twenty one pilots: Jumpsuit [Official Video]

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κάθαρμα. - 2 часа назад
Hello David
Hello David - 2 часа назад
Does his neck go from the black marks, to the all black when he follows the person, then to marks when he realizes the flowers, then to normal when he starts running away.
muzika bomba
muzika bomba - 2 часа назад 💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣
Celeste Ramirez
Celeste Ramirez - 2 часа назад
I got heavydirtysoul vibes from this song and music video not just because of the car but the actual song too
Emonerd - 2 часа назад
FINALLY!!! I have been waiting forever finally
Verbatim. - 2 часа назад
hBoop. Ftrue
hBoop. Ftrue - 2 часа назад
Genius Yoonji
Genius Yoonji - 2 часа назад
wow when did Tyler get so cute
junior jimenez
junior jimenez - 2 часа назад
Me recordó a la película de Scott Pilgrim vs The World :v
Deteriorating Garbage
Deteriorating Garbage - 2 часа назад
Twenty øne piløts and regional at best seem so far now
dior Ilkhom
dior Ilkhom - 2 часа назад
Is it Olober ? 😂😂
Deteriorating Garbage
Deteriorating Garbage - 2 часа назад

Deteriorating Garbage
Deteriorating Garbage - 2 часа назад
I’m actually crying I’m so happy their back
Lil frozty ice
Lil frozty ice - 2 часа назад
Anonymous ***
Anonymous *** - 2 часа назад
Anyone else here before 900k is was hehe
B Mygodney
B Mygodney - 2 часа назад
Is josh still here?
Alina Cojocaru
Alina Cojocaru - 2 часа назад
This is too perfect for this world
Paralysis Gaming
Paralysis Gaming - 2 часа назад
Who else heard the Tear In My Heart reference in there?
LuckyOne - 2 часа назад
We're waiting for u in Ukraine! ||-//
Cinthia Castañeda
Cinthia Castañeda - 2 часа назад
❤❤❤❤los amo..
TroloCrack [ Estrategia Y Diversion ]
TroloCrack [ Estrategia Y Diversion ] - 2 часа назад
Cover Me ||-//
Vitória Silva
Vitória Silva - 2 часа назад
Cadê os BR's ? ❤
Hannah Schaller
Hannah Schaller - 2 часа назад
WMATA 2100
WMATA 2100 - 2 часа назад
Chris Starenko
Chris Starenko - 2 часа назад
I love this song
Siddhartha pathak
Siddhartha pathak - 2 часа назад
What a beauty 🔥🔥🔥
alan muños
alan muños - 2 часа назад
Why not Mexico? :'(
TBG Radish
TBG Radish - 2 часа назад
SIR CRUNK - 2 часа назад
Thank u
Sammy Jessy
Sammy Jessy - 2 часа назад
The car in the beginning is from heavy dirty soul video. And also Tyler from the beginning
Emiliano Rufino
Emiliano Rufino - 2 часа назад
NutyMax - 2 часа назад
#TURKEY ✴🇹🇷✴
PHILIP TØØMEY - 2 часа назад
Piratería Rick y morty g Capitulos
Piratería Rick y morty g Capitulos - 2 часа назад
Omg byviruzz
Silent Piløts
Silent Piløts - 2 часа назад
Alec []
Alec [] - 2 часа назад
Okay I love all this and everything but that pony was way too small for them and the person clearly couldn't ride at all. Also I know it was meant to look like the horse struggling but pulling on the bit like that will cause long term damage and pain.
Raeanna Otero
Raeanna Otero - 2 часа назад
Where is josh !?
arina 00
arina 00 - 2 часа назад
MeMino. - 2 часа назад
Here before 15 mil
Sandra Sarahi Chavez Hernández
Sandra Sarahi Chavez Hernández - 2 часа назад
Aaaa no manches toda shidoris la canción wuuu ||-//oh maigach
Elena María Gómez Calero
Elena María Gómez Calero - 2 часа назад
Ethereal Peach
Ethereal Peach - 2 часа назад
1:44 what was that haha
victory 11
victory 11 - 2 часа назад
Soooooo gggggggooooooodddd
Less Sanic
Less Sanic - 2 часа назад
II-// 💛
luanny white
luanny white - 2 часа назад
ta top essa músicaaa
Megan makes edits
Megan makes edits - 2 часа назад
Biancchi - 2 часа назад
at 1:44, put in 0,24x speed
anyone got any theories for what it may be?
B Mygodney
B Mygodney - 2 часа назад
Omg finally... I'm crying ...your back!😭😭😭😭
Emily Gonzalez
Emily Gonzalez - 2 часа назад
Los extrañaba🎼❤
Miles Beining
Miles Beining - 2 часа назад
He followed Blurryface, the saviors came, he tried to escape, but was killed by Blurryface. That was his vision. But if he gets help from the "jumpsuit", maybe he can escape.
Lunden Michel
Lunden Michel - 2 часа назад
At 1:44 you can see the 9 bishops for a second!
Kyle Rockandroll
Kyle Rockandroll - 2 часа назад
Marcos Vinivius
Marcos Vinivius - 2 часа назад
novo nu metal
Justin Kennedy
Justin Kennedy - 2 часа назад
Love the song.
definitely Brendon Urie
definitely Brendon Urie - 2 часа назад
Nicole Dugan
Nicole Dugan - 2 часа назад
Hit that like button if you're here before 15 mil❤🔥
Bryan 010
Bryan 010 - 3 часа назад
I can’t believe how much i LOVE TWENTY ONE PILOTS
Jerry Palm
Jerry Palm - 3 часа назад
New Jack Wolfskin commercial looks great
Timothy Brave
Timothy Brave - 3 часа назад
The new Death Stranding Trailer looks great
Sydney Wagar
Sydney Wagar - 3 часа назад
Tyler has hair in the water scenes but when hes on the car its buzzed...
Laura Alvarez
Laura Alvarez - 3 часа назад
I'm crying so hard right now
Gingam - 3 часа назад
I ||
|| I_
Is this loss?
Monika Churá
Monika Churá - 3 часа назад
great job boys. welcome back
Giyu Kurokku
Giyu Kurokku - 3 часа назад
John ishere
John ishere - 3 часа назад
Death Stranding gameplay looks good
Rena Saldivia
Rena Saldivia - 3 часа назад
Giuli - 3 часа назад
this is music?
Dios De Las Gaietaz OwO
Dios De Las Gaietaz OwO - 3 часа назад
Maravillosa Jugada
YayOmelette - 3 часа назад
"You were asleep"?
Um pardon? Deffo was not. The clique's been wired for like two years lol
My Name is Not Skrillex
My Name is Not Skrillex - 3 часа назад
When they were on the cliff throwing the petals down and the music got soft it reminded or of some stupid dark souls video
Beceliy Joker
Beceliy Joker - 3 часа назад
Щас бы в 2К18 жигули поджигать. Ну такое...
Faith & Action
Faith & Action - 3 часа назад
I hope he escapes that devil. In Jesus Name, Lord save Tyler Joseph.
Fabricio Claros
Fabricio Claros - 3 часа назад
Breaking News: The color yellow has gone up in favorite color by 100%
Юлия Рослова
Юлия Рослова - 3 часа назад
ISIAC AND CHANDLER - 3 часа назад
There alive
Юлия Рослова
Юлия Рослова - 3 часа назад
Αντζελα Χριστοδουλου
Αντζελα Χριστοδουλου - 3 часа назад
Why you don't visit Greece?😔😌😢💙
Arturo Hernandez
Arturo Hernandez - 3 часа назад
Pocas de las canciones que están en tendencias en México y no es reggaeton.

PD: English: Few of the songs that are trending in Mexico and it's not reggaeton
Juan Camilo Cruz
Juan Camilo Cruz - 3 часа назад
Юлия Рослова
Юлия Рослова - 3 часа назад
Fenna Leeuwenburgh
Fenna Leeuwenburgh - 3 часа назад
Fenna Leeuwenburgh
Fenna Leeuwenburgh - 3 часа назад
fuck i love this so much thanks for bein back
Юлия Рослова
Юлия Рослова - 3 часа назад
Anta Da Santanah
Anta Da Santanah - 3 часа назад
aaaaah q sdds q eu tavaa❤💥
ROM - 3 часа назад
wow from 🇮🇱
Angel Urel
Angel Urel - 3 часа назад
La del caballo 😻😻😻😻😻👌👌👌
Zulema Casiano
Zulema Casiano - 3 часа назад
Anyone realize his ring is yellow
Юлия Рослова
Юлия Рослова - 3 часа назад
Супер спасибо twenty one pilots с jumpsuit
Carlos Varela
Carlos Varela - 3 часа назад
Go listen to Yung Tone song on Youtube 💯🔥🔥🔥🔥
Criz Esteban
Criz Esteban - 3 часа назад
awesome vente uno piloto!!
The Odd Brodcaster
The Odd Brodcaster - 3 часа назад
Before 15 mil
Armin Lorenzi
Armin Lorenzi - 3 часа назад
great song form this guys !!!!!
PKDO Playz
PKDO Playz - 3 часа назад
Where is josh dun
H and P
H and P - 3 часа назад
already pumped for the tour. its nearly the only advert I have seen on youtube!!!
Gabbel - 3 часа назад
Kyannah Wilson
Kyannah Wilson - 3 часа назад
Chloe M
Chloe M - 3 часа назад
This was so worth the wait
Anissa Ferioli
Anissa Ferioli - 3 часа назад
Unpopular opinion, they waited too long and now it’s not as good as it could have been if this came out in like 2017
Pepper Mint
Pepper Mint - 3 часа назад
Lol sure buddy
maria luisa soto dominguez
maria luisa soto dominguez - 3 часа назад
se parece al principio un poco a la cancion de Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus
WTF!!! Gaming
WTF!!! Gaming - 3 часа назад
|-/ >> ||-//
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