It’s Finally Here!! (Never Stop Tour 2)

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Dylan Khan
Dylan Khan - 2 days ago
Love the editing, love the music (we survived remix by dark cat could not be a more sick song) love the channel. Keep it up man, never stop.
Haha Lol
Haha Lol - 8 days ago
When u buy a 20 car garage in GTA
NHL Highlights
NHL Highlights - 11 days ago
Is that Parker Arizona in ur intro??? I have a house there
Discover Life Media
Discover Life Media - 12 days ago
Always nice stuff from this channel!
niktube gaming
niktube gaming - 16 days ago
Hey man please tell me when you are giving stuff to kids. I am 9 years old my birthday is on Saturday I love your channel and fishing. My name is yuvashan and Never stop
Dustin Duncan
Dustin Duncan - 16 days ago
When are the actual videos dropping? Been waiting for this since you guys came to San Diego!
Ryan Thegod131
Ryan Thegod131 - 17 days ago
I thought it was the first episode though
Ryan Thegod131
Ryan Thegod131 - 17 days ago
That trailer is so cool
Nexus Four
Nexus Four - 18 days ago
When's the rest of the videos gonna be here I'm tired of waiting.
Cash Man
Cash Man - 20 days ago
I just found these guys like a month and a half ago and turns out their ha is only 30 minutes away
James Guest
James Guest - 20 days ago
Click bait
Eight Point Construction
Eight Point Construction - 20 days ago
You making it to the Cape cod canal again this year?
Robert Pelayo
Robert Pelayo - 21 day ago
In what video does peric break his rod in
MBNOutdoors NB
MBNOutdoors NB - 21 day ago
I've been watching you guys for a couple years now and it is unreal how much you all have grown great job!
Daboss 7419
Daboss 7419 - 22 days ago
What an I fro
cliff utech
cliff utech - 22 days ago
Just copped a sweater Jonny!
Andrew Roney
Andrew Roney - 23 days ago
Your edits never fail to impress me. Good work
Sammy From Miami
Sammy From Miami - 23 days ago
Now you see it, now you don't. What a shame that you limited viewing. Unfollowed!
Cory Eggleston
Cory Eggleston - 23 days ago
Fast forwarded threw whole thing.
DC bassing
DC bassing - 25 days ago
when is the real nst2 dropping?
Scottie Self
Scottie Self - 25 days ago
Damn dude that clean 94-96 light blue f150 when he was pressure watching the boat was nice tho
Southern Outcast
Southern Outcast - 26 days ago
Still waiting for NS2 to air the first episode... wait is killing me
Swaggasaurst23 beep
Swaggasaurst23 beep - 26 days ago
Where it at though
Dark flame Master
Dark flame Master - 26 days ago
The openings for your big tours are literally like watching a movie intro and it’s amazing😂
johnny adamany
johnny adamany - 26 days ago
Can the never stop tour please be in Canada again. I just gave me a very cool vibe. I'm always nostalgic about the series and go back to it all the time.
5280 Films
5280 Films - 27 days ago
Greatest intro ever but I thought this was the first episode of NST2 can’t wait
Lance Marcrom
Lance Marcrom - 28 days ago
I will take Ricky
Joe Kopale
Joe Kopale - 28 days ago
Never stop never stopping
Rusty Wells
Rusty Wells - 28 days ago
Rob's never been on a college campus! LMFAO 😂😂🤣 😂🤣 😂😂😂 did you see the body language from Rob when John said that?
Aras Daulys
Aras Daulys - 28 days ago
Sad I can’t buy a shirt, don’t have a way to buy one online
Fishing The Odds
Fishing The Odds - 29 days ago
Trailer = Quality. Quality = Me watching for 18 minutes
Fishing MW
Fishing MW - 29 days ago
Click bait.
Brett Y.
Brett Y. - 29 days ago
When is there gonna be sizes in stock? Only XS and S available
Alan Harris
Alan Harris - 29 days ago
Well this blows! I won't be able to be reached in the event I was the lucky winner.
Brady Chronister
Brady Chronister - 29 days ago
I just graduated from to UNT, been to that Smoothie King plenty of times
Daniel Daugherty
Daniel Daugherty - 29 days ago
👀👀👀👀that intro gave me goosebumps. Freakin flawless. And Jon you’re such a great narrator.
Attack Life Outdoors
Attack Life Outdoors - 29 days ago
You should seriously clean and dry you boat after every trip in Texas, half the lakes have invasive zebra muscles and the other half will end up with them if people don't pay attention.
Naz Gaming
Naz Gaming - 29 days ago
“69 hours with your host,.... Ron Jeremy”
Elisha Taylor
Elisha Taylor - 29 days ago
Thank you for your good videos they make me fill better about going fishing
Austin Robert
Austin Robert - 29 days ago
Click bait.
Cole Pfund
Cole Pfund - Month ago
10:35 the bottle landed😂😂😂
Nutrilizer554 - Month ago
Jon you should come to washington state. I whould like to see you get some of the big fish that we have
Big Bassin TV
Big Bassin TV - Month ago
You should come down to central Florida Tampa, Lakeland area great LMB fishing
djara - Month ago
200 bucks for the Ricky boat
Daniel Wood
Daniel Wood - Month ago
Jon B, I feel a little old but i'm a huge fan. keep it going man.
In The Bucket Outdoors
Hey jon we need more merch, I need me a 4Runner t shirt with that boat ASAP!
In The Bucket Outdoors
In The Bucket Outdoors - 20 days ago
2XL plz still out of stock
Corrow Sports TV
Corrow Sports TV - Month ago
“She is the absolute sEx MaChInE
Morgan Fiene
Morgan Fiene - Month ago
What’s the address to this I wanna come ?
Nlexoify - Month ago
You have like 1k comments on each video, so i don't think you will read all of them, but if you do - I just want to tell you that you are only YouTuber with fishing content, whom i am able to watch. Everyone else is just plain weird or looks super fake. You are like pewdiepie of fishing, really, very authentic and down to earth. I am happy that you have so many subs :)
babeanr _
babeanr _ - Month ago
My picture is me when the tittle didn’t add up to the video
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