World's Largest Game Of Dodgeball

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DJ Shakee1210
DJ Shakee1210 - 4 hours ago
My sister was doing it
nizamul khan
nizamul khan - 6 hours ago
blood vs crips
Guitar Playz
Guitar Playz - 7 hours ago
The Quiet kid: hehe...
Maria Gurrola
Maria Gurrola - 8 hours ago
5:23 RIP XD
Maria Gurrola
Maria Gurrola - 8 hours ago
rip chandler at end of vid
Sniper 007
Sniper 007 - 9 hours ago
Mr beast is a boss
Eli Mizhiritsky
Eli Mizhiritsky - 10 hours ago
No way Chris and I have the same birthday
Baconboyforthewinn freind ninja YaY
What Chris birthday July 1st?Mine is July 3third
Serotonin Master
Serotonin Master - 11 hours ago
I would create the longest comment. But the truth is if I did that character count would stop me from doing so. But anyways I am doing a challenge where I comment on all your videos asking for your to subscribe to me and I am recording myself doing this.
kk.karma anime :D
kk.karma anime :D - 12 hours ago
*mr.beast is the government.*
Δlpha - 13 hours ago
This just reminds me of the VR Dodgeball meme
Spastic - 14 hours ago
“My teams losing, let me go encourage the opposing team.”
- mr beast
Blue team in pure sadness
“Are we a joke to you?”
kirk hayward
kirk hayward - 14 hours ago
I’m just getting my car now
wolfie pack
wolfie pack - 15 hours ago
I nowe that kid that huged jimey
Christopher Lawrence
Christopher Lawrence - 18 hours ago
Pranesh Var
Pranesh Var - 21 hour ago
This is how many people who didn’t cheat
Caleb Boyd
Caleb Boyd - 22 hours ago
Blue team
ItzYuanPlayz- Gaming
World war 2 in a nutshell.
Fanthom X Gaming
Fanthom X Gaming - Day ago
B-daman 😂
Oxy Ded
Oxy Ded - Day ago
if i was in, everyone would be eliminated!
Antonio Jimenez
Antonio Jimenez - Day ago
One your the best person
Peyton Sunderland
Peyton Sunderland - Day ago
I wonder who really would’ve won if people follow the rules
Israel Phillip
Israel Phillip - Day ago
Aka Flickzz
Aka Flickzz - Day ago
Imagine if red lost because people on the blue team lied and didn’t get out
Daniel Childs
Daniel Childs - Day ago
8:06 wait ant that Marcus?
THE ONE - Day ago
When people get hit people say I didn't get hit, there's so many people getting hit.
Jon Hendrickson
Jon Hendrickson - Day ago
Please hire me mr beast. Will do whatever is needed and willing to work for free as a trial. Please consider giving someone a break who desperately needs one
CE River Rats
CE River Rats - 2 days ago
Chan man is good
Mingo Flamingo
Mingo Flamingo - 2 days ago
I would of had a blue shirt on under a red shirt and kept switching.
Mohammed Ataelgeed
Mohammed Ataelgeed - 2 days ago
Go red team
Mohammed Ataelgeed
Mohammed Ataelgeed - 2 days ago
I would love to play this
Thembelihle Owami
Thembelihle Owami - 2 days ago
Let Chandler talk 😂😂😂
L1579 LR1
L1579 LR1 - 2 days ago
Chandler:"Yea lets go blue team."

Camera Person to Chandler:"No, you were on red team."

Chandler:*Visible concern*
UltraGaming - 2 days ago
You guys are so funny😹🤣😂😅😭😅🤣
Juliana Huffman
Juliana Huffman - 2 days ago
blue team I think is gonna win
Splatterson Gamer
Splatterson Gamer - 2 days ago
M C - 2 days ago
all the refs were black
Cory Taylor
Cory Taylor - 3 days ago
Area 51 soldiers: What are thay talking about?
serenity Cudd
serenity Cudd - 3 days ago
Blood or crop red or blue
Robert Meyers
Robert Meyers - 3 days ago
How The Area 51 raid would have actually turned out.
Bri - 3 days ago
I love Dodge ball but they always hit my face....
Stick On Fire
Stick On Fire - 4 days ago
Song at 6:42?
Andre Akande
Andre Akande - 4 days ago
I vote for blue team f***red team
slikrome1 - 4 days ago
Chandler is the human punching bag 😂
karim sarpas
karim sarpas - 4 days ago
Rip chandler at the end
happier. LLama
happier. LLama - 4 days ago
Make that kid a meme!!!!×!!!!!
Gohan's Husky pack
Gohan's Husky pack - 4 days ago
Bloods vs crips 2.0
Al Jung
Al Jung - 4 days ago
chris is a boomer now
Dragon FruitZ
Dragon FruitZ - 4 days ago
For the epicness go to 8:26
Johnathan alvarado
Johnathan alvarado - 4 days ago
8:18 I think red
nadia alasmawi
nadia alasmawi - 4 days ago
I can finally be a meme now
GrumpyVVendigo - 4 days ago
Me and Chris have the same B-Day
juankillcm - 4 days ago
1:50 my nuts lol
Bugs Bunny
Bugs Bunny - 4 days ago
Luv ur challenges there amazing!
Justine francisco
Justine francisco - 4 days ago
chandler >>>> music:mrBEASSSSSSSST 6000
Felicity Z
Felicity Z - 4 days ago
crip vs blood
Eirik Andersen 2.0
Eirik Andersen 2.0 - 4 days ago
Mr.Beast you should make the world's largest YouTuber dodgeball game.
My Singing Monsters Fan 1023
Zoo Leader
Zoo Leader - 4 days ago
👍👋👏 Chandler so funny hahaha
Wheelie Squad
Wheelie Squad - 4 days ago
Chris does dances to dodge but when he gets hit ouch
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