INDOOR Trampoline '4 Goal' Basketball Game! + *Almost Died in a Car*

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emanuel Watkins
emanuel Watkins - 15 hours ago
Am I the only one that heard dsr 50 sniper sound effects
Jr Smith
Jr Smith - 9 days ago
Not another car crash
Colleen Moyer
Colleen Moyer - 14 days ago
Umair's Awesome World
Umair's Awesome World - 26 days ago
Cool wow bro
Travers Richards
Travers Richards - 27 days ago
Tristan cheated
Walker Lish
Walker Lish - 28 days ago
Why does it lag every time it goes on
forchichihobbo - 28 days ago
"Road to 3 Mil" he aint even at 2 mil yet xD
Cameron Deaver
Cameron Deaver - 28 days ago
Anyone else see mopi airball a layup at the end at skyzone
No oploads Until 100 subs
TJASS should of had 5 that’s odd
Super Hooper
Super Hooper - 29 days ago
At 8:13 in the back around you see mopi air ball a easy shot
Chase B
Chase B - 29 days ago
Yeah is laggy
Chase Smith
Chase Smith - Month ago
Story time of the first time u smoked weed
Luis Padilla
Luis Padilla - Month ago
When is your arm going to be hesled all the way
Brooklyn Chrome
Brooklyn Chrome - Month ago
When will your arm be ok
Gainz - Month ago
Am i the only one that doesnt know what hes saying in the intro?
Panashe Mungah
Panashe Mungah - Month ago
moushe moushe peeps
daniel nugroho
daniel nugroho - Month ago
Why you always shoot with one hand?
Syn Limit
Syn Limit - Month ago
You ain’t almost die in a car good
Azariah Freeman
Azariah Freeman - Month ago
This is how many times the screen lagged

Dillon Faust
Dillon Faust - Month ago
Does kris still have to use one hand or did he just get used to it
Kenny Molina
Kenny Molina - Month ago
It was lagging and pausing out of nowhere
David Rooney
David Rooney - Month ago
Tjasd and Zach litterly win every contest
The 2 Savage Boys
The 2 Savage Boys - Month ago
Whenever they make a shot it lagged
Ara Erfan
Ara Erfan - Month ago
tf does mooshie mean
Ethan Raider24
Ethan Raider24 - Month ago
Is it lagy for other people too
Jimmy Baseball
Jimmy Baseball - Month ago
Jimmy Baseball
Jimmy Baseball - Month ago
Lag killed it
Ethan TheBaller
Ethan TheBaller - Month ago
This quality sucks
Ethan TheBaller
Ethan TheBaller - Month ago
It keeps pausing for mine
Tayjamar Riley
Tayjamar Riley - Month ago
Mo sky zone vids
J T G - Month ago
Holy lag
Payton Mays
Payton Mays - Month ago
Anyone else get pauses outta no where ?
Actual Jayden
Actual Jayden - Month ago
Bruh the light edit fucks it up and makes it glitchy
Extra long Wong
Extra long Wong - Month ago
T jass needs curls⁉️
L1 - 76
L1 - 76 - Month ago
Am I the only one who hears a beat build up and try and guess who misses or makes it😂
Matthias Mölder
Matthias Mölder - Month ago
Yo Kris why are u still shooting only with your right hand?
Thomas Dennis
Thomas Dennis - Month ago
When did you almost die
by MasacreXD
by MasacreXD - Month ago
T JASS you are on fire
Skudd - Month ago
We out here laggin'
Faze -tfue
Faze -tfue - Month ago
Kris your the best YouTuber I've ever seen keep up the good work bro
LukeTheGreatz - Month ago
Hey OGs Remember when peter said kristopher would die in a car crash
Jashanpreet Singh
Jashanpreet Singh - Month ago
Lukethegreatz I do 😂
Daris - Month ago
Omg you guys are bad at driving, stick shift is for men. Not automatic
Big Play A
Big Play A - Month ago
That guy at the end was cool peoples
Yourmum Bg
Yourmum Bg - Month ago
Emon is cute
Max Robertson
Max Robertson - Month ago
Mine kept on freesing
marco limpo
marco limpo - Month ago
Lowkey vids laggy af lmao
Lambros_pap ότι να 'ναι
T jass is cheating, he is going too close to the basket.
We have an announcement to make Ninja Sucks
Lambros_pap ότι να 'ναι he didn’t cross his line...
Douglas McArthur
Douglas McArthur - Month ago
whats up with jesse copying tjass’s hair style?
Haylee Christian-brearley
can u and 2hype come to australia
Michael Lozada
Michael Lozada - Month ago
Choppy af
Elijah Roberts
Elijah Roberts - Month ago
Y'all cant run a 2v2 there
4ncurbelo - Month ago
Jesser always be cheating! smh
NBA ZION - Month ago
The lag is real 😂😂
Element Shadows
Element Shadows - Month ago
The glitches
Reign Sync -
Reign Sync - - Month ago
Lag gang
brandon perez
brandon perez - Month ago
Mopi got that half court jump shot
21 Nate
21 Nate - Month ago
Let’s end at exactly 6:00 minutes and declare T-Jass the winner
Alvian Efendiwijaya
Alvian Efendiwijaya - Month ago
Don't one arm shot it's not good
Jeremiah Aldon
Jeremiah Aldon - Month ago
Is it just me or is it pausing for any else?
Alejandro Munoz
Alejandro Munoz - Month ago
Wassup Kris love the 2 hype squad yall are all my favorite youtubers
Flex - Month ago
I would prefer it without the music honestly.
Marc Anthony
Marc Anthony - Month ago
Lag lag lag lag. Wtf
The Miracle
The Miracle - Month ago
Bro If It Was Me I Couldn't Resist Floorin The Gas
Kole21 - Month ago
98% of people wont see this but

Hope you have a good day 🖤
Btw im a small youtuber
Mauro Pablo
Mauro Pablo - Month ago
11:39 funny fail😂😂
Young Wavy
Young Wavy - Month ago
Fw jesses hair
FDtheDon - Month ago
7:53 Jesse can fly
A1 KD - Month ago
I be wanting my nigga mopi to win
Jeriah Garcia
Jeriah Garcia - Month ago
Free Lsk 🚷🚨
Orfil Gonzalez
Orfil Gonzalez - Month ago
Mopi can judge the form of how you shoot.
Blake Laney
Blake Laney - Month ago
What's the song called for the slow motion?
Omar Talsam
Omar Talsam - Month ago
This is how many people want me to succeed in YouTube ❤️
Kaelan Green
Kaelan Green - Month ago
Omar Talsam 😂😂💀
Michael McCarty
Michael McCarty - Month ago
Fuck Tjass he is terrible fuck him
Shane S
Shane S - Month ago
title says *Almost died in a car* lol Kris you were driving at bloody 10km/ph
Mohammed Molla
Mohammed Molla - Month ago
Shadow - Month ago
Why tf mopi before Tristan
Rahul Almeida
Rahul Almeida - Month ago
Does anyone notice how Tristan’s hair bounces up every time he does?
James Birmingham
James Birmingham - Month ago
Peep mopi 8:20
poop pooop
poop pooop - Month ago
Nuts IsYourBoi
Nuts IsYourBoi - Month ago
Why does kris shot with one hand now
savage studios
savage studios - Month ago
Nuts IsYourBoi He has a shoulder injury
Mike Bailey
Mike Bailey - Month ago
Why do you still shoot with one hand
Fortnite League
Fortnite League - Month ago
Another Banger!
Circe - Month ago
T-Jass should get behind of Jesse Instead of Mopi
DosDaGoat 2
DosDaGoat 2 - Month ago
Yo y’all should do dodgeball in sky zone
Tim - Month ago
everytime there was a sound effect added my screen froze
Jashanpreet Singh
Jashanpreet Singh - Month ago
Tim me too
MalikHD - Month ago
Yall should've did march madness brackets
FriZzy_Killz - Month ago
Mr Mr Peeps
slurp the zlurp
slurp the zlurp - Month ago
Killer 10444
Killer 10444 - Month ago
Who else is getting the MEGA LAGS
Alex Vlogs
Alex Vlogs - Month ago
The lag is real
Rylan Ramos
Rylan Ramos - Month ago
That DSR shot brings back memories
Eli McFatter
Eli McFatter - Month ago
Was anyone’s else lagging a bit
Parker Leske
Parker Leske - Month ago
If you see this

I hope your having an amazing day!
FaZe Luglz
FaZe Luglz - Month ago
Richard Walker
Richard Walker - Month ago
Mopy I mean
Evan_JS13 Start
Evan_JS13 Start - Month ago
We don’t need headlights because the track is always “lit” lol li,e if u got the reference
Kash Stevenson
Kash Stevenson - Month ago
Is it just me or this vid is laggy
Sara M
Sara M - Month ago
Nope your not alone
Swaggyp2846 M
Swaggyp2846 M - Month ago
Caleb Tyner
Caleb Tyner - Month ago
Welcome to nascar!!
Zeke Bullington
Zeke Bullington - Month ago
Anyone else laggy
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