twenty one pilots: Jumpsuit [Official Video]

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Blitz_ Lightning_
Blitz_ Lightning_ - 46 минут назад
Nico burnt his car, so now he rides a horse
Toxicity High
Toxicity High - 4 часа назад
Dad: Why’s the homework taking an hour?
Me: Oh, it’s just hard.
Dad: Ok!
(insert thug face here)
Chocodile 08
Chocodile 08 - 5 часов назад
I'm sorry but why the fuck did Voldemort grab his face
Lívia Br
Lívia Br - 6 часов назад
Lindo, gostoso
Gray Dragneel
Gray Dragneel - 6 часов назад
Has anyone noticed that towards the end of Jumpsuit it sounds the same as Levitate?
Олеся Сподарик
Олеся Сподарик - 10 часов назад
This video continues Heavydirtysoul concept...
Kieran Smith
Kieran Smith - 11 часов назад
I fucking love 21 pilots !!!
Аноним - 11 часов назад
Шо то хуня до это хуня обе хуйни эти
apathy dead
apathy dead - 11 часов назад
vicky - 14 часов назад
cada vez que escucho esta cancion me agarra un orgasmo
midou zix
midou zix - 14 часов назад
how much u wanna bet the singer is gonna suicide soon ?
bulba2021think - День назад
Time to get hated, I really don’t like twenty one pilots
bulba2021think - 7 часов назад
Eh, all their songs sound repetitive and the lyrics aren't that interesting
Cat Food
Cat Food - 15 часов назад
It's alright lmao
Lyr1cism .
Lyr1cism . - 22 часа назад
Then you have bad taste in music.
Player 22
Player 22 - День назад
Kinda like a worse version of Muse
Lyr1cism .
Lyr1cism . - 22 часа назад
Muse's music is terrible these days.
Marcela Flores
Marcela Flores - День назад
Like si no sabes hablar en inglés
Marcela Flores
Marcela Flores - День назад
Marcela Flores
Marcela Flores - День назад
No se hablar en inglés
Yoshi21 - День назад
Is that the car from heavydirtysoul
sandra vargas
sandra vargas - День назад
So far thıs ıs my favorıte tøp song
Jesus Corona
Jesus Corona - День назад
que bonito es lo bonito
Haley Moore
Haley Moore - День назад
Esteban Joseph
Esteban Joseph - День назад
tøp y su pasion por quemar autos
LikiSKY - День назад
Music start 0:28 :-)
Kelani Paea
Kelani Paea - День назад
Is the tape of his right or left arm?? I swear it keeps switching.
Bianca V
Bianca V - День назад
dat king
dat king - День назад
No u
TianaXOXO - День назад
to the people who disliked this video...excuse me...could you please leave
Norma Martinez
Norma Martinez - День назад
You guys make me laugh and smile 😊
Every time I watch you vids or music vids
Patricia Flores
Patricia Flores - День назад
Hola Buenos
Patricia Flores
Patricia Flores - День назад
Hola Dx
Ilya Gedich
Ilya Gedich - День назад
Kurtka zashiti
Javier Martinez
Javier Martinez - День назад
Jumped from the drop ship way too early, he's fucked.
Angery - День назад
This video was the start of an era
Jamie Plays
Jamie Plays - День назад
AGHHH I went to your concert today (november 10)and I saw Josh and Tyler AGHH I'm still excited even thought I left lol
Scott English
Scott English - День назад
My heroes don't wear capes, they wear jumpsuits
Samuel Ramos
Samuel Ramos - День назад
I love tweny one pilots
Bri Jane
Bri Jane - 2 дня назад
claire claire
claire claire - 2 дня назад
do you guys remember how the entire clique had a heart attack the day this was posted? i literally hit the roof ||-// this is yet another piece of evidence that life is worth it ❤️
Torque Pup
Torque Pup - 2 дня назад
ok i know im probably late but did any one else notice tyler has white socks now?
Torque Pup
Torque Pup - 2 дня назад
who else memorized the line at the beginning?
Norma Martinez
Norma Martinez - 2 дня назад
I LOVE YOU GUYS SOOOOOO MUCH you guys mean the world to me you guys are like my brother's❤❤❤
Abigail’s - 2 дня назад
0:47 Haven’t even heard the lyrics yet. and I fuck with this song already
Titania Evil
Titania Evil - 2 дня назад
I guess only teens love this.
Lyr1cism .
Lyr1cism . - 22 часа назад
Ignorance at its finest.
Itzel Martinez
Itzel Martinez - 2 дня назад
Severo Moreno
Severo Moreno - 2 дня назад
esta rola esta con madre!
Hey it’s Lizzy I Love Killer whales and TØP
Run Tyler run!
Hey it’s Lizzy I Love Killer whales and TØP
I still have the petals and confetti from the concert
Hey it’s Lizzy I Love Killer whales and TØP
This was the first song they played at the concert in Dallas Texas and I cried my eyes out because it was my first concert and I was so happy to see them in person
Georgia Carnes
Georgia Carnes - 2 дня назад
Denis Brogniart
Denis Brogniart - 2 дня назад
Ah !
mark kinsella
mark kinsella - 2 дня назад
when this came out i listened to it like 5 times in a row
next day 2 times
next day 4
next day 3
next day 2
next day 7
until nico and the Niners came out lol and i listened to it
day 1 3
day 2 12
day 3 4
day 5 1 more time and I'm done
in the afternoon of day 5 listens to it 4 more times
then levitate came out
I listened to it the first time and I was in love with the song
day 1 omg so cool
day 2 listen 5 times
day 3 listen 3 times
day 4 I hate twenty one pilots
day 5 omg my blood just came out
day 6 omg i love my blood
day 7 trying to sing and rap jumpsuit
day 8 try to make a video while singing jumpsuit
day 9 trying to rap levitate
day 10 i give up with levitate
day 11 i go back at jumpsuit
day 12 i become really good at singing it
day 13 i start getting bored of the songs
day 14 watching youtubers react to twenty one pilots
day 15 watching old twenty one pilots videos
day 16 find out that its a storyline
day 17 i go more and more deeper in the story of the songs and find very very weird secrets and that made every music video much more clearer
day 18 trying to get money to buy the full twenty one pilots album
day 19 i still getting money
day 20 still getting money
day 21 behing able to buy the album
day 22 the album broke and i cry until i get to
day 28 i stop behing depressed and maked my first music video
day 29 my music video got banned because of copyrwrite
day 30 i give up
day 31 i still give up till
day 156 i start following twenty one pilots again
day 157 i give up everything and just spend my life writing comments of what happens to me and watching twenty one pilots eating pizza till
day 404 i start watching ed sheeran and katy perry
Shelby R
Shelby R - 2 дня назад
My brother loves your band
John's Clan
John's Clan - 2 дня назад
Chaosky Z
Chaosky Z - 2 дня назад
There used to be twenty two forgot his jumpsuit..
love horses
love horses - 2 дня назад
иван дубов
иван дубов - 2 дня назад
nowstopwhining - 2 дня назад
lots of illuminati and satanic symbolism in this video
Lyr1cism .
Lyr1cism . - 22 часа назад
Time Royale
Time Royale - 2 дня назад
Twenty one pilots, it’s a rock music song? 😂🤩
VMGC9090 - 2 дня назад
Tuve que venir aquí después de la versión en español
Just Another Beebo
Just Another Beebo - 2 дня назад
Carolina Lopez
Carolina Lopez - 2 дня назад
GURTE4 - 2 дня назад
Zlata Cat
Zlata Cat - 2 дня назад
Somehow I went on the Internet without any goal .. Do the pilots have a new album)) listen? .. I liked it. Even more. Well done guys, try. And this concerns not only songs, but also clips. All thought out, removed. And there is meaning. Sometimes it even makes you wonder ... Why is it the crow on the cover of the album? If you know, please tell me
Marcus Watkins
Marcus Watkins - 2 дня назад
In love🖤💛
Dane Dudlicek
Dane Dudlicek - 2 дня назад
This band is not what they used to be. . really sad
Lyr1cism .
Lyr1cism . - 22 часа назад
They're better now.
Anton QwErTy
Anton QwErTy - 2 дня назад
Nico and the Niners -> Levitate -> Jumpsuit
Jenna Marnewick
Jenna Marnewick - 2 дня назад
U too big for the poor pony u should get a bigger one next time ;)
UseLess Lass
UseLess Lass - 3 дня назад
Where is your compadre?
Valerie! At The Trench
Valerie! At The Trench - 3 дня назад
We did it, WE SURVIVED THE SILENCE! ||-// ✊💛🌻
Rainy Season
Rainy Season - 3 дня назад
I am sorry i am soooo late i missed everything but i love u both undoubtedly 🥰🥰🥰🥰
Mattser - 3 дня назад
I love tøp, but what is it with burning/broken cars? lol
maria santos
maria santos - 3 дня назад
Brasil que musicaaaaa ❤❤❤
Eric Carr
Eric Carr - 3 дня назад
Guilherme Luiz
Guilherme Luiz - 3 дня назад
Trench Øne Piløts
ana torres
ana torres - 3 дня назад
#TwentyOnePilots #Jumpsuit #Trench
little fujoshi
little fujoshi - 3 дня назад
I want a movie of that
Maxilla2500 - 3 дня назад
twenti one pilots lacansiones deel son mejores ce lmagine dragons.
Andrew うぇえば
Andrew うぇえば - 3 дня назад
Josiah Perez Vincenty
Josiah Perez Vincenty - 3 дня назад
I like the beat
kotik 210___
kotik 210___ - 3 дня назад
Тут есть русские?ну или украинцы
Taki /
Taki / - 3 дня назад
Idk if anybody’s done this yet but
Cover me
I can't believe how much I hate
Pressures of a new place roll my way
Jumpsuit, jumpsuit, cover me
Jumpsuit, jumpsuit, cover me
I crumble underneath the weight
Pressures of a new place roll my way
Jumpsuit, jumpsuit, cover me
Jumpsuit, jumpsuit, cover me
Spirits in my room, friend or foe?
Felt it in my youth, feel it when I'm old
Jumpsuit, jumpsuit (cover me)
Dusting off my jumpsuit, cover me
I can't believe how much I hate
Pressures of a new place roll my way
Jumpsuit, jumpsuit, cover me
Jumpsuit, jumpsuit, cover me
I'll be right there
But you'll have to grab my throat and lift me in the air
If you need anyone, I'll stop my plans
But you'll have to tie me down and then break both my hands
If you need anyone
I'll be right there
But you'll have to grab my throat and lift me in the air
(If you need anyone)
If you need anyone (if you need anyone)
If you need anyone (if you need anyone)
If you need anyone (If you need anyone)
I can't believe how much I hate
Pressures of a new place roll my way
Jumpsuit, jumpsuit, cover me
Oh, jumpsuit, jumpsuit, cover me, oh
Jumpsuit, jumpsuit, cover me
Jumpsuit, jumpsuit, cover me
Denisse Mendez Cob
Denisse Mendez Cob - 3 дня назад
love you 😍😍😍😍😙😍😙💋😚😗🎶🎵
Ian Swopes
Ian Swopes - 3 дня назад
Sub to pewdiepie
TetraMusic - 3 дня назад
100% Talent, Thank you 21 Pilots.
Искандер К
Искандер К - 3 дня назад
Cool song!👍
Dexter Gay
Dexter Gay - 3 дня назад
We are on our way to commit a robbery
Covering my face and my whole body
Jumpsuit jumpsuit cover me x2
( like a payday game song)
Ellen Greplová
Ellen Greplová - 3 дня назад
dear tøp,
you're top ||-//

Basic Gamer/Hacker Moder
Basic Gamer/Hacker Moder - 3 дня назад
I like the mood change at 3:33
Ernest Play
Ernest Play - 3 дня назад
Курточка защити:)
evolsleep - 3 дня назад
Hey, guys!
Check out my one-minute cover of Twenty One Pilots - ”Nico and the Niners“. Fully ukuleled😁
Hope you like it. Cheers🤘
Marissa Mardones
Marissa Mardones - 3 дня назад
LMAO, U were NOT here the whole time. YOU GUYS were ::whispers:: 'with the Aliens'
Andrés Castro Fuentes
Andrés Castro Fuentes - 3 дня назад
Este wey es capaz de hacer de que escuches armonía en el caos :v
Kateri Rosengren
Kateri Rosengren - 3 дня назад
1:18 * g a s p s * *HE DISPLAYS THE SIGN OF WAKANDA*
Colin Meadows
Colin Meadows - 3 дня назад
Such a great song good job on trench album
Desmon Da Vinci
Desmon Da Vinci - 3 дня назад
anybody notice that before the song starts it says we were here the whole time it's time to wake up I'm pretty sure that was not there before it seems like the Mandela effect to me
Colin Meadows
Colin Meadows - 3 дня назад
Desmon Da Vinci it was always there
Kenny Farrugie
Kenny Farrugie - 4 дня назад
So this is a great example of a band selling out ...
Lyr1cism .
Lyr1cism . - 22 часа назад
This is the most idiotic comment I've seen on this video so far.
Gavin Hall
Gavin Hall - 4 дня назад
"I looked, and there before me was a pale horse! Its rider was named Death, and Hades was following close behind him. They were given power over a fourth of the earth to kill by sword, famine and plague, and by the wild beasts of the earth." - Revelation 6:8 (Blurryface = Death)
2 0 0 3
2 0 0 3 - 4 дня назад
essa música é muito nice
obnoxiousJiggler - 4 дня назад
tyler is so cute with hair ;A;
Randi - 4 дня назад
"If you need anyone"..... (chills)
Randi - 4 дня назад
He's not offerimg himself as a friend but saying to i guess Dema/Blurryface youll have to take me by force if you want me to give up??? Any thoughts?
phantom fox Plays
phantom fox Plays - 4 дня назад
Nice heavydirtysoul reference
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