Can Adam Survive This Insane Ghost Chilli Burger Challenge?! | Man v Food

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Kieran Law
Kieran Law - 33 minutes ago
It's so sad to hear how Man vs. Food died a few years back. Many people thought it was a hoax, but poor Adam died of a heart attack. It seems in the end Food did get the best...Vs. Man.
Markus Mitter
Markus Mitter - 5 hours ago
schwul oba do nd schlecht .. muschi
Saurab Matta
Saurab Matta - Day ago
Dont invite this guy in a party.
Abishek chhetri
Abishek chhetri - Day ago
Man vs toilet.
Jared Kartinyeri
Jared Kartinyeri - Day ago
Id try this. But probley wont finnish it
cody pacheco
cody pacheco - 2 days ago
Why didn’t the first guy have gloves on
we regret to inform you
See ... the thing is no
THE MIGHTY J - 2 days ago
Imagine his reaction after finding out carolina reapers is the most spiciest chilli pepper
David Duncan
David Duncan - 5 days ago
He’s not even really sweating.
Private J
Private J - 5 days ago
How come the poor guy outside wasnt given gloves !?
Tomi Ocampo
Tomi Ocampo - 6 days ago
Kate The Great
Kate The Great - 7 days ago
Any way to deconstruct it? Just eat the peppers and sauce first, then eat the rest of the burger? Get all of the hurt out of the way? Maybe it would help?
Gamer FC
Gamer FC - 7 days ago
Carolina reaper is the hottest is it not
Drew Sattler
Drew Sattler - 8 days ago
Sounds good
chi chan
chi chan - 9 days ago
Ghost chilli is found in the North Eastern part of India and we love our ghost chilli 😁😋 the fresh ones smells great 😋
Zoltan Verdon
Zoltan Verdon - 9 days ago
If any of you TRUELY believe that Adam is in as much pain here as you think he is........ Ur very naive
The same goes for the Paqui Chip.
No I'm afraid not. Even the Mad Dog 357 sauce... No. The videos are very very entertaining but don't represent reality
Zoltan Verdon
Zoltan Verdon - 8 days ago
K1 Champion Its the truth sorry
K1 Champion
K1 Champion - 8 days ago
Bet You're Fun At Parties
latino00789 - 9 days ago
Hi put the toiled papper in the freezer after that show.😵😩😖😡
Chris Austria
Chris Austria - 9 days ago
4 horsemen gonna destroy that ass later
10,000 subscribers with no videos Challenge
But he’s not gonna win the battle in the bathroom
Legend Gotta Catch Em All
Better get some wax on the tongue Simpson’s action’ goin.’
Pinda - 10 days ago
I like that Simpson's reference!
Alex Lfc fan
Alex Lfc fan - 12 days ago
That man he spoke to looked like Andy Ruiz.
leonardo perez
leonardo perez - 12 days ago
It’ll be more fun on the toilet...!!!
Cyrus tpb
Cyrus tpb - 12 days ago
Everyone there is fat from eating greasy hamburgers.
Mike Spann
Mike Spann - 13 days ago
I miss this cool dude👍👍
nick niazi
nick niazi - 13 days ago
Maybe he'd be a little cooler if he just took off his fucking jacket back then 😂😂😂
Ted Johnson
Ted Johnson - 14 days ago
I feel terrible lmfao
Thunder Pie
Thunder Pie - 14 days ago
that has nothing to do with food
Shin Rhino
Shin Rhino - 14 days ago
5:38 bruh
Dan Rivard
Dan Rivard - 14 days ago
There is still food on his plate. Of course it wasn't much but it was still there
rage nation
rage nation - 15 days ago
ik adams asshole is fucking on fire after he does this challenges 😭
Lelo Nandinha
Lelo Nandinha - 15 days ago
Hot hot hot very hot
4K F**king A
4K F**king A - 15 days ago
The Carolina Reaper: Hold my beer...
No es es nada no ha venido a México a comer algo verdaderamente sabroso y súper picoso, una hamburguesa con muy poco chile sazonado
Dorothy Jones
Dorothy Jones - 16 days ago
I miss Adam as the host.
zim zum
zim zum - 17 days ago
I would have called that burger: sting in your ring
forzamilan1899 - 17 days ago
Keeps saying in his videos that the ghost is the hottest pepper. Should check his info!
josh jackson
josh jackson - 18 days ago
Imagine if he tries this with the scorpion pepper and carolina reaper
Patrick Kees
Patrick Kees - 20 days ago
...this guy is such a tool...he act like a pre pubescent drama school nerd. Thumbs down on this video.
Sdarms111 Doug
Sdarms111 Doug - 20 days ago
This dude can normally beat the pepper challenges... not always the giant volume challenges....
Jay Dynamic
Jay Dynamic - 20 days ago
gives you the ninja shit @ 3 am
springer 90
springer 90 - 21 day ago
This is the stuff of Legends!!
Neburmaster - 21 day ago
We went to eat there, we are from mexico, all my family ate 1 of that hamburguers and wasnt so spicy as we tought .. even my littles cousins was there eating it
Communism For Sale
Communism For Sale - 23 days ago
I would take as much spice off of the burger as possible, eat the burger, then eat all the spice and chug down all of the milk
kkk cams
kkk cams - 23 days ago
watching him eat made me loose my appetite
Jamal س
Jamal س - 24 days ago
𐱅𐰇𐰼𐰚 - 25 days ago
Eat The GHOST pay The PRICE.
Lew_Dawg - 25 days ago
Adam: 1:47

Carolina Reaper: Am I a joke to you?
WrathofTheAngels - 25 days ago
The woman he kissed at the end would have burnt
MarkThisWayAfter - 26 days ago
His show would be so much better without the cringey audiences
Michael lees
Michael lees - 26 days ago
His ring piece is gonna be like a wizards sleeve afterwards.
Kev Redman
Kev Redman - 26 days ago
Should call it the JOHNNY CASH burger, as when thats digested and ready to leave the runway .... its gonna ... BURN BURN BURN, THAT RING OF FIRE ... THAT RING OF FIRE
Mike Reyes
Mike Reyes - 26 days ago
Are they still storing the bread by the restrooms? I stopped going there lol
Juan Moreno
Juan Moreno - 27 days ago
Fight the burn
Sumedh Jagtap
Sumedh Jagtap - 27 days ago
These guys are insane and foolish y so much self torture it's dangerous
D J - 27 days ago
Why does the UK always try to steal shit?
kindinot - 27 days ago
Hero, I could never do this.
Kingi - 27 days ago
Shut the fuck up you fat pig, spend this food to homeless people and don‘t play with you you fat idiot.
Daniel Jones
Daniel Jones - 27 days ago
Fat fuck America home of the lard arse
Abdullah Al-Dabi
Abdullah Al-Dabi - 27 days ago
You should enjoy food not torture yourself by it.
Muhammed Malik
Muhammed Malik - 28 days ago
Still can't believe this place was right down the street from where I used to live.
Narrator - 28 days ago
Adam: Ghost Pepper is the hottest pepper
Carolina Reaper: Am I a joke to you?
JWNGSAR NARZARY - 25 days ago
Carolina reaper is genetically modified ghost pepper.
b wooten
b wooten - 28 days ago
Not sure why youtube blasted me with man vs food vids but howcome he never took his jacket off? In almost every episode he always wears a jacket lol why????
FAke Magno
FAke Magno - 28 days ago
Vadim - 28 days ago
I ain't scared of ghost but that ghost...

It scares me
Furlog Giant
Furlog Giant - 28 days ago
Carolina Reaper says hi
Uzumaki Naruto
Uzumaki Naruto - 28 days ago
his voice is kinda gordon ramsay
Vanessa Perez
Vanessa Perez - 28 days ago
Damn i cant beleive he did it? Its gonna be 🔥 coming out of His other side... 😂
abstar57 - 28 days ago
Seen this year's ago lol
Ikaika Gionson
Ikaika Gionson - 29 days ago
i no mind eating spicy stuff but bruh enjoy your trip in the bathroom 😭
Sakurasidx - 29 days ago
Is it funny they put on gloves for burns but litterally putting it down their throats 🤣
Kyle Hooker
Kyle Hooker - 29 days ago
Carolina reaper is the hottest in the world actually! Best have some cold aloe lotion ready lol.
Unwittness - 28 days ago
Thank you. Wish some people would understand the ghost pepper is nothing nowadays
Simply-Abstract - 29 days ago
Are they barely airing this in the UK?
Ancore - 29 days ago
No he died
Records Hehe
Records Hehe - 29 days ago
2019 but camera seems to be from 2013?
QLZ_ Saoudba
QLZ_ Saoudba - 29 days ago
شفي ذي
Joshua Prieto
Joshua Prieto - 29 days ago
Yeah that ghost chili inside him... poltergeist in his stomach later on
alias unknown
alias unknown - 29 days ago
adam really is a douchebag on set. he is absolutely conceited
caleb McGuire
caleb McGuire - 29 days ago
lmao i tried this challenge and 1 bite was horrible had to force vomit it out so much pain
Tanpreet Singh
Tanpreet Singh - 29 days ago
Sad to say but his poop hole couldn’t survive the fire and Adam died the next day . Press F to pay respect for Adam .
Dark knight Dante
Dark knight Dante - 29 days ago
It's not nearly the strongest... Carolina reaper is with 2.2 million shu and I eat it everyday so why this thing would be a challenge
Naglis Nesvarbu
Naglis Nesvarbu - 29 days ago
Weird flex but ok
Explore With DJ RK
Explore With DJ RK - 29 days ago
I bet he pooped volcano outa his A.hole Ltd
AREY27 - 29 days ago
This is so old.. yet your posting it now.
I'm A LOGANG PAULER :yt: - 29 days ago
2:27 kills him
GrapeDrank25 - 29 days ago
5:38 LMFAO
Stephanie Y Anderson
Stephanie Y Anderson - 29 days ago
Holden Cross
Holden Cross - Month ago
Any one else here that can take that burger down in 5 mins and not get a drink🐘💨😈
Entertainment Worldz
Entertainment Worldz - Month ago
super food video bro
phyrexianjudgement - Month ago
I make ghost chili salsa n eat it on everything lol
_ Pluto
_ Pluto - Month ago
7:01 when your mom makes pizza rolls
Kurtis Kieneker
Kurtis Kieneker - Month ago
Small enough bites that you don't need to chew just swallow!
Johnny2loco - Month ago
It's so funny how people say jalapeno with no "ñ" but then say habanero with the "ñ" and it's so wrong 😝
Edward Serfrosty Martinez
Lol I’m playing all 3 Darksiders games and I get this as a recommendation XD
Nick Robinson
Nick Robinson - Month ago
Carolina reaper is the hottest pepper in the world
BATTLE TIME - Month ago
I live in the home of GHOST CHILLI( the 'BHOT JOLOKIYA')
BATTLE TIME - 22 days ago
Good Putin Assam
Good Putin
Good Putin - 22 days ago
BigAlx Killa
BigAlx Killa - Month ago
Does this guy get his exercise in?? He needs to eating all that food..
Joy Lopez
Joy Lopez - Month ago
Adam rocks!
Christian Tull
Christian Tull - Month ago
I would fuck that shit up
Young Gangster
Young Gangster - Month ago
Oh the fucking heartburn’s gonna be bad
Sadiri Tayocnog
Sadiri Tayocnog - Month ago
its just a burger daaa lol...
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