I'm Getting Rid of this car... Who Wants it???

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Richard Kuklinski
Richard Kuklinski - 5 days ago
I thought you gave it away?
thomas treptow
thomas treptow - Month ago
Brenden Teague
Brenden Teague - Month ago
ME I will love to have it how much do you want?
Evan Pugh
Evan Pugh - 2 months ago
Thats a backhoe. Not a dozer, Matt
RIPPING BALD EAGLES - 2 months ago
No. Why why
Shelli Hayden
Shelli Hayden - 2 months ago
I would love to give this car to my husband. He drives a 100 miles everyday for work.
Kelly Keith
Kelly Keith - 3 months ago
I want that car Pleezzzzzzzz
Carlitos Iwp
Carlitos Iwp - 3 months ago
How much ?
Crafftyyy - 3 months ago
So sad I missed the deadline to enter :( Oh well best of luck to all who did.
WOW ZAPATA87 - 3 months ago
Did I win 😂🙏🏽
WOW ZAPATA87 - 3 months ago
Anyone win yet al take it 🙏🏽
TheTF01 - 3 months ago
I do, I do!
Robert InTheKitchen
Robert InTheKitchen - 3 months ago
I really need this car it might help me grow my channel.
Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith - 3 months ago
Ive been watching two of your channels for a few years now....i guess ill subscribe
Tj Martin
Tj Martin - 3 months ago
Love what Matt is doing. He is not only taking time out of his life everyday to create videos we cant get enough, but you can tell he really enjoys doing it and we the Demolita wait for new videos.
Well I never shop for clothes so it only made sense & signed up for the yr subscription. Winner or not I will renew every year to support entertainment that is enjoyable for the whole family! Hope I'm the next "John from TN" and win the coolest car ever. I can only imagine how the winner will feel!!!!!!!
J Freed
J Freed - 3 months ago
Subbed broski! See you down in Texas in a few weeks!!!
JunkYardGaming - 3 months ago
Always make me laugh
Me - 3 months ago
My car just threw a rod the other day, and a few months ago I thought its be a good idea to move in with my biologic family (I'm adopted) and so far it's not going well, it seems like they only let me move in cause the thought I was rich, now that they know I'm not they're jumping down my throat about nothing all the time and looking for reasons to kick me out even though I'm doing everything right. Itd be nice to have a sweet getaway vehicle for when I get fed up with their bullshit and decide to pack my two bags and gtfo of here 😉
noah monfrini
noah monfrini - 3 months ago
Ykno since I don't have a car you could throw it at me
Jack Marquardt
Jack Marquardt - 3 months ago
Georgio Martinez
Georgio Martinez - 3 months ago
done :-)
seth Soliz Beserra
seth Soliz Beserra - 3 months ago
How much for it
Ronald Abel
Ronald Abel - 3 months ago
If I wasn’t out of work for the past 18 months, I would definitely go for it. That car is beautiful.
TanMan - 3 months ago
Are the shirts true to size?
Tristan Smith
Tristan Smith - 3 months ago
autocross the goblin
David Laforce
David Laforce - 3 months ago
I need it
Marie Snopko
Marie Snopko - 4 months ago
A real grocery getter lol
live life to the fullest
live life to the fullest - 4 months ago
Would be cool
Caymen Patterson
Caymen Patterson - 4 months ago
My girlfriend would be pissed. If I get it dont tell blake
1980Baldeagle - 4 months ago
Yeah, but the Goblin don't take Glock mags or backroad....now if you gave away a Hummer.....I'd subscribe to Tshirts for life....even if they were plain white Hanes.
Aaron - 4 months ago
I came by today to pick up that car. I got it. Not sure if it's the right one? Just wanted to say thanks! Didn't see you around.
Inverted Pursuits
Inverted Pursuits - 4 months ago
You should sign and do a giveaway for the Goblin License Plates!
Rodrigo Brito A Beast
Rodrigo Brito A Beast - 4 months ago
Me plz
Ryan Francis
Ryan Francis - 4 months ago
@OffTheRanch - Just ordered my 12 month subscription!!! Cant wait to come pick up my Goblin!!!
brad's wife
brad's wife - 4 months ago
Im 14 and poor so i cant fml
Just J
Just J - 4 months ago
Godbless you for giving that away....I pray it's me....
justin young
justin young - 4 months ago
but i half some problems speling words some times
Dovaking1702 Taylor
Dovaking1702 Taylor - 4 months ago
Will you be able too ship too South Africa tho🤷‍♂️
Josh Jeter
Josh Jeter - 4 months ago
I can't win it I'm 11
Gary Garland
Gary Garland - 4 months ago
Its equivalent to a horse galloping with only 4 lbs on it's back.
Brandon Albright
Brandon Albright - 4 months ago
$17,000 cash would you do it befor the giveaway?
Vexxus Krow
Vexxus Krow - 4 months ago
Well good buy, I've always wanted a project but this 🤤😫 is saint work
Alex M.
Alex M. - 4 months ago
I waaaaant it
pro bro
pro bro - 4 months ago
I need a car for my girl
Briar Moshier
Briar Moshier - 4 months ago
Your biggest fan from Michigan wants it
JuviCBR 650
JuviCBR 650 - 4 months ago
I want it what is your price?
MoRioPL - 4 months ago
its lottery not a giveaway
Ian Curtis
Ian Curtis - 4 months ago
I'll give you 100,000 dollhairs for it
Steve-o opper
Steve-o opper - 4 months ago
Ooooh I want one! I want one!
Matthias Grollnigg
Matthias Grollnigg - 4 months ago
Awesome stuff Matt, I wanted to get a subscribtion but unfortunately you only ship to the US.. Are there any plans for expanding your merch to Europe?
Dan Fadden
Dan Fadden - 4 months ago
I don’t expect to win, but I joined anyway. Living vicariously through you has been awesome. Thanks for the great content.
salvadorrr 21
salvadorrr 21 - 4 months ago
i can only imagine winning this goblin
C Weaver
C Weaver - 4 months ago
I want it
Dominic Trujillo
Dominic Trujillo - 4 months ago
I love to have the golden
Maurice Hatzke
Maurice Hatzke - 4 months ago
I would really take care of the goblin, really, really, really take care of it. It would become my daily driver or when it rains i could sit next to it in the garage and tell it stories. Love this kit car.
Ronald Costigan
Ronald Costigan - 4 months ago
I am from Lansing Michigan good I would love to come down there in have that car used to have a doom buggy can a like that but that's way better Please pick me Lansing Michigan
Dang, I’d love to have that car. But I just moved and cash is tight. But that’s a really cool give away. I’ll share it for sure.
The Comedian
The Comedian - 4 months ago
Bruh, I'd love to have it.
absolutely done
absolutely done - 4 months ago
jeremy r
jeremy r - 4 months ago
Legit 3 sec in.. and going off the title.... nooooooooooo it smoked Roman's gtr. Haha and its sweet af
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