Samsung Galaxy S10 Review - 3 Weeks Later

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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy - 29 days ago
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hrithik verma
hrithik verma - 5 days ago
I watched too many videos of you but I can't buy things you unbox
Fortnite - 11 days ago
Can you make a fortnite account with the ikonik skin and give it to me pleas
Daniel Mullen
Daniel Mullen - 13 days ago
Unbox Therapy GALAXY S10 GOES INTO A BLACK HOLE. That phone sucks.
Rafael Lopez
Rafael Lopez - 14 days ago
The way Bixby could never go away is if they make the power button and Bixby the same button
Mike Lucas
Mike Lucas - Hour ago
The most fucked up designed ever, a punch hole on the screen? U cant even hide that shit if you want to!
Juan Torres
Juan Torres - 4 hours ago
Tried the face on my girl it worked like it should be could not log in to see who im checking out im happy
Vladimir Nikolov
Vladimir Nikolov - 4 hours ago
Make video about Xperia 1
Vladimir Nikolov
Vladimir Nikolov - 4 hours ago
The most beautiful phones in 2019 are Galaxy S 10 and XPERIA1 they are almost the same. Forget about those stupid Huawei.
Kaiden Artura
Kaiden Artura - 5 hours ago
Wouldn't it have been better if they'd made the bezel at the bottom of the phone a bit bigger and put the selfie camera there?
It's better than a hole in the display.
Jason Ziolkowski
Jason Ziolkowski - 6 hours ago
Any burn in issues to report?
Michael Harter
Michael Harter - 8 hours ago
Entertaining and Solid presentation. Luv your style
Simon John
Simon John - 14 hours ago
And I still use the 5s. Wish something magical happened smh
Daanish Goher
Daanish Goher - 17 hours ago
How do you guys go to sleep knowing that you've got some ugly emojis 😂😂😂
kigasdj2 - 17 hours ago
Thanks @UnboxTherapy my S10 been sitting in its retail box for 4 weeks, been waiting for your verdict, "toss it or keep", Thanks I will keep it :)
Calamity - 17 hours ago
In my country phone prices drop all the time. The s10 debutted at about €900. It costs €670 now, and i expect it to go bellow €600 within the next month. I will buy it at that price.
naruto1993max - 18 hours ago
We in arabia rape prices
naruto1993max - 18 hours ago
Angkor KH
Angkor KH - 18 hours ago
Noob + s10 = normal 😑
Normal + s10 = pro 👌
Pro + s10 = Legend 🤘😘
Legend + lag = bot 😭 who agrees ???
sathyajit shaji
sathyajit shaji - 19 hours ago
Why do you use buttons instead of gestures ?
Johnny Mora
Johnny Mora - 23 hours ago
This dude has trash taste in music
hasan ahmad
hasan ahmad - Day ago
this phone is gonna better than the next 3 iphones tbh
Thunder Stat
Thunder Stat - Day ago
What song that u start to play??
Kathy VanDoren
Kathy VanDoren - Day ago
Good review. The latest March update still has fingerprint problems, not as terrible as before bit still bad. People should wait before buying. But I do love the phone otherwise
Michael Darby
Michael Darby - Day ago
So my dad is going to the store tomorrow and I was advising him to get the s10e. The only thing my dad would use the phone for is for his real estate business he doesn’t use it for social media or anything. However last year he got a s8 active and the phone constantly had problems. He refuses to go iPhone and I just don’t know if I should trust this phone or not. S10 or s10e which one is better?
Mario mario
Mario mario - Day ago
You forgot to mention it's water proof
Michael Gallegos
Michael Gallegos - Day ago
It's been 3 weeks and I still haven't been able to find this case for the S10e...
I'm sad.
Mushtaq Wahidy
Mushtaq Wahidy - Day ago
Is Samsung getting slower over time? Hmmm
Mr. Assault
Mr. Assault - Day ago
May I have the ikonik skin in Fortnite
DrJuicyNugs - Day ago
Haha I'm loving mine dogg
NM Aguilar
NM Aguilar - Day ago
I hate the fingerprint scanner is terrible for me. Biggest problem I have with my s10+
Dante Cianciulli
Dante Cianciulli - 2 days ago
Does anyone know what song was playing during the speaker test?
LPC Drop The Bass
LPC Drop The Bass - 2 days ago
I’m currently using an iPhone SE and I wanna upgrade to the Samsung galaxy S10 I need to do a lot from my smartphone and my iPhone just wont accomplish that
Mason U
Mason U - 2 days ago
Lame I don't even think this guy is a real tech expert he's just an average Joe!
Gena kxng Emskull
Gena kxng Emskull - 2 days ago
Too bad ppl like me cant aford it
Coffee And A Blunt Whats The Spill
Apple have better apps
Coffee And A Blunt Whats The Spill
You inspired me to leave Google to return back to iPhone.
Richard van Tricht
Richard van Tricht - 2 days ago
I get it as an office phone, cba about cost... just give me it 😇
NICOLAS RUIZ - 2 days ago
Why you never talk about the Samsung issues when you attack so aggressive apple ?
elmin2323 - 2 days ago
I’m switching from apple after 10 years
Epic Vbucks
Epic Vbucks - 2 days ago
Isn’t that new
Ninnja Ligma
Ninnja Ligma - 2 days ago
*things Iphaggots will say*
- Your phone Explodes
-Your Broke
-S10 Is Cheap
-Iphone X is better Lololololol
-Samsung copied our emoji feature
-Samsung phones has viruses
-Samsung Lags alot lololol
-Samsung people can't afford iphones

If anyone say this they're a confirmed Iphaggot
C Flashbang
C Flashbang - 2 days ago
I bought 2 of these (me and wife) Been using Samsung S5, tired of the tech being old, tried iPhone S8+ (COMPLETE waste of money).
So, got 2-S10's.
My take:
Samsung trying desperately to emulate iPhone platform which is a HUGE mistake.
The fingerprint reader (sonic reader...bwahahaha) FAILS with amazing accuracy. I (and wife) count on it to NOT work.
Samsung customer service is absolutely pathetic and that's a compliment, I assure you. Lie to you, lie about you, will NOT follow-up.
Ear buds are okay only.
MY ADVICE: YOU CANNOT TRUST SAMSUNG, don't give them you money.
FCK Samsung...
remy blue
remy blue - 2 days ago
Headphone jack is a must for those who loves music but dont want to use wireless headphones
Hi You
Hi You - 2 days ago
Is the rear camera still dual appeture
Adam V.
Adam V. - 2 days ago
What’s that speaker you have at the end...???
penter - 2 days ago
3:55 what is that song? I like it
tc seacliff
tc seacliff - 3 days ago
went to iphone . Samsung 9+ , f*cked up my pictures pushing 2 upgrades I did not want! they could not fix it!!
Lucid_ Dreams_
Lucid_ Dreams_ - 3 days ago
*yee haw*
Olivia petty
Olivia petty - 3 days ago
coming from a former iphone user and a former garbage phone user, now that i have the samsung s10, it is absolutely amazing
Michael Primi
Michael Primi - 3 days ago
Use the galaxy fold as your daily driver
Snowflake - 3 days ago
Goodbye Apple...Welcome Samsung.
Codes - 3 days ago
Watching on the galaxy s10+
Jason Stoner
Jason Stoner - 3 days ago
This guy is annoying how does he get so many views
Toria Summers
Toria Summers - 3 days ago
How loooooong are your arms??
Anas Khalil
Anas Khalil - 3 days ago
No channel is talking about the fucking sim tray, It's still made out of fragile plastic (iPhone 4 from 2010 has a metal sim tray)
Mine on the S7 edge broke by itself oneday when i removed it to insert my sim card, I googled it and alot of people also have the same problem, the problem is when you want to fix it, the phone is no longer water resistant, what the fuck is wrong with them?
Even the clone Shamesung devices have metal sim trays, what the fuck!!!
GuninGames/Ashely - 3 days ago
So what about the Chevy S10
orfygage - 3 days ago
The hole-punch is there for the camera, but what about the other sensors?
Where is the earpiece?
Does it have a proximity sensors?
Light sensor?
Does the screen close when you talk with the S10 close to your face? If so, how?
Is the screen's brightness handled automatically? If so, how? :)
I googled a bit and couldn't find something useful
Stevie Wonder
Stevie Wonder - 3 days ago
Does it come in Braille
chad tvs
chad tvs - 3 days ago
im watching this now on my new samsung galaxy s10 and im livin'!!!
MS K - 3 days ago
how the hell did you delete all the names of applications?
Yotch - 3 days ago
whats the launcher in the video?
Isaac Curry
Isaac Curry - 3 days ago
Would you go the Huawei P30 Pro or Samsung 10?
Kem Kuro
Kem Kuro - 3 days ago
*How did he setup his phone bro wtf??? How did he hide the names of apps in his phone?????* 😭🙏 Plz tell me the app name
Alonso Herrera
Alonso Herrera - 3 days ago
I also want an answer
Akira - 4 days ago
How do you hide the apps's name?
Char Hazard
Char Hazard - 4 days ago
Im actually soo desperate to get this phone but I can't afford it
moemoetheman - 4 days ago
"Theevs - Kingdom Come" is both of the songs.
Creative Mustard Seed
Creative Mustard Seed - 4 days ago
I love my s10! I got the flamingo pink variant.
LaurenAlysse - 2 days ago
Me loving it 💕
BlueTag - 4 days ago
what icon or theme is he using?
Paolo Frassato
Paolo Frassato - Day ago
I want to know it too
Franz Galahad
Franz Galahad - 4 days ago
Galaxy A80 review please
King of the Bridge
King of the Bridge - 4 days ago
S10 is cheap for 128gb phone with memory card slot.
Specimen No.13
Specimen No.13 - 4 days ago
What is the name of the case please?
Gadgets Home
Gadgets Home - 4 days ago
I'm gonna say it again:
Thanks, Unbox Therapy also thanks Samsung for keeping the headphone jack!
Darkness X Shadow
Darkness X Shadow - 4 days ago
Iphone's suck
Recker - 4 days ago
Lew ma man luv ya bruh
Luke Stanek
Luke Stanek - 4 days ago
How do you get the stock android on your phone?
Leonel Dela Rosa
Leonel Dela Rosa - 4 days ago
What's his launcher?
anirudh jayant
anirudh jayant - 4 days ago
Does the hole punch get turned off and can be used as a regular display ??
Nancy Gojkovic
Nancy Gojkovic - 2 days ago
.....its a camera
Eterno Testigo
Eterno Testigo - 4 days ago
Boring!!!! Too much talking.
Dennis F
Dennis F - 4 days ago
Willy Doo! Is it Alberta leather?
K and Ky
K and Ky - 4 days ago
Used to be iPhone nerd now becoming Samsung nerd
VeloScel - 4 days ago
*inhale* Yee-Haw, ladies and gentlemen
Y A - 4 days ago
You change phones that often bro I have my iPhone 6 since they released it and I still don’t feel a difference that bothers me other than the prices and the battery life. Keep phones for calling and Instagram the rest all on the Mac
Stewart walker
Stewart walker - 4 days ago
"Phone is super responsive"
Phone dosen't respond
Kunwar Sidhu
Kunwar Sidhu - 4 days ago
All I know is ikonik skin =s10
Yung_SK - 5 days ago
Two thousand angry apple users
Ryan Boy Ramos
Ryan Boy Ramos - 5 days ago
tufted n
johnny te
johnny te - 5 days ago
How about getting easily warm or getting hot. While playing games and even watching youtube.
Martha Martinez
Martha Martinez - 5 days ago
Unbox Therapy i got a question how much does the Samsung Galaxy s10 cost?
Aaron Kang
Aaron Kang - 4 days ago
900 USD
Joey Mc
Joey Mc - 5 days ago
Fuck you, Bixby
Bale bhai
Bale bhai - 5 days ago
14M 🤔 🤔
Paul Lorenzo
Paul Lorenzo - 5 days ago
S10=Awesome ❤
JR. C - 5 days ago
Just don't put your finger straight in registering, just do it a bit of up, side, left, and down and at the center until it's done, it will make your ultrasonic fingerprint sensor more accurate and faster
JR. C - 2 days ago
+Neet Neat np👍
Neet Neat
Neet Neat - 2 days ago
+JR. C Ah gotcha, thank you!
JR. C - 2 days ago
+Neet Neat I'm not sure if will work the same way on phones with the typical fingerprint scanner like s8, but in the case here in s10 it's an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor thus its hidden under the screen and that's the only problem why its not as accurate as the typical scanner since you can't see where it is exactly thats why you have to register your fingerprint a bit of up, left, right, down and at the center just to expand your fingerprint's accuracy👍
Neet Neat
Neet Neat - 2 days ago
Would this be the same with a phone such as S8? I tried it and it fails to recognize my finger so many times.
Nich Scarvelli
Nich Scarvelli - 5 days ago
I would get a Samsung but what greets me when i open the phone is the hundreds of apps that you dont even use
Vladislav Mura
Vladislav Mura - 6 days ago
Fuck bixby button, it even sounds
stupid.. bixby 🙄
Rambo Rider
Rambo Rider - 6 days ago
Couple of months later price will drop
young dimi
young dimi - 6 days ago
I have the Samsung S9 and sorry Samsung but you disappointed me..never again..main issue is the battery..
Johnathan land
Johnathan land - 6 days ago
Azeet Maharjan
Azeet Maharjan - 6 days ago
so fucking anoying
MostDope513 - 6 days ago
I want my 6 active with finger print reader on the back with the look more of the 9
jersey clean90
jersey clean90 - 7 days ago
Is snapchat still blurry and laggy??????
ilovetacos - 7 days ago
Why would you ever buy an apple product with this thing on the market!? Im genuinely interested
ratedahmed - 7 days ago
MrJohnson - 7 days ago
I hate the rear placed fingerprint scanners. Stopped using it completely on the S9. I liked the fingerprint scanner in the home button. Display is the next best option.
Dennis Owens
Dennis Owens - 7 days ago
The powershare is a lifesaver if you dont have your watch charger too.
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