This Donald Trump Letter Proves He's Crazy

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thomas michaels
thomas michaels - 13 hours ago
I am blown away by the vast amount of one cell organism brain power of every moron who has commented.. everyone of you piles has formed an opinion of the President by listening to CNN or the jackoff who hosts this lame ass show... because I know for a fact NONE of you have done your homework and investigated these issues on your own and yet you formed an opinion.. which by definition says you are fcking stupid... good job dumbasses Obama loves you...
Ifti Hossain
Ifti Hossain - 4 days ago
Chris Clark
Chris Clark - 8 days ago
Jimmy Kimmel you are BORING and NOT FUNNY.
RaZoR - 9 days ago
*Make letters great again*
Mike T
Mike T - 11 days ago
Your failing ratings are crazy jimmy.
queenbeethatme100 - 12 days ago
I'm pretty sure Trump's IQ is not much above 80.
Judi Spackman
Judi Spackman - 13 days ago
Crazy Don making a Con. So he is a DonCon, or a ConDon
Frank Parent
Frank Parent - 13 days ago
Funny how all the names Trump calls democrats... He is himself...
Lawrence Torres
Lawrence Torres - 14 days ago
GOP!! Please put country over party, American people will not take the lies, cheating, from this pron president!
Raphial Lee
Raphial Lee - 14 days ago
Yall really need to stop it. Yall bash everything trump does. He go to the bath room, yall bash him for it. He drinks orange juice yall bash him for it. He writes a letter to another country yall bash him for it. Oh wait yall just did that. Yall are the once who looks like a bunch of ass wholes. As well as bullies. I dont like trump either but I'm not going to bash everything he does geez.
That letter isnt even that bad. I was expecting much worst because how yall made it sound. It was kind of stupid but it's not enough evidence to call him crazy.
Raider8784 - 15 days ago
Are people really getting their news from Jimmy Kimmel? Seriously? This entire show is such blatant propaganda. Using his platform to misinform millions of people and everyone just eats it up 😑
The Lycians
The Lycians - 15 days ago
Trum does not own any property in Turkey. He only gets $1 million name rights from Trump Tower in Turkey.
kubra karakup
kubra karakup - 15 days ago
Erdoğan's grandson will respond hıs letter hahahahj
Lady Day
Lady Day - 15 days ago
P.S Got anything on Joe Biden? Wink, 😉 Wink!
Ross K
Ross K - 18 days ago
While Trump is still in office the comedians don't have to work very hard.
Bruce Perry
Bruce Perry - 18 days ago
anybody that would put out a letter on a talk show like this against POTUS is probably borderline insane and I won't give him a pass for this, he should be ashamed of himself that's why I don't watch jimbo he's probably part of the Illuminati , probably miserably rich but a poor soul,if he actually has one.🔴⚪🔵
Thomas Atkinson
Thomas Atkinson - 20 days ago
More lies, more bullshit trump histeria, more garbage content, you people are sick...
Your time is coming. The world knows very well that you are all part of the same corrupt, disgusting hateful establishment.
Grow a spine and stop pandering to the shadow government and their globalist agenda that the people do not want and do not need.
Santosh Joshi
Santosh Joshi - 20 days ago
Trump will triumph again in 2020.
Cody Pulley
Cody Pulley - 20 days ago
One thing for sure if it wasn't for Donald Trump you wouldn't have any dialogue. I mean I completely had to quit watching your show because it's turned out to be all about the president. At this point I'm stead of calling it for Jimmy Kimmel show we should call it President Trump show. At less then we would know the truth about which the money flows. LOL I'm really not politically minded I just don't get that you don't know any other jokes or should I say your writers can only come up with Donald Trump pokes. Donald Trump should get him a show call it the Jimmy Kimmel show come on man are your writers really out of dialogue. Please tell me you don't come up with these jokes on your own
serdarra - 20 days ago
The main point joking a side why does usa support ypg terrorists there EXACTLY same as isis to you guys
hN BARİN - 20 days ago
I ll call later okay ,
Memet Kulolmaz
Memet Kulolmaz - 22 days ago
who wrote this letter?
a) mafia
b) casino owner
c) stupid duck
d) US President
Rogerrramjet1 - 22 days ago
Lol,, to trumps letter
Tuncay Sari
Tuncay Sari - 23 days ago
Mr Jimmy Kimmel, You need look for your sources before you make any comments on Turks. This is not funny at all.
Deangelo Maddox
Deangelo Maddox - 24 days ago
Lol, I really do love Trump
Carlos Santana
Carlos Santana - 24 days ago
Jean Roch
Jean Roch - 24 days ago
That letter will end-up in a museum as one of the most laughed-at historical artefacts ever. They'll teach about it in history classes yet nobody will believe it's real.
Daniel Cyr
Daniel Cyr - 24 days ago
Wait till you asstards lose again in 2020. The tissue industry is gonna go into overdrive to keep crying liberals supplied!😆😆😆😆😆
Daniel Cyr
Daniel Cyr - 24 days ago
The only ones having a tantrum are crybaby libturds who are still mad about 2016.
Jackson Ware
Jackson Ware - 25 days ago
Jimmy Kimmel needs to stop with the politics and just do stuff that’s funny lol
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Александр Король
Leftists , liberals , democrats and other degenerates like pelosi
nikorn chinakul
nikorn chinakul - 25 days ago
From Hong Kong.Years ago there was a break out of the Pandemic called "Mad Cow Disease" in the Scottish peninsula. Did the President ancestor come from that region? If so, I hope he's alright.
Kitty - 25 days ago
Same ship different day get some new jokes .
ts ts
ts ts - 25 days ago
JIMMY KIMMEL is 95% funded by the clinton foundation, baught and paid for opinions lol
CaroleP - 25 days ago
Did you notice the cuckoo clock on the White House stationary? appropriate.
Steve lector
Steve lector - 25 days ago
What a grotesque little Jew invading the American mind
J WILTON - 25 days ago
Back in the day, late night tv hosts would make jokes about presidents and politicians that were actually funny because they were based on truth. These days deep statue errand boys like Kimmel and Fallon actually accuse a sitting president of treason on a nightly basis. It just highlights just how far reaching the deep states influence and control actually extends into our daily life. These guys are all part of the massive disinfo industry legitimized by Barry of Kenya (aka Obama). There are no legitimate journalists anymore. The closest thing left are those citizen journalists who create content online. Although I have to say the Epoch Times newspaper seems to be doing actual investigative journalism. I just wish they could reach the kinds of audience sizes the bonehead talk show hosts reach every night. Maybe a lot more people would be jarred awake in time to make a difference.
Calvin Williams
Calvin Williams - 26 days ago
All the excessive dialogue about TRUMP’s flagrant disregard for the safety of the USA, disregard for the CONSTITUTION & the Laws of this country is enough to IMPEACH this TRAITOR yet white folks can’t seem to do it because white folks themselves are corrupt as well. Simple they all in it together to defraud the American people. IT'S CLEAR THERE IS CORRUPTION @ THE WHITE HOUSE !!!
V PHOENIX - 26 days ago
piss of kimmel, you're a fuckin' dickhead.
Liam Porter
Liam Porter - 26 days ago
Not as crazy as this show. Obsessed crazies reading the tea leaves at the bottom of his cup. You would rather have a war in Syria than agree Trump is right. Trump has to deal with corruption and cronies on the left and right. He is doing remarkably well considering...
Erik B
Erik B - 26 days ago
Do you think anyone with even a partial brain gives a rat's ass what you think Kimmel? You're a limp-wristed, wimpy, poor excuse for a man! I wouldn't cross the street to see your show, besides, your popularity is fizzling out!
Liza Buddenhagen
Liza Buddenhagen - 26 days ago
Sooo sad.
joe ingraffia
joe ingraffia - 26 days ago
Bias why so bias, part of the programming your mind paid by bankers controlled by the queen. God Bless America
joe ingraffia
joe ingraffia - 26 days ago
Kimmel sucks, go eat some babies. Deep State's going down. Trump 20/20
Todd Pataky
Todd Pataky - 26 days ago
The threat to destroy Turkey's economy is interesting. How's he plan to do that, get elected to their presidency?
Abdidallas - 26 days ago
That second letter I don't believe it.
Abdidallas - 26 days ago
Wow is this for real? Is he really our president
ma,ma gee's gospel
ma,ma gee's gospel - 26 days ago
Stephen Stoner
Stephen Stoner - 26 days ago
Hows that red cross working out with that aid
Stephen Stoner
Stephen Stoner - 26 days ago
Theres nothing to melt down
Walter Dollar
Walter Dollar - 26 days ago
Kimmel is a idiot that thinks his opinions count, WRONG he is a witless turd
Mark Eaton
Mark Eaton - 26 days ago
CyeOutsider - 26 days ago
Trump is an utter embarrassment.
Fuat Volkan Beyenal
Fuat Volkan Beyenal - 26 days ago
trust us we're not zionists or mason we're not jewish (from google translate)
bize güvenin siyonist veya mason değiliz yahudide değiliz (google translate den)
Melinda Fagerström
Melinda Fagerström - 26 days ago
What a shitty letter. You'd think it's a joke. Or hope it would be a joke...
Toni Star
Toni Star - 26 days ago
Anti Trump propaganda
J W - 26 days ago
Eat sh*t and die Jimmy.
Esra Çakır
Esra Çakır - 26 days ago
It is so sad to see while Turkey is trying to solve these problems regarding terrorism and the attacts in the border, United States' president reveals this letter which is like a bad joke. Altough this letter is like a joke for the people who can not understand the situation in here clearly , it is real what we live. A 9 months old baby is one of the victims who died a few days ago.
Eduardo Silva
Eduardo Silva - 26 days ago
Now you're killing the message, instead of the messenger. It didn't work the 1st time back in 2016 why should it work now ? Doing the same thing everytime and expecting a different result is not going to work. You can't mock it till u knock it.
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