Kodak Black, 21 Savage, Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Yachty & Denzel Curry's 2016 XXL Freshmen Cypher

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Tree Smoker
Tree Smoker - 7 hours ago
Who da fucked picked this lil sorry ass beat 🙈
Jimmy Welsh
Jimmy Welsh - 7 hours ago
Denzel Curry the only one with lyrical talent, i can respect 21 savage though
poop master 2
poop master 2 - 9 hours ago
Lil uzi looks like their little brother😂
Javier Butt
Javier Butt - 10 hours ago
Daniel Rivera
Daniel Rivera - 10 hours ago
Me and the boys when we do a presentation
Sans Skeleton
Sans Skeleton - 10 hours ago
Tangina nyo
niglet - 11 hours ago
21s laughing at kodaks verse 3:35
lil GUCCI - 11 hours ago
Best cypher to dis day 🔥
Emil Does Fishing
Emil Does Fishing - 11 hours ago
Old but gold. They remind me of kids at the playground when they try to impress their crushes when their in 4th grade.
THAT. SCXR - 11 hours ago
most of deez niggas deffo went of the top.. smh
Juni Wazowski
Juni Wazowski - 12 hours ago
3:22 I'm sorry can you repeat that?
potat o
potat o - 12 hours ago
Omg whole mumble gang together
canine caasi
canine caasi - 12 hours ago
this is honestly my favorite of any of the XXL cyphers because everyone here is enjoying each other so much, even if not everyone sounds great, there’s so much genuine fun here and it’s pretty amazing, especially the ad-libing for each other, that shits adorable
Ben Stolen
Ben Stolen - 13 hours ago
Kodak got on the the beat for 15 seconds and killed the whole thing🦍💯
Justin McGraw
Justin McGraw - 13 hours ago
I liked all of them.... a lot 🤷‍♀️
Badwafles 0084
Badwafles 0084 - 13 hours ago
Denzel clappedddd
wavy -_-
wavy -_- - 13 hours ago
3:07 has me dead the way he says WHAT
WillFleming Vlogs
WillFleming Vlogs - 13 hours ago
All you have is sour
andres palacios
andres palacios - 14 hours ago
21 Savage got that double cup tea
andres palacios
andres palacios - 14 hours ago
Have to come back every now and then you know
Motorola Mobile
Motorola Mobile - 15 hours ago
kodak love💖
yaboystojo - 16 hours ago
we need to send this shit into deep space and wait for the alien homies to come through. this is some of the most entertaining 4 minutes available. such goof
mrtthug - 17 hours ago
bring them in by 2020
Jonathan Phiri
Jonathan Phiri - 18 hours ago
I remember when Cyphers mattered not this are just shit. Can’t even understand what they are saying.
Sactorno - 17 hours ago
You must be deaf then
Kalilah Jones
Kalilah Jones - 18 hours ago
Lil uzi 🔥
_ Zonga
_ Zonga - 19 hours ago
I will be back in 2025
Like so i remember
_ Zonga
_ Zonga - 19 hours ago
That hit different
rondo #9
rondo #9 - 19 hours ago
Easily the best cypher to come out
Luis Z
Luis Z - 19 hours ago
Still one of my favorite Cyphers. The chemistry between them was pretty good they all looked like they had a good time.
Golden Diamond
Golden Diamond - 20 hours ago
This comment section gonna be forever active 😂
Billy Scott
Billy Scott - 20 hours ago
21 savage cypher greatest of all time?
Mustafa Kaan Basaran
Mustafa Kaan Basaran - 20 hours ago
Anyone else think lil yachty murdered this
kvyenne - 21 hour ago
i legit watch this every day, this is still the best freshmen chyper 🔥
Angelo Iodice
Angelo Iodice - 22 hours ago
On a motherfucker heisiabddb
-21 Savage 2016
Snoopy - 22 hours ago
21’s head looks like square
Alexia Strunk
Alexia Strunk - 22 hours ago
I like everyone gets hyped when 21 starts spitting his rap 💀
Astral - 23 hours ago
Who tf is listening to this sorry ass beat in 2019
Sactorno - 18 hours ago
zigo official
zigo official - 23 hours ago
Kodak black the best
xAndreaX - 23 hours ago
2019 and this is Still the best cypher out 🤷🏾‍♀️
Aidan Suess
Aidan Suess - 23 hours ago
2019 ain’t got shit on this
Anthony Rizzo
Anthony Rizzo - Day ago
i love the xxl freshman cyphers
Bizarrehuh - Day ago
00:16 uzi so cute hah
ガイモン - Day ago
Lil Kev
Lil Kev - Day ago
And we really thought 2016 was sorry ?
Shifty J.J.
Shifty J.J. - Day ago
Miss this uzi
aoy aaucr
aoy aaucr - Day ago
kodak went to jail
Beans Wildlife
Beans Wildlife - Day ago
I like how I searched up mumble rap and this was the first thing that showed up 😂😂😂
Sactorno - 18 hours ago
they didn't even mumble that much tho besides 21
RIPXVR - Day ago
Whos here in december 2019?
Tom Jones
Tom Jones - Day ago
Literally, every XXL has an artist that never seem to take off after being on the XXL freestyle, you'll only hear from them on XXL and that's it.
Chevy MC
Chevy MC - Day ago
who’s here in spooky season?
SauceBoy DDG
SauceBoy DDG - Day ago
21... 21... 21...
jk_kidd - Day ago
Uzis Ad-libs added so much to 21s freestyle tho
johnathon Bowers
johnathon Bowers - Day ago
Dj Drama looks fed up with this shit 😂😂😂
Too Fast
Too Fast - Day ago
this is fire
Dwayne Websterr
Dwayne Websterr - Day ago
this is one of the only classes who everyone in the video never fell off well this half of the class at least
Turbo B Chopin
Turbo B Chopin - Day ago
October 2019??
Tristan Cooper
Tristan Cooper - Day ago
Turbo B Chopin nah 2017
Chester Schwall
Chester Schwall - Day ago
Kodak looks like he eats black air forces for breakfast
Snakey - Day ago
Judge: Is that all?

Snitch9ine: I know what 21 Savage said
Lusa Wood
Lusa Wood - Day ago
Back when uzi was happy
Devin Little
Devin Little - Day ago
Legendary. Nothing will ever top this one
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