Thomas Rhett - Make Me Wanna

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Sam Campbell - Lovatic
His music video were so good even 6 year ago.
Andy Sanders
Andy Sanders - 5 hours ago
Can I put Thomas Rhett on my Christmas list this year?!😂
MartyMcFly700 - Day ago
He doesn't know what he's doing under that truck
judy gentry
judy gentry - 8 days ago
Love this guy, I like his dance!!!
Makenna Marie
Makenna Marie - 14 days ago
Heard this song playing at my work today & had to give it another listen when I got home 🥰
katie bennett
katie bennett - 16 days ago
I've loved this song since I was a child
Professor Farnsworth
Professor Farnsworth - 21 day ago
I'm not into country music, but after listening to this damn it gives me the Arizona/Utah driving vibe
Chateau Fortoo
Chateau Fortoo - 21 day ago
👌🍔's an 🍟's
Jimby - 26 days ago
I like this version more than the album version
judy gentry
judy gentry - 27 days ago
E Drew
E Drew - 27 days ago
I think this was his best song.
zigghiggs - 29 days ago
ok so this video was already liked by me when I clicked on it, but I don’t ever remember listening to this song damn
Joswan Prince
Joswan Prince - Month ago
He looks like my rabbit... 'dorable!
Kristen Durante
Kristen Durante - Month ago
Ashby Saddler
Ashby Saddler - Month ago
Thomas Rhett Looks Like WWE Superstar Seth Rollins with a Backwards Hat on
G-Burt Fred
G-Burt Fred - Month ago
Five years old today! Iconic.
Kronos Rogers
Kronos Rogers - Month ago
I love this song so much I just can't help to close my eyes and lesion it's so beautiful oh I just love it so much
Cortney Sweetheart
Cortney Sweetheart - Month ago
Josue2018 - Month ago
this is not country music, but it is damned good music. I dig Thomas Rhett.
Heidi Monardo
Heidi Monardo - 2 months ago
Gute Laune Musik♥I Love Thomas Rhett Musik♥♥♥
Anna Padousis
Anna Padousis - 2 months ago
Terry Doll
Terry Doll - 2 months ago
love this song l have a new man and l want him like this song.Thomas Rhett you know how to make this song .
Arden Trujillo
Arden Trujillo - 2 months ago
💜 jba 😏
Disoriented Memories
Disoriented Memories - 2 months ago
Omg the dancing makes this video even more amazing
tj johnson
tj johnson - 2 months ago
This songs makes me want to open up a Bible and read it
Nick Del Rio
Nick Del Rio - 2 months ago
this song is amazing but his dance moves are questionable
Azaria Matthews
Azaria Matthews - 2 months ago
Richard Glazebrook
Richard Glazebrook - 2 months ago
Love it 2019
Wyoming Wyoming
Wyoming Wyoming - 2 months ago
You make me wanna.Whoo.august 18,2019
Earl Delaney
Earl Delaney - 3 months ago
I just discovered this gem. Song is 🔥🔥🔥
Lee McCart
Lee McCart - 3 months ago
...... the original version by spooning for bison is much better.
Dirk Simmang
Dirk Simmang - 3 months ago
Now, don't you look at me that way...
Windows down country sound F M on the raido....
---- ya....
Lbcnu24 - 3 months ago
I wrote this for Melanie and never got a thank you... it was so nice to be in Seneca Pennsylvania
Mr.Wolfchamp 1999
Mr.Wolfchamp 1999 - 3 months ago
I don't get why people like to praise someone for their beauty when they know they're taken. It'd be different if that person is single because at least you got a shot(no matter how big or how small) and you don't have to feel like trash for being attracted to them. But when they are taken why focus on their beauty. It's just torture. Even if one could have them while they're taken then that person end up being a homewrecker or something. So it's a lose lose situation either way.
Sarina Burke
Sarina Burke - 3 months ago
I absolutely love this song.
Troy Daigle
Troy Daigle - 3 months ago
Wow, his wife is really bad ass looking
ZombieWulfgrl D
ZombieWulfgrl D - 3 months ago
Yea it’s pop country, but it’s great to dance to and good cruising jam-jam😊💃🏾💃🏾
a a
a a - 3 months ago
i like the c-10 the girl and the dancing oh and duh the song
Glory Redbird
Glory Redbird - 3 months ago
All time favorite. Windows down country sound fm in the radio
R G - 3 months ago
The video may have been a disappointment, but the "BOD" aka Thomas Rhett NEVER is!!!
Timothy Thomas
Timothy Thomas - 3 months ago
Good song
eunos 209
eunos 209 - 3 months ago
Me gusta country music . blame my gringa wifey 😎😂.
Julie Dispain
Julie Dispain - 3 months ago
I heard this song while driving early this morning. Made my entire day great!
Sylvia Scott
Sylvia Scott - 3 months ago
Thomas Rhett awesome music
XPL0RR - 3 months ago
The bass reminds me of "Oh Honey" by Delegation.
Survival Preparedness
Survival Preparedness - 4 months ago
Anyone in 2019
love me leave me
love me leave me - 4 months ago
He makes me wanna with baby boy
macmusic08 - 4 months ago
I know he has his wife in lots of his videos, but it’s too bad she’s not in this one. This one would have been perfect for her to be in. But I get that she’s not the star and may not want to be in the spotlight too much. I’m sure he thinks about his wife every time he sings this one. Classy guy and a great song!
Josue2018 - 4 months ago
awesome production, awesome song/songwriting, awesome performer = music perfection. Far better than anything on pop and adult contemporary radio.
gerardo_toxic - 4 months ago
I don't like county but this one I really like the rhydem
hubba bubba
hubba bubba - 4 months ago
Why the remix? What the heck was the producer thinking with the new drum fill?
I STAN Kim Jong-Un but Can't stand Trump
Dammit why does think me think of Kim Jong-Un?
Kimmy ya make me wanna (Go to Pyongyang)
Odin31b - 4 months ago
I kind of expected an Outdoors video for this.
crazy caned Canadian
crazy caned Canadian - 4 months ago
Anyone else think this song is catchy
crazy caned Canadian
crazy caned Canadian - 4 months ago
I love Thomas rhett music it's so good
Stuck 24-7
Stuck 24-7 - 4 months ago
Thomas Rhett wants to commit suicide in the Bed of his truck
TippyToes Jordan
TippyToes Jordan - 4 months ago
So Ugly He's Cute🥰
Dont Look At Me That Way😁
JohnTerrell Smith
JohnTerrell Smith - 4 months ago
This video took some serious editing
Karen Blye
Karen Blye - 5 months ago
This video and song is my guilty pleasure>>>tee hee!
Outdoor Owen
Outdoor Owen - 5 months ago
I love your country music videos my name is Owen I want to be a country music singer when I grow up
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