Making Custom Nail Polish Colors feat. Simply Nailogical

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Safiya Nygaard
Safiya Nygaard - 3 days ago
HELLO FRIENDS!! so sorry for the delay here, we're in the last couple of weeks before our wedding and i am quite literally running around like a chicken with its head cut off. hope you enjoy this lil video!! which polish color would you wear?? xoxo, saf
DragonWithCoffee - Day ago
ShadowSan - 3 days ago
I did it
Faheem Waqar
Faheem Waqar - 9 hours ago
My Wife letter Is not "SAFIYA"
Moon walker142
Moon walker142 - 10 hours ago
Look at heeer hands hairrrrrrrr
Eloïse (Student) GUIARD
Eloïse (Student) GUIARD - 10 hours ago
Prunie ly
I don’t know why...
Drea Casali
Drea Casali - 10 hours ago
mauve'n on up
This is what i do
This is what i do - 10 hours ago
Berry me in nail polish
Pia Farrah
Pia Farrah - 10 hours ago
videos with both of your are my fav just a buncha good vibes
Rae Strydom
Rae Strydom - 10 hours ago
Would have names it 'Mauvenstein'
Deborah Jennings
Deborah Jennings - 10 hours ago
Phyllis Bergenholtz
Phyllis Bergenholtz - 10 hours ago
I would call it frosted berry.
ChimmyChim - 10 hours ago
Mauvphe lipstick in the Shade Mauve
Translation: Morphe lipstick in the Shade Mauve
nix pheonix
nix pheonix - 10 hours ago
Berry mauve
What the mauve
Kayla Drain
Kayla Drain - 10 hours ago
Mohammad K Islam
Mohammad K Islam - 10 hours ago
Why can't it just be frankenorly?
Ashley Manasco
Ashley Manasco - 10 hours ago
(took my mom's phone) names for polish
1) anything is polishable like possible
2)impolishable like impossible
Pushpitha Batte
Pushpitha Batte - 10 hours ago
🎊🎊🎊🎊 Franails 🎊🎊🎊🎊
spookystein - 10 hours ago
Mauvey Shelley.
Ella and Emma
Ella and Emma - 10 hours ago
"Shinin' Mauve"
kaptain Kate
kaptain Kate - 10 hours ago
What about ‘Mauve over b*tches’
penname40 - 11 hours ago
At 7:30 the mixing starts .... you're welcome
Christina - 11 hours ago
I like to mauve it, mauve it!
T-Fyre - 11 hours ago
I low-key want Cristine to make these shades in her line
Kira Zwier
Kira Zwier - 11 hours ago
Franken Mauve
Katelyn Love
Katelyn Love - 11 hours ago
Muavelous.. like marvelous lol 💕
Alayna Sangston
Alayna Sangston - 11 hours ago
'mauve over franken lipstick"
Tinks_ Workshop
Tinks_ Workshop - 11 hours ago
Mayra Haro
Mayra Haro - 11 hours ago
Ben mauve
I Thought You Might Like This
“It’s Mauvelous!”
Sophia DiamondGirl
Sophia DiamondGirl - 12 hours ago
Mauve berry!
Pastry Panda
Pastry Panda - 12 hours ago
Bottled, labeled, and delivered to his girlfriend....
Ummmmm am I the only one that though that kind of sounded like a crematorium?
Bishnupriya Naik
Bishnupriya Naik - 12 hours ago
I realised that you didn't make a Halloween video
Noemia Berensen
Noemia Berensen - 12 hours ago
simply mauve-nstein (as in simply frankenstein. cuz like it combiiineeees)
and then i was out of inspiration an creativity so i will stop here XD
Yoshi - 12 hours ago
Chloe Maez
Chloe Maez - 12 hours ago
I. Would name it Franken Mauve
Brenden L
Brenden L - 12 hours ago
No one has said “Berry Me in Nail Polish”??
QVXO - 12 hours ago
since the nailpolish is the conglomeration of every color, why not make the name a conglomeration of every letter? just literally name it the entire alphabet
Rose Hutchison
Rose Hutchison - 12 hours ago
Kendall & Kaylee
Kendall & Kaylee - 12 hours ago
Monster mash
ArtLover - 12 hours ago
“be safe with blow torches kids” ~ Safiya
Liddle Puppies
Liddle Puppies - 12 hours ago
Laura M.
Laura M. - 12 hours ago
starbiird - 12 hours ago
The Safine Mauvement!
Lara Marinkovic
Lara Marinkovic - 12 hours ago
RainbowKitten52 - 12 hours ago
LusheeStarfilla - 12 hours ago
Is Christine wearing a shirt with yoongi’s cat from his mat—
Aboxof Books
Aboxof Books - 13 hours ago
Simply Mauve-elous.
Berry Collabi (or just Berry collab)
Also... enjoy your wedding day. Keep in mind one thing: As long as you both have rings on your fingers and the certificate got signed by the end of the day, everything else is minor. Looking forward to a video from it! 🤗
BH M - 13 hours ago
Magical Potato
Magical Potato - 13 hours ago
Frankin Mourvèdre
Leah Evans
Leah Evans - 13 hours ago
Cobbiant Miguel
Cobbiant Miguel - 13 hours ago
"Christine used to do nail art" lmaooo the shade
Sarah Ross
Sarah Ross - 13 hours ago
I bet you that 1 bottle of nail polish is at least $40
Little girl
Little girl - 13 hours ago
(I think )
Mauve tea please
Orly everything
Idontknow Anymore
Idontknow Anymore - 13 hours ago
Peely Bag
Peely Bag - 13 hours ago
Mouve-r fucker
adrekoki2123 - 13 hours ago
Mauve ya lata
Skylar Rivera
Skylar Rivera - 13 hours ago
Money mauves
Nicole Nguyen
Nicole Nguyen - 13 hours ago
“Mauve, Bitch”
Seemi Majid
Seemi Majid - 13 hours ago
Blair Hatfield
Blair Hatfield - 13 hours ago
simply frankin.
Lisa Cowan
Lisa Cowan - 13 hours ago
You should name it "mouve it."
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