10 Things Lil Uzi Vert Can't Live Without | GQ

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Aim assist is to OP
Aim assist is to OP - 4 hours ago
lol he doesnt understand anything of phones xd samsung is better with almost everything. the only thing thats better with iphone its the design.
rappers only like iphone because its expensive.
If samsung would make a phone that cost 30k, every rapper would buy it and think android is the best
The JH Gang
The JH Gang - 5 hours ago
3:32 😂
Alex Robinson
Alex Robinson - 11 hours ago
Clout Token
Clout Token - 11 hours ago
Most of us came back for the little bites part (don’t lie)
xrate plays
xrate plays - 12 hours ago
Me never juuled 8th graders 3:30
Broken Inbox
Broken Inbox - 15 hours ago
Uzi uses women deodorant 😂
Ronnie2k - 15 hours ago
3:31 cardio after spiking some dudes drink
Braiden Green
Braiden Green - 16 hours ago
He lost me when he said iPhone
Bronson 2140
Bronson 2140 - 19 hours ago
He looks like a girl who fall for girls
Michaela James
Michaela James - 19 hours ago
I’d protect this man w my life😐
Olya Stanko
Olya Stanko - 20 hours ago
Little bites” “what do they taste like?” Uzi “ try it..”
Jessica Pope
Jessica Pope - 20 hours ago
His eyes look weird here lol
Flipitydipity - 22 hours ago
Atleast I can understand what he is saying not like the other rappers
Cyril Lemaître
Cyril Lemaître - Day ago
But stop doing advertisement for french luxe please
Cyril Lemaître
Cyril Lemaître - Day ago
BIC is French baby !!! Yeah !! Vive la France !!
joshua wolfhouse
joshua wolfhouse - Day ago
Freshmen: what is juuling like?
Sophomore: 3:30
Egg Nogg
Egg Nogg - Day ago
Dude actually showed something he REALLY can’t live without
Whoke - Day ago
He forgot to add his step ladder on the list
Select Walter
Select Walter - Day ago
Rich the Kid is afraid of lil uzi!
Haitian Sensation
Haitian Sensation - Day ago
Idk if it’s me but uzi looks less healthier than he did in 2014-16
TakeMeOutOfTheOven CauseImDone
and a sock
Kris - Day ago
Stephen Ebersole
Stephen Ebersole - Day ago
yo i love little bitzz
TAP X KAYOSS - Day ago
White teenagers with drugs at a party:
Rainzy - Day ago
Protect uzi at all cost
Rainzy - Day ago
Protect uzi at all cost
Wydgudda - Day ago
How do you know what powder and baking soda taste like have you tasted it before
Dhyey Patel
Dhyey Patel - Day ago
4:13 when your younger sibling gets in trouble for something you did
Hands over Fists Central
Why is he famous?
Hands over Fists Central
Who cares.
hfive times
hfive times - Day ago
No.1 a step ladder
Auna Kate Hale
Auna Kate Hale - Day ago
Try it
*pushes the bag*
Brooke Da Queen
Brooke Da Queen - Day ago
Uzi seems like a cool guy
KXL Squad
KXL Squad - Day ago
That lighter one was a good analogy
Arly - Day ago
“Try it.....”
Christian Gil
Christian Gil - 2 days ago
What’s the name of the beat that starts at 4:09? Someone? Anyone???🥺🥺🥺
1 - 2 days ago
Xxxtentacion , but ugly
Brandon Le
Brandon Le - 2 days ago
fucken werido
I'm here
I'm here - 2 days ago
clipper > bic
MSimon LaBis
MSimon LaBis - 2 days ago
We both love dove deodorant haha
gottagetpaid33 - 2 days ago
CandyKaine - 2 days ago

Lil Uzi:😐
Austin Emery
Austin Emery - 2 days ago
Females have bags.
RAPTOR JK HD47 - 2 days ago
every time he showcases something he goes to his child hood memories jajaja
TSAR-ASY - 2 days ago
He’s so proud of him when he talks about his toothpaste
Tony Mamales
Tony Mamales - 2 days ago
A brain is not one of those things, he seems to be doing fine without one
Jaiden McVey
Jaiden McVey - 2 days ago
I miss him and Carti, they was the best duo ever😂🙅🏽‍♂️🧢
RaZR Legend
RaZR Legend - 2 days ago
If only he can make music again
Bean Flicker
Bean Flicker - 2 days ago
them muffins really fire, i been eating them since i was a kid
Geovanny Velez
Geovanny Velez - 2 days ago
How does it taste like uzi: try it 🤣🤣
Supreme Itachi
Supreme Itachi - 2 days ago
No one:
The white kid with drugs at the party: 3:30
Hollow - 2 days ago
Lil uzi:try it
*pushes it over*
lotus sight
lotus sight - 2 days ago
Little fun fact, I went to see him on that tour with The Weeknd although it was in Birmingham not in Paris but he the best 😍
Meme Mustard
Meme Mustard - 2 days ago
Bruh and he was in sum Satan group why would he want to live have you guys forgotten
Tiger Team 2
Tiger Team 2 - 2 days ago
“I’ve got 15 bags” wow what a matress muncher
John Levine
John Levine - 2 days ago
“If it’s nice, I’ll buy anything” Great motto
Boi Meme
Boi Meme - 2 days ago
Bro iz a whole insurgent in the back
AJF07 YT - 2 days ago
Can i use a zippo
Jalisco Boii
Jalisco Boii - 3 days ago
“aNd a sOcK”
Nutty .G
Nutty .G - 3 days ago
Uzi sounded like a little kid when the little bites came out
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