The Life Of A Flight Attendant | LONDON | Vlog 68

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KER - Day ago
When you say hanging out with crew do you mean the pilots or the flight attendants?
Sky Dreams
Sky Dreams - 6 days ago
Are you lesbian
yaimavol - Month ago
Heathrow is just the worst airport to fly through. Shuttles to get everywhere and very confusing.
Donald Knowles
Donald Knowles - Month ago
Thank you for doing this video on British Scareways Fright Attendants
lipkinasl - Month ago
Next time you're in London, let me know I'll show you round all the sights. :)
Melia Mohn
Melia Mohn - 2 months ago
Why do you check the pillows?
David Flores
David Flores - 2 months ago
Drew your crew mate is GORGEOUS
Flygirl Coco
Flygirl Coco - 2 months ago
What primer do you use?
razzybling razzybling
razzybling razzybling - 2 months ago
Where did you fly from
Bianca Spindler
Bianca Spindler - 2 months ago
Hey Carrie great video! Random question to you since you talk a lot about brining your food on board (like the ebags cooler) how is to bring your food into our out of LHR? my airline just picked up UK destinations and I want to bring my food with me, but I know the UK has (stoopid) security regulations, like in uniform crew are still subject to the 100ml liquid thing, etc. which for most of europe is not the case. Did you or anyone else bring food? Or does anyone here in the comments have an answer for me? Thank you much
alexis hagen
alexis hagen - 3 months ago
How in the world do you become a flight attendant ? IV always wanted to become one
Anonymous Coward
Anonymous Coward - 3 months ago
Why does your face always feel swollen?
Athena Rivera
Athena Rivera - 3 months ago
Is your hair naturally straight? How do you keep your hair from frizzing?
Mommyof3xo - 3 months ago
Do you work for American Airlines? (I saw someone comment about it) that’s legit our *favorite* airline!! We won’t fly any other after bad experiences and only good with American Airlines!♥️♥️♥️
Jimmy c
Jimmy c - 3 months ago
Himmm, small rest area. And what a cool camera. What is it called?
Daniel Chavira
Daniel Chavira - 3 months ago
Have you been on a Triple 7
Michael Lancaster
Michael Lancaster - 3 months ago
You look a Million Dollars Carrie..!
Sharjeel butt
Sharjeel butt - 3 months ago
I am also work for emirates airline . But u know something if U are in aviation industry it’s quite tuff to maintain your routine yay xx but personally love to enjoy this industry
Carlos Lemus
Carlos Lemus - 3 months ago
You are pretty awesome.
Roslyn Kamau
Roslyn Kamau - 3 months ago
Welcome to LONDON
Karli Murphy
Karli Murphy - 3 months ago
Are you going to Greece? 🥰
Jane Sitek Shaver
Jane Sitek Shaver - 3 months ago
QUESTION: Hey I was wondering if you can choose to fly international? (ily btw)
Danielle Davis
Danielle Davis - 3 months ago
Where do you get your glasses from? I love them! Also I randomly found/ came across your YouTube channel and I LOVE IT!
Here Now
Here Now - 3 months ago
why are my flight attendance, a guy, that is possibly gay, or a thick aged mom? regardless, I arrive all the time, so Im thankful
Rupert Hess
Rupert Hess - 3 months ago
Im going to London tomorrow! I’dll be good fun 😊👍🏻
Kristiana Noel
Kristiana Noel - 3 months ago
I didnt have any problems in london with liquids..
This_Is_Me - 3 months ago
Her lotioned up wet hair still looks better than my hair on a good day.
Katy Ruesga87
Katy Ruesga87 - 3 months ago
DREW!!! He was in my class such a sweetheart
Kanoho Lau
Kanoho Lau - 3 months ago
Omg love your flight vlogs.... fly safe gurl....from B6 flight attendant
Keith Kelly
Keith Kelly - 3 months ago
Next time your in London. Take the tube up to Hampstead Londons most desirable place to live with beautiful shops and cafes.
Marlon Scotland
Marlon Scotland - 3 months ago
London Heathrow
Cathleen Cash
Cathleen Cash - 3 months ago
Do you get to keep the slippers?? Lol
Simon Pettiford
Simon Pettiford - 4 months ago
Great stuff! Hope you enjoyed the little bit of time in my homeland and get to come back again! I've done the trip LHR-ORD and back a few times visiting friends in my home from home!
Jennifer Jones
Jennifer Jones - 4 months ago
I grew up in Hampshire which is about an hour from London so not too bothered tbh, prefer your US vlogs & other holiday trips. 😍
Michelle P
Michelle P - 4 months ago
LONDON!! First of many international, hopefully! Carrie, are your glasses from Warby Parker? What's the frame called? I cant find the video you mentioned them in. Thanks!
Winter snow - Owen
Winter snow - Owen - 4 months ago
Glad you enjoyed your trip in the UK.
Kathy T
Kathy T - 4 months ago
Life of a flight attendant? I saw like 2 minutes inside a plane! That’s a few minutes of my life I won’t get back. 🤔
Sierra Smith
Sierra Smith - 3 months ago
It's called life of a flight attendant not life in a plane.
carol paula
carol paula - 4 months ago
U look gorgeous darling but wud b brilliant for u to come to Dublin and I could meet up with u for a drink!
Melek Deniz
Melek Deniz - 4 months ago
I’m from London ❤️
Dolores Juhasz
Dolores Juhasz - 4 months ago
What lotion did you use on you’re hands and face? I fly a lot and I hate the way my face feels!
Caitlin O'Donnell
Caitlin O'Donnell - 4 months ago
Omg! Why did I get so excited in your last video and this video? I straight up went, "yes!we are going to London" lol I love you so much!
Dill’s Aviation
Dill’s Aviation - 4 months ago
#69 coming up ayeeeeeee
Julie Kostas
Julie Kostas - 4 months ago
My husband is a captain and calls this trip "short London" and at least you got to experience it. Once you get a "long london" you'll get to really enjoy the sites etc. I used to live there for work. There's so much to do! Harrods, the museums are almost all free and of course the major sites. The buses are an economical way to get around.
Leanne harris
Leanne harris - 4 months ago
Lhr means London Heathrow air port
Jackie Wren
Jackie Wren - 4 months ago
How do you avoid glasses marks on your nose with your foundation lol
Mark Pitt
Mark Pitt - 4 months ago
Dull as an international flight. Sorry - too many "I am likes."
MAURICE MOTON - 4 months ago
Did you have an allergy to fries?
DIANE BATEMAN - 4 months ago
Hi Carrie your new intro's...they're great! Glad you had a trip to London even if it was super fast and giving us a peek at the nap station for flight attendants.  I laughed about your hair sitch…..isn't that the worst? No crème rinse!!!!!!! Anyways, your hair always looks beautiful! Hope you get more great flights!
Kimberly Bennett
Kimberly Bennett - 4 months ago
I’ve been watching your videos for a while.. watching them makes me want a career change and becoming a flight attendant
Ashley Carter
Ashley Carter - 4 months ago
Glad you enjoyed london. You look like you stay in kensington. A good pub round there for food is the Dog and Grape in knightsbridge :)
Tasha Wilson-roberts
Tasha Wilson-roberts - 4 months ago
I walked past you in Crew security and I didn’t realise it was you till it was too late I’m so gutted xx
rebekaszaloki - 4 months ago
I was in London yesterday as well ☺️
Claire Lusby
Claire Lusby - 4 months ago
Welcome to the UK! How did you find it here vs American states?
Heather Forbis-Grice
Heather Forbis-Grice - 4 months ago
My husband & I swear by the “No Jet Lag” tablets. They definitely work if
You use them as directed!
Sarah Robertson
Sarah Robertson - 4 months ago
What lip color are you wearing in the last couple minutes before you leave London hotel room?
DanEluv13 - 4 months ago
Yay! I am new to your channel and when I saw this post my heart was so happy!! Welcome back! I hope you enjoyed London! :)
Bollywood Media
Bollywood Media - 4 months ago
Your hair and features are absolutely beautiful and skin is glowing ❤
Dorihab - 4 months ago
She is so Beautiful 😍
Ala Vidlak
Ala Vidlak - 4 months ago
They are, they took my Nutella
Juliana Gx
Juliana Gx - 4 months ago
Carrie, what mascara / lash primer is this!!!! I neeeeeeeeeddddddd it!🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
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