Coming Out To You

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Kiara Green
Kiara Green - 7 hours ago
I love you for you Phil, you are amazing.!!
Alexander Kyle
Alexander Kyle - Day ago
R u and dan going out
Sarahdawn Heathcote
I'm proud of you I accept you this way
Prof. Moriarty
Prof. Moriarty - 2 days ago
Is it just me that thinks Dan is quietly sat behind the camera on our left/ Phil's right? just bc Phil keeps looking that way and I reckon he needs a bit more emotional support than he lets on
Emma Winchester
Emma Winchester - 2 days ago
I cried omg
Δηgει - 2 days ago
We knew
Lilly Dragneel
Lilly Dragneel - 3 days ago
When you suddenly remember Dan going on a 5 min rant on how he loved ginger hair
Dεz's Pɾσpεɾty
Dεz's Pɾσpεɾty - 3 days ago
I must admit I'm a bit surprised, but I'm happy for you!
Ahnya Evans
Ahnya Evans - 3 days ago
*ooh there's others*
Katie Haines
Katie Haines - 4 days ago
I mean, you didn’t know
ellie jelly
ellie jelly - 5 days ago
i love how lowkey this is
Paulina - 5 days ago
I feel left out, too. All my friends are getting married, and I'm here, eating cake! Anyway, aro/ace and proud no matter what.
kria allison
kria allison - 3 days ago
i want cake that sounded slightly wrong
Elizabeth Bolton
Elizabeth Bolton - 6 days ago
**phil drinking out of a vase** I have to tell you somethin
lindsay howlter
lindsay howlter - 6 days ago
phil we already knew you were a ginger :,)
kaisuwu - 7 days ago
Dan: An elaborate 45 minute explanation...
Phil: Wow! I wanna kiss him.
Ahnya Evans
Ahnya Evans - 7 days ago
Rip phil's knee
Crow xox
Crow xox - 8 days ago
Why did i get an add for the game dream daddy?

Crow xox
Crow xox - 8 days ago
A week or two ago i realized im lesbian-
Dinofanx - 8 days ago
Let's start a petition for Phil to post a video of himself washing his underwear
Lara The Doggo
Lara The Doggo - 8 days ago
Good luck
Iris xx
Iris xx - 8 days ago
I’m sorry but why have 12000 people disliked it, it makes no sense ugh
worthless and weird
worthless and weird - 7 days ago
rawrcalle - 8 days ago
Phil:Keep. It. Low-key.

Dan: Makes a 45 min video
Phil: o_o
AllisonCat8 - 8 days ago
No one:

Phil: I WanNa KisS hIM
Åce The Åłien
Åce The Åłien - 8 days ago
*Optimistic Phil:* "The world is gradually becoming a better place!"
*Pessimistic me:* "Oh, sweetie... No...It really isn't... and we won't be alive to see it even if it does become a lot better...nor a planet to live on..."
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ - 9 days ago
Honestly more shocked that hes ginger
Bazzer Bazzington
Bazzer Bazzington - 9 days ago
I mean you should’ve done the 5 second video, then another video where you explained it
QueenMacaron - 9 days ago
Phil’s voice is actually like really deep??? 😍
SUMMER GRIGGS - 9 days ago
I am an aggressive lesbian and this makes me happy-
lookatmish - 9 days ago
wow can you believe that Phil Lester destroyed homophobia in one video
sampmlart._ - 10 days ago
i'm gonna cry i love my baby half of the views are probably me
Ramon Tragedy
Ramon Tragedy - 10 days ago
Idk, was kinda obvious.
Mediocre Miranda
Mediocre Miranda - 10 days ago
Wow your brain cells are really working over time in there aren't they?
Mediocre Miranda
Mediocre Miranda - 10 days ago
That's not the point.
Ninu Marie
Ninu Marie - 10 days ago
You rule Phil!
Mariah N
Mariah N - 10 days ago
Charlie Sucks
Charlie Sucks - 11 days ago
phil’s guy friends: i wanna be him

phil: lol i wanna be with him
Chaeli Timbs
Chaeli Timbs - 11 days ago
Is anyone wondering about Dil irl¿?🤔😍💕
Unholy Mystery
Unholy Mystery - 11 days ago
Dan's video:45 minutes
Phil's video:7 minutes
friendly sausage dog
friendly sausage dog - 12 days ago
When he said surprise at the beginning of the video I accidentally spat all over my screen 😂
BlueLord 100
BlueLord 100 - 13 days ago
I’m trying to focus on the video, but keep getting distracted by the lava lamp.
Erin Bray
Erin Bray - 13 days ago
So one thing it was kinda obvious soryy but any one else ship him and Dan together
honey suckle
honey suckle - 10 days ago
stop. just stop. have you even seen what Dan's video was and how disrespectful it is to just say "lol obvious"?
xo em
xo em - 13 days ago
no one:
phil: hot dude kith kith
P Lestrange
P Lestrange - 13 days ago
Why am i rewatching this months later and gonna cryy
Icarus Studio
Icarus Studio - 13 days ago
So...... I kinda knew when Phil popped up on my OkCupid and Dan popped up on my Tinder lol
Mediocre Street
Mediocre Street - 14 days ago
Filthy dislikers.
supercandelus :D
supercandelus :D - 14 days ago
i've got geography homework i haven't done
Vita Hindin
Vita Hindin - 14 days ago
Why is Phil’s Adam’s apple so pointy?
arabella !
arabella ! - 8 days ago
bc he’s like 32
J0rdi3 D
J0rdi3 D - 15 days ago
Phil, you didn’t need to make this video. We knew you were ginger
bethany berger
bethany berger - 15 days ago
I’m so glad you’re happy! I’m bi.
lost my way
lost my way - 13 days ago
*Aye, so am I-*
Sebastian-Benedict Flore
Sebastian-Benedict Flore - 15 days ago
Lmao who didn't know
EggFace 316
EggFace 316 - 15 days ago
I wish that was Phil’s first name was moe(or mo whatever)
reneanduray - 16 days ago
"that sideboob" 😆😆
kria allison
kria allison - 12 days ago
Brooke Parks
Brooke Parks - 16 days ago
My mom confronted me yesterday about my sexuality and I told her the truth and now I’m watching this video again because it helps me. Thanks Phil.
Sarah - 16 days ago
Dan’s video: Perfect video
Phil’s video: Perfect video
nobody anonymous
nobody anonymous - 16 days ago
We all knew
Crawfie - 16 days ago
Thanks for this video Philly 👌🏻
LoftyOasis - 17 days ago
"i wish i could see more of that specific boob.." i almost spit my food out of my mouth
lavendorix - 17 days ago
We live you still ❤️❤️❤️
Doha M
Doha M - 17 days ago
BornToM3M3 - 17 days ago
Ahh yes the floor here is made of floor
Valerie Vega
Valerie Vega - 19 days ago
OMG HE'S GINGER scandalous
kyle serita
kyle serita - 19 days ago
I know I'm bi romantic but I don't know my gender yet so still figuring that part out
JamaicanRain - 13 days ago
Maybe you don't have a gender.
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