who.df.is.chopper - Hour ago
But can you get chicks with it ?
ShinKyuubi - 2 hours ago
I'm pretty sure this right here would put a smile on Stan Lee's face.
Leif Boyle
Leif Boyle - 9 hours ago
Goals! 👌🏼
Daniel Vargo
Daniel Vargo - 9 hours ago
Dan L
Dan L - 10 hours ago
Didn't these things existed like since the 80s?
Dan L
Dan L - 5 hours ago
@Francis Tran 11/10
Francis Tran
Francis Tran - 5 hours ago
Dan L 10/10 grammar
mikasa MLBB
mikasa MLBB - 13 hours ago
That just awesome
Joe Gullach
Joe Gullach - 14 hours ago
What did he need an iron man suit for ? The jetpack already worked by itself. That was dumb
Christophe Groulx
Christophe Groulx - 5 hours ago
Joe Gullach armor, it can stop bullets
ChaitanyaA Kamble
ChaitanyaA Kamble - 22 hours ago
Use the legs for fly
ChaitanyaA Kamble
ChaitanyaA Kamble - 22 hours ago
Join the flying machine to your legs it will help more to fly in air
Bss Hunter
Bss Hunter - 23 hours ago
Which metal is Iron Man's suit?
carlos mario reinosos
Gracias te amamos
Jorge Santana
Jorge Santana - Day ago
He was gonna say Tony Ferguson lol
Robert Downey Jr would be proud.
Nick - 7 hours ago
JASMINE HEPHNER Robert Downey junior is alive ....
Abdul walli Engineering for kidzzz
Paint this suit and add Alex lab to it
myra dempsey
myra dempsey - Day ago
Kuldeep Rao
Kuldeep Rao - Day ago
Don't come too close to jet if you love your skin.
donkafa - 2 days ago
omg our dream is come true
Lissy Lissy
Lissy Lissy - 2 days ago
Is this suit made of iron??
Brad the impaler
Brad the impaler - 2 days ago
100% built by adam
Deva Darshan
Deva Darshan - 2 days ago
Indian scientist develop wonder material called black gold possibly you can remove the big battery
Daniel Quinto
Daniel Quinto - 2 days ago
I thought hacksmith do that iron man suit
Ziad Amr
Ziad Amr - 3 days ago
Hacksmith build this
김지원 - 3 days ago
what the .......
Ankle Drew
Ankle Drew - 3 days ago
Ready for september 20 💪
Randhir Yamgir
Randhir Yamgir - 3 days ago
Very good work but this is not like ironman suit your are close to ironman so continue
Nobodys Buddy
Nobodys Buddy - 3 days ago
Wouldnt it be easier to use computers to point the thrust the right way and avoid pointing them at his feet or something?
Nick - 6 hours ago
@Nobodys Buddy It'd be heavier more expensive and the lack of a easy fail safe would make that so dangerous
Nobodys Buddy
Nobodys Buddy - 6 hours ago
@Nick why? gyroscopes accelerometer control the Drones pretty well , why not this?
Nick - 7 hours ago
Nobodys Buddy no?
Funstar TV
Funstar TV - 3 days ago
this trash is not iron man suit
Isaak Costa
Isaak Costa - 3 days ago
We just got a super heroe
KYLE JANTJIES - 3 days ago
Dr Strange went back in time and disliked this 9.4k times
KYLE JANTJIES - 3 days ago
What's the energy source?
KYLE JANTJIES - 3 days ago
One day when I'm a billionaire this is what I'm spending my money on. Not monkeys as pets
Stephen MacMaster
Stephen MacMaster - 3 days ago
you do know that you can take a perpetual drive engine with magnets and use a motorcycle alternator to create electricity in a small backpack 3 jet engines EDF 300cc jet engines on the back one on each arm one on each leg you'll have unlimited flight time anybody want to work on the idea with me let me know I have some prototype information and all the schematics and yes to 300cc EDF fan motors will lift my hundred and sixty-eight lb self off the ground
durva pathak
durva pathak - 3 days ago
Beckman - 3 days ago
*Let Us Not Forget Troy Hurtubise, The Original Bulletproof Titanium “Iron Man”.*
ALI WARISH SAIFI - 3 days ago
Until we don't get nanotechnology ,,, we can't make a suit like iron man
STEF RICH - 3 days ago
Need a shock absorber syst on the legs for a painless landing .
But this is so awesome !
Elijah Mikaelson
Elijah Mikaelson - 3 days ago
If Tony Stark doesn’t exist, then how do you explain Robert Downey Jr.
Maxthegamer 1701
Maxthegamer 1701 - 21 hour ago
Rajendra Prasad Sharma r/wooosh
Elijah Mikaelson
Elijah Mikaelson - Day ago
Same thing Robert Downey Jr. IS Iron Man.
Rajendra Prasad Sharma
more like if RDJ doesnt exist how do we explain Tony Stark Or Iron Man
Mihir Pagade
Mihir Pagade - 3 days ago
WARRISONY - 4 days ago
Me and the boys in

Area 51
Zacharyq Jordan
Zacharyq Jordan - 4 days ago
Lol if tony was real we would have way better technology
Kokorocodon - 2 days ago
If he was real he wouldn't do shit because this is the real world
The Red Mage
The Red Mage - 4 days ago
I don't know why but my message has been erased concerning the helmet Vision situation. I don't know why but I'm going to keep an eye out for this to happen again. What they need to do is to get a hold of Google and take their new Google Glass wear and install into helmet. Cameras for better View and monitoring for fuel and Aviation. Plus they can get better 360 visuals. Let's see if this gets erased this time!
ruffy - 4 days ago
Looks like humans need another 150 years before the technology in the marvel movies become reality
The Red Mage
The Red Mage - 4 days ago
Somebody should possibly get in touch with Doctor soles
The Red Mage
The Red Mage - 4 days ago
And run some type of shock absorber from bottom of sole to upper back to support neck to relieve pressure for landing
The Red Mage
The Red Mage - 4 days ago
Now what they need to do is use the tech from Google smart glass or whoever is coming out with the new glasses in the vision of the Iron Man suit
Geraldero - 4 days ago
Yo vengo por wefere
Muniraja Muni
Muniraja Muni - 4 days ago
That's owesome 😘😘😘
Tyran the fox
Tyran the fox - 4 days ago
no way That's Amazing!
Diwas Talanga
Diwas Talanga - 4 days ago
Holy Shit!!!
Thunder Productions
Thunder Productions - 4 days ago
he wiol be a good fighter in the area 51 raid
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