Here's a Tour of a $150,000 Mercedes S-Class ... From 1991

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Sean Lee
Sean Lee - 20 hours ago
I hate to disagree with you, Doug, but by 1991 BMW wasn’t a “struggling up and comer” anymore. I was in high school then and I remember how everyone would just drool over at the new 7 series that came out in, I believe, 1987.
jani h
jani h - Day ago
The amount of restraint required not to hold the horn down while flipping the horn signal-changer up and down to make a melody.
Kiro Bankov
Kiro Bankov - 3 days ago
Doug: "Back then there were no all wheel drive luxury cars..."  Audi V8: "Am I a joke to you?"
Jimmy - TLOPO
Jimmy - TLOPO - 4 days ago
Idk why it was so funny but when he said “not a car for the timid” I almost died
Alan Reynolds
Alan Reynolds - 4 days ago
Top Marks for bad looks = It's only missing caterpillar tracks !!!
Denis Ho
Denis Ho - 4 days ago
Wow that is one clean s class
Aleksandar Ski
Aleksandar Ski - 4 days ago
New World Order.
NikNax Everywhere
NikNax Everywhere - 5 days ago
still is the car of choice for every ruthless dictator in the
Ike N
Ike N - Day ago
Cue Coming To America King's theme.
Mahir Iftikhar
Mahir Iftikhar - 6 days ago
My uncle has mercedes e200 1982 it has 850k milage on it
chess1458 - 6 days ago
It was 80k new..Not 150
Ike N
Ike N - Day ago
Saud - 6 days ago
08:43 Even Dog can miss some German engineering details
There are little dots in between the yellow and white lines in the speedometer at 45mph, 80mph, and 125mph.
Those indicate the max speed at which the gear will shift.
Also if you floor the gas paddle it’ll stop you half way and you kinda have to press harder to click a switch down there to give you more power. What’s up Doug!😎
Garrison Nichols
Garrison Nichols - 6 days ago
Hey Dictator's have good taste!
Garrison Nichols
Garrison Nichols - 6 days ago
This is a Mercedes Benz and it has 300,000 miles and everything works like the day it was new, As long as you put the right gas in it and don't miss out on the $200 dollar oil changes.
Johnny R
Johnny R - 6 days ago
One more detail I loved about this car.... the wipers on the headlights also have hidden water jets in them. It shoots washer fluid as it wiped down the lights. It's activated only when traveling over 40mph and you hold back the windshield washer stalk for 3 seconds. My dad was very proud of this car. Great video. brings back lots of childhood memories!
The Survivalist Prepper
Shanina Wabitson
Shanina Wabitson - 8 days ago
I love Doug!
TheRacerRich - 8 days ago
The displacement was 5.547 liters, which to be fair to Doug is closer to 5.5 than to 5.6. It did not have 300 hp in the USA, it had 239 hp. Even in Europe you got 279hp unless you got the ECE option code.
The mirror is manual on the driver's side for a simple reason - it used to be that both mirrors were manual in earlier models, and when they added the power mirror to the passenger side for convenience they didn't add it to the driver's side for a long time because...well why do you need it?
The snowchain button is to tell the traction control to allow for more slip.
The ECE version of the engine would in fact get over 160, and in the right conditions could probably touch 170. If you're having to push hard, there is an issue with the throttle linkage, probably a bent throttle linkage rod. This would also explain the performance issue. It should be 0-60 in just about 7 seconds.
Cmd Delete
Cmd Delete - 9 days ago
Calling this a car of dictators is a cheap shot, what not just say politicians or senior management, which is closer to the truth. People bought them as they were well made and reliable, also understated. Rolls Royce and Bentleys were for the maximalist zero taste crowd, the kind that have more money than sense.
FINX W - 9 days ago
Saddam Hussein is the only person in Iraq is using this car for him and his security men no one dares from the citizens buying or driving this car it will get himself to Locked up
John Lexo
John Lexo - 9 days ago
Had one. Perfection. NO COMPLAINTS.Note: a reminder that European horsepower ratings are at the wheels vs. Jap/USA at the flywheel which will be higher because it does not have to change direction or have a load on it. Also, cars are taxed by horsepower so the lower the "horsepower".... Car was faster than it felt and could be tossed on back roads like a sports sedan. I should have kept it!!!!! :-(
All Sovereign
All Sovereign - 10 days ago
could you please make a video of the 1970s mercedes 600
Buck Gonsalvez
Buck Gonsalvez - 12 days ago
The only German Mercedes I would consider to own , The new German cars of today are overpriced money pits which I wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole !
Brandon N.
Brandon N. - 13 days ago
This car reminds me of the movie Coming To America 1988.
Michael - 15 days ago
My 85 BMW 535i had power head rests too but I have always loved the look of this car.
Live Happy
Live Happy - 18 days ago
“Medium Air” 🤣 This is why I love his channel!
Gregory Love
Gregory Love - 21 day ago
This car reminds me of Kris Jenner and Rob Kardashian
Arthur Aslibekyan
Arthur Aslibekyan - 22 days ago
Michael Cuellar
Michael Cuellar - 22 days ago
Can we talk about the monster who owns this car? Dude has the fader set all the way up front, and from the looks of that knob, it’s always been that way.
Colo Productions
Colo Productions - 23 days ago
This is not humor video
14:24 I'm gonna end this man while career
Casey Jones
Casey Jones - 23 days ago
Hahaha he said Long & Dictator in the same sentence!!!! 2:50 -2:56 wonder whats on Doug's mind??????
John Redman
John Redman - 24 days ago
There's a light on the lower strip of warning lights, "ASD". It refers to driving in snow and deserves mention. Tell us, please.
Luke Sylvester
Luke Sylvester - 25 days ago
1/10 Not enough dictator jokes
Zachary Weissman
Zachary Weissman - 25 days ago
My fathers 1989 BMW 735iL had keyless entry, however it was IR based and had to be reset any time the battery died on the car, the battery died on key itself or when the car was serviced (usually the dealer reset the key for you when it was serviced).
Ike N
Ike N - 5 hours ago
@Zachary Weissman Interesting, didn't realize US models had that by MY 1989.
Zachary Weissman
Zachary Weissman - 8 hours ago
Ike N yes in the US granted you had to lock and unlock, but it had an interesting feature, you could close all the windows and sunroof with the touch of a button.
Ike N
Ike N - Day ago
In the USA?
wooky chew bacca
wooky chew bacca - 26 days ago
This model might have been Mercedes' "Flagship" car but there was one even better for those that could afford it, the 500SEC (Gen-I) and 560SEC (Gen-II). they were called the "Banker's Hot Rod" and for those that had even deeper pockets it would have been sent over to the boys at AMG (now owned by Mercedes but not back then) to have literally the whole car modified, engine, suspension, body panels (even wide bodies). I "cut my teeth" on a 91 300SE and now have a 91 560SEC, the best driving, quickest, and most comfortable car I've ever owned.

Doug must not know why the SEL has a sluggish take off, while it has a 4 speed auto it normally starts off in 2nd gear unless you have done 1 of 3 things. Pulled the shifter down to first then back to Drive, have a 1st Gear Start module installed, or floored the gas which would kick into 1st gear for the launch
VIPER 2 - 27 days ago
Doug, really? Vent adjusters being located in the middle are so the driver can reach the right side adjuster. It only makes sense to have all 3 in the middle. It seems that what You call a Qwerk, Mercedes & most of the rest of us call a Feature! If you don't like the buzzer, disconnect it. I can observe 2 Qwerks about Doug. 1) Very negative! 2) Definitely not a "solution oriented" person. I could not even finish the video. To negative, almost bitchy.
Silver Cymbal
Silver Cymbal - 27 days ago
Amazing how this car still looks amazing, even the interior, for such an old car
Marky Mark
Marky Mark - 27 days ago
Doug when are you going to review the toyota camry 1998?
Ike N
Ike N - Day ago
Silly question considering how unremarkable it is. A 1997 model make sense, but still hardly of relevance.
13.42 Headlight wiper is for wiping snow. To use it, turn on the headlight then activate a windshield washer.
hatu schilli
hatu schilli - Month ago
what a beauty
Aнастасия Романовой
Finest piece of german engineering! Like a German Tiger I Tank in WW2! your "doug score" is a bad joke and you have no clue, you judging a 30 years old car with todays standards? REALLY?😣 this car was ahead of its builder time in 1979! this car was the ultra luxury car, the Flagship in "West Germany" a pure luxury tank! Not a "sports car" i drove an "500 SEC Coupe" from 1986.. it was magic.. also today! A Dislike for a clear misjudgement... amateur judgement, and not neutral...
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