Can 6 Psychics Predict The Fake Psychic?

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Jubilee - 28 days ago
Hey Goodhumans! For the first time, we asked our IG followers to guess who the mole was, and we were blown away by how many of you voted! We love it when you guys get involved, so be sure to follow us on Instagram to take part in the future! See you there!
XxD4RkvKrYptOxX - 4 days ago
The prize should at least be $1000, 100 is a small amount.
Ihab Almasri
Ihab Almasri - 10 days ago
All moles vs one not mole
Trevor Klein
Trevor Klein - 13 days ago
It is 7 not 6.
Raves Kryizx
Raves Kryizx - 21 day ago
Sabine SPILLER ju
Top Clasè
Top Clasè - 23 days ago
WTF is the point of this when they can all talk regular and find out whos the physic instead of lying through the game
Diego Gallardo
Diego Gallardo - 3 hours ago
In pretty sure they are all liers
Graciela Castellanos
Graciela Castellanos - 3 hours ago
do i count as a physic if I guessed she was the mole since the very beginning??? I surprised myself 😩😩👌🏼👌🏼
Abdur Becerra
Abdur Becerra - 4 hours ago
Carla thiccccc as fucccc
Kaci - 4 hours ago
So interesting!
Demha 2006
Demha 2006 - 5 hours ago
I think the people who they “Freeze spell” leave them alone because they think there crazy
Harsha Suranjith Amarasiri
I wish if James Randi was in this video !!
13tuyuti - 6 hours ago
Of course they're all liars. Only one of them will admit to have been lying.
Hayden Johnson
Hayden Johnson - 6 hours ago
Isnt dylan from anthony padilla when he interwieded witches
Rolltideandrew 506
Rolltideandrew 506 - 7 hours ago
This is my problem.
*reveals the faker*
Literally everyone: OMG I KNEW IT!!!
Ok then why didn’t you say anything!
Daven Dotseth
Daven Dotseth - 7 hours ago
For some reason I just couldn’t stop laughing at this entire episode because they all seem like con artists and the comments😭😭
Nova - 7 hours ago
I recognize Dylan from Anthony Padilla
Graham Glasoe
Graham Glasoe - 8 hours ago
I am insane
Monoo_215 - 9 hours ago
Psychics : I am a Psychic
Robin : I am a Sidekick
Chanel Mattingly
Chanel Mattingly - 9 hours ago
I’m so bummed they ended the game early! I loved listening to everything they talked about!
jo huss
jo huss - 9 hours ago
Who is not a psychic?

Answer: everyone
Marcus Sarmiento
Marcus Sarmiento - 10 hours ago
This is hilarious! Haha! "psychics"
It’s the tea sis
It’s the tea sis - 10 hours ago
I’m pretty sure there all lying.
Marco Gaudiosi
Marco Gaudiosi - 11 hours ago
Plot twist: None of them is really a psychic.
Also, all the ladys were so good looking.
wat ?
wat ? - 11 hours ago
can 6 crazy people find the sane one
Danny Buchanan
Danny Buchanan - 11 hours ago
7 fakes
Type 2 Polio Loser 69.420
Type 2 Polio Loser 69.420 - 11 hours ago
I believe that psychics exist and I've even met some, but these guys just straight-up disappoint me
Elysian Sounds
Elysian Sounds - 6 hours ago
@Type 2 Polio Loser 69.420 Why do you assume I am atheist?
Type 2 Polio Loser 69.420
Religious psychics have predicted some scary events in my life. But I know I probably won't get you(atheist) to believe me😬😬
Elysian Sounds
Elysian Sounds - 7 hours ago
What makes you think you have met genuine psychics?
Freddy 4 Fingers
Freddy 4 Fingers - 12 hours ago
I love watching a bunch of frauds that pretend to have magic powers fail so hard! Do more episodes with these types of fakes and help expose them!
Thomas Frey
Thomas Frey - 12 hours ago
I like how the two of them who didnt want to continue immediatly said "oh, I knew it, I felt it" when she revealed herself. Really? Did you?
Thomas Frey
Thomas Frey - 12 hours ago
They're all moles. This is like bringing a bunch of furries in and saying "6 are wolves. One is a liar." No. They're all liars.
Cam DeHart
Cam DeHart - 12 hours ago
Lotsa mental health issues on display here.
Polly ThePengiun
Polly ThePengiun - 12 hours ago
Damn why didn’t Shantell just let everyone know? 💀 like the proof was there but that’s kinda scary.
Maria Normington
Maria Normington - 12 hours ago
Bet its Carla
Stázka - 12 hours ago
I knew, I was looking for a mixed female, bla,bla - votes for Elijah all the time. Does She thinks we ar Blind? 😁
Tahlia Talks
Tahlia Talks - 12 hours ago
That one girl has a very aggressive tone
One direction is better then kpop 102
Richard lowkey looks like Freddie mercury
CazzyCo - 13 hours ago
t h e y ' r e a l l f a k e p s y c h i c s
Curly O so curly
Curly O so curly - 14 hours ago
If your a physic wouldn’t you know 😑😐 smh
TheValkyrieAsh - 14 hours ago
Theyre all liars tho.....
Fabian Rosario
Fabian Rosario - 15 hours ago
They all knew they were the mole
T̶r̶o̶l̶l̶ O̶v̶e̶r̶l̶o̶a̶d̶i̶n̶g̶
3:44 I really like his accent 😂 Can someone tell me which is it from? British?
TL FanBoy
TL FanBoy - 15 hours ago
2:14 Got me cringing soooo hard
Sarah Misraoui
Sarah Misraoui - 15 hours ago
Omg it’s like all these people are speaking a completely different language 😂. All this talk about ‘energies’ and ‘star seeds’
T̶r̶o̶l̶l̶ O̶v̶e̶r̶l̶o̶a̶d̶i̶n̶g̶
Is this supposed to be a magical video 😂😂 Bruh ok Cool especially that guy in a suit looks legit
Becky Miles
Becky Miles - 15 hours ago
Its funny bc there all the liar
eliz w
eliz w - 15 hours ago
When ur Japanese and this woman keeps going on about reiki but u never heard of it until now 🧐
Faith - 15 hours ago
That one guy is a straight vampire outa the 17th century.
hsbdj uebhxi9nsj9
hsbdj uebhxi9nsj9 - 16 hours ago
I think that Richard filmed an episode with ghost adventures recently.
Selena 2002
Selena 2002 - 17 hours ago
They r not PsYcHIC , they r PSYCHO
Yolanda Joseph
Yolanda Joseph - 18 hours ago
How they all be standing there saying that they knew it😂😂
BEEG YOSHI - 19 hours ago
Chihaya could've predicted this smh...
pranav singhal
pranav singhal - 19 hours ago
It's funny that their psychic power didn't work lmao
DUVALMADEME - 20 hours ago
Mannnn dat lady in the blue can get it 🤤🤤🤤🤤
RossRame - 20 hours ago
What an absolute load of toss 😂😂
Sophia Bernier
Sophia Bernier - 20 hours ago
I knew it was her the moment she said she was from Jupiter and not another star system.
Just Shannyy
Just Shannyy - 22 hours ago
Where are you from?
Um okay right
Sehnsucht - 22 hours ago
I'm getting an E
Gavin Derryberry
Gavin Derryberry - Day ago
My powers are telling me everyone in this video is retarded😂
Jack Urgun
Jack Urgun - Day ago
real answer should be none of them
e 366
e 366 - Day ago
So all of them
XxRaWxBOSSxX Gaming
Guess they didn't use their abilities to the best of their ability.
Abby Harries
Abby Harries - Day ago
Us: ok boomer
Abby Harries
Abby Harries - Day ago
All of them: it’s easy to predict. I’m a psychic. I know who is lying.
Also all do them: I’m asking questions to find out whose lying
Thomas K
Thomas K - Day ago
So what's the difference between a psychic and a psychotic!
Absolutely Nothing!
Dhruva Shah
Dhruva Shah - Day ago
6 HP fans vs 1 LOTR fan
( I would support the mole here ofcourse)
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