Can Adam Survive This Insane Ghost Chilli Burger Challenge?! | Man v Food

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steven rogers
steven rogers - 2 days ago
What a bitch pussy lmfao
Pussy PaTroll
Pussy PaTroll - 4 days ago
Wait. You get to drink during this challenge? LMAO... no pepperhead is going to take this challenge seriously.
chevygameonpoint 18
chevygameonpoint 18 - 6 days ago
Adam it's about that time!
Barrel Senpai
Barrel Senpai - 7 days ago
Wait till he hears about the Carolina reaper :) it's only more than 2× hotter than the ghost pepper
gamepilation - 12 days ago
You the Man.
Brazillian King
Brazillian King - 14 days ago
Awesome challenge but very disrespectful. Why? Why would u hammer the table? Does he do that at home as well? Smh.. then flip the table too!
Kyvle II
Kyvle II - 14 days ago
I can eat a habanero
Tyrunner0097 - 14 days ago
Just an FYI for the "Carolina Reaper is hotter!" people, this episode was filmed and originally aired BEFORE the Carolina Reaper made its debut.
PLEASE keep that in mind.
Nexo - 17 days ago
Adam richman is the GOAT
Henri s
Henri s - 17 days ago
Fiction Fighter
Fiction Fighter - 20 days ago
Dude looks like he’s ready to jump out of his clothes
Jennifer Coleman
Jennifer Coleman - 21 day ago
This would burn all the taste buds off your tongue
AsianNoscopes - 27 days ago
Is the table ok?
Josh Jauregui
Josh Jauregui - Month ago
I like how when you try this burger now, it doesn't look anything like what he just ate. They give you much more sauce.
Honest Abe
Honest Abe - Month ago
Mario Pena
Mario Pena - Month ago
The after challenge: 5 minutes of fiery shits...
Namer869 - Month ago
I looked for "Man v Toilet" video but couldn't one
april reed
april reed - Month ago
Spartans...prepare for glory
Wel Walla
Wel Walla - Month ago
Jesus the people are too loud
Richard Bryant
Richard Bryant - Month ago
I don't mind a bit of heat but that's just ridiculous, I don't believe anyone could actually enjoy eating that.
Rakesh Sonar
Rakesh Sonar - Month ago
I'm Gonna Love this Man 😍 ❤ 😍
Love you adam from India
X class laxxz
X class laxxz - Month ago
Imagine if he rubbed his eyes after touching it
Mor-Gan's - 2 months ago
Go ADAM GO!!!!! You can do it.
LASERBLAST 1978 - 2 months ago
I can try this without Ghost Chili😂
y4ruhate? - 2 months ago
wow charles barkley is right about san antonio, lol
Peppon - 2 months ago
That old lady @ 5:38 was cringey af
Jamie Cramutola
Jamie Cramutola - 2 months ago
Matt stoney could not do it because he don't like the heat
D - 2 months ago
I wish you could mute out all the people in the background yelling and screaming.
Miss Joker
Miss Joker - 2 months ago
It really made my blood turns hot when he ate that burger 🥵
Sky Hunter
Sky Hunter - 2 months ago
The Carolina reaper is the hottest chili pepper in the world
Phil Noble 2
Phil Noble 2 - 2 months ago
Ben - 2 months ago
Americans are so easily entertained. They look like their football team is busy winning the Super Bowl
Hostile One
Hostile One - 2 months ago
It burns going in & its gonna burn coming out
Miki Snowfox
Miki Snowfox - 2 months ago
id take that on honestly
Jesse Coleman
Jesse Coleman - 2 months ago
Mancard pulled...
sudip daw
sudip daw - 2 months ago
Give it to a Indian and he will ask for extra chilli....😆😆😆😆😆
Legend says
Legend says - 2 months ago
The four Horseman aren't apart of Hell, they're from Heaven
Cory Wages
Cory Wages - 2 months ago
Love this video 😘😘😘😘😘
infinitiGjj - 2 months ago
“I feel terrible” lmao
Kieran Law
Kieran Law - 2 months ago
It's so sad to hear how Man vs. Food died a few years back. Many people thought it was a hoax, but poor Adam died of a heart attack. It seems in the end Food did get the best...Vs. Man.
cocoa butter cookies
cocoa butter cookies - 2 months ago
? adam featured on a spicy hot wing ep on youtube with hot ones
Markus Mitter
Markus Mitter - 2 months ago
schwul oba do nd schlecht .. muschi
Saurab Matta
Saurab Matta - 2 months ago
Dont invite this guy in a party.
Abishek chhetri
Abishek chhetri - 2 months ago
Man vs toilet.
Jared Kartinyeri
Jared Kartinyeri - 2 months ago
Id try this. But probley wont finnish it
cody pacheco
cody pacheco - 2 months ago
Why didn’t the first guy have gloves on
we regret to inform you
we regret to inform you - 2 months ago
See ... the thing is no
THE MIGHTY J - 2 months ago
Imagine his reaction after finding out carolina reapers is the most spiciest chilli pepper
David Duncan
David Duncan - 3 months ago
He’s not even really sweating.
Private J
Private J - 3 months ago
How come the poor guy outside wasnt given gloves !?
Tomi Ocampo
Tomi Ocampo - 3 months ago
Kate The Great
Kate The Great - 3 months ago
Any way to deconstruct it? Just eat the peppers and sauce first, then eat the rest of the burger? Get all of the hurt out of the way? Maybe it would help?
Gamer FC
Gamer FC - 3 months ago
Carolina reaper is the hottest is it not
Drew Sattler
Drew Sattler - 3 months ago
Sounds good
Achi chan
Achi chan - 3 months ago
Ghost chilli is found in the North Eastern part of India and we love our ghost chilli 😁😋 the fresh ones smells great 😋
Zoltan Verdon
Zoltan Verdon - 3 months ago
If any of you TRUELY believe that Adam is in as much pain here as you think he is........ Ur very naive
The same goes for the Paqui Chip.
No I'm afraid not. Even the Mad Dog 357 sauce... No. The videos are very very entertaining but don't represent reality
Zoltan Verdon
Zoltan Verdon - 3 months ago
K1 Champion Its the truth sorry
K1 Champion
K1 Champion - 3 months ago
Bet You're Fun At Parties
latino00789 - 3 months ago
Hi put the toiled papper in the freezer after that show.😵😩😖😡
Chris Austria
Chris Austria - 3 months ago
4 horsemen gonna destroy that ass later
10,000 subscribers with no videos Challenge
But he’s not gonna win the battle in the bathroom
Legend Gotta Catch Em All
Legend Gotta Catch Em All - 3 months ago
Better get some wax on the tongue Simpson’s action’ goin.’
Pinda - 3 months ago
I like that Simpson's reference!
10,000 subscribers with no videos Challenge
That man he spoke to looked like Andy Ruiz.
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