$15 Self-Setting Fishing Rod - THIS IS TOO EASY!

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Stephen Gaj
Stephen Gaj - 6 hours ago
Change out the spring
BABYDIRK - Day ago
I would of laughed so hard if it smacked him in the face at the beginning
CadenCC - Day ago
He called that first fish a big catfish, but anything less than 8 pounds i consider small. Is that weird?
steve cooper
steve cooper - Day ago
Move small tiny hinge and heavy duty spring,break angle closer to pole tip.
SspazZ Madox
SspazZ Madox - 2 days ago
Who else got a fishing add right before. This
Vital_Edits - 19 hours ago
SspazZ Madox the fishing app add?
THRASHING ART - 2 days ago
1:00 there's a t-rex in the back
el bey malek
el bey malek - 2 days ago
Is this MIKE CHANG from Sixpackshortcut?😂😂😂
_gameris_ - 2 days ago
Hello iam from czech and we have here 2 meter + catfish you can try that here
Phoenix_ fir3x
Phoenix_ fir3x - 3 days ago
At one point he used 2 of the same clips around 4:05
Brayden Cochran Outdoors
That dude it’s a good one it’s a good one well he’s small 😂
Kyle Van der kolff
Kyle Van der kolff - 3 days ago
Wish is global
Devin Crisp
Devin Crisp - 3 days ago
So did anyone hear the screaming at the beginning of the video or js that just me
Anthony Ramirez
Anthony Ramirez - 3 days ago
Do you guys not hear Sasquatch in the woods at 1:00
ZAK- SPEC - 3 days ago
What Chinese website did u get these from
Eain Kernutt
Eain Kernutt - 4 days ago
The chinese work snarter not harder
Shay Bob27
Shay Bob27 - 4 days ago
What are those sounds at 57sec
ricecrispyoofs - 4 days ago
Setting the hook is the best part
Dylan_ Runner
Dylan_ Runner - 4 days ago
that's Colfax west virginia I fish there a lot I live about ten min from there sweet!!!!
Molli Bailey
Molli Bailey - 5 days ago
to the people asking why he sat so far from the pole in the beginning, i think he was sitting near it but he was waiting to see if he fish got off
machew2009 - 7 days ago
Those fishing rods are illegal in the state I live in
Kirk Davis
Kirk Davis - 9 days ago
Where you get your salty squid and such?
Hey Skipper
Hey Skipper - 9 days ago
We made it! You an get it on our site
Tyler Beggs
Tyler Beggs - 13 days ago
No disrespect, but that's just cheap and lazy. I just couldn't call myself a fisherman, if I can't set the hook myself.
PLG - 13 days ago
Hey do you think you can make a video of how to put it together please if not it’s OK I can look it up on the Internet
PLG - 13 days ago
Senior skipper I just got the self setting fishing rod one of your YouTube videos called $15 rod
Sewing in Trifocals - Alison Defrese
P.S. It looks fun!
Sewing in Trifocals - Alison Defrese
I just got the same rod, I *think* it's the same one, anyway. I bought it on eBay, and it arrived today. "Weiting" brand, so I'll be "Weiting" to see if I catch a catfish. Thanks for this vid including instructions! No instructions came with my "Weiting" rod. ( o ;
pony centaur
pony centaur - 17 days ago
friend says its made for c-hooks. But i'd say replace the spring with something much more stronger.
Dragon Tech Gaming
Dragon Tech Gaming - 22 days ago
lol china didn't create it they just copied it like they do with everything else
MRBOOOYA MrGamer - 23 days ago
Well in some places in America you are not allowed to put your pole down like that, the rod is suppose to be in your hand at all times
TapSnapOrNap 203
TapSnapOrNap 203 - 24 days ago
Yeh those chemicals aren't bad for the fish...
boostedsil40 - 26 days ago
Honestlly they should have added a few different spring tensions,a stiffer spring would make a good hookset it seems.
OmazingE30 - Month ago
I need this to pull out... got to many kids
Richard Mullins
Richard Mullins - Month ago
Would setting your drag tighter help set the hook more?
Billy Rigo "Your Bearded Realtor"
One of the funniest parts of catching a fish is setting that hook! That takes the fun out of it.
STAX onDECK - Month ago
"Thats a good one" shut the fuck up ya hillbilly cunt
Warren Qualls
Warren Qualls - Month ago
Yeah let me give you a clue sharpen your hook. And I don't care if it says pre-sharpened. Sharpen your hook
4u25out - Month ago
I’ve been fishing over 30+years...Fishing 🎣 is supposed to be a challenging...,using a contraption like this takes the fun out of fishing.
Pablo Nieto
Pablo Nieto - Month ago
Why are you always to far away? But really cool rod.
The God Hades
The God Hades - Month ago
not sensitive to strikes
Blood mark
Blood mark - Month ago
Fish hunter, just set the trap around the pound and walk around if coughed any.
Don Juan
Don Juan - Month ago
Good review looks like your having fun. I need a rod that will clean the fish.
هنكل HNKL
هنكل HNKL - Month ago
It’s not gas powered. (Like if u know where I got this from)
potpot fat
potpot fat - Month ago
Michel revvs
Ghost of Bill Cooper
Ghost of Bill Cooper - Month ago
"I don't really see this innovation in America." What would be the point? Chinese are just gonna steal your idea and mass produce it.
joker420 rn4l
joker420 rn4l - Month ago
Gotta set my own hook. Maybe I'll buy for my kid
Gatlin West
Gatlin West - Month ago
Hey that’s guyses run! I fish that pond weekly, sounds like you met Mac!
真狂言无良 - Month ago
Meanwhile in USA
Trump : China steal our technology and we lost billions and billions and billions and billions......
quintin turpin
quintin turpin - Month ago
4:54 that would be se funny is the catfish jump out and hit him the face or head
Chucho's World YT
Chucho's World YT - Month ago
Is it bad that I actually want to buy this fishing rod😅
shane molloy
shane molloy - Month ago
Like buying your wife a dildo it does the fun bit
Jason Crabb
Jason Crabb - Month ago
Never fails, someone that has ALL the answers and knows ALL there is to know comes along to inform everybody.
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