Steph Curry Deepest Threes (Compilation)

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PHP - 6 months ago
WATCH: Steph Curry Deepest Three Ever, 80 FEET! (Rare Footage)
Will Steph be the scoring champion this year? Thanks for watching. Subscribe if you haven’t!
kirk ngoboc
kirk ngoboc - 14 days ago
Alonzo Brown
Alonzo Brown - 24 days ago
PHP what the fuck
Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson - Month ago
When he has the ball my mind already starts thinking about what the other team is gonna do now that they just got 3 more points
Adi Benishay
Adi Benishay - Month ago
PHP el peor jugador del mundo es Stephanie curry
Shamim Akhtar
Shamim Akhtar - Month ago
PHP I am home I am watching the game after Steh curry deepest three ever 80 feet rare footage from Attaulsafibajwah and pHp
LuisTheSteel Gonzalez
At the buzzard, from downtown, he’s heating up, he’s on fire, NBA Jam, y’all
胡胖傑 - 4 hours ago
Sameeha A
Sameeha A - 8 hours ago
Reporter: So KD why did you decide to join the Warriors?

KD: 4:53
Apoliyøn Kairū
Apoliyøn Kairū - 16 hours ago
Words that you can hear.
" Curry banggg "
" Curry from wayyyyy downtown "
" Steph a deep three banggg "
" Curry three gooooood "
" he's starting to heat up "
" And Curry threee"
" here's three "
" Curry from midcourt it's gooooodd "
" Oh boy there goes that man "
A wise man said " Once he enters midcourt he's in range. "
wynwynpals Mcraft
wynwynpals Mcraft - Day ago
3 point
小小小子 - Day ago
3:50 我看過最燦爛的笑了curry
高凯 - Day ago
Elton Harrell
Elton Harrell - Day ago
Top 3 Three Point Shooters of All Time: (In Order)
1. Stephen Curry
2. Reggie Miller
3. Ray Allen
can't argue bout that opinion can you!!! 👌👌
JAMES SWAG - 22 hours ago
1.Curry 2. Curry 3. Curry
yuting wang
yuting wang - 2 days ago
Journei Jenkins
Journei Jenkins - 2 days ago
3 point shooters are annoying af . I miss the Derrick
Rose phase
Roderick ¡!
Roderick ¡! - 2 days ago
Deberian de poner una línea de 4
やかぐ - 2 days ago
Bama Made
Bama Made - 2 days ago
Hey Steph where you from?

I wish I was from Toronto 😂😂
Diomil Montes de Oca
Diomil Montes de Oca - 2 days ago
Where was this guy when GS needed that game winner in game 6 vs the raptors? :(
vivahernando1 - Day ago
Diomil Montes de Oca he always wears down in the playoffs
Gavkill 626
Gavkill 626 - 3 days ago
Like steph curry comment Michael Jordan who is better
Jessica Grafton
Jessica Grafton - 3 days ago
Just Jackson
Charlie Balquedra
Charlie Balquedra - 3 days ago
I think it’s mostly the Warriors doing these shots
qiwi - 3 days ago
No one
Steph: from downtown
qiwi - 3 days ago
Yeah, i guess youtube recommendations works great
D' Strings
D' Strings - 3 days ago
he should have a 5 pt line he shoots very far no wonder he's a legend
D' Strings
D' Strings - 3 days ago
this guy needs a custom 3pt line in the edge of the court...
Hazelaine Rabo
Hazelaine Rabo - 3 days ago
Shintaro Midorima in real life
Jeremy Ooi
Jeremy Ooi - 3 days ago
But Raptors got the ring🤣
Lynzkie Toledo
Lynzkie Toledo - 3 days ago
I love you steph curry
Kyla Yhen Jamito
Kyla Yhen Jamito - 4 days ago
Doraemon Episode only
Doraemon Episode only - 4 days ago
What the heck happened here on the 3 line the color of 3 line is black 2:03 after 2:09 the 3 line became white the hell!
Qais Hijazi
Qais Hijazi - 4 days ago
If you look @2:09 its like the ball dissappears
Qais Hijazi
Qais Hijazi - 4 days ago
If you look @2:09 its like the ball dissappears
Happy Irumva
Happy Irumva - 6 days ago
This is why this is my favorite team of all times and this is why I love him 😍💙💛💙💛
Bebe Baba
Bebe Baba - 6 days ago
Stephen Curry is pro 3 pointer
Javer Jimbau
Javer Jimbau - 6 days ago
If they ever void a shot made too far from the basket, you know whose fault it is.
Knight Time Gaming
Knight Time Gaming - 6 days ago
Nice pfp
Odin Franklin
Odin Franklin - 7 days ago
if Westbrook in Curry was both in the Lakers they would have been the modern day Ray Allen and Kobe Bryant
AiZEN Sosuke
AiZEN Sosuke - 7 days ago
Midorima x)
• ɪɪᏩʟɪᴢᴢʏTHAᏩᎾᎠɪɪ •
Did this cheating ass nigga ever miss? Got aimbot on or some shit.
William Hernandez
William Hernandez - 7 days ago
Stephen curry ball
Brandon Fletcher
Brandon Fletcher - 7 days ago
Greatest shooter since ray Allen or Kobe Bryant
Logan Owens
Logan Owens - 7 days ago
“cUrRy Is A PiEcE oF sHiT” - I hope someone knows who I’m mocking in this comment section
Gideon02 Playz
Gideon02 Playz - 4 days ago
Yep it's Jaime argudo in another comment still remember him.
。とまと - 7 days ago
1:08 WHAT???
Joniel TV p m
Joniel TV p m - 7 days ago
Listo díganme Ami tambien por favor 😭😭😭😭😭
Lovely Canillo
Lovely Canillo - 7 days ago
Kent's TV
Kent's TV - 7 days ago
ito yung Dating Curry .
Cno nakakamiss sa Dating Curry ?
Make This Blue👍
ちゃん ちゃん
ちゃん ちゃん - 7 days ago
Hewalçu Guavera
Hewalçu Guavera - 7 days ago
api nasıl atı10
CYBER Gaming
CYBER Gaming - 7 days ago
Ok Listen
The Ball is a Paid Actor😂
Reece Dinjes
Reece Dinjes - 7 days ago
Go on my Reece Hayes
fernando x
fernando x - 7 days ago
Min 1:10 , 1:22 and 1:29
Same Game????
Lucas King
Lucas King - 8 days ago
Insane what he can do on the court
MaryJane NeedsMe
MaryJane NeedsMe - 8 days ago
Steph curry keeps giving me problems in 2k19 with those threes as well
Bran Vladimir
Bran Vladimir - 8 days ago
XD GodSnipez
XD GodSnipez - 8 days ago
I’m not gonna lie when steph curry gets hot it’s just scary his handles and range it just doesn’t matter and don’t forget the quick release
XD GodSnipez
XD GodSnipez - 8 days ago
Have A Timeout Decide Not To Use It
- Top 10 last words right before disaster
Iyah Yeo
Iyah Yeo - 8 days ago
steph hack the ring auto shot.
Kev Uchiha
Kev Uchiha - 8 days ago
Couldnt hit that 3 in the finals tho
Pink Yogurt
Pink Yogurt - 8 days ago
Aim bot
billcrosby94 _
billcrosby94 _ - 8 days ago
Somewhere he can't go with his wife
1rasINK - 8 days ago
Like R. Miller 90s
Bman 4
Bman 4 - 8 days ago
-Hey Steph where you from?
-I’m from the corner of downtown and Missing Game Winning Shot Ave
Bedhead Megamariobros Killerclown Megaluigibros
At my school in PE my friend kicked the ball across the whole gymnasium and it landed In the hoop perfectly
Reyes Flores
Reyes Flores - 8 days ago
Too bad he was not able to make that last one in game 6
Top PotGames
Top PotGames - 8 days ago
I have a crush on You love
Chops GT
Chops GT - 8 days ago
Curry too cocky moments
Prince Martin
Prince Martin - 8 days ago
He shmacking them bitches
Salvador Ramirez
Salvador Ramirez - 8 days ago
1:29 that shit was sick af!
Mateo Vasquez
Mateo Vasquez - 8 days ago
And yet, he missed the game winning shot for finals.
Jennifer Moreno
Jennifer Moreno - 8 days ago
He couldn't do that in the finals
David Daniel
David Daniel - 9 days ago
Best 3 pointer of all time!
CantBeLessSpecific - 9 days ago
This makes the rest of the team look bad
Hân Nguyễn
Hân Nguyễn - 9 days ago
He is Midorima in Kuroko??? So cool!!!!! I love him :)))
john ayacko
john ayacko - 9 days ago
Steph Curry is a GMO
Dajonah Jamison
Dajonah Jamison - 9 days ago
Sihong Lin
Sihong Lin - 9 days ago
But he could not hit any when it counted the most
jalontae wiley
jalontae wiley - 9 days ago
They should make a half court worth 6 points because 3×2=6 so half court should be 6 points right?
x Nxt Hxre x
x Nxt Hxre x - 9 days ago
Deltine Sondy
Deltine Sondy - 9 days ago
I'm serious, even I'm not his fan i can say this guy is very unbelievable oh my God i'm scared each time he wear the ball cause in my mind,he gonna make the 3 points uhmmmmm Mr Curry i have respect for you🤝🏻
Dominique Smith
Dominique Smith - 9 days ago
Omg why did I think the dotted lines in the thumbnail was a giant jump rope🤦🏾‍♀️
starkley spaniard
starkley spaniard - 9 days ago
Back wen currys nuts could breathe an everyone isnt targeting him
YaBoiSnitch - 9 days ago
Why couldn’t he do this IN THE 2019 PLAYOFFS
YaBoiSnitch - 7 days ago
@The Jewish Man We all watched his many airballs like im a golden state supporter but he could of played way better.
The Jewish Man
The Jewish Man - 8 days ago
He literally averaged 36 points..
Rk Dela cerna
Rk Dela cerna - 8 days ago
Yah right!
Buda Fülöp
Buda Fülöp - 9 days ago
monica nyi
monica nyi - 9 days ago
no one:
commentator- *curry. awugh.*
Elton Harrell
Elton Harrell - 9 days ago
#LIKE 👍👍
Steph Curry is the best 3 point shooter to ever play the game 👌👌
Elton Harrell
Elton Harrell - 2 days ago
#LIKEIFYOUAGREE 👍👍 here's my Top 3 Three Point Shooters of all time: 1. Stephen Curry 2. Reggie Miller 3. Ray Allen Name anyone better if it were top 5 I'd pick 4. Steve Nash & 5. Peja Stojakovic
Jay 2Z
Jay 2Z - 9 days ago
Steph Curry's range: deeper then my hopes and dreams
My profile is M
My profile is M - 9 days ago
This man is a cheat code
Shannon Ess
Shannon Ess - 9 days ago
Curry is a realy good player
Goalkeeper Rendón
Goalkeeper Rendón - 9 days ago
Kobe Williams
Kobe Williams - 9 days ago
That nigga not human
Lily Rose
Lily Rose - 9 days ago
Its like watching jordan on the day
IhoopzJoel - 9 days ago
Too bad he couldn’t do this in game 6
Hisheem King
Hisheem King - 9 days ago
Grandpa voice:I tell you that curry it somethin else
Anward Ymli
Anward Ymli - 9 days ago
He put it all but he messes the most important one in the finals
Gemmii - 9 days ago
I like how youtube is just mocking the warriors now
Under Appreciated
Under Appreciated - 9 days ago
Yet he missed the winning shot 😂😂
Daniel - 9 days ago
1:36 A Lo Que Vinieron
XXX KILLSTREAK - 9 days ago
Steph is playing my career
Six rings Of steel
Six rings Of steel - 9 days ago
1:23 I like that commentator
Arvyn Villaspir
Arvyn Villaspir - 9 days ago
Why couldn't he do this at the 2019 finals?
Minion 7818
Minion 7818 - 9 days ago
Like: Lebron
Comment: steph curry
Isaias Acosta
Isaias Acosta - 9 days ago
Hes a cheater

Hes got a scuff controller and enhanced ai precision
JabbaFett - 9 days ago
For real though, Curry should’ve saved all of these trickshots for that three-pointer he missed at the last game - Game 6 to be exact.
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