Jennifer Lawrence Cannot Handle Jack Whitehall's Poop Story | The Graham Norton Show

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emilie rae lee
emilie rae lee - 13 hours ago
hrkihrkihrs - 14 hours ago
This is golden.
David Davson
David Davson - 15 hours ago
usually that joke is told with a swedish ship cruise, but well, guess you skip the copyright infringement if the nationality changes...
Horseracing uk group H.R.U.K
Thanks for the Mammaries. She's no stranger to popping them out at parties.
Donas Dropas
Donas Dropas - 21 hour ago
Its good but stolen joke.
pottsyboy - 23 hours ago
the most unfunny guy on TV. how is he on TV?? oh thats right his father!!!!!! The high up TV editor and talent agent
H. Y.
H. Y. - Day ago
😂 hilarious
Glenn Lockett
Glenn Lockett - Day ago
I came here for Jennifer's lovely ... dress
David Childs
David Childs - Day ago
That's the sexiest I've ever seen Jennifer Lawrence 😍
Thug Lincoln
Thug Lincoln - Day ago
i love how when Graham goes - "you're not keen on anywhere where there's a language barrier," and Jack is just like, "okaaay." Like, Oh I just realized that i walked right into a trap.
Iztok Golob
Iztok Golob - 2 days ago
This show is just the most green of anything evergreen ever made.
The Basics
The Basics - 2 days ago
Jennifer's boobs took my attention off of poop
Diana - 2 days ago
Didn’t Michael McIntyre say the same joke? Who stole off who
McRüssel - 2 days ago
Those jiggle mechanics... 😨
Blondie - 2 days ago
LMAO!!! Yes!! Best story ever!!🤣
Eleven Words
Eleven Words - 2 days ago
_This_ story is priceless.
Fur Queue
Fur Queue - 2 days ago
Does anybody know who Jack Whitehall actually is?
He seems to be on a lot of panel audiences, but otherwise it's not clear who or what he actually is? Have to assume rich showbiz dad nepotism as no obvious redeeming features
Graft - 2 days ago
Jack Whitehall has gone VERY Michael McIntyre
mrmoran0077 - 2 days ago
All of his stories are “poop”
Michael Harto
Michael Harto - 2 days ago
Jennifer who?
Tamara Jacques
Tamara Jacques - 3 days ago
Pizza Baratheon
Pizza Baratheon - 3 days ago
I guess I’m attracted to Jennifer Lawrence
dsprenger13 - 3 days ago
jennifer lawrence most overated actress in history.
Xxkaya oflynnXx
Xxkaya oflynnXx - 3 days ago
2 of my fav actors
Nintendo j
Nintendo j - 4 days ago
Nice pair of Boooooooo
Кристиан Тошев
Fake story.
xiTz BOSS - 4 days ago
Foy Lad
Foy Lad - 4 days ago
You might aswell get them out love..
ashingashinga - 4 days ago
They all prepare and make up all this funny stories before going to this tv shows. U will look bad if u are boring and dont have something interesting and funny to say.
andioop - 4 days ago
Why is this being uploaded again...years later..?? Oh well I'm not complaining just confused
rohit nair
rohit nair - 4 days ago
THIS HAPPENED TO A FRIEND OF MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
n0captivity - 4 days ago
summary : I want to poo on jennifer lawrence
recurf - 4 days ago
why is she just wearing a bra
frediiis - Day ago
recurf because she can.
amjan - 4 days ago
( * Y * )
I like to comment
I like to comment - 4 days ago
Jennifer Lawrence is just so hot. It's not fair. 🤤
Ammar Aberaa
Ammar Aberaa - 5 days ago
Ammar Aberaa
Ammar Aberaa - 5 days ago
Ammar Aberaa
Ammar Aberaa - 5 days ago
Ammar Aberaa
Ammar Aberaa - 5 days ago
Ha ha
Corey Davis
Corey Davis - 5 days ago
Mcavoy was definitely in them guts at some point
MrDeadXSouls - 5 days ago
Them big ol titties
MyloRen - 5 days ago
Chick cant even handler her alcohol. Sad.
growkit - 5 days ago
Not excited for Whitehall but for whiteboobs.
Aitor Tilla
Aitor Tilla - 5 days ago
As a Spanish when he started with "...I went to flush and it didn't work". That's a good summary of Spain.
EpicBunty - 5 days ago
Hes really funny. I enjoyed it
Elite - 5 days ago
Shes so hooot.
tumppi121 - 5 days ago
This happened to me on swedish cruise ship.
Cece Anne
Cece Anne - 5 days ago
Everyone has one boob bigger than the other then ?
monkeymanxxl - 5 days ago
I like boobies they make my boy parts tingle!!!
We Are God
We Are God - 5 days ago
JL boobs has nothing to do with 3.1M views.
Another American
Another American - 5 days ago
She's a stooooooopid KUNT
Yael Baz
Yael Baz - 5 days ago
Didn’t really want to see her boobs. But funny story
vijay singh
vijay singh - 5 days ago
OMG Jennifer Lawrence 😘
Christopher Rubio
Christopher Rubio - 5 days ago
Man all I heard in that story was boobs
Jamster J
Jamster J - 5 days ago
She has a fantastic set of pupils
Mattathias Macabees
Mattathias Macabees - 5 days ago
It's drop the cosbys off at the pool- not the kids.
J. Barnard
J. Barnard - 2 days ago
You're an idiot.
schuletrip - 5 days ago
Not even remotely funny.
Andrew Pride
Andrew Pride - 5 days ago
This is an old joke
Valkyries SS
Valkyries SS - 5 days ago
She sucked Weinsteins c0ck
Top10MetalSongs - 5 days ago
I think that's an old 4chan greentext or something. definitely not the first time I've heard it.
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