler - 4 months ago
The only racists I ever see in America are these people that are constantly calling others racist.
Michael E. Kaminski
Michael E. Kaminski - 4 months ago
They make it too easy ..... the Liberals and the Trump Haters -
Trump is a GENIUS !!!!!!’
Like a Cat playing with a Mouse .
Michael E. Kaminski
Michael E. Kaminski - 4 months ago
The Pansy Party !!!!!
Michael E. Kaminski
Michael E. Kaminski - 4 months ago
I think my car is Racist -
ladymorgonna - 4 months ago
Thank you Greg... for telling it like it is.
ladymorgonna - 4 months ago
Wow when I watch the news I get to watch people drink coffee & be quiet!! ... lol
Chloe Hennessey
Chloe Hennessey - 4 months ago
When CNN didn’t lie for 13 whole seconds. 😂😂
I admit I like Starbucks iced coffee. I went in with my MAGA hat and three women at a table- one said “racist and bigot”. I walked over and asked her if she could give me proof. I even offered her my iPad to give me quotes.
Anyways she didn’t take me up on the offer. 30 minutes later at home Detective Sergeant Williams knocked on my door. Said that he’s investigating a report of assault. That I am being accused of “assaulting some women at Starbucks”. Lol I told him what happened and you can read in the paper where the lady was charged with falsifying a police report and sentenced to one year in jail with one year suspended and a $500 fine.
PtigaV - 4 months ago
Its time for Gutfeld and his guests to follow Q and get awake. Probably they won't because they are way (2 years) behind.
Sally Sheldon
Sally Sheldon - 4 months ago
I am not afraid of Silence.
I am a bit afraid of snakes, crocodiles, and ANTIFA.
Especially Afraid of ANTIFA because the beat you up for Not having the OPINION as them.
george whyte
george whyte - 4 months ago
Not only does pro-BDS Congressmuslim Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) use Israeli (WIX) software to power her website, it’s now been revealed that pro-BDS Congressmuslim Ilhan Omar (D-MN) uses the same Israeli technology, as well.
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