The New Ford Ranger Raptor

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Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne - 3 hours ago
I'm buying this raptor
Tyler Menhs
Tyler Menhs - Day ago
Don't tell me it's KEN BLOCK 😎
Lyn Broqz
Lyn Broqz - 2 days ago
Wow amazing
Ksv Tech
Ksv Tech - 2 days ago
Awesome, Seems Like Hollywood Sequel Movie
Ross Moore
Ross Moore - 3 days ago
Pity they forgot to put the rest of the engine in
Denis Aslan
Denis Aslan - 4 days ago
I Like the f150 raptor shelby not this becouse orice exactli Like the raptor
Internet Bull
Internet Bull - 5 days ago
Beast is always beast
Adarlindo Nunes
Adarlindo Nunes - 5 days ago
bruno bar a dele
ym Ym
ym Ym - 6 days ago
والله يا هذا الاعلان مكلف ومتعوب عليه عساهم على خسارتهم هذي تجي مبيعات
Selvin Edgardo B
Selvin Edgardo B - 6 days ago
Mustafa Elmas
Mustafa Elmas - 9 days ago
This is machine
Liber Loor
Liber Loor - 11 days ago
Magno SKOL
Magno SKOL - 11 days ago
Arrepiei com esse vídeo
스크린캠프 Screen camp
Minh Nguyen
Minh Nguyen - 18 days ago
Euripedes Nascimento de Paula
Vallllleu ford ok
Steven De Oliveira
Steven De Oliveira - 23 days ago
Man that's an awesome video, well done to whoever was part of this.. Nothing to be said, looks great
Nicolas Benitez
Nicolas Benitez - 24 days ago
Holy cow
Djalma Pereira
Djalma Pereira - 25 days ago
Puta que lá merda!!
Izzuddin Shmn
Izzuddin Shmn - 27 days ago
My father have too
Chris Yee yee
Chris Yee yee - 3 days ago
Izzuddin Shmn Rich kid
Yusuf Bicakci
Yusuf Bicakci - 28 days ago
Ulan bizde birgun fort sahibi olabilcezmi acaba
Eddley.A. - Month ago
Dream car!
Uğur Çelebi
Uğur Çelebi - Month ago
adamlar insanları yani ürünlerini tanıyor... yoksa, böyle bir şeye neden gerek olsun ki?
Atilla Gökce
Atilla Gökce - Month ago
Finally in Turkey!
Flo 36
Flo 36 - Month ago
Richtig geiles Auto 👍🏻 leider komplett untermotorisiert für die Größe, Schade 😏
Brenden Louis
Brenden Louis - Month ago
Bring it to North America!
1nt3rl0ck - Month ago
1:25 .. lol junk moves
Kevin Albo Gomez Gomez
Lastima que en países latinoamericanos no llega de la misma calidad
Logical cal
Logical cal - Month ago
Dian Irvanto
Dian Irvanto - Month ago
Istimiwir wong😄
MW Sc - Month ago
A propaganda legal mas esse final da detonação ficou meio que de mais não precisava disso.
Rasmus Wallander
Rasmus Wallander - Month ago
Im doing this to my -01 ranger and it hasn’t broken yet
Ryan - Month ago
1:00 When u think you have a drift car but actually have a 4×4 truck
Zikry Ayub
Zikry Ayub - 2 months ago
im watching it now in my raptor lmao
TAC - 2 months ago
Baby there is nothing Holden me back😂🍻✌🚹✝️
ramonrodriguezist - 2 months ago
wow this comercial is a masterpiece, made me want to buy this right away
Rajaryan Kausar
Rajaryan Kausar - 2 months ago
Back to indonesia please🇮🇩
NE ONE - 2 months ago
There is Something...called Adrenaline Russhh.
Konstantinos - 2 months ago
Does Ranger Raptor has standard equipment around the globe or does it varies from country to country ?
Carlovfx - 2 months ago
Kids please, dont ride a ranger raptor beside an exploding charge demolishing a hill side. I know it's cool but you could lose your life, instead stay home and play videogames.
Dingas Healthy Lifestyle
Dingas Healthy Lifestyle - 2 months ago
They have got to have a Ford raptor as a least before i die
Joaquin Orozco G.
Joaquin Orozco G. - 2 months ago
Nice promo, it was like mad max fury road 👍👍👍👍👍🤤
꧁miss꧂ - 2 months ago
Wow! Amazing job Ford
This is my favorite pick up truck, and in my opinion the most beautiful. ♥
Avrai - 2 months ago
1:13 dolphins following a ship on the sea
Nicolás Porras Ardila
Nicolás Porras Ardila - 2 months ago
This easily could be part of Mad Max, amazing!
Kalp Das
Kalp Das - 2 months ago
India is waiting for u love 😍😘🇮🇳
abu rianto
abu rianto - 2 months ago
istimiwir kiwir kiwir
Aidan Ryan 458
Aidan Ryan 458 - 2 months ago
I'd it available as a commercial
مصطفى الريسم
مصطفى الريسم - 2 months ago
Undoubtedly it's the best it's the monster
william davis
william davis - 2 months ago
Damn did they get ken block to do this
Clifton Gala
Clifton Gala - 2 months ago
What about selling the F150 in Portugal 🇵🇹 !
Ling - 2 months ago
It’s a beefy truck
Ling - 2 months ago
Imagine a minecraft video getting 8x the amount of views then this lmao
Lance Hondrade
Lance Hondrade - 2 months ago
Ford Raptor: *That’s my boy!*
Lance Hondrade
Lance Hondrade - 2 months ago
That also moment when Ford Europe has a better marketing campaign than Ford itself.
Lance Hondrade
Lance Hondrade - 2 months ago
Pretty badass for a car that hits 60 mph in 10.5 seconds.
Ahmed Waheed
Ahmed Waheed - 2 months ago
I love Ford
Thegamingspino 0
Thegamingspino 0 - 2 months ago
This reminds me of forza horizon 4 so much
La Pantera Dice
La Pantera Dice - 2 months ago
Ese final no me lo esperaba.
Yunus İlhan
Yunus İlhan - 2 months ago
Like 1:23
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