Bakari Sellers Talks 2020 Candidates, New Doc ‘While I Breathe, I Hope’ + More

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Bar Buryin
Bar Buryin - 10 дней назад
It's not enough to be black, most black politicians are go along to get along types that aren't trying to "make waves", Nina Turner is the strongest black politician by far. Nina isn't running for president so I'll settle for Bernie, Tulsi, or #YangGang
Brazi Bulan
Brazi Bulan - 10 дней назад
“A black C student can’t be the president of McDonald’s. Meanwhile the white C student just happens to be the president of the United States. - Chris Rock
MrMalcolm900 - 12 дней назад
I don't understand why they be having people like bakari sellers on there. He is a propagandist and an absolutely vile person who spreads lies and misinformation in pursuit of the Democratic Party.
CHL Grvn
CHL Grvn - 15 дней назад
This guy is one big corrupt manipulative snake. This guy doesn't care about racism, he just cares about money. His record shows he loves money in politics. You want to know why Kamal get's critique?(no Bakari it isn't about the color of her skin like you say, stop with the old tricks) It's because if you follow the money, corporate media, and her political allies like YOU, then you know something is very very wrong.

He must love that the California primary has been moved forward to march 3 2020 for Kamala by the establishment. TimeWarner is her biggest donor, that's why CNN is trying to push her trough our throats. And she has Hillary''s campaign people working for her. RED ALERT. TIME FOR POLICY, NO MORE BULLSHIT IDENTITY POLITICS.
Toussaint Dijon
Toussaint Dijon - 16 дней назад
Kamala Harris is trash and will maintain the status quo these negros just care about identity politics and their daughter seeing a female president. Selfish ass niggas.
Kamala smoked in college and laughed about decriminalizing Cannibus, she's a hypocritical clown.
InDueTime25 - 16 дней назад
One word of advice. When you voice your opinions on someone, please state who you'd like to see in their position instead and maybe why. If you don't support anyone then you're just like the folks who said that they're choosing not to vote. Don't denounce or place blame if won't advocate for progression.
Jim Raynor
Jim Raynor - 19 дней назад
Whats he talking about @11:35 that there will be a black governor in Georgia or Florida before there will be a black statewide politician in South Carolina? One of the senators of South Carolina is already black, the difference is he is a Republican. If you want to win statewide elections in SC right now you have to run on the Republican ticket.
kriversnewman - 19 дней назад
Bakari Sellers - I love Bernie Sanders
Taryn Blair
Taryn Blair - 20 дней назад
Bakari sell out
The Stark
The Stark - 21 день назад
#ADOS Family stay on Code. This Bakari is a plant for the establishment. B1 and nothing else.
Lorant Mena
Lorant Mena - 21 день назад
Dude is corny
Eric G
Eric G - 23 дня назад
"Envy stop we are not doing this, you are not black you are Dominican" 😂😂😂 CTG is a clown.
DeVante Letford
DeVante Letford - 23 дня назад
@19:12 that shit had me dead 😂 “Have yah seen him” 😂😂😂
Jamal Nasheed Abdul El
Jamal Nasheed Abdul El - 24 дня назад
Breakfast Club Needs To Bring and Interview Brother Taj Tarik Bey
Austin Clemons
Austin Clemons - 24 дня назад
Sela Motshwane
Sela Motshwane - 26 дней назад
Excellent interview. Well done guys!
Brendon Davis
Brendon Davis - 27 дней назад
Travis Standridge
Travis Standridge - 27 дней назад
The Russians are brazen here!
Red Flare
Red Flare - 27 дней назад
Ish Bey
Ish Bey - 28 дней назад
This entire conversation was extremely condescending to #ADOS community by degrading our political critique of these DNC establishment candidates as twitter trolls. Pardon #ADOS for calling these candidates to the carpet. THIS has nothing to do with Kamala's "blackness" but ALL to do with her trying to identify with #ADOS culture without actually being one of us. Know that AKA's doesn't define Blackness nor does being a student at Howard U. Harris was raised in Canada from age 7-17. She has been raised in privelage her entire life and her social perspective is that of an immigrant East Indian NOT #ADOS. The DNC is playing race politics and trying to use #ADOS as a political football. We're not GOING. Furthermore Sellers is irrelevant to the #ADOS community and he's clearly a lap dog for white supremacy. Sellers, serve your master's well.
Jonathan Asmerom
Jonathan Asmerom - 28 дней назад
What`s this bullshit about being black!? Kampala is not black! Angela is not black! Stop saying these people are black! Two black parents equal black! End of discussion! People need to boycott this show for a while and send a message to all these puppets on the show!
GoodHomieTime 1k
GoodHomieTime 1k - 28 дней назад
They cap!! No settlement!
Christopher Lee
Christopher Lee - 29 дней назад
Baraki is a coward. A boot-licking sellout.
Levon Wilson
Levon Wilson - 29 дней назад
Smh sad..... Part breakfast club doesn't offer diversity of canidates. Why not bring a republican canidates or officials. Smh lol they caping hard for these Democratic established fools an it's pitiful.
rizeking - 29 дней назад
No we don't want another Obama, so don't use him as a reference. We need someone to really speak for the needs of the most oppressed people in Amerikka and for that matter in the world. I say the world because we do not need billions of dollars being giving to Israel every year. When America and its allies have caused more than enough damage to many black nations and never attempted to help any of them.
Wellness 2
Wellness 2 - 29 дней назад
Wow! These comments are interesting.
Curtis 23
Curtis 23 - Месяц назад
Why do they keep bringing on sellouts.
Born in D.C. in 88
Born in D.C. in 88 - Месяц назад
Ignore these trolls Breakfast Club.. Kamala will win the Black vote.. She has my support..
odwa ngxokela
odwa ngxokela - Месяц назад
We don't believe you, you need more people
tristanaoc - Месяц назад
Yall really trying to convince people about kamala lmao we good on her bruh
Peaceful Mayhem
Peaceful Mayhem - Месяц назад
Yall gotta chill with pushing Kamala on black voters and justifying it by saying "people don't like her bcuz she was a cop". Her record as a prosecutor while not abysmal has some VERY hard negatives. She forced a man proved innocent back to jail bcuz he fucking missed a deadline on paperwork submission, she DID arrest parents for truancy, She was/is very in favor of the war on drugs, etc. She's a left corporate dem at best but she def ain't progressive. I would take Tulsi Gabbart(who isn't mentioned in this video) over her or Corey any day, but Bernie is clearly the best candidate for us and America no matter if he don't look like us.
Art Hype
Art Hype - Месяц назад
These dudes are such simps, women are not always right idiots
Tennessee Slim
Tennessee Slim - Месяц назад
🗑 club
CrimsonTide - Месяц назад
#ADOS and #Tangibles2020 = Trump 2020 Campaign aides
GnarbySZN🐍 - Месяц назад
Kamala Clinton’s crony
GnarbySZN🐍 - Месяц назад
I’m glad the people in the comments aren’t falling for the propaganda
Brittany Blessed
Brittany Blessed - Месяц назад
Y’all scared to leave the Democratic Party y’all don’t know how to love without supporting them
Lisa Jones
Lisa Jones - Месяц назад
Dam they are pushing this Kamala black thing.....We should bring back the paper bag rule if your not darker the paper bag you ain't black!!!

Obviously, Barack, the king was black
Lisa Jones
Lisa Jones - Месяц назад
My black daughter is not looking at Kamala and getting inspired, my black ass sure at either. Mixed is mixed kids!!!
818guy - Месяц назад
Breakfast club hasnt had any good interviews lately . Get chief keef back here . Someone interesting ...
Dee Jay
Dee Jay - Месяц назад
Jonathan Wright
Jonathan Wright - Месяц назад
Get Andrew Yang on the Breakfast Club!!!
Rock Lee
Rock Lee - Месяц назад
Bakari sellout
Vonte Brown
Vonte Brown - Месяц назад
Kamala locked black people up, and didn't do shit about the white guy taking money
Trevors1Mom - Месяц назад
Correction (from a Philadelphia Pa resident) - 45 won in Pa, but not in Philly. Rural Pa who had not voted in forever, voted for Lancaster Pa.
Trevors1Mom - Месяц назад
Kamala claimed Indian (from India) for years. Now, to get the "black" vote, she is claiming black. You are what you claim.
morenYAH delsur
morenYAH delsur - Месяц назад
So many negative comments. Just don’t NOT vote y’all. I believe there is no perfect candidate, but please do not do nothing. That is how Trump happened.
MILES WRIDER - 19 дней назад
morenYAH delsur who cares and are we worst off? Democrats want to flood this country with DACA immigrants to get rid of us
BLACK FACTS - Месяц назад
Donald Trump debated on National TV during a hostile election; he would eat the Breakfast Club if they ever interviewed him. But for now it's all about #ADOS #TANGIBLES2020. We will not be distracted!!!
blackheywood heywood
blackheywood heywood - Месяц назад
This has nothing to do with being Black, it is her lineage is not a American Descendant of Slavery, she has no plans to address our community. #ADOS
joão-erasme - Месяц назад
lol what a bootlicker....
Sylvia Brown
Sylvia Brown - Месяц назад
Bakari you know Jim is saving that seat for his daughter Mignon.
Joe Bloe
Joe Bloe - Месяц назад
Tulsi, is also running Bakari. Either you didn’t know (which is shameful for a Democratic political pundit), or you didn’t WANT to mention it (which is shameful because for a Democratic, because it means you’re a political SHILL).
virtuouswomen 2019
virtuouswomen 2019 - Месяц назад
Please stop pushing this Kamala person on us! She will not get the vote!,,,
Shoulders29 Shoulders
Shoulders29 Shoulders - Месяц назад
There is no one black out here in the Bay Area reppin’ Kamala Harris
darquenite - Месяц назад
Some of y'all are really out here thinking in nonsensical negative feedback loops and it shows
darquenite - Месяц назад
Love him!
alessio Passalacqua
alessio Passalacqua - Месяц назад
Bakari Sellers is a corporate centrist we need a real liberal with real liberal policies such as Medicare for all(real support not fake support that many centrists push),increased regulation of Wall Street and Decriminalization of Drugs
Genesis Barnes
Genesis Barnes - Месяц назад
Tariq Nasheed is getting the music ready 🙈🙉🙊🐒
Black Sola
Black Sola - Месяц назад
Another black "do nothing for ya people" politician. Breakfast club credibility is being heavily questioned by black intelligentsia. Opportunists is all i see. No...kamala is not black enough. Because of her policies.. not because of color. This is bullshit BC and youre goint to lose intelligent black support that doesnt move with the boule.
Jay Camacho
Jay Camacho - Месяц назад
Ngobola Muyembe
Ngobola Muyembe - Месяц назад
A Black Zionist is very dangerous!
Ngobola Muyembe
Ngobola Muyembe - Месяц назад
No! The right pronunciation is Kamala the way Charlamagne pronounced it the first time. It is not an English name!
marymac1218 - Месяц назад
Rep Tulsi Gabbard is also running!
Eurasia Shakai
Eurasia Shakai - Месяц назад
Barakri Sellout No Thank you sellout We #ados will support your dream to be with the demo foh
Dabi Nara
Dabi Nara - Месяц назад
I don't trust any politician, most are working on an agenda and tell you everything you want to hear but not what you need to hear. Better to do your own research than vote for someone who is telling you everything that sounds good.
Dabi Nara
Dabi Nara - Месяц назад
Funny how ctg is telling Envy to be black when many Dominicans well be quick to denounce their blackness like it's something ugly.
Tim Jenkins
Tim Jenkins - Месяц назад
Ados blk stay strong and its not just noice she passed those laws and slept with that man and y Harris dancing to cardi b and talking about her playlist now she wants blk to rock with the stereotypes of blk ppl
Pablo Chavez
Pablo Chavez - Месяц назад
This guy voted for Trump and definitely is making sure Trump wins again.Thanks Breakfast club for fucking shit up until 2024
Pablo Chavez
Pablo Chavez - Месяц назад
Race baiters only hurt black people.You think white people give 2 shits about the black community.You don't here Latinos baiting each other and that's why we are thriving
Javier Vlogs
Javier Vlogs - Месяц назад
The Breakfast club now AKA (The Victims Club ) smh 🤦🏽‍♂️
Nicky Krystals
Nicky Krystals - Месяц назад
I'm not gonna fall for the banana in the tailpipe lookin ass nigga!!
Jonathan Fernandez
Jonathan Fernandez - Месяц назад
Get Andrew Wang on here. He has my vote for president.
Kay_J - Месяц назад
His fine ass needs to run for President
Willam Jhonson
Willam Jhonson - Месяц назад
We ain't falling for that vote for!! Kamala Harris bullshit!!! Instead of Bakari Sellers telling us who to vote for!! He should be worrying about having..Vince Cater..Daughter call him her Dad!!! Charlemagne should give himself the..Donkey of the Day!!! For promoting Kamala Harris so hard!!!
Charlene Lloyd
Charlene Lloyd - Месяц назад
👍🏼👍🏼 Great interview with Bakari Sellers… Love the entire interview! Can’t wait to watch the documentary and I love watching Bacari contribute to the panel on CNN.
Derrick Gradenigo
Derrick Gradenigo - Месяц назад
Let me know when your white handlers decide to stop puppeting their hands up your asses to put these liberal slaves up to your show. What about Jussie?
Zaire Shop
Zaire Shop - Месяц назад
...they won't reach out to Marianne Williamson or have her on the show because it'll highlight hugely the BS these so-called black reps are saying. And to hear it from a white woman would be even more damning. She's talking big Pharma, corrupt corporations, reparations, she's speaking more tangibles than these jock n jiving lying scammers the breakfast fraud are having on the show.
Fashion DIY with Tawana
Fashion DIY with Tawana - Месяц назад
I truly hope it's just a bunch of russian troll bots in this comment section. If not I fear Trump will win again in #2020
Fashion DIY with Tawana
Fashion DIY with Tawana - Месяц назад
Also these makes me have to ask, do y'all even understand what's going on in this country right now?
Kel0390 - Месяц назад
Do you?
Fashion DIY with Tawana
Fashion DIY with Tawana - Месяц назад
I am so confused about all this hate Bakari is receiving. I follow him and his beautiful black wife on Twitter. He's all about facts, integrity, wanting black people to get more involved and so much more. He named multiple candidates, yet still he's pushing Kamala Harris on y'all 🤔🤔? For y'all to be woke, you sure as hell seem sleep at the wheel.
Yafet profit
Yafet profit - Месяц назад
every candidate he named was lobbyist owned
Lala Land
Lala Land - Месяц назад
#Tangibles2020 I know y'all see these comments, Charla, Yee and Envy 😕😕
Johnathan Dozer
Johnathan Dozer - Месяц назад
Deeeayum Envy ashamed of his domican heritage. U little boy identify as black doesn't want to hear anything about being dominican just wants to be seen as black.. Kill yourself envy u a half black poser lol boy
Lf J
Lf J - Месяц назад
I really like Pete for president.
Red Foxxx21
Red Foxxx21 - Месяц назад
The Breakfast Club is trying too hard to push these non-black agenda having Democrats on to us. We've made it so simplistic it's autistic. No Black Agenda no vote. It's tangibles 2020 or nothing
Gregory Jackson
Gregory Jackson - Месяц назад #Breakfast Club
R_ M
R_ M - Месяц назад
I just cant vibe with dude
My name is my name
My name is my name - Месяц назад
Let the Dragation begin!!!!!!!
Gina Bond
Gina Bond - Месяц назад
So all of y’all so against Kamala, said he hasn’t given any real reasons for his support but I’ve scrolled these comments and haven’t seen any real reasons why you’re against. So my question is this, who would you vote for and why?
Aicha Daillo
Aicha Daillo - Месяц назад
We all saw what having a black president mean, nothing if he’s not committed to helping black people. Kamala is worst than Obama she’s just part of the democrat party that only use black people for votes.
abdi020 - Месяц назад
bakari the corpertist ignores tulsi gabbard running for president
bakinsodabizz101 - Месяц назад
My Guy!
Larry The TRUTH
Larry The TRUTH - Месяц назад
Welcome to Another Sellout who wants Corporate Dems to win and keep fucking the American people. Take a hood look America BC is pushing corporate dems and there CRAP. Time to banned Breakfast CRAP.
Leon Blackmonjr
Leon Blackmonjr - Месяц назад
if they're not talking about a Black agenda don't vote for them f'k Kamala Harris
prettypinknicole29 - Месяц назад
I swear to god this why black people are a sheep just because a independent lady came up there n said some thing doesn’t mean it’s all true she said her truth
JJ Black
JJ Black - Месяц назад
Goddamn you mofos are dumb ass hell black broke and stupid on the comments
ProFeSSoR BosTicK
ProFeSSoR BosTicK - Месяц назад
ADOS No Black Agenda No Vote
Melanin Geeks TM
Melanin Geeks TM - Месяц назад
Another sad attempt by the gatekeepers to silence the ADOS movement. Nice Try
Brittany Tiambra
Brittany Tiambra - Месяц назад
It is a new day. This comment section is lit. People want the real.
mcglover78 - Месяц назад
I sat out the last election, and Trump became President! I won’t make that same mistake again just because “woke people” are all in their feelings!
#AGEOLD INSPIREdigital - Месяц назад
In SPARTANBURG, SC we are using ART + Poltics to move the city forward.. South Carolina has that as well
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