I'm Getting Rid of this car... Who Wants it???

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Georgio Martinez
Georgio Martinez - 7 hours ago
done :-)
seth Soliz Beserra
seth Soliz Beserra - Day ago
How much for it
Ronald Abel
Ronald Abel - Day ago
If I wasn’t out of work for the past 18 months, I would definitely go for it. That car is beautiful.
TanMan - 2 days ago
Are the shirts true to size?
Tristan Smith
Tristan Smith - 2 days ago
autocross the goblin
David Laforce
David Laforce - 2 days ago
I need it
Marie Snopko
Marie Snopko - 4 days ago
A real grocery getter lol
live life to the fullest
Would be cool
Caymen Patterson
Caymen Patterson - 6 days ago
My girlfriend would be pissed. If I get it dont tell blake
1980Baldeagle - 6 days ago
Yeah, but the Goblin don't take Glock mags or backroad....now if you gave away a Hummer.....I'd subscribe to Tshirts for life....even if they were plain white Hanes.
Aaron Roberts
Aaron Roberts - 6 days ago
I came by today to pick up that car. I got it. Not sure if it's the right one? Just wanted to say thanks! Didn't see you around.
Inverted Pursuits
Inverted Pursuits - 7 days ago
You should sign and do a giveaway for the Goblin License Plates!
Rodrigo Brito A Beast
Rodrigo Brito A Beast - 8 days ago
Me plz
Ryan Francis
Ryan Francis - 10 days ago
@OffTheRanch - Just ordered my 12 month subscription!!! Cant wait to come pick up my Goblin!!!
busness none ya
busness none ya - 11 days ago
Im 14 and poor so i cant fml
Just J
Just J - 12 days ago
Godbless you for giving that away....I pray it's me....
justin young
justin young - 12 days ago
but i half some problems speling words some times
Dovaking1702 Taylor
Dovaking1702 Taylor - 13 days ago
Will you be able too ship too South Africa tho🤷‍♂️
Josh Jeter
Josh Jeter - 13 days ago
I can't win it I'm 11
Gary Garland
Gary Garland - 13 days ago
Its equivalent to a horse galloping with only 4 lbs on it's back.
Brandon Albright
Brandon Albright - 13 days ago
$17,000 cash would you do it befor the giveaway?
Vexxus Krow
Vexxus Krow - 13 days ago
Well good buy, I've always wanted a project but this 🤤😫 is saint work
Alex Merrick
Alex Merrick - 13 days ago
I waaaaant it
pro bro
pro bro - 13 days ago
I need a car for my girl
Briar Moshier
Briar Moshier - 13 days ago
Your biggest fan from Michigan wants it
JuviCBR 650
JuviCBR 650 - 14 days ago
I want it what is your price?
MoRioPL - 14 days ago
its lottery not a giveaway
Ian Curtis
Ian Curtis - 14 days ago
I'll give you 100,000 dollhairs for it
Steve-o opper
Steve-o opper - 14 days ago
Ooooh I want one! I want one!
Matthias Grollnigg
Matthias Grollnigg - 14 days ago
Awesome stuff Matt, I wanted to get a subscribtion but unfortunately you only ship to the US.. Are there any plans for expanding your merch to Europe?
Dan Fadden
Dan Fadden - 14 days ago
I don’t expect to win, but I joined anyway. Living vicariously through you has been awesome. Thanks for the great content.
salvadorrr 21
salvadorrr 21 - 14 days ago
i can only imagine winning this goblin
C Weaver
C Weaver - 14 days ago
I want it
Dominic Trujillo
Dominic Trujillo - 15 days ago
I love to have the golden
Maurice Hatzke
Maurice Hatzke - 15 days ago
I would really take care of the goblin, really, really, really take care of it. It would become my daily driver or when it rains i could sit next to it in the garage and tell it stories. Love this kit car.
Ronald Costigan
Ronald Costigan - 15 days ago
I am from Lansing Michigan good I would love to come down there in have that car used to have a doom buggy can a like that but that's way better Please pick me Lansing Michigan
Dang, I’d love to have that car. But I just moved and cash is tight. But that’s a really cool give away. I’ll share it for sure.
The Comedian
The Comedian - 16 days ago
Bruh, I'd love to have it.
David Arp
David Arp - 16 days ago
jeremy r
jeremy r - 16 days ago
Legit 3 sec in.. and going off the title.... nooooooooooo it smoked Roman's gtr. Haha and its sweet af
Polux81700 - 16 days ago
i see a bit of my european country on the seats, wouln't this make me one of the best candidates to win this? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Also, that would spare my mom buyimg me a car since i just got my driver liscense (i have the feeling that driving this as a new driver is a bad idea, but this bad boy looks so nice and sound like perfect x)
Logan Ebey
Logan Ebey - 16 days ago
Or I can meet you in tx and we can race for it lol
Lori W
Lori W - 16 days ago
Your kids must think you’re the coolest dad in the world!!! Next to mine…you are!😏
TEXAS W.&.A.R.R - 16 days ago
Me plz
alfonso Pina
alfonso Pina - 17 days ago
# NSDQ!!! a vet here just needs fancy wheels for work. hook a soldier up.
Jose Gonzalez
Jose Gonzalez - 17 days ago
I want it!!!
Giovanni Ambell
Giovanni Ambell - 18 days ago
Hey matt why not do a monthly automatic payment for the 12 month subscription?
Zac Duncan
Zac Duncan - 18 days ago
My step dad will take care of the car
Zac Duncan
Zac Duncan - 18 days ago
It's for my step dad
Rob Western
Rob Western - 18 days ago
Ship it over I can show you what it looks like down here
Cesar Arroyo
Cesar Arroyo - 18 days ago
Hes gonna destroy it first then give it away
Lucas McNeish
Lucas McNeish - 18 days ago
Shot it
Nunya Bizness
Nunya Bizness - 18 days ago
So, if everyone who liked this video actually got a 12 month subscription he would earn 4,750,000 on that car and if everyone just got the one month subscription that would be 475,000. This is a great idea for a business really, spend 28k to 35k for a complete Goblin to save yourself the time of building it. Then, you capitalize on your 2.8 million subscribers and offer a "Giveaway" for a subscription and come out like kings.
Xaeza Olt
Xaeza Olt - 18 days ago
I'm in Maryland, can I have it lol?
KenW66 - 19 days ago
You should race Roman's new GTR.
hypno vore
hypno vore - 19 days ago
hi, i'd love to play rocket league with that car ! is the shipping to france possible ? ^^
Pranjal Shukla
Pranjal Shukla - 19 days ago
JCB ki khudaii idhrr bhi [JCB diger truck's trend is going on in usa as well] nice
Papa N'diaye
Papa N'diaye - 19 days ago
I want it
Phillip Freeman
Phillip Freeman - 19 days ago
Dude what brand are your sunglasses?? Really like them
blake102989 - 19 days ago
Trade ya a 94 cobra lol
Ziouls - 19 days ago
3 month subscription does that mean I have a higher chance or not high at all?
Family Shenanigans
Family Shenanigans - 20 days ago
andrew bond
andrew bond - 20 days ago
I want that goblin
K3lvin Tran
K3lvin Tran - 20 days ago
Damn 25 pound of boost
Paul Hanuska Jr.
Paul Hanuska Jr. - 20 days ago
You have a lot on your plate dude. Handling it well but don’t burn yourself out. Love to you and yours from Virginia bro!
Olivier Pilon
Olivier Pilon - 20 days ago
That ain’t no dozer that’s a backhoe
nuuit gewond
nuuit gewond - 20 days ago
I'll buy it of you ship it to South Africa for me lol
ABLe Lawrence
ABLe Lawrence - 20 days ago
Cool car but pretty sure it wouldn't be as much fun in Canada. Thanks for all the videos eh
Kyle Ranville
Kyle Ranville - 20 days ago
Put "tool" holes in the panels 👌🏽
trevor jaster
trevor jaster - 20 days ago
I was actually thinking about joining any ways and i absolutely need a sports car so i will stop whipping my suv around
trevor jaster
trevor jaster - 20 days ago
I want it
Brandon Grossman
Brandon Grossman - 21 day ago
Wish I could win this
Mae Kelly
Mae Kelly - 21 day ago
I need to flex on my haters like u
Michael Caldwell
Michael Caldwell - 21 day ago
A man can only dream smh
Alexis - 21 day ago
so do you guys send your shirts to the netherlands?
TrailstoTracks.com - 21 day ago
When your kid wants a Lambo but winning this will work!
ranchero302me - 21 day ago
Lol yeehawww. Well I’d take
christina p
christina p - 21 day ago
Yup. I can see me now....bye grandkids....see ta later ♡ Nanny xox. Haha I'm a young grandmother.id love to be taking my grandkids in that Sweeeeeet ride♡♡ good luck to everyone!
Erichvont01 - 21 day ago
Nice car
tokenride04 - 21 day ago
what was both your reaction times on that drag? I stepped forward frame by frame and both yours and his wheels moved at the same time
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