Ellie Goulding, Juice WRLD - Hate Me

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Cloudyxgaming0 0
Cloudyxgaming0 0 - 2 hours ago
I have a bid bick

MATHEUS_ Sampaio
MATHEUS_ Sampaio - 2 hours ago
That sound is very Good

For the TikTok
Abdulah Tariq
Abdulah Tariq - 2 hours ago
Is it only me or Ellie sounds somewhat like Halsey here?
shaikh hudafatima
shaikh hudafatima - 2 hours ago
She's voice is like Halsey first I was confused 😀😀😀😀
ZAHRAA - 2 hours ago
Tishaan Koopman
Tishaan Koopman - 3 hours ago
My favourite song
Tuan Đo
Tuan Đo - 3 hours ago
Do you like justin bieber
Jhonnatan lipa
Jhonnatan lipa - 5 hours ago
Нели Георгиева
Офф майка рва е яку нящу
Violetta Goff
Violetta Goff - 6 hours ago
Я русская! учу песню
Sadair - 8 hours ago
I feel like juice WRLD’s part would be a billions times better if he was wearing a tuxedos idk y
ゆいなよしだ - 8 hours ago
Rosemarie Pasigna
Rosemarie Pasigna - 9 hours ago
❤️TIKTOK is the real reason ❤️
Sumit Kar
Sumit Kar - 9 hours ago
My fav part : lies tell me lies b!tch
Annabelle Smith
Annabelle Smith - 10 hours ago
Is no one gonna talk bout that creepy doll
I think it's voodoo doll
Erin Vinson
Erin Vinson - 10 hours ago
Ellie " A million dollars!!! How we gonna pay for this video?" Juice " No worries, we'll pay for it with sponsored product placements" 0:15 The new Iphone 11... lighter then air! With VooDoo enhanced apps 1:01 Beats head phones... their good enough for our LeBron look-alike 1:16 Still carrying around you Vape... Get the New Throat Juul and smoke everytime you breath, its hand's free! 1:52 Cuisinart ceramic knives, we make knives big enough to cut a car in halve and really who doesn't want to cut a car in halve.
Zaida Ganeto
Zaida Ganeto - 12 hours ago
Arceusgaming 560
Arceusgaming 560 - 13 hours ago
Ellie has a good body but not the looks but is a good singer
sstimac - 13 hours ago
Listened to a couple Xmas songs and they were great. This shit blows.
Emmanuel Munyani
Emmanuel Munyani - 13 hours ago
Who else thought their headphones broke
Colin Laudert
Colin Laudert - 14 hours ago
Gotta love that juice WRLD just casually rolling a blunt
Purplemikeman 2.0
Purplemikeman 2.0 - 14 hours ago
I just got broke so I am listening to this song repeatedly
Todoroki116 deku9
Todoroki116 deku9 - 15 hours ago
I love this song I can play it over and over
J’Aabi Joestar
J’Aabi Joestar - 16 hours ago
Lee Hi
Lee Hi - 17 hours ago
The song is very beautiful
Christopher Garcia
Christopher Garcia - 18 hours ago
bro why is there always smoke coming out of juice wrlds mouth?
LUXE - 18 hours ago
why turn music video into phone commercial? :c
BIG CHUNGUS - 19 hours ago
Dude that was the littlest inhale but the longest exhale of smoke I have ever seen
wilson kasolo
wilson kasolo - 19 hours ago
juice wrld the smoke non-stop ha you are killing me
Rohelio Sula
Rohelio Sula - 19 hours ago
Juice wrld ✌❤
ibster games
ibster games - 20 hours ago
Richard Maina
Richard Maina - 20 hours ago
How much smoke did juice wrld smoke like if you wonder
5000 subscriber Challenge
5000 subscriber Challenge - 20 hours ago
Try accomplish my challenge
Jasper Van Der Linde
Jasper Van Der Linde - 21 hour ago
Hits voice is like post malone
Luis Reacts
Luis Reacts - 21 hour ago
2:12 is the best part of this video, fight me.
Martin Reinheimer
Martin Reinheimer - 21 hour ago
the guy who designed the knife should be punished for not knowing how perspektives work
Vijju Narwani
Vijju Narwani - 21 hour ago
Tik tok
Shannon Salter
Shannon Salter - 21 hour ago
Damn son blowing smoke like my first time taking a dab lmao
Devaughn Patterson
Devaughn Patterson - 22 hours ago
Only here cause I heard juice world's part on a video
kistaiah Alagonda
kistaiah Alagonda - 22 hours ago
1.06 to 1.44 hits the spot of the song
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