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rust gaming
rust gaming - 3 hours ago
yo does anyone else think the one guy who looks happy about the random child on his back is just another person who looks demoralized with a picture of a happy guys face slapped on top of the original
Bryan Tree Stump
Bryan Tree Stump - 4 hours ago
Why are your eyes so big
Gmk Draws
Gmk Draws - 9 hours ago
Doesn’t the one dad’s head look photoshopped??
s t a r
s t a r - 11 hours ago
James Brincefield
James Brincefield - 21 hour ago
I know what I’m getting my dad for Christmas.
Finn S
Finn S - 22 hours ago
Can anyone else not able to find Jeremy in the celebrity store??
Nick Oloteo
Nick Oloteo - Day ago
Why didn’t Jeremy just start a YouTube blog?
kalleygirl7 - Day ago
did drew get his money back though
Lexi Tschanz
Lexi Tschanz - Day ago
No disrespect but nice hickey bro😂 (Im a big fan pls don’t come after me)
egg with 100 subs no videos?
At 12:01 theres a meteor...
j m lopez
j m lopez - Day ago
stinky dinky danny
_TheAnswerisCoke_ - Day ago
"So this one is called-" *ad plays* "MOISTURE"
•Cloverz •
•Cloverz • - Day ago
Savannah - 2 days ago
YouTube Andrew Yang
Joey Findley
Joey Findley - 2 days ago
your eyes are so alarmingly large and beautiful. you are not human.
Castellamare - 2 days ago
The meteor in the sky during the dinosaur pony up daddy animation
Lord Mineta
Lord Mineta - 3 days ago
That happy faced dad for the Pony Up Daddy saddle was photoshopped to hide the true sadness of the dad that was having his spine broken.
Carol Ann
Carol Ann - 3 days ago
I'll only ever see him as Dahmer
Guinea Pig World
Guinea Pig World - 4 days ago
Notification on 😋 put me in your channel olease
J.this one
J.this one - 4 days ago
Wait why dose he call me Greg my name is not Greg
eliv127 - 4 days ago
Sorry but I've seen a couple of these vids and I still dont know who what Greg is
12:01 upper righthand corner
Drew Tube
Drew Tube - 4 days ago
“Don’t rocking horses already have seats? Like.. so you can sit on it? Well, I guess dad’s do, too.”

Trendy YT
Trendy YT - 4 days ago
Danny Gonzalez
Banny Honzalez
Ban Honles
Bain Nonles
Strain Noodles
Trendy YT
Trendy YT - 4 days ago
Strained noodles are the best
Alexs Adventure
Alexs Adventure - 4 days ago
No, only for uncle.
Sofia Mitzel
Sofia Mitzel - 4 days ago
'Pony up daddy' sounds like a XXL sized sex toy......
The Magnifikle
The Magnifikle - 5 days ago
If you think this is bad look at Goop by Gwyneth Paltrow
Emma Bug122
Emma Bug122 - 5 days ago
ok but like is no one going to talk about the random new unexplained setting or are we all just going to ignore it??
a person that has no life
the amount of daddy's you said in this video is outrageous
Lara Belle
Lara Belle - 5 days ago
'We put the SAD in SADdle'
zeradordeyoutube - 6 days ago
On the interview for Tag on the Build Series channel he barely laughs. It's really weird. He's fucked in the head.
Jessica Thompson
Jessica Thompson - 6 days ago
There is nothing I love more than the first 15 seconds of this video
A Healthier Macaulay Culkin
Notifications on, daddy.
Micky Leinbachy
Micky Leinbachy - 6 days ago
Jeremy: I’m going to bite your ear
Daughter: Shut up horse.
a person that has no life
7:32 *im gonna ride you around for hours*
Shrek I am the real shrek no click bait
My little pony?
*My little daddy*
Shrek I am the real shrek no click bait
**horse girls have entered the chat**
MakeThisPlaceIgnite - 6 days ago
This shouldn’t be a commonly requested activity by your kids.
Joseph X
Joseph X - 6 days ago
Can't keep from feeling too much sexual tension every time he said "Daddy"
Zaha Honeyboo
Zaha Honeyboo - 6 days ago
Pony up Danny and be a horse
Not Dominix99
Not Dominix99 - 6 days ago
Karoq Life
Karoq Life - 6 days ago
I have no idea why YouTube recommended your channel but I’ve been watching your content and you are hilarious Danny 😂😂....I’ve now subscribed and turn on notifications am I now Greg? 😂
Alena Vikernes666
Alena Vikernes666 - 7 days ago
Ah, yes Casey Anthony the celebrity.
MR. FADE - 7 days ago
Hey danny i rode your dad last night
Meep - 7 days ago
I started singing the theme song by accident and my dad was like wtf
Clauce Micro
Clauce Micro - 7 days ago
Jeremy Renner is a crafty actor. However, he doesn’t sell any books or acting lessons, even theater tickets on his store. It’s weird.
Cody Ko’s Chode
Cody Ko’s Chode - 7 days ago
THROW IT BACKF DHDH II’m crying laughing
thereis that man again
thereis that man again - 7 days ago
everytime you say something about the ponydaddy shit, i sound like a dentist drill, or a vacuum cleaner, or windex, or a dying pig.
Sierra_grace_026 - 7 days ago
Anyone know how many times Danny said Jeremy Renee
CL0UD5 - 8 days ago
“Pony up Daddy, you owe me the ride of my life.” - Daniel
rcsitant lia
rcsitant lia - 8 days ago
I can’t imagine Danny having a kid and he goes to pony up daddy mode 😂
peter stevens
peter stevens - 8 days ago
ok but the intro wh,,
I27T I84
I27T I84 - 8 days ago
I love that he still swears in his videos
Kris R-K
Kris R-K - 5 days ago
In his most recent video he didn't swear at all
noantsinmypants - 8 days ago
(I've been Greg for like a year but still!!!)
Phire Python
Phire Python - 8 days ago
Did you seriously ask why Jeremy Renner needs a bow and arrow.
Bella Grace
Bella Grace - 8 days ago
The only one where the dad is happy about being used as a horse slave it looks like the head is edited on to a different persons body
Erin Taylor
Erin Taylor - 8 days ago
What happened to this opening? It actually terrified me and I miss it
Tim Hook
Tim Hook - 8 days ago
Imma make one of thse saddles and name it the Daddle Me.
YouKnowHimAsMatt - 8 days ago
Or... Human Daderpillar. Ye, how's that visual?
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