Ellie Goulding, Juice WRLD - Hate Me

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Zlaqr - Hour ago
0:15 how
Franco Snarf
Franco Snarf - Hour ago
Ellie Goulding's chin can slice like the knife she's riding
Mariah Smith
Mariah Smith - 2 hours ago
So what does the music video mean?? Anyone?
Vo1d Likes Beans
Vo1d Likes Beans - 3 hours ago
0:53 juice wrld really out here tryna mine obsidian with his bare hands
Treyton Hole
Treyton Hole - 3 hours ago
Juice wrld only: 1:06
Nyx Fro
Nyx Fro - 3 hours ago
favorite song for this year so far
Jake The alpha_gatcha
Jake The alpha_gatcha - 4 hours ago
Best song ever
Timo Junior
Timo Junior - 4 hours ago
she's beautiful, or yes, u voice is awesome.
Aidan Bustos
Aidan Bustos - 4 hours ago
the fuck is this shit
munotida munaki
munotida munaki - 4 hours ago
Me when my friends are lying to my face and I know 3:17
TTV StarDomination
TTV StarDomination - 4 hours ago
Was that fucking lebron james
Joshua Bryant
Joshua Bryant - 4 hours ago
Ellie Goulding is amazing! I've always loved her music but this song was hot! Definitely my new morning song now!
PastellxLey - 4 hours ago
Ayanna Crawford
Ayanna Crawford - 5 hours ago
I love this song I hope nothing goes wrong with me and my boyfriend
Aries X
Aries X - 6 hours ago
Anyone noticed that pull juice did. If only he really pulled that much with that hit 😂😂☠️
lana huseinovic
lana huseinovic - 6 hours ago
I dont know why but this is my fave song from now on 🥰🥰🥰
PTR3tro - 6 hours ago
1:06 the part yall came for
Gio Playz
Gio Playz - 6 hours ago
Juicey saved it all
E Smith
E Smith - 6 hours ago
It's funny how he has a song that conveys how I feel about him
Xxx productions
Xxx productions - 6 hours ago
3:16 Idk why but that sounds exactly like Blue face😂 and I just realized this nigga said “Lies tell me lies bitch tell you how you hate me.”
The hip-hop prophecy
The hip-hop prophecy - 7 hours ago
This song slaps hard 🔥
Yuliet Robinson
Yuliet Robinson - 7 hours ago
this boy made roses if you guys never hred it go here it
Ibby - 8 hours ago
2:13 if u listen with ear plugs u can hear the sound going from one ear to the other 😲
Andrew Wilson
Andrew Wilson - 8 hours ago
Hate me, rape me??????? This video should be removed and this Juice WRLD person be prosecuted.
Nintendoboy N64
Nintendoboy N64 - 7 hours ago
He didn't say rape me.
Cheng Yong
Cheng Yong - 8 hours ago
Who come here for XXXTentacion?
Hsn Msd
Hsn Msd - 9 hours ago
I'm only here for juice wrld
FuRby - 9 hours ago
0:56 this guy lowkey looks like eminem
TRENTON DAVIS - 9 hours ago
Y r Khalid Eminem and 6ix 9ine in it
Daisy Montanez
Daisy Montanez - 10 hours ago
I love juice wrld 😢 he makes me cry I love his songs 😇😆
Lee 4Real
Lee 4Real - 10 hours ago
Peyton Gal
Peyton Gal - 10 hours ago
No one:

Literally no one:

Ellie: HaTe Me TeLl mE LiEs................
Tober Rushing
Tober Rushing - 10 hours ago
FUCKING BAWLING at Juice WRLD's part T.T i fucking love him
Roger Sutton
Roger Sutton - 11 hours ago
Bear Cubb
Bear Cubb - 11 hours ago
The smoke effect for juice looks so unrealistic
Tom Mason
Tom Mason - 11 hours ago
So did they just turn him into a exhaust pipe
Xx AyyItsAj xX
Xx AyyItsAj xX - 11 hours ago
TBH I think the most fire beat for juice
Kyle Shepherd
Kyle Shepherd - 11 hours ago
1:05 oh don't mind me I only come for Juice's verse so this is my replay button everytime I come lol
FortniteLowCost - 12 hours ago
This videoclip is a masterpiece
Sarah Amiour
Sarah Amiour - 12 hours ago
Lies tell me lies babe tell me how you hate me
Im always Awesome
Im always Awesome - 12 hours ago
2:50 why does she look like logan paul
Shawn Stewart
Shawn Stewart - 13 hours ago
-Juice WRLD- Smoke WRLD 😂
ĥặɱ žặ
ĥặɱ žặ - 13 hours ago
2013: I Need your Live
2015: Love Me Like You Do
2019: Hate Me
2025: Kill me
felix Antonio Camacho Gonzalez
ahmer shoaib
ahmer shoaib - 13 hours ago
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Gaming Below0
Gaming Below0 - 13 hours ago
We now call juicewrld the smoke machine
Velix Salim
Velix Salim - 13 hours ago
How Ellie Goulding sings: 0:03 how I sing: 3:15
Рустам Сабиров
D-Wayne Wiggins
D-Wayne Wiggins - 14 hours ago
Juice wrld is underrated🚀
OH NO NO - 14 hours ago
3:20 when you forgot the lyrics
Frmsjw2 LogCabin
Frmsjw2 LogCabin - 14 hours ago
At the end is everyone w they headphones on jamming to this song 🤣🤣🤣
Yhowbyjytub310 - 14 hours ago
I love the beat, but the words remind me of what girls tell me when they complain about their boyfriend who is stressed and just being quiet cause they're going through a hard time.
Daude Games
Daude Games - 14 hours ago
I kinda understand the meaning of this song but I kinda don't
Paul AllPro
Paul AllPro - 15 hours ago
First time i listen this i thought you feat with post malone
Random Tea Gamer Making Videos
2:40 Me as a kid when i had a tantrum
Harsh Anand
Harsh Anand - 15 hours ago
When he said "Hopefully you see it clear, hopefully, it's HD"
I literally switched to 1080p.
Sparky -chan
Sparky -chan - 15 hours ago
Played this maybe 20 times maybe more then that xD
DeluxeGamePlay - 15 hours ago
cool song i heard it 200 times
Qualquer Coisa
Qualquer Coisa - 16 hours ago
1:10 o cara é um trem
Jones Lur
Jones Lur - 16 hours ago
I hate seserang seng wes ninggalke saya pas lagi baby-babynee:(
ashley watson-williams
ashley watson-williams - 16 hours ago
Ian Stockwell
Ian Stockwell - 16 hours ago
Yes octagon
Ashlee Riedl
Ashlee Riedl - 17 hours ago
Suss Krust
Suss Krust - 18 hours ago
Why is this video so dark?
Sasuke Orduno
Sasuke Orduno - 18 hours ago
Cant tell if Juice killed or murdered his verse
You can straight feel his verse, well the whole song but he over did it this time
Need more songs from you 2
Yall need an album together
f0rt1 - 18 hours ago
No one :

Juice WRLD : 1:06
Christie Aveiro
Christie Aveiro - 18 hours ago
If juice wrld features wid me it will also be a hit song
Lauren turley
Lauren turley - 19 hours ago
When it’s cold I pretend to smoke 💨 😂😂😂
Joe Love
Joe Love - 19 hours ago
Abduk Rohman
Abduk Rohman - 20 hours ago
Eligoden jw
Yousef Yousef
Yousef Yousef - 20 hours ago
3:20 is me singing
Killer Dank Law
Killer Dank Law - 20 hours ago
Ellie Goulding will always be bae 😍😍😍😍
John - 21 hour ago
Meh, Juice carried the song.
Madison Corley Stockton
Madison Corley Stockton - 22 hours ago
Love you and this song
Rizen - 22 hours ago
Me: Great song
Everyone else: That’s a lot of smoke
Manzi Jules
Manzi Jules - 22 hours ago
mind blowing song soooo wonderful....
TheTwefausend Twef
TheTwefausend Twef - 23 hours ago
Rizen - Day ago
The transition from Ellie to Juice is insane
Eric George
Eric George - Day ago
Ellie is just smoking hot.
AceSavag3 __
AceSavag3 __ - Day ago
I don’t mean to sound rude but the end with the guys mumbling and screaming it is kind of anoying sorry
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