How To: Tell A Great Story- 5 storytelling tips

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Salina Karbache
Salina Karbache - 2 months ago
i'll definitly use the expectation reality thing and the settle the emotions in the begining
Salina Karbache
Salina Karbache - 2 months ago
idk why i feel like jake paul watches your videos , like the drama and hopes and fears thing with the exageration it is completly him and that didn't made me want to watch his vlogs they just bored the hell out of me with all his talking and dramatizatiuuuunn omg it is more annoying than annything else
Abhishek Saini
Abhishek Saini - 2 months ago
Please make more videos on story telling.
Kristina Manukyan
Kristina Manukyan - 2 months ago
Thanks a lot for the video! This was one of the actually helpful advises :)
Jake flash fr/mu
Jake flash fr/mu - 2 months ago
Isn't the N
Normal, explosion and new normal thing just a shortened version of "The Hero's Odyssey"?
Sharon DeCaro
Sharon DeCaro - 3 months ago
Chris, I'm starting on my public speaking journey and these tips were exactly what I needed to hear. Also, for presentions. Please do more! :D
newgamingspies - 3 months ago
What was the song used for the Outro? Sounds so good!
It doesn't sound like Superfly, so is it another version?
Gabriela Diaz
Gabriela Diaz - 4 months ago
Love this video! Succinct, accurate, and with good visuals. I'll definitely use it with my ESL students to prep them for storytelling activities.
Desmond McCaffrey
Desmond McCaffrey - 4 months ago
Thank you! Very valuable and timely information for me.
Derrick Duplessy
Derrick Duplessy - 4 months ago
Simple and effective. I will incorporate these techniques every day until I master them. Thanks Chris.
Robert Iyer
Robert Iyer - 4 months ago
Great video, Chris! You did your homework alright! You quoted the best people in storytelling!!!!
Eduardo Muniz
Eduardo Muniz - 5 months ago
more, please!
W Kuhlewind
W Kuhlewind - 6 months ago
Yea, do more of the story telling tip vids.
Barry Maskell
Barry Maskell - 6 months ago
Classic - thanks for these 5 tips
Devankur Mitra
Devankur Mitra - 7 months ago
Pls do more such practical story telling tips
Devankur Mitra
Devankur Mitra - 7 months ago
Tip 3 is actually practical
IamPackman - 7 months ago
thank you so much! this is going to help me out so much!! Keep Making More!
The Futur
The Futur - 7 months ago
Thank you.
salma sameh
salma sameh - 7 months ago
Man you're Awesome
The Futur
The Futur - 7 months ago
Thank you.
Hung Nguyen Canh
Hung Nguyen Canh - 7 months ago
just watching this to get pass my incoming drama test thanks a lot
Yossi Molcho
Yossi Molcho - 8 months ago
Perfect. Thanks
Priyesh Jadhav
Priyesh Jadhav - 8 months ago
Can we have some tips on Creating Social media Campaigns
The Futur
The Futur - 8 months ago
Check out the Bonnie Tsang episode.
Pedro Andrade
Pedro Andrade - 8 months ago
Those tips are amazing for making a good case studies. Thanks a lot Chris.
And the #TheFuturAthon goes on!
Dads Quality Stories
Dads Quality Stories - 9 months ago
Good job Chris, salient points for us all to remember!
Aswin K Madhu
Aswin K Madhu - 9 months ago
Somanna Kumar
Somanna Kumar - 10 months ago
how love story like here
Mark The Coder
Mark The Coder - 10 months ago
the best so far.. cool vid about story telling... really looking for this one. thankyou
ijlal Haider
ijlal Haider - 10 months ago
Just watched your video, and it sounds amazing, can't wait to apply these tips to my story. Thanks
Karthik Surya
Karthik Surya - 10 months ago
Thank you for m making this video.
The Futur
The Futur - 10 months ago
You're very welcome thanks for watching
Hitch - 11 months ago
Awesome video, thank you! I enjoyed your insight and examples and felt it was very easy to understand. :)
Joe Carroll
Joe Carroll - 11 months ago
Hey guys, if you want the key take-aways from this video by Chris, check out my hand structured notes below. These will help with remembering the core principles at a glance.

PDF (and yes you can download for free) –

Hope this helps!
Joe Carroll
Joe Carroll - 11 months ago
Here is a "clean" version that works best for printing:
Woody Collins
Woody Collins - 11 months ago
Mohammad Asgher
Mohammad Asgher - 11 months ago
Thanks for these amazing tips. can you please make a video on use of story telling techniques in daily life scenario, and how can we use it to build a more interesting conversation skill.
Vladimir Kuksenko
Vladimir Kuksenko - 11 months ago
Thanks for doing that video that was awesome in the very helpful
Willian de Andrade Conrado
Willian de Andrade Conrado - 11 months ago
Who makes those videos? Chris do
The Futur
The Futur - 11 months ago
Depends on how you define who.
intcomaz - Year ago
Can you do one about Writing great copy?
intcomaz - Year ago
Cool, Thanks! Chris Do, you rock!
The Futur
The Futur - Year ago
we probably need to bring a copy writer on.
nomoregoodlife - Year ago
3:11 wish I didn't notice that last rebellious row of pixels
Blaire Bustillo
Blaire Bustillo - Year ago
Thanks for sharing these great tips. 😁👍
GON VERSE - Year ago
can you tell me how to do the voiceover for text like in your video the voice is telling the story not you .
i think thats cool
The Futur
The Futur - Year ago
Write a script. Record it. Then cut images to complement the VO.
indyMode Studios
indyMode Studios - Year ago
Kit Chan
Kit Chan - Year ago
New normal
ElenaLin_青青 - Year ago
Glad I finally found something that I could understand from "storytelling". I have been learning how to "tell a story" with vlogs for weeks now and looked at a lot of "set-up conflict and resolution", which were understandable but hard to apply. I loved how your tips gave me new insights! Thanks for the video!
The Futur
The Futur - Year ago
Good luck.
Phil A
Phil A - Year ago
Great video.
Saved on my playlist and subscribed.
Thank you
Jose Herrarte
Jose Herrarte - Year ago
Just awesome, every second of every video is so valuable. I know this video was uploaded 2 years ago, but if we can keep the storytelling videos coming, that'd be awesome!
The Futur
The Futur - Year ago
There’s another one on sequence design.
True Education
True Education - Year ago
How to tell great stories using posters?
The Futur
The Futur - Year ago
Disrupt Expectations.
Nympha Inocencio
Nympha Inocencio - Year ago
Thanks, very helpful
Brian Wong
Brian Wong - Year ago
The Futur
The Futur - Year ago
You're very welcome Brian.
CurlyChrizz - Year ago
This is GOLD!
Adam NishMa
Adam NishMa - Year ago
The practical example at the end is great.
David-Dorian Ross
David-Dorian Ross - Year ago
So glad this video came up in my feed - really helpful right now! I have a how-to channel (Learn Tai Chi at home). How to is typically seen as straight Forward: steps to do something you didn’t know before. But I’ve been wanting to make it more compelling, so I’ve been really ramping up the cinematic quality of the video itself - more B-roll, picking better locations, using multiple angles of shots etc. still something seems missing. How do you turn How-to into a story? I love the “Normal-explosion-update” concept. But one thing still stumps me: how do I add drama/conflict to a tutorial on a Tai Chi movement?
The Futur
The Futur - Year ago
talk about the way things used to be and how things are better now. go. back in time.
ChrisAWhite - Year ago
love it! I searched three things before I came to this video. how to create tension, anticipation, and suspense. Would love to see more
Zeely Creative
Zeely Creative - Year ago
Excellent tips and video!!
Cycleboredom - Year ago
Best explanation I've heard so far re: storytelling. That last bit covering the hypothetical meeting for a vlog was perfect.
The Futur
The Futur - Year ago
Cycleboredom Appreciate it!
Vivek Kumar Kannan
Vivek Kumar Kannan - Year ago
I like these tips bras...
Thakko - Year ago
I think Storytelling is one of the best skills you can have
The Futur
The Futur - Year ago
we agree.
Joey Tuason
Joey Tuason - Year ago
Describe the new world we live in, showcase the stakes at hand if change were not to happen, and paint the picture of a promise land and how to get there. Great storytelling always follows this framework. Thank you Chris Do for your time and effort, you are helping others grow.
The Futur
The Futur - Year ago
You're very welcome! Joey.
Igor Antarov
Igor Antarov - Year ago
Just great! Need more.... :)
The Futur
The Futur - Year ago
thanks Igor.
Adnan A
Adnan A - Year ago
That was great, thanks. Pleas do more :)
Tyler Morgan
Tyler Morgan - Year ago
Luv this, hopefully it will help my vlogs
The Futur
The Futur - Year ago
give it a shot and let us know how it goes.
maastoveijo - Year ago
Thank you for those tips!!
The Futur
The Futur - Year ago
You're very welcome!
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and it doesn't help that society has become so attention deficit. a couple years ago people were happy to watch a 10 minute video, now you have to caption and describe whats going to happen in a 15 second video for people to watch it. maybe its because so many people are creating similar content, that everyone is more picky about what will be worth their time.
The Futur
The Futur - Year ago
story delaying is effective when their rising action. you are right that people will get bored if you don't present a problem, challenge or outcome they don't care about.
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