Drake’s antics are ‘too much’ during the Raptors-Bucks series - Shannon Sharpe | NBA | UNDISPUTED

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Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
What are your thoughts on Drake’s antics?
Jake4rom StateFarm
Jake4rom StateFarm - 5 months ago
Lol Warrior Fan at the best "nice Shannon!" Wait until Game 6 when Toronto Wins 4-2 and you're sippin your Henny crying!
Jake4rom StateFarm
Jake4rom StateFarm - 5 months ago
Lol Warrior Fan at the best "nice Shannon!" Wait until Game 6 when Toronto Wins 4-2 and you're sippin your Henny crying!
Brian Watkins
Brian Watkins - 3 months ago
2:42 why he can't sit down😂😂😂😂
Cody MacCarroll
Cody MacCarroll - 4 months ago
I would pay money to see Shannon run right through Drake
RICKEYDD - 5 months ago
so....... Drake Gets a Pass, But a normal Raptors fan can't...
OJ OJCMUSIC - 5 months ago
Team drake/skip
Capt Cav76
Capt Cav76 - 5 months ago
Try listening to this whole conversation at 0.5 speed............. you'll laugh
k crewsfromphilly
k crewsfromphilly - 5 months ago
LMAO they ain't on no national map. Shannon Sharp Hillarious
k crewsfromphilly
k crewsfromphilly - 5 months ago
Sharp said like p Diddy all up in everybody video. 😀😀😀😀 Hillarious
Jake4rom StateFarm
Jake4rom StateFarm - 5 months ago
Lol Warrior Fan at the best "nice Shannon!"
Wait until Game 6 when Toronto Wins 4-2 and you're sippin your Henny crying!
atl_1ne - 5 months ago

true that. poor Skip who had to play opposition on this one.
atl_1ne - 5 months ago

true that. poor Skip who had to play opposition on this one.
Ben Didemus
Ben Didemus - 5 months ago
Shannon Sharpe is amazing :)
The D.E.T.
The D.E.T. - 5 months ago
Drake yes might be a little out of line ➖but you must understand, he is an extremely intense Scorpion 🦂 man. Never doing anything in half measure, it’s not in his nature. Whatever he does, he puts his all into it. Whether it be cheering and supporting his fav sports team, working on his music, having fun with friends and family, and especially when it comes to his business. Unfortunately sometimes they don’t know when to calm down.
Deadly Feast
Deadly Feast - 5 months ago
They should Madonna come out and kiss him again. That will get him to stop!
Ary Munoz
Ary Munoz - 5 months ago
I understand people and fans supporting their team but this guy is starting to turn into a nuisance shouldn't be able to walk up and down the sidelines it's obvious he's going overboard it's an Overkill and there's a line you have to draw.
Alex Longfield
Alex Longfield - 5 months ago
As a Raptors fan, I really wish Drake would sit down but technically, he is an 'employee' of the Raptors (global ambassador or something) so he should be allowed to do whatever the Raptors let him do.
Garret Woods
Garret Woods - 5 months ago
That uncle Tom mfer!!!
Angel Clarke
Angel Clarke - 5 months ago
He the.New spike
Andre G.
Andre G. - 5 months ago
This Shannon guy sounds like a dumb Neanderthal
richard jones
richard jones - 5 months ago
Spike lee did almost as much against Reggie Miller back in the day!
2 Finger Stinger
2 Finger Stinger - 5 months ago
Drake doing this: EZ Pass
Anyone else: kicked out for life
Curly Hair Messiah
Curly Hair Messiah - 5 months ago
Anyone else isn’t an ambassador for the raptors tho
Jimmy Nieves
Jimmy Nieves - 5 months ago
The bottom line is that these (ne)ver (gro)ws are addicted to attention and foolishness. Drake is simply a man-chiild with no self control.
IamKOKAYN - 5 months ago
All I know is Drake better tone it down against GS... he definitely gonna make it worse on the Raptors
Gorditaz - 5 months ago
Raptors fans be getting two shows. Raptors game and drake. 👍
JKon - 5 months ago
Whenever Skip's voice cracks, squeaks, and says 'Yah' w/ an awkward tone.... he is at a loss for words and defeated each time.
Benjamin Garcia
Benjamin Garcia - 5 months ago
im with skip with this one. Shannon you cant win to a guy that is not a player and you gonna look for lose ball to get at drake wow thats a dumb move risking your self to a mascot. remember those fan say badthing to a player and it gets personal how about that.
El Quednau
El Quednau - 5 months ago
Skip knowing about clowning and trolling is pretty impressive
B Andrews
B Andrews - 5 months ago
He was about to check in the game bahahahahaha
Donna Dunbar
Donna Dunbar - 5 months ago
Milwaukee shuda won series n shut drake up. They loss 4 straight afta being up 2-0 🤦
J J Flamez
J J Flamez - 5 months ago
Skip is a lame
Kirko Bangz
Kirko Bangz - 5 months ago
“WHY HE CAN’T SIT DOWN?!!!” - Shannon - haahhahahahahhahahahahah
KL Chambers
KL Chambers - 5 months ago
It’s all entertainment until Draymond shove Drake out his way lmao
City of Angelz
City of Angelz - 5 months ago
Drake is being talked about on ESPN. Mega star.
Da fuckery Show
Da fuckery Show - 5 months ago
Da fuckery
The Journey
The Journey - 5 months ago
Shannon is wrong and skip is right !? That’s unusual
Neal Capuchino
Neal Capuchino - 5 months ago
imagine spike lee?????......oh yeah nothing to cheer about!!!!
Jonathan Jones
Jonathan Jones - 5 months ago
As long as he keeps these antics up when the Raptors get swept! Haha I would love to see the warriors lose, but Drake will only have one time to make fun of the warriors before they shoot the Raptors lights out. Hes gonna get his team kilt, he fixin to help steph become the finals mvp😂
VariableZ_TTv - 5 months ago
Skip was kinda right this time
Joey Baseball
Joey Baseball - 5 months ago
I agree with them both. I feel his antics are ridiculous, but he's Drake. I like seeing him get passionate for his team. I like that he isn't jaded beyond belief, and that he's getting up, dancing, hootin' n hollerin'.
mohd hanifi
mohd hanifi - 5 months ago
Lol raptors won, watching these videos make me CRINGE
williamsebastian - 5 months ago
"It's a small circus, they got a tiger and a bear" 😅😅😅😂😂
Ruthless Robbery
Ruthless Robbery - 5 months ago
MuZiSeAN Stevens
MuZiSeAN Stevens - 5 months ago
Wth Shannon talks bout!?! Look at this fool SPIKE LEE! https://youtu.be/5kdCOMy3UFk
Yolanda Fullard
Yolanda Fullard - 5 months ago
Ctfu @shannonsharpe
Terence Thomas
Terence Thomas - 5 months ago
Sharpe is like the black mans black man
Terence Thomas
Terence Thomas - 5 months ago
Love me some shay sharpe the orange and blue assassin
Hunter Meyers
Hunter Meyers - 5 months ago
Imagine liking Drakes music 🤮
paul christman
paul christman - 5 months ago
skips a drake fan? dude your pushing 70! stop bullshitting!
marrymemaddie - 5 months ago
Drake is white. That's how they act.
Doron Bond
Doron Bond - 5 months ago
@0:54 🤣😆
Doron Bond
Doron Bond - 5 months ago
Joy laugh @0:54 😆🤣
Movies&&Highlights!!! - 5 months ago
Shannon does the antics at LeBron games
Obvious Troll
Obvious Troll - 5 months ago
Calvin Gates
Calvin Gates - 5 months ago
Let Drake be great 🤣🤣🤣
Don - 5 months ago
Lmaoo Shannon watches COJ144
CLB - 5 months ago
Can't believe I agree with Skip for once. Not only is Drake you know, DRAKE, but he is also officially employed by the team. Whats wrong with an employee rubbing the coaches shoulders. Shouting and cheering, all fans do that. Now if he went up to the opposing bench and got in their face, that's not ok, but he's not doing that
R P - 5 months ago
I never thought I’d see the day. Great job European man for supporting Drizzy. The only annoying antics are the ones performed during this convo!!! Nonstop!!
R P - 5 months ago
Here’s a line drake, “the sixth man from da six”
J -
J - - 5 months ago
Anything to be noticed. Couldn't let the raptors get the glory alone. Hog!
Cozier Finess God
Cozier Finess God - 5 months ago
Haha like p.diddy all in the videos
Jeffrey Ingram
Jeffrey Ingram - 5 months ago
" they ain't on no national stage " unc is to funny.
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