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James Charles
James Charles - 11 months ago
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Harriet Mckenzie
Harriet Mckenzie - 25 days ago
James Charles please just stick to makeup... singing just ain’t for you sis
Μεγκη Τζεμαλι
Μεγκη Τζεμαλι - 3 months ago
ariana gb
ariana gb - 8 months ago
i was watching this on my laptop and sister scrolling through my phone then suddenly at 6:44 i hear 'one last time' and it was totally unintentional but its an ARI vid and sister said it soooo
Nora Ismail
Nora Ismail - 8 months ago
James Charles omggggg yessss sissssss you are such a good makeup artist and singer omggggg
Hii_ Arii
Hii_ Arii - 9 months ago
Sorry but....you like mens? PLEASE NO ATTACK ME
Emma Cool
Emma Cool - 4 hours ago
Madi Milligan
Madi Milligan - 17 hours ago
What does he say at 14:03
Sofia Chinchilla
Sofia Chinchilla - 18 hours ago
Lmao y does it look like he’s having a seizure💀💀 not tryna be rude love him😂
 - 2 days ago
i thought he finds Ariana rude?
jennifer lam
jennifer lam - 2 days ago
To be honest Ariana Grande God is a woman doesn't make sense because God is not a woman
toys are our life
toys are our life - 2 days ago
Lipadi doodas?🤔 13:05
David Suarez
David Suarez - 3 days ago
Stop hating bruh
RavenComics /Animation
RavenComics /Animation - 3 days ago
You are amazing at singing you should be a professional
RavenComics /Animation
RavenComics /Animation - 3 days ago
James: An easy little wing
Me: *Puts eye shadow in eye* Crap, Mom I can't see!
John Magann
John Magann - 3 days ago
You look like a girl
Epic Game Plays And Vlogs Jackson
Looks around on YouTube god is a women me: he’s aboy
Ethan Norledge
Ethan Norledge - 4 days ago
Love the makeup
Carina Chen
Carina Chen - 4 days ago
I really love how james charles said that he didn't get a single note wrong but he did....a lot of them
GalaxyAlpacaSaki RainbowUnicornCoca
When he reacreated that scene in milk i felt uncomfortbale
Music Lover
Music Lover - 5 days ago
You probably came for 19:47
Bodhi 887
Bodhi 887 - 5 days ago
Newvo - 5 days ago
god is black
Kamil Łabowicz
Kamil Łabowicz - 5 days ago
It sounds better in 0.75
Kawaii Kittiesparkle
Kawaii Kittiesparkle - 6 days ago
Jariatu Tholley
Jariatu Tholley - 6 days ago
Dat face
Taj Fuller
Taj Fuller - 6 days ago
Butt chin😕😕😲
•Tasha Plays Gacha•
15:10 thank me later
•Tasha Plays Gacha•
James: "I've nEvEr dOnE a cOvEr bEfOre"

Me: -shows video of 11 year old James doing pumped up kicks cover-

James: ...oh

Me: hahahaahahahahahha
Laura Merkel
Laura Merkel - 6 days ago
18:30 no tiene camisa
Everything Liv
Everything Liv - 6 days ago
Everything Liv
Everything Liv - 6 days ago
It was not that good sorry
Emanuel Lopez
Emanuel Lopez - 6 days ago
Like si no sabes ingles y no sabes lo que dice
ProManZEditing Z
ProManZEditing Z - 6 days ago
Girls : hi james we're your sisters
Boys : oh hell nooo
Queen Madalynn Ward
Queen Madalynn Ward - 6 days ago
Shawn is mine james
Taj Fuller
Taj Fuller - 7 days ago
James Charles:Hey Sisters
Viewers:We are not fam
James Charles: but I'm a cEleBerTy
Viewers:The only thing your famous for is breathing into the microphone and sticking your tounge out like Micheal Jordan
Taj Fuller
Taj Fuller - 7 days ago
When you sing you sound like a dude how come you can't stay like that
Valentine Nishimwe
Valentine Nishimwe - 7 days ago
Ummm sorry no hate but u need singing lessons😞😞
Exo and k-pop baby
Exo and k-pop baby - 7 days ago
And i oop-
*sings into juul*
Just Existing
Just Existing - 8 days ago
Precious Percy
Precious Percy - 8 days ago
She said: 👄👃💨
Tea Sipper aka Alexis V
James is genuinely good at singing..I know he doesn’t exactly work in that category since he does makeup but yknow I’m impressed..the only thing was the mic was TOO good lol and you could hear his breathing..but we need to breath sisters ok...you go sister James!!!! Love you ❤️
K’ano Turner
K’ano Turner - 8 days ago
You don’t compare to Ariana Granda
Kpop Fan123
Kpop Fan123 - 8 days ago
No offense but I take singing classes but I am NOT A PROFESSIONAL I’m still in classes but I showed the singing to my teacher and he said not to be mean but that was the worst singing he’s heard.
No hate my teacher is the funniest and a cursing teachers.
Rodlene Marinas
Rodlene Marinas - 9 days ago
Lizabeth - 9 days ago
When he layed
in the bathtub water...

That made me uncomfortable 😣 😂
gacha snowball
gacha snowball - 9 days ago
James charles if you were a woman you would be a God
Blair Wittneben
Blair Wittneben - 9 days ago
Good singer just sis work on your facial expression kills the mood
Jewel Coy
Jewel Coy - 9 days ago
Your so amazing and talented . I love your videos . Your my hero and have helped me get though some tough times . ♥️♥️♥️♥️
Era TS
Era TS - 9 days ago
I don't understand people that talk and sing with their tongue like.. outside of their mouth the whole time. Don't you need that thing for syllables
allisya - 9 days ago
he should make a tik tok account
allisya - 9 days ago
my ears just had a sistergasm 🤧
allisya - 9 days ago
i remember when my 4 year old cousin recreated this look... he got in so much trouble 😭😭😭
brianna blanchard
brianna blanchard - 10 days ago
I look up to u Ilysm
Clj Cannegieter
Clj Cannegieter - 10 days ago
Uhm I'm just not gonna say what I was gonna say
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