Conan Remembers His Friend Rick Ludwin - CONAN on TBS

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Anasyub - 6 days ago
Bless him the guy helped us have one of the best sitcoms ever seinfeld
And legends like carson, letterman and even conan worked him with him
Rip he must have been a great guy
Kana Beats
Kana Beats - 11 days ago
thank you rick! saved my favorite late night host!
Vinnie Mystery
Vinnie Mystery - 20 days ago
What bout the other Seinfeld guy that was found dead in a Ravine by his Orange Fiat smh R.I.P. to him too
Kevin Berg
Kevin Berg - 21 day ago
Who...who downvoted this?
NGC 660
NGC 660 - 21 day ago
Can Conan please start something like Actor's Studio (ft James Lipton)? He's so much better than this "Conan" honestly, his past late night stuff was great but I think we need something more. I know he's got a podcast but I sincerely hope he'll do even greater things in the future (video.)
Pavle Bozunovic
Pavle Bozunovic - 21 day ago
Conan I love you so much baby
Vegas Infidel
Vegas Infidel - 21 day ago
Conan is a class act.
Theausfinn - 21 day ago
Thanks rick.
Ryu Blanco
Ryu Blanco - 22 days ago
Rest In Peace Mr. Ludwig. I never knew this. I got slightly emotional because i can’t imagine not being able to watch a Conan video on YouTube whenever I feel down. Hella props to that man sticking up for the homie Conan. This channel legit keeps me from vent alone with my thoughts. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🙏🏽
PSA de Lachute
PSA de Lachute - 22 days ago
RIP Mr. Ludwin, you did great work 👍🏽
HexaNerva - 22 days ago
Thanks Rick.
Linda Howard
Linda Howard - 23 days ago
Rest In Peace 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
The Fortress of AWESOMETUDE
What kind if person gives this a thumbs down?
chris2423 - 24 days ago
Dan Romeo
Dan Romeo - 24 days ago
Conan, always putting the people in the background above themselves. The current king of late night. Fallon and Kimmel are jokes.
Larry Woodruff
Larry Woodruff - 24 days ago
All the bosses I ever had would sell you down the river in a heartbeat, that's the way it is in the real world.
Antonio Castillo
Antonio Castillo - 25 days ago
Who are the azzholes giving this video a thumbs down? - 25 days ago
RIP: Rick Ludwin
Mark Sipka
Mark Sipka - 25 days ago
This is so cool. Thank you Rick for keeping the funny going!
Brian Deschene
Brian Deschene - 25 days ago
Rick: I never met you and now I know I never will, but you helped bring lasting joy to me and millions of others. And all we can do is say: Thank You!
John Marsh
John Marsh - 25 days ago
Conan has a beautiful ability to mix the serious with the silly. Felt this one from the heart. Much love, Coco.
MR Steel
MR Steel - 25 days ago
Anyone who fought for connan to stay on the air is a true hero
DevilMayAsian - 25 days ago
It's not about how many people recognize you. It's how you bring happiness to people.
Alex Clementino
Alex Clementino - 25 days ago
What a crocodile tears
Matthew Rutledge
Matthew Rutledge - 25 days ago
Class Act, Conan. RIP Mr. Ludwin
EOIN MURPHY - 25 days ago
If only Netflix had some quality control instead of producing hours of garbage.
Beux J
Beux J - 25 days ago
There are so few people truly trying to sustain the greatness of pop culture by fighting for things the masses don't love, or by supporting the people putting their souls into their work in spite of criticism... Thank you Mr. Rick Ludwin.
Thank you Lorne Michaels, thank you John Lloyd, thank you Dan Harmon, thank you Melissa McCarthy, thank you Amy Heckerling, thank you Sacha Baron Cohen, thank you Tina Fey, thank you David Letterman, thank you thank you Adam Eget, thank you Michael Schur, thank you Ellen DeGeneres, thank you Judd Apatow, thank you Maya Rudolf, thank you Vernee Watson, thank you Kevin Hart, thank you MIRANDA Hart, thank you Steven Colbert, and thank you Seth McFarlane (Mostly).
Reply with anyone you've heard of who deserves thanks for keeping the Art alive!
Doctor Beanis
Doctor Beanis - 25 days ago
Conan is always so genuine and sincere, it's why I love his show! Rick's work has kept us all laughing decades later - thank you sir!
YodaEconomics - 25 days ago
Sounds like a good man. May he rest in peace...
Nopperabou - 25 days ago
Conan is quite serious these days.
DaddyLove - 26 days ago
the REAL MVP of the show. RIP
rio d
rio d - 26 days ago
Your tie should end where your pants begin...
el habahi 80
el habahi 80 - 26 days ago
Kullu Nafsin Da'eeka Til Maut
David Rosenfeld
David Rosenfeld - 26 days ago
Cody The King Kessinger
Cody The King Kessinger - 26 days ago
RIP Rick
Ben Fulfer
Ben Fulfer - 26 days ago
Sounds like a wonderful person, glad that Conan devoted time on the show to him
J Money
J Money - 26 days ago
Maybe he was going to go public with the Epstein cover-up..
Kiran - 26 days ago
I clapped.
No Women No Kids
No Women No Kids - 26 days ago
55 clueless and heartless idiots...
drjohnson98 - 26 days ago
Wow! Takes a big man to give so much credit to others for their success. Kudos to Conan, and to Seinfeld. And hats off to Conan for taking the time during a comedy show to address a serious and somber topic. I bet that's a huge comfort to Rick Ludwin's family.
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