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James Charles
James Charles - Year ago
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Daniella Dam Johannesen
Daniella Dam Johannesen - 24 days ago
James Charles Call
Its Jadie Kay
Its Jadie Kay - Month ago
James Charles I already have them💗
Khailee Stevenson
Khailee Stevenson - 2 months ago
Hi sister James
Dark Stories
Dark Stories - 3 months ago
I love youuu!
Harriet Mckenzie
Harriet Mckenzie - 4 months ago
James Charles please just stick to makeup... singing just ain’t for you sis
somebody - 14 hours ago
This cover is weird
Elizah - 2 days ago
SAPHIRA - 2 days ago
What's he doing with his hands
Meiii Unnie
Meiii Unnie - 3 days ago
the microphone looks like juul.
just a joke, I'm sorry if I offended someone.
L a y l a s M o o n
L a y l a s M o o n - 4 days ago
This is the first video I seen from james back when I had no idea whk he was, a year later I literally have his morphe collab
Sapphire S.
Sapphire S. - 5 days ago
18:22 whys he acting like he killed that?
leena kshirsagar
leena kshirsagar - 5 days ago
'god is a sister'
Capri Salt
Capri Salt - 6 days ago
I think I have developed a phobia for his facial expressions...
baby girl
baby girl - 6 days ago
15:38 lmao
emma hope xx
emma hope xx - 6 days ago
he looks scared @ 19:43
Heidie Beisner
Heidie Beisner - 6 days ago
he should've gone an octave higher 😕
Annabella Hill
Annabella Hill - 6 days ago
Did anyone else notice instead of saying "highlighter" he said "highleater"
Ab Imbarek
Ab Imbarek - 7 days ago
I dunno what the fuss is about
This actually aint that bad
Dont get me wrong, it has its flaws, but its not too bad
Heya Shrufi
Heya Shrufi - 7 days ago
Who said that Ariana was a sister
Brieyszn - 9 days ago
It was alright . I’m a fan of James ... BUUUUUUUUT.....I just couldn’t focus on anything but his big ass mouth 😭😭😭
Dark _Demon
Dark _Demon - 9 days ago
great vocals....uhm maybe?
Alexa Perez
Alexa Perez - 9 days ago
I am only 12 but I can still sing it better than him,but that's okay he has improved and no ones perfect as long as he is happy singing
jake Man
jake Man - 11 days ago
Sis you CAN sing dont let anyone tell you otherwise
Fuck you
Fuck you - 11 days ago
He starts singing at 15:11
Nicole Girardi
Nicole Girardi - 12 days ago
I thought the cover was great...
Kakarotkilla425 XD
Kakarotkilla425 XD - 12 days ago
We love a sister that can sing like a queen
Aphiwe Shandu
Aphiwe Shandu - 13 days ago
Kiana Carlisle
Kiana Carlisle - 14 days ago
Sister James is better than Arianna Grande
Maya Loomba
Maya Loomba - 14 days ago
Love you the most sister
Unicorn Girl
Unicorn Girl - 15 days ago
is he really singing? or is it someone else?
Moonlight Grande
Moonlight Grande - 15 days ago
It's just surprising u hate my fav Singer Ariana Grande,But ur singing her song
Brian Vasilisin
Brian Vasilisin - 18 days ago
This sounds awesome,great job James
Kinky Lee
Kinky Lee - 19 days ago
I saw his nipple 14:42
Inês Silva
Inês Silva - 19 days ago
15:09 (the cover starts) you’re welcome
Layla Neumann
Layla Neumann - 20 days ago
James needs to sing more
LUSTROUS M0N - 21 day ago
His cover is not bad imo and his makeup was on point... and yeah, everyone is free to give they opinion, but spreading hate is just totally different. Why can't people just avoid watching what they don't like instead?
Lee - 21 day ago
15:10 is the cover
Jimena Pina
Jimena Pina - 21 day ago
He’s actually not bad 👌🏼
Franz Loyd Martin
Franz Loyd Martin - 26 days ago
And you * Breath!* Believe God is
*Breath* A women* Breath!*
Franz Loyd Martin
Franz Loyd Martin - 26 days ago
He actually looked better before he did a tutorial
Nanong Jamoh
Nanong Jamoh - 29 days ago
You can sing man...really awesome man...❤❤❤
Yuuki is Hated
Yuuki is Hated - 29 days ago
Good cover sis!
Tulin Yasir Maher
Tulin Yasir Maher - 29 days ago
Boi please wipe that peacock out of your face
Cecile Desprez
Cecile Desprez - 29 days ago
He didn't cover his butthole
Maxx Hill
Maxx Hill - Month ago
And when all is said and done you believe GOD is a women
Queen Ää
Queen Ää - Month ago
Mår du bra
F.B.I - 19 days ago
Nej han mår inte bra (::
U so good in singing as hell
VAL Alonzo09
VAL Alonzo09 - Month ago
Ken tin
Ken tin - Month ago
Noo he can not
Katrina Spitzer
Katrina Spitzer - Month ago
Way to go sis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
chanjot aulakh
chanjot aulakh - Month ago
18:10 0.25
Miraculous Moana
Miraculous Moana - Month ago
Ur the best 🥰
Onions :D
Onions :D - Month ago
Ok I’m not going to be like y’all and hate for NO reason
His singing wasn’t even bad
Admit it
Justin Gonzales
Justin Gonzales - Month ago
Great Job keep it up sister!!! Love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
Claudia Pz
Claudia Pz - Month ago
15:34 y repeat this 6 times W O W
Jojojo63926392 - Month ago
I was literally scared when he just SCREAMED into the mic out of frickin nowhere at 18:00
baby girl
baby girl - 6 days ago
Sounds so bad omg why would he post this tho
Depi Pits
Depi Pits - 19 days ago
Jojojo63926392 where?
Jojojo63926392 - Month ago
I love how hes literally reading the lyrics
Kaymee Gacha Good
Kaymee Gacha Good - Month ago
15:22 You believe god is a *women*
Pastel_Bun - Month ago
Sister maybe you should take those airpods out and listen to those strained high notes 😬😬
Emerson - Month ago
Stop write hate comments because I am sure that you are worst than him!
Crystal Maxwell
Crystal Maxwell - Month ago
Been here since 150 subscribers
Mariners Apartment complex
He sucks
Karolína Volfová
Karolína Volfová - Month ago
kolik existuje pohlaví?
Sienna Lupton
Sienna Lupton - Month ago
gOd iS a SisTeR!!!!
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